Crochet Owl: 60 wonderful and step by step models

THE crochet owl is one of the craftsmen's darlings of late. We can find any type of accessory and home decor that make reference or print an owl in its shape and color. But it is not without reason, after all, in diverse cultures the owl is symbol of knowledge, wisdom and attention. In addition, they are birds whose characteristics are unique and easily recognizable, such as the eyes, ears and beak, making it easy to characterize them in manual labor.

And for crochet enthusiasts, where the owl appears more and more for the ease of its form, we separated 60 images with tips and step-by-step, among them:

  • Crochet Purses : They are super high like the plush ones in felt, but the crochet gives a more handmade climate. You can do everything a little, from characters to animals and dolls you invented! Let the creativity roll and stuff it all with an acrylic blanket for a very sweet result.
  • Bags, caps, scarves, gloves, ponchos : Leaving for clothing, the possibilities are enormous and as the string is a type of yarn with a stronger structure, the items hardly lose shape, allowing different applications and shapes!
  • Rugs and blankets in all corners : Probably as most people know about crocheted items, although they are only a part of the range of possibilities that a string and a needle can offer, among them: American game , treadmill , quilt and others.
  • Crochet decoration on the wall : Tapestries, pictures, clotheslines ... it's time to let the imagination roll and start composing with the decoration of your environment. Be on the floor, on the furniture and even on the wall!

60 wonderful crochet owl ideas

Now, let's go to the 60 ideas to work with crochet owl . At the end of the post, check out the graphics and video tutorials with the easy step by step:

Crochet Owl Rug

One of the most versatile pieces found with the shape of the crochet rug is one of the right options for anyone who wants to work with crochet crafts:

Picture 1 - Crochet owl rug in the format and corresponding colors.

Owl crochet rug in matching pet colors

There are many types of owls, with different sizes and colors, but certainly those with brown feathers are the most famous and referenced in manual work that try to get closer to their natural tones.

Picture 2 - Rug square and neutral with applied owls.

Neutral rug with applied crochet owls

A good idea to add smaller elements on a neutral background, especially for those who are learning the art of crochet.

Picture 3 - Wise owl carpet for children's room.

Wise crochet owl for baby's room

The owls are great not only to decorate the kitchen, but also the children's bedrooms. A playful and fun touch.

Picture 4 - Owl carpet with a single color.

With few details and in only one color

For a more neutral environment or that already has enough color.

Picture 5 - Round and striped crochet owl rug

Round and striped rug with pink, gray and white

If you are learning crochet, try to start from simple and easy to make shapes like round. For a slightly more elaborate air, change the colors of the string to form stripes.

Picture 6 - Hexagonal with colorful little owls and fun.

Hexagonal rug with colorful crochet owls

A different form for those who already have a little more skill and knows more elaborate points.

Image 7 - Star mat with owl's head.

Star Rug with Crochet Owl

Another different format for a more playful carpet for children and with a little owl's head.

Image 8 - Small owl rug with simple shapes.

Small carpet with simple owl

Picture 9 - Owl carpet super cute for children.

A carpet model super cute for kids

They are sure to love and have fun with her in the bedroom.

Accessories with crochet owl

Image 10 - Colored owl cap to escape the cold

Owl hat to escape the cold

Another item for children - funny and super colorful little cap to protect themselves from the cold with style.

Image 11 - Owl crochet keychain.

Crochet Owl Keychain

A super simple and cute way to make a personalized keyring - characters or crochet dolls filled with acrylic or cotton blanket.

Image 12 - Crochet owls stacked in a curtain.

Owls stacked on a curtain

For owls lovers and lots of color, this curtain with these stacked little birds shows that owls are never too much.

Image 13 - Soft, warm and super-wise gloves.

Soft and warm gloves

These gloves require a little more skill in crochet, but it is an idea that will surely delight everyone and can still be made with several animals as a reference.

Picture 14 - Argola decorated.

Colorful owl-shaped hoop

Adding a touch to more of the house's décor.

Picture 15 - Baby booties with baby owls.

Baby crochet skirt with detail of little owl

A great handmade gift for newborns! And to inspire you even more, we've separated a tutorial from basic sneakers that can be customized any way you like!

Picture 16 - Bracelet with application of balls of crochet and owl.

Bracelet with crochet balls

It is not only garments that can be made with crochet, expand the horizon also for accessories like imitation jewelry.

Image 17 - Owl cap camouflaged in the snow.

Snow capped owl

A cap for young and adults still in love with these nocturnal animals! If you want to get away from the colorful and not make the owls so apparent, invest in neutral tones and 'camouflage' it in the landscape.

Picture 18 - Owl scarf.

Scarf model with blue owl

One more item to get ready for when winter arrives!

Picture 19 - Crochet with graphic - simple owl with button eyes to apply wherever you want!

Crochet Owl: 60 wonderful and step by step models

Image 20 - Wooden necklace and crochet.

Wooden necklace with owl

Another example of crochet bijouterie.

Image 21 - Homemade crochet sneaker with owl detail.

Homemade crochet sneaker

If you fell in love with baby booties, know that it's not just them that can walk around with crocheted items. In the case of this shoe for young people and adults, we recommend the use of a thick string and rubberized soles and non-slip, and insoles well inside!

Decoration with crochet owl

Image 22 - Owl-bowl organizer.

Crochet Organizer

To show how crochet is versatile, how about creating string baskets with simple stitches and even a hidden owl?

Image 23 - Crochet owl cushion.

Colorful striped crocheted owl cushion

Cushion covers are also very simple to do to test your skills.

Picture 24 - Clothesline of the owls.

Clothesline for decorating the wall

Plush style crocheted owls can serve as dolls, mobiles and even be put on clotheslines.

Picture 25 - Coaster and American owl game to protect the table and decorate the house.

American game with crochet owls

And not to leave marks on your table, super stylish coasters for your kitchen.

Image 26 - Crochet owls to decorate the tree.

Models of a little owl to decorate the tree

Image 27 - Wrought iron crochet, wood and cotton owl door trim.

Crochet Door Decoration

We show here several crochet options with owls of utilitarian items for your home, but what about thinking about that combination as a decoration?

Image 28 - Artistic comic to use your hand skills and decorate the house.

Artistic comic made with a lot of skill

Figure 29 - Crochet owl cup holder to protect hands and drink coffee with style.

Crochet cup holder for coffee and hot drinks

In the same idea of ​​embellishments and covers for glasses, but these cup holders protect your hands and are still reusable. Put it in the bag and take it all over the place!

Image 30 - Crocheted owl basket.

Basket with crochet owl

Picture 31 - Pull-up crochet bag.

Pull out crochet bag in owl shape

The crochet pullers are classic and are gaining a new face with different dots, shapes and styles.

Image 32 - Crochet owl for decoration of glass and kitchen pots.

Crochet owl to decorate jars and glass jars.

Image 33 - Protection for crochet tea pot.

Protection for crockery baby tea pot

Image 34 - Mob of crochet owls super cute and fun.

Cute fluffy crochet owls mob.

Colorful owls are great for decorating children's rooms and, with a soft, plush structure, they make great furniture that can be made at home!

Picture 35 - Another example of bowls and pots covered with crochet in the form of owls.

Bowls and pots coated with crochet owls

Thinking about craftsmanship, mixing techniques is always a good resource for creating something new. Try to give more personality to that basic knitting item with a little color and different stitches!

Image 36 - One more cushion.

Pillow with eyes of the owl

Image 37 - Mob of crocheted owls with three colors.

Mobile with colorful owls

Blankets tapestries with crochet owl to hang on the wall.

Picture 38 - Manta for armchair or sofa.

Blanket for couch with owls

Blankets on the sofa are great for the decor and to cover themselves by watching a movie.

Image 39 - Crochet drawing to put on the wall.

Crochet design to put on the wall

Sometimes a crochet drawing turns to a work of art. Hang it on the wall and spread it out that you did it!

Picture 40 - I kept baby sleepy owls.

Baby shower with owls

Crochet is also a very good technique for making baby blankets, as they are lighter and allow for several designs.

Image 41 - Crochet mantle with Christmas owls.

Christmas owls on blanket

The little pine trees will always make us think about Christmas!

Picture 42 - Owls of all colors.

Coujas with many colors

Picture 43 - It maintained neutral and with dots in high relief.

Embossed dots on blanket to form owl

Crochet Owl Bags

Image 44 - Wise owl crochet bag to take to school.

School bag to take to school

If you do not find the bag you want in the market, how about doing it at home?

Image 45 - Owl cell phone with button imitating the beak.

Owl Cell Phone Bag

A smaller option to take only the essentials.

Image 46 - Cross and colored crochet owl bag with graphic.

Cross crochet owl bag

This owl bag is a charm! We've brought you a graphical tutorial for you!

Image 47 - Knitted backpack with crochet hook.

Fabric backpack with crochet owl application

As we said earlier, crochet is a great craft technique to give finishing touches!

Image 48 - Owl cross-brier bag rosinha.

Pink Owl cross bag

Crochet owls in the small details

Image 49 - Crochet owl keychain.

Crochet Owl Key

Picture 50 - Drowsy and passionate owls of crochet for the decoration of your house.

Sleepy crochet owls

The plush can become an incredible decoration for your home!

Image 51 - Shaping and texture for owl feathers.

Shaping and texture for owl feathers

Who has more skill and knows more crochet points, trying to give texture to this little bird is a differential in the work.

Image 52 - Application of crocheted owl.

Application of crocheted owl

Picture 53 - Birthday invitation owl - application of crochet in stationery.

Birthday Invitation owl

Mixing materials, especially the softness of the crochet with the smooth stationery creates a super interesting and graceful effect.

Image 54 - Tape measure in crochet.

Crochet tape measure door

Image 55 - Brand page with owl tip in crochet.

Crocheted owl-tip page

Image 56 - Another mobile.

More a mobile

Image 57 - Poncho-fancy owl in crochet.

Poncho-owl costume in crochet

To stay warm and even costumed.

Image 58 - Crochet owls and beads to hang everywhere.

Crochet owls and beads to hang everywhere

Image 59 - Coin purse or crochet cell phone holder.

Coin purse or cell phone holder

Image 60 - Super cute owl in crochet.

Super cute crochet owl

Who resists this cuteness and those little eyes?

Crochet Owl Graphics

To complement the models you saw above, we separated two graphics: one to make a little owl with button eyes and another that explains the step by step to assemble a pouch with the shape of the bird:

Graphic of owl with buttons

Crochet owl bag with graphic

Step-by-step crochet owl with video tutorials

If you already have skill with the art of crochet, follow the videos. Otherwise, follow our steps to crochet beginners .

1. How to make a crochet owl rug step by step

2. Step-by-step crocheted pink owl

This model can be used for either a child's bedroom, as a toy or even as door weight. See all the steps with the correct baroque and the ideal needle:

3. Organizer basket shaped like an owl

4. Crocheted Owl Dish Cloth Holder

5. Mini crochet owl step by step

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