Crochet table path: current ideas to take as inspiration

Decorating the house requires attention and care and this is not only related to the colors, finishes and parts of the building. Like other elements, the dining table plays a functional and practical role in the decoration and should be related to the other decorative features of the environment. One of the practical and simple proposals to decorate this item is with the use of crocheted table paths by its surface!

O crochet table path is a traditional but one that can take your space at any desk, leaving the atmosphere more charming and inviting, using cheap and practical materials for any housewife to apply in the decoration. And the purpose of this article is to deal with this fundamental piece to decorate and serve as the basis for other objects on the table like vases, glasses, teapots and so many others. After all, due to the formats and colors available, the crochet table path is a versatile piece that suits different proposals.

For fans of craft work, nothing like making your own piece by using strings in the colors of your preference to have the desired result. However, the crochet table path can be found in the segment stores and can adapt to the size and dimensions of your table. With the popularization of crochet, it is possible to find several explanatory tutorials for those who already have a certain knowledge of the art, as well as for those who already have the appropriate tool to work the chains and various points. You can also look in this tutorial on how to crochet .

Proposals can vary between thinner and delicate lines or with thicker strands and attached flowers. Among many options, we separate the most beautiful to have as a reference when choosing the crochet table path ideal for your home or your crafts.

50 current ideas of crochet table paths to share and save

To entertain and inspire your research, we separate the most beautiful references from the internet with crochet table paths applied to the tables in different situations and environments. It is worth checking each of them to find the ideal inspiration - At the end of the article, accompany explanatory videos that show how to make this art and insert in the decoration of your home. Check out:

Picture 1 - A beautiful work for the dining table.

A beautiful work from crochet table to dining room

Crochet work, especially in the center of the table, can be composed with any dinner table: from the simplest to the most sophisticated style. Just combine the colors to have the desired goal.

Picture 2 - Use the piece with neutral string to highlight a decorative object.

Crochet table path to highlight a decorative object

Even pieces made with simple crochet string can fulfill your function as elegant table path as well as base to support most striking decorative objects!

Picture 3 - Red as highlight in the center of table.

Red as a highlight on the crochet table path

The highlight color is always a great ally in the decor and with the table path is no different. Here the red base was used to highlight the piece and the table.

Picture 4 - Crochet blend with stitching for the table path.

Crochet blend with stitching for table path

Ask her to join crochet and sewing to make a unique piece for the table path.

Picture 5 - Crochet lace for a more delicate work.

Income for delicate work on the table path

Picture 6 - Bring the Christmas spirit on this special occasion with the face of Santa Claus.

All the Christmas spirit for the crochet table path!

Nothing like a piece of table path dedicated to the special occasion. In this case, the face of Dad Neol is present at one end, as well as the characteristic colors of the occasion.

Image 7 - Work with different types of crochet colors.

Different colors of string to work on the table path

Image 8 - Crochet flowers joined by the table path.

Crochet flowers joined by the table path

The table path can also contain different shapes and colors of crochet flowers to match and brighten the piece, escaping from the traditional format.

Picture 9 - Star shapes for a different composition with the table path.

Starry shape joined by the tips

Picture 10 - A delicate touch for the event or wedding table.

A delicate touch to the event or wedding table

Whoever thinks that the table path is only used on the dining tables of the households is foolish. With the popularization of the material, it already appears in ceremonies and events.

Image 11 - Crochet table centerpiece with raw twine and worked flower.

Centerpiece with natural string and worked flower

The raw string is the right bet to make a more delicate and neutral centerpiece for an already colored table.

Image 12 - Mix of colors for a unique and original piece.

Use the color blend to have a unique and unique piece

Image 13 - Detail of the centerpiece in moss green color.

Green moss for the crochet table path

Picture 14 - Willing on a large and extensive table.

The table path can also be part of large tables

Picture 15 - Barbantes of different colors provide a differentiated piece.

Ask with different colors

Image 16 - Path of crochet with raw string.

Table path with raw string

Picture 17 - A touch of delicacy for the decoration of the table.

A touch of delicacy for table decoration

Picture 18 - Colorful flowers complete and decorate all the way.

Crochet table path: current ideas to take as inspiration

Image 19 - Interlaced Crochet Table Path

Interlaced Crochet Table Path

Image 20 - Use red to highlight the crochet table path.

Red to highlight the crochet table path

Image 21 - Small embroidered crochet detail on the table path.

Small detail in crochet

Image 22 - Crochet table path for a table with rustic style.

Crochet table top with rustic style

Image 23 - Centerpiece with highlight for red color.

Centerpiece with red highlight

Image 24 - Format and delicate drawing for the crochet table path.

Delicate drawing format for the crochet table path

Image 25 - Table path as support for afternoon tea!

Table runner for afternoon tea

Image 26 - As support for the festive and Christmas mood.

As support for a festive and Christmas atmosphere

Image 27 - Bring colors to a white table with the crochet table path.

Bring colors to the table

Image 28 - United by star format. How lucky!

Crochet table path: current ideas to take as inspiration

Image 29 - The crochet table path can also be part of weddings and events.

Crochet table path

Picture 30 - Bring personality to the dining table with a crochet table path.

Bring personality to the crochet table

Picture 31 - Multicolored table path to change the face of any table.

Super colorful table runner

Figure 32 - Traditional crochet piece with raw string for the table path.

Traditional piece with string carpet

Picture 33 - Yellow and white excerpts for a breakfast table!

Crochet table path: current ideas to take as inspiration

Image 34 - Use the white string to keep a table path neutral and highlight decorative pieces.

Crochet table path: current ideas to inspire 1

Image 35 - Colored flowers as an increment for any piece of crochet.

Crochet table path: current ideas to take as inspiration 2

Image 36 - Snowmen stabbed for the Christmas mood.

Crochet table path: current ideas to take as inspiration 3

Image 37 - Center towel with embroidered crochet details.

Crochet Center Tablecloth

Picture 38 - The table path can enhance any dining table.

Table path to increase any table

Picture 39 - Use the colors to highlight your table.

Colors to highlight the table with the croc table path

Image 40 - All the delicacy of a piece worked in crochet.

The delicacy of a crocheted piece

Image 41 - All the charm of the crochet flowers to increase the table path.

All the charm of crochet flowers

Picture 42 - Table path with a feminine touch!

Feminine touch for the table path

Picture 43 - Work the union between different pieces, as well as the mixture of color bands.

Union in different pieces

Picture 44 - Even a simple table path has its charm!

Simple crochet table top

Picture 45 - Another example of how the crochet table path can be the protagonist of wedding tables!

Wedding Table Runner

Picture 46 - Traballhe stretches with different colors of the string to have a unique piece.

Different colored sections for a differentiated piece

Image 47 - Income elaborated for a differentiated table path.

Differential table path with lace

Image 48 - Crochet table top perfect for the Christmas mood.

Table Runner for the Christmas Season

Image 49 - Another arrangement of vessels for the proposal that we dealt with earlier.

Dining table with crochet path and pots

Picture 50 - Flowers united by every tip!

Flowers united in each corner in the way of table

How To Make Crochet Table Path: 05 DIY Tutorials

Ready! After following all the images and inspirations, is it time to decide what to do, buy or do yourself? For those who want to venture into crochet, just follow these tutorials with a few examples and step-by-step tips:

If you want to see other parts with the material, check out our post on crochet rugs , crochet bathroom set .

01. DIY Yellow table runner

Based on inspirations on the internet, the Vanessa Marcondes channel created this separate video tutorial in two parts ( link to second part here ) and using Baroque Maxcollor in color 1289 with 338m to make this table path with 150cm by 65cm. To do this tutorial you need: scissors, needle indicated for wire 4 (2.5mm or and universal glue of the circle mark to make ballasts.

02. Crocheted table runner worked with flower Mega Alice

With a simple and uniform base on the table, this tutorial from the channel of Professor Simone Eleotério teaches to make a table path with the Mega Alice flower at one of its ends. To do this tutorial you will need: 1 Natural Baroque Ball 4, 1 Ball of Maxcolor Baroque Orange 4676, 1 Ball of Baroque Maxcolor Red 3635, 1 Ball of Baroque Maxcolor Pink 3334, 1 Ball of Baroque Multicolor 9492 and Needle for Crochet with 3.0mm and one with 3.5mm

03. Tutorial to make way of crochet table in spiral

This is a differentiated model of spiral-shaped table path. In this tutorial on Lu's Croché channel, she explains how to make the spiral. To get started, you'll need: crochet hook in 3.0mm, 2 natural baroque ball of the Circle. In total the piece is 105cm by 65cm wide. Check out all the details in the video:

04. DIY to make a floral table path

For those who love stamping the flowers in the crochet: check out this easy and convenient tutorial to make way for a 4-seater table using 2.5mm needle and string 6.

05. DIY croc flower table path field

In this Vanda channel tutorial, she teaches how to make a table path with flowers from the field. With the measures of 140cm by 40cm, the necessary materials are: 2 polypropylene line cones in cream color, 1 line cone in light green polypropylene and crochet needle of 1.5mm or 1.75mm. Watch the video to know all the steps:

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