Decorated bathrooms: 100 ideas with decoration trends

Decorating a bathroom is the most entertaining step inside a home! Being a small room, the composition of the elements is even easier compared to the rest of the residence. And another advantage is that the cost to decorate this environment is lower when the subject is quantity of material, accessories and finishes. See the latest decorated bathroom trends and trends referrals - updated in 2018.

Before you go out buying materials from stores, it is important to have a project at hand. It can guarantee an economy, optimize your time and clarify all the doubts during the work. After all, it will be the basis for your budget and your planning!

The best bet is to hire an area professional to establish the best solution and specifications needed for your bathroom. But when the inhabitant wants to decorate, the ideal is to make a drawing by hand, always working the proportion and balance of the decorative elements.


The final layout is more ergonomic compared to the shower stall that gains the standard size of 0.90mx1.53m, leaving the room more comfortable for the shower. And the removal of the lavatory vase, which is currently outdated with the use of hygienic showers. So the circulation, proportion and functionality are in this bathroom forming the perfect balance! Also note the graphical scale of your design to identify the appropriate dimensions for each part of the project.

Trends for decorated bathrooms

As trends change every year, we decided to set up a gallery with the latest in the decorative market with incredible pieces that came with everything and will continue for some time as a trend for decorated bathrooms

1. Modular units in decorated bathrooms

Modular units for decorated bathrooms

Perfect for small spaces, modular units can fit as a puzzle to create the perfectly optimized workbench in a decorated bathroom. Units can be hung on the wall or placed on an easel depending on your needs. Once the composition is decided, you can complete the look with sink basins, mirrors and brackets.

2. Practical furniture in decorated bathrooms

Practical furniture

With innovative design, everyday objects have become personal accessories to meet the needs of the whole family. Exit the bathtub it is not always easy with slippery surfaces and instead of a bar attached to the wall, they have created that ring attached by a thread. You can grab it to help stand up or use it as a towel rack.

3. Platform for decorated bathroom accessories

Accessory platform photo

Second photo of accessory platform

They can work in any environment, be it at home, restaurant, hotel, office, etc. The five-piece set is simple, yet sculptural, meets a functional need, while increasing the grandeur of your decorated bathroom.

4. Accessories with minimalist design inspired by the Scandinavian style

Minimalist design accessories

The iron details leave the pieces clear over the floor. The new shelves, which can be customized, feature open grid-shaped areas, which accommodate mirrors and storage modules with or without doors.

5. High low design for decorated bathrooms

High low design for decorated bathrooms

Increasingly the market strengthens the union of functionality and design to the product. And one of the trends is working with the concept of minimalism that takes few details but that adds a lot in the environment, leaving the pieces less conventional and more sophisticated. This is the case of metals and complementary bathroom accessories, which for a long time have ceased to be renovated and are now objects of desire in any project.

6. Marble in decorated bathrooms


Marble in decorated bathrooms

The marble is seen as one of the most elegant stones in the market. Therefore it has gained a greater space in decorative objects, in which the cost is much smaller compared to the application with a larger piece. In the case of coating, they gain shapes and dimensions for all tastes!

100 Bathroom Ideas Decorated to Inspire

With some of these new trends you can explore space well, no matter how small it may be. It is also possible to innovate with coatings, differentiated furniture and even with the paintings on the walls. Below, you can check out some decorated bathrooms that make good use of space, without giving up the modernity.

Picture 1 - Highlight the bathroom decorated with the design of some accessory.

Bathroom featured in accessory

The idea was to bring a bit of originality to the bathroom! Despite the limestone-carved workbench and the recessed lighting in the mirror, the spread is in the towel rack over the toilet that leaves the entire focal point for it.

Picture 2 - Bathrooms decorated full of charm and details.

Full of charm and décor details

The personality can be represented by small details that are part of the decoration. In this decorated bathroom, the pink joinery is the main point in the look and to complement, a set of Venetian mirrors with the P & B floor let the vintage air more reinforced in that environment.

Picture 3 - Replace the color point of the wall to the floor in decorated bathrooms.

Replace the color point from the wall to the floor

The most common is to leave the application of tile on the walls, but how about doing different? This way the environment gets cleaner without remaining with the predominant white.

Picture 4 - Bathrooms decorated simple and rich in details.

Simple decorated bathroom

Bathroom with gray décor and wood finishes. The carved tub further enhanced the matt lacquered drawers. Just as the counter wall received a wooden panel that was highlighted by an indirect lighting. The stainless steel towel rails resemble the texture of burnt cement, which lines up with the wall.

Image 5 - The pagination of the tiles follows the trend of the Chevron print.

Chevron Stamping on the Paving of the Tiles

Much asked for tissues from cushions and carpets, the Chevron print came to stay! It can be made through rectangular tiles and applied both horizontally and vertically.

Picture 6 - The marble can appear in the small points of the decoration of the decorated bathrooms.

Marble bathroom

Image 7 - Leaked partitions are also a trend that came to stay in decorated bathrooms.

Bathroom decorated with cast partitions

With rooms becoming smaller, some artifices are almost essential in a home. As is the case with leaked panels, which in addition to guaranteeing integration also take a certain privacy.

Picture 8 - Minimalism appears with small details that add in the decoration of the decorated bathrooms.

Minimalism in small details

Picture 9 - Make a contrast with the materials used in the decorated bathrooms.

Contrast with materials used in bathroom decor

The contrast in the decor helps to create an amazing effect using few materials. Whether through painting or textures of coatings, you can make the application just in the box and the rest with some other finish.

Image 10 - Bathrooms decorated with pink subway tiles.

Pink subway tile in bathroom

To keep up with the pink mood of the environment, opt for copper finishes. In need, it's worth even painting the items with spray paint! In the case of the above design, the copper tubing gave a boost to the bathroom look.

Picture 11 - Give a playful effect in your decorated bathroom.

Bathroom with play effect

The metal structures are the element that brings identity to the bathroom. The pieces in orthogonal format help to form a dividing panel in the box and compose with a towel holder on the wall.

Picture 12 - The new fashion is to insert the washing machine inside the decorated bathroom.

Bathroom with washing machine

Picture 13 - Use a color as a base to decorate the rest of the decorated bathroom.

Use a color as the basis for bathroom decor

Pink was the predominant color in this bathroom! As well as the basis for the choice of tablets which has as reference the tone of the joinery. Try using this technique in the decoration of some environment of your home.

Picture 14 - In decorated bathrooms: mirrored brick is a way of bringing texture to the wall.

Mirrored brick in the bathroom: trend!

Picture 15 - In decorated bathrooms: with a cool atmosphere.

Bathroom decorated with "cool" atmosphere

Create a cool bathroom with a touch of color! The Corian countertop in vibrant color earned high gloss finish. The lighting also helped to enhance the concrete texture of the wall, which reinforced the cool air to the environment.

Picture 16 - Get inspired in a theme to leave the bathroom cinematographic.

Cinematographic bathroom

Picture 17 - In decorated bathrooms: the metallic structure appears in a different way.

Metallic structure appears differently in bathroom

Picture 18 - In decorated bathrooms: make a bench in levels.

Tiered bench for decorated bathrooms

This bench was composed of lateral drawers that are disengaged forming side supports for towels and a decorative tray in the decorated bathroom.

Picture 19 - In decorated bathrooms: wooden slats give the elegant touch in any application.

Wooden slats give the elegant touch

Picture 20 - In decorated bathrooms: create a dream bathroom!

Bathroom decorated with dreams

Picture 21 - In decorated bathrooms: the barrel also became the last trend of the decoration.

Tonel: latest trend in bathroom decor

Picture 22 - In decorated bathrooms: the effect of the mirror takes amplitude to the bathroom.

Use of mirrors to have amplitude in the bathroom

The position of the mirrors creates a continuity of the environment. It is ideal to make the correct positioning so that the result is similar to that!

Picture 23 - To benches outside the main area of ​​the decorated bathroom.

For countertops outside the main bathroom area decorated

Generally located in the hallway, the outdoor bench should be beautiful and highlighted by high quality materials. Especially when it is the restroom, it often gets on display in every single one.

Picture 24 - Even with dark flooring, the decorated bathroom can become clean and modern.

Bathroom clean and modern decorated

Picture 25 - In decorated bathrooms: the garden seat is an object that never goes out of style!

Garden seat in bathroom

Picture 26 - Decorate more, for less!

Decorate more by spending less

Mirrors can be found at any department store, as well as the frames can be painted or purchased ready with the colors of your preference. Mounting this composition leaves the decorated bathroom environment more dynamic and unconventional!

Picture 27 - In decorated bathrooms: play with the geometric prints in the bathroom decor.

Geometric prints in the bathroom

Geometry is a very strong trend in decoration. It is in the materials, in the prints and even in the composition of some painting. In this project, the blend managed to balance the environment, did not leave monotonous and also not very polluted.

Picture 28 - In decorated bathrooms: the three-dimensional coatings are ideas for those who like neutral colors.

Three-dimensional coating

One of the favorite styles in the decoration is the famous clean. However, to give a more modern look, choose to use different materials. 3D coatings are in all the decorating shows and can please a lot in the look of a neutral decorated bathroom.

Picture 29 - Bathroom decorated of boy.

Bathroom decorated with boy

The wall was glued with skateboards, just as the built-in niches gained color and the hexagonal inserts lined the box internally. These elements leave the environment full of personality, without taking away the male proposal.

Picture 30 - The metallic coating takes a sophisticated air to the bathroom.

Sophisticated air with metallic coating

Picture 31 - Who has never dreamed of a bathroom with a bathtub?

Bathroom with bathtub

Picture 32 - In decorated bathrooms: with 50 shades of gray.

50 shades of gray in the bathroom

Picture 33 - In decorated bathrooms: The workmanship makes all the difference for a beautiful result!

The workforce makes all the difference for a beautiful result

The application of the tablets in a larger area should be done with great care so that the finish is of the best quality. After all, nobody wants those imperfections or crooked pieces on the surfaces! At the time of purchase, consult a professional who specializes in this type of service.

Picture 34 - In decorated bathrooms: The decorative items give personality to this bathroom.

Decorative items give personality to the environment

Picture 35 - The wood in the bathroom stall takes a spa air to the bathroom.

The wood in the bathroom stall takes a spa air to the bathroom

Image 36 - Countertop decorated with two vats.

Countertop with two vats

Image 37 - It is very common for the countertop area to stand out from the bathroom.

Bench area out of bathroom

Decorating with pictures and a printed rug can make the room much more beautiful than the rest of the residence.

Picture 38 - With the neutral base, the application of color in the decoration becomes easier.

Bathroom with neutral base

They can not be lacking when it comes to organization. As the decorated bathroom does not ask for many accessories, there is always a corner on the wall that remains to insert this item so functional for the day to day.

Picture 39 - In decorated bathrooms: Shelves for cosmetics are useful and decorative.

Shelves for cosmetics in the bathroom

Picture 40 - In decorated bathrooms: the wooden bathtub has a visual impact on the decoration.

Wooden bathtub

Image 41 - Cuba inlaid with a differentiated detail.

Inlaid Cuba with differentiated detail

Picture 42 - Perfect corner to relax!

Perfect corner to relax

Picture 43 - In decorated bathrooms: the bathroom accessories make the difference in the look.

Bathroom accessories make the difference in the look

Picture 44 - Bathroom decorated for couple.

Bathroom decorated for couple

Picture 45 - In decorated bathrooms: the coating makes the composition more beautiful.

The coating makes the composition more beautiful

Picture 46 - Bathroom decorated with marble and shades of red.

Marble and shades of red in the bathroom

Picture 47 - Carved marble countertop.

Marble carved marble countertop

Picture 48 - Bathroom decorated with the industrial style.

Bathroom with industrial style

Abuse of bulk bricks and porcelain burnt cement . The combination already leaves all the urban and factory air inside the house.

Picture 49 - Bathroom decorated with masculine touches.

Bathroom decorated with masculine touches

Picture 50 - He left a little corner for his pet.

Corner for the pet

Having a pet at home is very common! And adding them as a part of the decor can help a lot for those who own the pets at home. Delimit their nooks and crannies in every room of the house in a simple and functional way.

Picture 51 - In decorated bathrooms: the tablets gain more and more strength in the decoration.

Bathroom decorated with tablets

Picture 52 - Bathroom decorated with picture on the wall.

Bathroom decorated with frame on the wall

Picture 53 - In decorated bathrooms: the apparent tubing is a strong characteristic for the industrial style.

Apparent tubing in decorated bathroom

Frames add to any room decor. They are key items to give personality and a fun air in the bathroom! You can choose to make a composition or just a frame that has the necessary highlighting.

Picture 54 - Bathroom decorated for couple.

Bathroom decorated for couple

Picture 55 - For the adepts of decorated bathrooms without walls.

Bathroom decorated without walls

Integrating the bathroom into a suite is a difficult task! Especially when it's fully open. If you choose to leave it without walls, the ideal is to maintain the same style in both environments so that it has a harmonic look.

Image 56 - Bathroom decorated with burnt cement.

Bathroom decorated with burnt cement

Picture 57 - The perfect combination for an elegant bathroom: white marble and glass panels.

White marble and glass panels

Image 58 - The wall can play with the planes through the materials.

Wall can play with plans

We can see that in this project the composition of the wood panel, the mirror and the white coating were installed in different planes. This geometric game gave movement to the visual and contrasted even more the presence of the materials.

Image 59 - Play with the contrast of colors!

Contrast color in the bathroom

Image 60 - Embedding metals in the wall is the best solution for those who own small bathrooms.

Metals embedded in bathroom wall

Image 61 - Bathroom decorated with space for makeup.

Bathroom decorated with makeup area

Picture 62 - Bathroom decorated in B & B.

Bathroom decorated in black and white

Picture 63 - Bathroom decorated in wood.

Bathroom decorated in wood

In this project, the carved tub receives side supports in lacquer. And on the bench, vertical niches make up a discreet closet with "lock-touch" door.

Picture 64 - Some details with inserts can highlight the decoration of the bathroom.

Tablets in the bathroom decorated

The inserts can give the highlight that the bathroom needed. Choose a few points for the application, like the box and the bench, without distoe the rest of the decoration. The ideal is to minimize the areas of application for the effect to be more apparent.

Image 65 - Objects resting on the bench create a stripped-down air in the bathroom.

Objects on the countertop

Image 66 - Bathroom decorated with black and gray.

Bathroom decorated with black and gray

Picture 67 - In decorated bathrooms: Red shelves highlight the decoration of this bathroom.

Red shelves in bathroom decoration

Picture 68 - The ladder to hang towels is an affordable and modern accessory to decorate the bathroom.

Stairs to hang towels

These stairs gained strength in the decoration. They aim to replace the shelves and hooks, avoiding holes in the wall. Besides, they decorate much more than the traditional accessories, since their size is highlighted in the environment.

Picture 69 - Small bathroom decorated.

Small bathroom decorated

To decorate a small bathroom, look to invest in great finishes, such as a tiled floor, a modern wall covering and bold accessories.

Picture 70 - In decorated bathrooms: the geometric tile makes it possible to work with colors

Geometric tile in bathroom decorated

Geometric tiles play with colors and shapes. The ideal is to opt for a pagination that creates a fun effect on the wall. Combining the details with the finish is also essential to add to the decor.

Picture 71 - In decorated bathrooms: create a geometric effect with the aid of painting and mirrors

Geometric effect on the wall

In this project the paint and the mirrors helped to form this effect on the wall. Getting out of the ordinary can take many possibilities in the decor, resulting in an original and creative design! You can do the same thing through the joinery, where the design can extend to the cabinets.

Picture 72 - In decorated bathrooms: apply the tile on a single wall.

Tile on a single bathroom wall

For small bathrooms, the less details, the more beautiful it gets! So opt for a single wall to apply a few different tiles. Making a set of colors and creating a composition can delimit the areas of the bathroom, as happens in the design above. The yellow pieces highlight the area of ​​the toilet, just as the gray determines the space of the bench.

Picture 73 - In decorated bathrooms: bronze accessories are trend in decoration.

Brass Accessories in Decoration

Image 74 - Solving small bathrooms.

Small bathrooms

In this bathroom design, the countertop gained a marble base under the wooden cabinet, which extends to the inside of the stall, where it serves as a bench for the shower.

Picture 75 - The gray tub is one of the darlings for the decorated bathroom.

Gray cube in the bathroom

Picture 76 - Straight lines mark the decoration of this bathroom.

Bathroom decoration with straight lines

Image 77 - The tile strip made the difference in the visual

Tile range in the bathroom

This idea is for those who do not want to invest much in bathroom remodeling. With just a few pieces of tile it is possible to make a differentiated detail in the look.

Picture 78 - Even more rustic, the decorated bathroom did not cease to be modern.

Rustic decorated bathroom

Image 79 - Ample decorated bathroom.

Large bathroom decorated

Picture 80 - Bathroom decorated with tablets.

Bathroom with bathtub

Picture 81 - The lighting helps a lot for a bathroom.

Bathroom lighting

Picture 82 - In bathrooms decorated: the effect of the steel corten leaves the bathroom with much refinement.

Steel corten in bathroom decorated

To restore your bathroom simply, preserve the original finishes delivered by the builder. Invest in a loose mirror with recessed lighting in a wood cabinet and decorate the wall with a corten panel!

Picture 83 - Bathroom decorated with white.

White decorated bathroom

Picture 84 - The mirror frame leaves the bathroom with a vintage touch.

Mirror frame in bathroom

Picture 85 - How to make a mirror composition over mirror.

Mirror over mirror in bathroom

The mirror with Scandinavian style is the most desired piece at the moment. Many are giving up a mirrored wall to insert it as a prominent object. The cool thing is to be able to compose the two ideas, without taking away the desired clean look. As the mirror is a lightweight material, the composition becomes harmonious and full of style.

Image 86 - Bathroom decorated with Nero marble.

Nero marble in bathroom decoration

Metals with gold finish are another trend in decoration. The mirror still managed to bring amplitude to this small bathroom and a touch of coziness with the wooden panel.

Image 87 - Bathroom decorated with feminine touches.

Female touch in the bathroom

Picture 88 - Sanitary accessories take all elegance to this bathroom.

Stylish sanitary fittings

Picture 89 - Bathroom decorated with mirrors in the Scandinavian style are great for bathrooms.

Scandinavian style bathroom with mirrors

Image 90 - The niche can gain a greater extension.

Niche for bathroom decorated

This idea can extend your bathroom in a decorative and functional way. The niche is usually positioned only in the box area, but if it extends across the wall the effect looks more beautiful and much more prominent.

Picture 91 - For lovers of dark colors, bet on the combination of the decorated gray and brown bathroom.

Gray and brown bathroom

Image 92 - Bathrooms decorated with clean atmosphere.

Bathrooms decorated with clean atmosphere

Create a clean atmosphere with noble finishes like white marble with carved vat and a light wood panel. The lining also received special attention with the illumination through milky acrylic plate, which guarantees a homogeneous light and well distributed. A project that combines functionality and sophistication in the right way!

Image 93 - Create a three-dimensional effect with the new 3D effect coatings.

3D effect on coatings

Image 94 - Bathrooms decorated with subway flooring.

Bathroom with subway flooring

The subway tiles are much seen in kitchens, however, because of their specification, they can be applied in any wet area. In the case of bathrooms, the junction with the porcelain tile that imitates wood brings a warm and cozy air that the room needs.

Image 95 - Bathrooms decorated with TV.

Bathroom decorated with TV

Image 96 - The hexagonal inserts can create a bold graphic on the wall.

Hexagonal inserts in bathroom

Image 97 - Bathrooms decorated with shades of blue and green.

Shades of blue and green in the bathroom

Image 98 - Bathroom decorated with wooden slats.

Wooden slats in bathroom

Image 99 - The favorite light for the dressing room effect!

The perfect light for the dressing room style

Picture 100 - Bathrooms decorated for girl.

Bathroom for girl

The cabinet and the built-in niches received a pink woodwork. And to give more personality were installed decorative frames on the wall of the decorated bathroom.
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