Decorated and planned small kitchens

Decorating a small kitchen is a daunting task for many people living in homes that do not have much space. But remember that small kitchens can be transformed into cozy rooms and equipped with a lot of warmth. The biggest difficulty comes from the high cost of the planned furniture or because the market found in department stores do not fit into space.

Here are some tips to help you organize and design this small room in your home:

- Use the shelves, because it gives a bigger sensation of space, for not leaving the loaded atmosphere. The ideal is to take out the doors of the cabinets to create this look.

- Hang everything you can to hang to decorate your small kitchen. Use wall or ceiling hooks for kitchen utensils.

- Do not overuse elements in small environments. Have everything always at hand, the main thing is to have just enough.

- A furniture distribution should be designed so that they open easily and do not disturb the circulation. It is important to leave some wall free to get a wider space.

- The use of light tones are ideal for the walls and furnishings of small kitchens, although the White is undoubtedly the best choice for more breadth and brightness. On the walls you can use a coating that will give a very modern look to your kitchen.

- Place sliding doors if you want more space. Glasses are ideal for light input and greater spatial amplitude.

-A good one lighting is required for a small environment. If your kitchen has windows it is important Enjoy this natural light , so do not cover with cabinets or any other element.

- Try to choose the smallest appliances on the market so you do not overload the kitchen.

With these tips your kitchen will have a cozy and beautiful space. Check out the 95 photos with designs to decorate your kitchen with much refinement.

Picture 1 - With optimized space in the kitchen corner.

Decorated and planned small kitchens

In this kitchen proposal, the L-shaped bench takes advantage of the corner and uses a space that could be rendered unusable, so there is ample room to work even on a small project.

Picture 2 - Small kitchen project planned for apartment.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 1

A kitchen project that takes advantage of the workbench installed by the construction company for the installation of the planned cabinets. The touch of personality and color was added through the wall stickers that imitate the Portuguese tiles.

Picture 3 - Small Scandinavian kitchen with wood.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 2

In this kitchen proposal, the combination of the white cabinets and the wall subway tiles with the light wooden bench - the lighting is complete and leaves the kitchen which is small with a larger amplitude feel. To complete, the geometric floor breaks the monotony and adds color.

Picture 4 - All the charm of a kitchen with aged tiles.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 3

In this proposal, although the kitchen is new and with white in evidence, the old or aged tile was chosen to leave the environment more stripped and vintage touch.

Picture 5 - With striking colors on the wall.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 4

In this small, decorated kitchen proposal, colors are present on the wall with geometric designs - a creative way to make the environment more vibrant.

Picture 6 - Kitchen with subway tiles and details in stainless steel.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 5

Image 7 - Design of Scandinavian cuisine with utensils on the shelf.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 6

Leave the kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories on the shelves.

Picture 8 - Small kitchen with bright tablets.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 7

Image 9 - Kitchen design with tablets.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 8

Image 10 - Kitchen design for small apartment.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 9

In this project, the kitchen was planned with black cabinets and granite in the same color - a modern proposal for a small apartment.

Image 11 - Kitchen with shelves and without upper cabinets.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 10

In this kitchen, white is predominant on the walls and colors are added on decorative objects and utensils. The lower cabinets are blue with orange knobs.

Image 12 - Small kitchen with gray countertop.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 11

In this small neutral kitchen design, the upper cabinet doors add color using the orange.

Picture 13 - Proposal of small kitchen with the style Shabby Chic.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 12

This proposal of decoration emphasizes the romanticism of the Shabby Chic style where the modern and old pieces are mixed to compose in this style.

Image 14 - Project of white kitchen where the blue is predominant.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 13

A kitchen design with white cabinets where blue is added on the floor, chairs and wall tiles.

Picture 15 - A kitchen project in small apartment.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 14

In this integrated kitchen with the living and dining area, the cabinets have doors in blue oil color.

Image 16 - Design of kitchen with beach house style.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 15

Picture 17 - Super compact kitchen.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 16

Picture 18 - The ample lighting makes the kitchen more spacious.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 17

Lighting plays an essential role in a small kitchen - it is capable of leaving the environment more expansive. For these environments, choose light colors to enhance this effect.

Image 19 - Clean kitchen with coating on the walls.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 18

A small kitchen design that blends white cabinets co with the finish on the walls in color

Image 20 - A kitchen design in a small space.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 19

In this residence, the kitchen occupies a small space in the corner with window. The cabinets are made with wood and match the window, as well as the gray touch of the countertop with the stainless steel of the refrigerator.

Picture 21 - In a neutral kitchen, add the colors with the decorative objects.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 20

Image 22 - Small kitchen with clean style.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 21

Image 23 - Small white kitchen with subway tiles.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 22

Image 24 - Narrow kitchen model with predominant white.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 23

Image 25 - Small wooden kitchen.

image (1)

Image 26 - Small white kitchen with central countertop.

image (2)

Image 27 - Small kitchen with jovial style.

Decorated and planned small kitchens

Image 28 - Small kitchen with cabinet in light blue tone.

image (4)

Picture 29 - Small kitchen design with neutral tones.

image (5)

Picture 30 - Small kitchen design integrated with the dining room.

Decorated and planned small kitchens

Here the kitchen has a small island with two stools, despite being a project that takes up little space.

Picture 31 - Small kitchen ideal for home.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 24

Picture 32 - Small kitchen with round table for two people.

image 8)

Picture 33 - Small kitchen with industrial style.

image (9)

Image 34 - Small kitchen with high bench and stools.

image (10)

Image 35 - Small kitchen with window for lighting.

image (11)

Image 36 - Small kitchen with blue tile on the wall.

image (12)

Picture 37 - Small open kitchen with high bench to divide the environments.

image (13)

Image 38 - Small kitchen with lighting on rail.

image (14)

Picture 39 - Clean small kitchen with white and gray tablets.

image (15)

Picture 40 - Small kitchen with blue cabinets.

image (16)

Image 41 - Small kitchen under the stairs.

image (17)

Picture 42 - Small kitchen for a modern house.

image (18)

Picture 43 - Small kitchen in black and white tone.

image (19)

Picture 44 - Small kitchen with furniture lacquered in white.

image (20)

Picture 45 - Small kitchen with gray tablet and natural wood details.

image (21)

Picture 46 - Small kitchen with built-in cabinets and cook top.

image (22)

Picture 47 - Small kitchen with sloping wall.

image (23)

Image 48 - Small kitchen with furniture in dark wood.

image (24)

Image 49 - Small kitchen with yellow top on the countertop.

image (25)

Picture 50 - Small kitchen with simple cabinets.

image (26)

Image 51 - Small kitchen with furniture in black wood and wall in concrete block.

image (27)

Image 52 - Small kitchen without lighting window.

image (28)

Picture 53 - Small kitchen with furniture in tone fendi.

image (29)

Picture 54 - Small kitchen with white furniture and equipment such as refrigerator and stove black.

image (30)

Image 55 - Small kitchen with a romantic touch and ideal for apartments.

image (31)

Image 56 - Small kitchen integrated with dining room and living room.

image (32)

Image 57 - Simple small kitchen.

image (33)

Image 58 - Small kitchen with pendant lamps on the bench.

image (34)

Image 59 - Small kitchen with space to store wines.

image (35)

Image 60 - Small kitchen with high ceilings.

image (36)

Image 61 - Small kitchen with L-shaped bench.

image (37)

Picture 62 - Small kitchen with wood flooring in the wall and floor in burnt cement.

image (38)

Picture 63 - Small kitchen with hood.

image (39)

Image 64 - Small kitchen with marble details.

image (40)

Image 65 - Small kitchen with refrigerator with two doors.

image (41)

Picture 66 - Small kitchen ideal for loft.

image (42)

Image 67 - Small kitchen ideal for small apartments.

image (43)

Image 68 - Small kitchen with pendant lighting rounded.

image (44)

Picture 69 - Small kitchen with details in yellow and light blue.

image (45)

Picture 70 - Small kitchen with glass tablet.

image (46)

Image 71 - Small kitchen with green details and plaster lining.

image (47)

Picture 72 - Small kitchen with retro style.

image (48)

Picture 73 - Small kitchen black cabinets.

image (49)

Image 74 - Small kitchen with modern style.

image (50)

Picture 75 - Small kitchen with integrated home Office.

image (51)

Picture 76 - Small kitchen with minimalist style.

image (52)

Image 77 - Small kitchen with large floor-to-ceiling windows.

image (53)

Image 78 - Small kitchen with black and white flooring.

image (54)

Image 79 - Small kitchen with relaxed style.

image (55)

Picture 80 - Small kitchen with bench for meal.

image (56)

Image 81 - Small kitchen with refrigerator mini-fridge.

image (57)

Picture 82 - Small kitchen with rustic style.

image (58)

Picture 83 - Small kitchen with light blue cabinets with retro touch.

image (59)

Image 84 - Small kitchen with Roman window.

image (60)

Image 85 - Small kitchen ideal for young people living alone.

image (61)

Picture 86 - Small kitchen without cabinets.

image (62)

Image 87 - Small kitchen with exotic style.

image (63)

Picture 88 - Small kitchen with cupboard in ivory wood.

image (64)

Image 89 - Small kitchen with wallpaper.

image (65)

Image 90 - Small kitchen next to the staircase.

image (66)

Picture 91 - Small kitchen with feminine touch.

image (67)

Image 92 - Small kitchen with fun style.

image (68)

Image 93 - Small kitchen with sliding door.

image (69)

Picture 94 - Small kitchen with glass chandelier.

image (70)

Image 95 - Small kitchen with Provencal style.

image (71)

Image 96 - Small kitchen with cupboard.

image (72)

Image 97 - Small kitchen with bench in natural wood top.

image (73)

Image 98 - Small kitchen in grayish tone.

image (74)

Image 99 - Small kitchen with dining table made of tubing.

image (75)

Picture 100 - Small kitchen with concrete bench.

image (76)

Image 101 - Small kitchen with blue lacquered furniture.

image (77)

Picture 102 - Small kitchen with wall covered in marble.

image (78)

Image 103 - Small kitchen with metal shelves.

image (79)

Image 104 - Small kitchen with built-in cupboard.

image (80)

Image 105 - Small kitchen with wooden furniture.

image (81)

Image 106 - Small kitchen with balcony.

image (82)

Image 107 - Small kitchen with skylight.

image (83)

Picture 108 - Small kitchen with opening of illumination in the bench.

image (84)

Picture 109 - Small kitchen with classic style.

Decorated and planned small kitchens

Image 110 - Small kitchen with white pastilles.

Decorated and planned small kitchens 25

Picture 111 - Small kitchen with dining table.

image (87)

Picture 112 - Small kitchen with furniture in wood and lacquered bench.

Decorated and planned small kitchens

Picture 113 - Small kitchen with black furniture.

image (89)

Image 114 - Small kitchen with armchairs on the bench.

image (90)

Image 115 - Small kitchen with round table for four people.

image (91)

Image 116 - Small kitchen with cook top stove on countertop.

image (92)

Image 117 - Small kitchen with metallic furniture with yellow details.

image (93)

Image 118 - Small kitchen with classic style with minibar.

Decorated and planned small kitchens

Image 119 - Small kitchen with closet door in yellow.

image (95)

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