Crochet hooks: 24 various tutorials with step-by-step on video

Who does not have at home a dish towel or a bath towel that got much prettier with some crochet hooks? Crochet is a tradition of Brazilian popular culture and adds value to simple everyday pieces. There are those who think that crocheting is either too laborious or difficult, but with some explanations and an uncomplicated step-by-step anyone can start crocheting .

For those who are now beginning the technique, crochet nozzles, or little bars, as they are also known, are a great start. They can decorate, plus dishcloths and towels, rugs and baby diapers, for example.

In this post we selected some of the best tutorials available on the internet to help you start the crochet technique simply and quickly. You'll see how one detail can make all the difference in one piece. Maybe you do not even consider the idea of ​​selling the pieces produced? Oh, and if you want to see ideas and models of rugs , sousplat and crochet bathroom set .

24 crochet tips tutorials for you to learn

Crochet hooks: 24 various tutorials with step-by-step on video

Check below the tutorials selected for those who seek to improve the technique of crochet nozzles. Beginning with the teachings dedicated to beginners, even more specific nozzles for certain pieces like carpets and towels:

How to Make Crochet Beaks for Beginners

1. Easy, delicate and beautiful crochet hook for beginners

In this tutorial of the craftsman Wagner Reis you will learn in a simple and easy way how to take the first steps in crochet technique.

2. Simple, easy and quick crochet hooks for beginners

This JNY Croché channel video teaches you how to make a buttoned crochet spout. The video lesson is dedicated to those who are still learning the technique, so you can watch without fear. The butt-type point is also widely used to make more elaborate models of nozzles, so it's worth starting with.

How to Make a Simple Crochet Beak

3. Single row crochet spout - simple

In this video you will learn how to make a simple but beautiful crochet hook that can be used in dish cloths, diapers, wipes and wherever else you want. Play now and follow the Diane Gonçalves channel step by step.

4. Easy and complete crochet hook for beginner

There is no excuse for not learning crochet. This video lesson from the Wagner Rios channel teaches in a simple and uncomplicated way to make a delicate crochet of very beautiful crochet. Surely by learning this point you will be motivated to learn many others.

How to make single career type crochet spouts

5. Single row crochet spout

Want to learn how to make unique career crochet beak? Then watch this video lesson of the channel Artes da Cata and put into practice today what you have learned.

6. Single career crochet nozzle

The artisan Helena Gonçalves teaches in this video how to make a single career crochet spout. Learn the technique and apply it in dishwashers or gift some future mom with baby skirts.

How to Make Crochet Beak for Dishcloth

7. Crochet hook for dish cloth

How about advancing a little bit more in learning and starting for a more elaborate crochet hook? Customize your dish cloths with that point. You will learn in this step by step well explained the channel Artes da Cata. Check out.

8. Crochet Tip for Dish Cloth

Still in the channel Artes da Cata you will learn another type of crochet beak to give that embellished in the dish cloth. It is worth checking.

How to make crochet nozzles for carpets

9. Crochet rug nozzle

Leaving some of the dishcloths and leaving now for the carpets. In this short video the artisan and teacher Simone teaches a very beautiful point to make your carpets more charming. Watch.

10. Single crochet nozzle seat for string carpet

Do you know that rug of string a little dull that you have in your house? You can change his face with this crochet beak taught by Dany Crochet and Arts.

How to Make Crochet Beak for Tablecloth

11. Crochet beak with corner

Crochet beak for tablecloth may seem more complicated because of the corner, but it is not. Watch this video without fear and discover how the technique can transform simple tablecloths into super valued handmade pieces.

12. Corner crochet bar for table path

In this other video, the artisan Helena Gonçalves teaches another way to make crochet beaks for towels or table paths. Worth checking out as well.

How to Make Baby Diaper Crochet Beak

13. Super easy-to-use diaper crochet hook with step-by-step

Crochet nibs for baby diapers are traditional. Whether it's for you that have a baby on the way, be it to give some pregnancy or even make it to sell, it's worth checking out this video and following the tutorial.

14. Diaper Crochet Spout

This diaper crochet bar is super simple and quick to do. For those who are starting or even for those looking for something simpler, you should check out this video of Paty Kely Crochê channel.

How to make crochet beak for bath and face towels

15. Crochet beak in towel set - bath and face

Nothing more typical than crochet beak in bath and face towels. That's why it's worth checking out this Eliz Flor channel video. She teaches you to make a beautiful, well-detailed beak, from the blunt point.

16. Crochet hook for washbasin towel

In this video, the crooner and crooner Elaine teaches me how to make a beautiful crochet hook for washcloth. Undoubtedly, your guests will be impressed by the delicacy of this manual work.

17. Towel crochet hook

A delicate and very beautiful crochet hook to be applied to bath and face towels. Check out the step-by-step and try this model on your parts.

18. How to make different crochet nozzles

Have you tried and experienced the simplest points? How about now to go to more elaborate and detailed points? We have selected a few step-by-step tutorials of different crochet nozzles. Check below:

19. Imperial crochet beak

The imperial crochet nozzle has a very different shape from the nozzles shown above. It is larger and leaves the piece more sophisticated. You can use it especially in bath or tablecloths, because of its larger size, but nothing prevents you from using it also for dishwashers.

20. Irish Crochet Beak

The Irish-style crochet hook is more closed and rich in detail. If you are planning to advance one level in crochet learning, this point may be ideal for training. Use it for bath towels, face towels or mouthwash.

21. Heart-shaped crochet hook

The heart-shaped crochet hook is a much sought after and used point. In this video of the artisan Helena Gonçalves, you will learn the heart point to decorate dish cloths and whatever else you desire. Watch.

22. Flower-shaped crochet nozzle

This flower-shaped beak is a charm. It is worth giving the play and check the video lesson of the Helena Gonçalves channel.

23. Popcorn Crochet Spout

Learn one more nozzle model to boost your parts, especially if you're doing it to sell. Surprise your customers as new and quite different models from each other. In this video of the channel Eliz Flor you will learn to make a spot known as popcorn. Check out.

24. Elephant-shaped crochet nozzle

How about leaving the little baby skirts and baby cloths even cuter with this elephant-shaped crochet beak. And do not fool yourself into thinking it's a difficult spot. Despite the wealth of work, this beak is very simple to be done.

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