Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration

Crochet art has become popular and more and more people are dedicated to this type of work, whether for free time, to increase the decoration of the house and even as a source of income, selling their own creations. And to bring a touch of warmth to any table, nothing like a piece worked with the material, like the crochet table center , american crochet game and others. In this article, we'll talk everything about crochet towel , that which covers the whole or a large central part of the table in which it is arranged.

The crochet towel is a charming option for the table and can be found ready with prices varying from R $ 40,00 to R $ 350,00, according to the size of the piece, the reasons used and its complexity of points and finishes.

Making the piece itself is the recommended option for anyone who has experience with crochet, with the possibility of creating a unique piece. You can also add graphs of other tutorials and motifs to use as a basis for patterns and patterns repeated by the part, either in the central area or barred, for example. The variation of crochet stitches that can be used in the piece is extensive, also consider if your craft should have color, which strings should be used and the needles appropriate for each one.

50 unprecedented crochet and step-by-step ideas

And now that you know a little more about this craft, how about you get inspired with beautiful models of crochet towels to take as a base before you make or buy yours? At the end of this article, watch the tutorials produced by independent channels that explain different ways to make a crochet towel.

Picture 1 - Towel with detailed points, valuing the art and the piece.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration

Picture 2 - Model with spiral flower worked in the center of the towel.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 1

Picture 3 - The natural string is an option to maintain a cleaner and smoother look in the table decoration.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 2

Picture 4 - In this proposal, a cloth towel with barred of crochet.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 3

Besides the complete piece, the crochet can be worked only as barred in a piece of fabric, according to this example: a proposal similar to traditional dish cloths.

Picture 5 - Already in this towel, the work was developed using the fillet crochet with string in the yellow color.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 4

Picture 6 - Crochet tablecloth with white string for rectangular table of 4 places.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 5

Towels made for square or rectangular tables are much easier to work with, especially for beginners in crochet. Cutouts used in other formats require a more laborious process in the part.

Picture 7 - A delicate piece worked with a string with thinner thickness.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 6

Picture 8 - Tablecloth with circles in the central rectangle and throughout the length of the barred with drawings of flowers.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 7

And now the more detailed picture of this beautiful piece of towel:

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 8

Picture 9 - The string mix allows you to create a super colorful and vibrant piece for a sober environment.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 9

Image 10 - Mix of fabric and crochet with floral motif in the central area of ​​the towel.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 10

Picture 11 - Towel with white string to decorate a table in an external garden.

Crochet towel: ideas for adding table decoration 11

Picture 12 - Crochet tablecloth for square table: the work with a thicker string protects and is better fixed on the furniture.

Crochet towel: ideas for adding table decoration 12

Picture 13 - Crochet towel with floral motif worked with white string at the base and flowers in the colors water green and pink.

Crochet towel: ideas for adding table decoration 13

Picture 14 - Delicate towel with elements leaked and inspiration of the leaves. Here it is interesting to use a piece underneath (of fabric) to bring color to the composition.

Crochet towel: ideas to add table decoration 14

Picture 15 - Another example of cloth towel, this time with floral print and barred crochet with lilac string.

Crocheted woven flower towel

Image 16 - Crochet towel with white string.

Towel with white string

Picture 17 - Towel based with colored pattern in quadric format.

colored pattern in quadric format on towel

Image 18 - Flower-based model for a round table.

Flowers for a round table.

Image 19 - Various crocheted flowers on woven towel.

Various crocheted flowers on woven towel

Image 20 - Crochet tablecloth with starry center.

Towel with starry center

Picture 21 - Basic model for a rectangular dining table.

Basic model for a dining table

Image 22 - Towel with fabric mix and crochet in the central area and in the barred.

Fabric and crochet mix in central and barred area

Picture 23 - Towel with a darker string for a round table.

Towel with round string for round table

Picture 24 - For decorative objects at a wedding party.

Towel for furniture in wedding decoration

Image 25 - Crocheted tablecloth with checkered base.

Checkered tablecloth

Image 26 - Multicolored towel based on flowery motif: here each part of the flower receives a different color.

Multicolored towel based on flowery motif

Image 27 - In web format for decorative purposes and with large open spaces.

In the format of table cloth

Image 28 - With thick string and center worked with different colors in the shape of a flower with leaves.

Flowery center and thick string in crocheted work

Picture 29 - Square crochet towel with flowers.

Crochet square with flowers

Picture 30 - Red woven towel with crochet barred to increase the decoration of the table.

Red woven crochet towel

Picture 31 - Crochet can also serve as a base for wedding tables and events.

Crochet tablecloth for wedding table

Picture 32 - White woven towel with crochet barred in circles in red and lilac.

White woven towel with crocheted barrette

Picture 33 - For round table and with circles by its extension.

Circles across the length of the crochet towel

Image 34 - Crochet towel for rectangular table with details of flowers.

Towel with flower detail for a rectangular table

Picture 35 - One close to see all the details of this art!

Details of a crochet towel

Image 36 - Crochet towel with blue gradient.

Crochet towel with blue gradient

Image 37 - Simple crochet towel.

Simple crochet towel

Picture 38 - Use a mix of strings to have a colored and differentiated piece.

Mix of strings for a colorful and distinctive towel

Picture 39 - Large round table towel using pink, yellow and green string for the sheet finishes.

Large crochet towel for round table

Image 40 - Complement the decoration of a table with fabric using a crochet towel on top.

Crochet towel over top

Image 41 - Thicker Barbell to leave the material valued and in evidence.

Crochet towel with thick string

Picture 42 - Towel for a small tea table.

Crochet towel for a small tea table

Picture 43 - Crochet towel for a small round table.

Crochet towel for a small round table

Picture 44 - An elegant and classic composition for a round table with gray background and pink crochet towel with details with light blue string.

Pink crochet towel with details with light blue string

Image 45 - Details of a delicate crochet tablecloth.

Delicate crochet tablecloth

Image 46 - Another example of barred with circles.

Towel with barred circles

Image 47 - Crochet towel worked in the smallest details.

Crochet towel work in the smallest detail

Image 48 - Large crochet towel with length up to the floor.

Large crochet towel

Picture 49 - Bring more romanticism to the decoration with a towel with hearts. Here the pink string was used for the barrado with the shape of heart.

Romantic crochet tablecloth with hearts for round table

Image 50 - Woven towel with crocheted barrette arranged on a rectangular wooden table.

With crochet barrette arranged on a rectangular table

How to Make Easy Step by Step Crochet Towel

After looking at so many towel-inspired images, it's time to decide if you'd rather buy a new one or want to venture into the art of crochet. Who still does not know how to work with the material, can check our basic crochet guide .

01. DIY to make a center crochet towel in the spring style

In this video of the independent channel Learning Crochet, you will learn how to make a beautiful crochet towel in the spring style, with well-differentiated coloring with surrounding flower petals. Anne yarns (double yarn) in orange 4146 (1 ball), in purple 6614 (half of 1 ball) and in green 5638. The three colors are combined in the piece with double yarn, using crochet hook of 3.0mm . Follow all the steps in this video tutorial below:

02. DIY Classic tablecloth towel 4 crocheted flowers

Now in this tutorial of the Crochetar channel, you can learn how to make a classic fillet towel with 4 crocheted flowers. As the teacher Maria Rita demonstrates, the piece is elaborated in the dimensions: 70cm x 31cm using a string number 6 and a needle of 4.0mm. Check all the steps below:

03. Tutorial to make crochet towel beauty of flowers

For those looking for a flowery desktop, this tutorial may be the ideal solution. In another video of the Learning Crochet Channel, you will know how to make a towel surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers, and the materials needed to do this work are: half cone of string in the color, 100% cotton in orange, mixed yellow, and mixed green (half a ball for each). The needle used is 2.5mm

04. Red Crochet Tablecloth

In this lesson you will learn how to make a red towel with a diameter of 44cm with the following materials: 3.5mm crochet needle, scissors, red dune line 3635 and red dune line 9245 for finishing. Let's start the video lesson?

05. Crochet Towel Brazil

Entering the World Cup atmosphere, nothing like decorating your table with the theme of the Brazilian flag. And that's exactly what the learning tutorial on Crochet shows, using string number 4 in yellow, green and crochet hook size 3.0mm. Know all the steps:

06. Easy step by step to make a simple and great crochet towel

In this tutorial prepared by the channel Ge Croche, you will learn how to make a simple tablecloth using the material. For this, you will need a crochet line (100% polypropylene) and a crochet hook 1.5mm. Let's go step by step?

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