Crochet Cushion Cover: See Tutorials and Awesome Templates

Cushion covers are joking in the decor. With them, you change quickly, cheaply and simplified the face of environments. Have you thought if they are crocheted cushion covers, then? One of the most versatile and democratic crafts there is? Without a doubt, a successful partnership.

Crochet cushion covers can have the colors and shapes you want. It is possible to buy them ready made by some craftsman or the internet. The price of a crochet cushion cover on websites such as Elo7, virtual shopping for crafts, ranges from $ 30, for the simpler models, up to $ 150 for the more elaborate models.

But if you have skill in handwork and already have some practice with crochet you can create your own pillow covers, from the simplest and most traditional to the most modern, with the maxi crochet. We have selected in this post some tutorial videos to help you take the first steps in creating cushion covers and a lovely selection of images of crocheted pillow cases decorating environments. All this so you can make the most of this beautiful and delicate craftsmanship. Let's start?

Videos tutorials for making crocheted cushion covers

1. How to make simple crochet cushion cover

Simple cushion covers are best suited for anyone who is beginning to learn crochet. And do not think that just because they are simple, the covers left to be desired in the decoration. Value the piece using a color that matches the rest of the décor, since these models are usually made with one color only. Check out below, two step-by-step tutorials for making simple crochet cushion cover:

2. Easy to do Crochet Cushion Cover - for beginners

3. Traditional and simple model crochet cushion cover

How to Make Square Crochet Cushion Cover

Square cushion covers are the most common and can be made in quite different ways. The simpler models are more suitable for those who are starting, but for those who already have a certain familiarity with crochet, you can bet on more sophisticated models. Watch the tutorials below with step-by-step how to make square cushion and see which one fits best in your crochet level.

4. Braided crochet cushion cover

5. Baroque style crochet cushion cover

How to Make Crochet Cushion Cover with High Point

The high point gives the cushion covers a softer and fluffier appearance, due to the natural relief that this type of point has. However, if you're still crawling with the crochet, you may need a little more time to make this kind of cushion cover. But nothing that dedication and a little patience does not solve. Check out:

6. Step by step crochet cushion with flower design at high point

How to Make Colorful Crochet Cushion Cover

The colorful crocheted cushion covers are a great choice for anyone who wants to bring a little life and joy to that monotonous house room. There are simpler colored covers and more complex covers. Below, we have selected two tutorials. Choose which one is best for you:

7. Colorful crochet cushion

8. Candy colors crochet cushion cover

How to make maxxi crochet cushion cover

The maxxi crochet cushion covers are made without needle. That's right, you'll only use the knit yarn and the fingers. This is a great option for those who want something more modern in decoration, while it is a simple and fast technique to do, thanks to the thicker points used. Check out the tutorial below and see how simple it is to do:

9.. Step by step to make cushion cover maxxi crochet

How to Make Square and Patchwork Crochet Cushion Cover

The cushion covers in the square and patchwork model are very similar. The squares are nothing more than those squares of crochet that, when united, form a unique and original piece. Patchwork is basically the same thing, with the difference that they can acquire shapes other than the square.

The advantage of creating a crochet cushion cover using one of two techniques is to be able to make it into small pieces without having to change the type of stitch or thread in the course of the job. This type of craft also allows you to create unique pieces, since you can choose the square or patchwork models that will be combined.

Another advantage is the ease of producing a cover of these, being very indicated for who is beginning the crochet now. Like the idea? Watch the tutorial videos below and learn how to make a beautiful square or patchwork cushion cover:

10. Step by step crochet cushion cover

11. How to make simple square for crochet cushion cover

12. Step by step to make crochet cushion in patchwork

Did you see how it is possible to make beautiful crocheted covers, so easily and spending very little? Whether it is to decorate, gift or sell, crochet always has a guaranteed place in the home decor. So do not waste any more time and start producing your own parts today.

60 Creative Ideas for Crochet Cushion Covers for You to Get Inspired

Only before, check out this passionate selection of incredible models of crochet cushion covers and get inspired to produce and decorate the house with them.

Picture 1 - To open the selection, cushion covers made with squares of crochet.

Cushion with crochet square

Picture 2 - Crochet cushion cover made with squares of flowers.

Crochet cushion cover made with squares of flowers

Picture 3 - The more colorful, the more charming it gets.

The more colorful, the more charming you are.

Picture 4 - On the jute, the loose threads of crochet.

On the jute, the loose threads of crochet

Picture 5 - Cushion cover with applied crochet flowers.

Cushion cover with applied crochet flowers

Picture 6 - When united, the squares form parallel and perpendicular lines.

Cover with crochet squares

Picture 7 - Combine the tones of the cushion with the colors of the decoration.

Colorful Crochet Cushion Cover

Picture 8 - Embossed crochet roses leave the pillow in a romantic and delicate style.

Romantic Crochet Cushion Cover

Picture 9 - The crochet cushion covers are a great option to enjoy the cold.

Crochet Cushion Cover: Perfect for the cold

Picture 10 - What if they are round? They look beautiful too.

Crochet Round Cushion Cover

Picture 11 - As a sun: differentiated design for the cover of the cushion.

Differential design for cushion cover

Figure 12 - High crochet points create embossed covers.

High points on the cushion cover

Figure 13 - Round crochet cover for ottoman.

Round crochet cover for ottoman

Picture 14 - Delicate pink for an equally delicate hood.

Delicate pink for an equally delicate hood.

Image 15 - Patchwork crochet cover in geometric shapes.

Patchwork crochet sleeve in geometric shapes

Figure 16 - Simple crochet cushion cover, one of the most used too.

Simple Crochet Cushion Cover

Image 17 - A row of each color.

A row of each color

Image 18 - Cover of raw color was highlighted by the red heart.

Cushion cover with red heart

Image 19 - Colorful crochet flowers on white background.

Cushion cover with colorful flowers

Image 20 - Crochet cushion cover with squares of daisies.

Crochet cushion cover with squares of daisies

Picture 21 - Colored hexagons joined one by one form the covers of these pads.

Colorful Hexagons for Crochet Cushion Cover

Image 22 - Set of three cushions made with the technique of maxxi crochet.

Set of three cushions made with maxxi crochet technique

Picture 23 - Since cacti are in fashion, how about making a cushion cover with them?

Cushion cover with cactus

Picture 24 - Right choice of colors brings harmony to the piece.

Harmony in choosing the pieces

Picture 25 - A watermelon or a cushion?

Watermelon cushion cover

Picture 26 - How cute (literally)! Braided crochet cushion cover.

Braided Crochet Cushion Cover

Image 27 - Multicolored Crochet Cushion Cover.

Multicolored Crochet Cushion Cover

Image 28 - Fluffy polka dots bypass the round cushion.

Crochet Round Cushion

Picture 29 - In doubt, go with flowers. They look good in everything.

Cushion cover with flowers

Picture 30 - Cushion cover in gradient from white to black.

Crochet Cushion Cover in Gradient

Picture 31 - Soft and fluffy.

Soft and fluffy crochet cushion cover

Picture 32 - Colorful circles and stripes make the pillow cheerful and fun.

Cheerful and Fun Crochet Cushion Cover

Image 33 - Fringes create the detail of this envelope cover.

Envelope Crochet Cushion Cover

Image 34 - Seat of the ottoman made in crochet.

Crochet Pouf Seat

Image 35 - Crochet cushion cover made with wide open stitches.

Crochet cushion cover made with wide open stitches

Image 36 - For each shape, a color.

Different shapes on the crochet cushion cover

Image 37 - Fill the charm and delicacy cushion cover with white polka dots and a crochet flower.

All the charm on the pillow case

Image 38 - Gray background highlights the vivid colors used on the cover.

Vivid colors on the crocheted cushion cover

Picture 39 - Cover of braided cushion; bet on it to create a cozy atmosphere.

Braided crochet cushion cover

Image 40 - Each stitch made with a different color.

Different colors on the crochet cushion cover

Image 41 - A Celebration to Spring!

Spring Crochet Cushion Cover

Picture 42 - For more sober and sophisticated environments, use neutral colors. To give the finishing touch apply wooden buttons.

Wooden buttons on crochet cushion cover

Picture 43 - Crochet cushion cover made with colored triangles.

Crochet cushion cover made with colored triangles

Image 44 - A crochet cushion cover model to match rustic and stripped style decorations.

Crochet Cushion Cover for Rustic Decor

Picture 45 - A strong color pad to contrast the predominant white of the rest of the environment.

Strong color on the crochet cushion cover

Picture 46 - Heart crochet cushion cover: it could not stand out.

Heart Crochet Cushion Cover

Picture 46 - Gray, blue and white: the colors of a modern decoration.

Modern Crochet Cushion Cover

Picture 47 - Crochet hooks!

Cushion cover with crocheted yoke

Picture 49 - Embroider your favorite phrases on the cover of the cushion.

Crochet Cushion Cover with Phrases

Image 50 - The passion for vintage cars stamped on the cover of crochet pads.

Kombi crochet cushion cover with print

Picture 51 - The little owls, dear of the craftsmen, giving the air of grace in the cover of the crochet cushion.

Owl Crochet Cushion Cover

Image 52 - Cushion cover in maxxi crochet with pompoms on the sides.

Cushion cover in maxxi crochet

Picture 53 - Crochet cushion cover matching the colors of the armchair.

Cushion cover matching the colors of the sofa

Image 54 - Now that you do, choose a set. So your room is more beautiful and comfortable.

Crochet Cushion Cover Set

Image 55 - White crochet cushion covers are always a joker.

White crochet cushion covers are always a joker

Image 56 - A simple crochet cushion cover valued by appliqués and fringes.

simple crochet cushion cover

Image 57 - Baby's room also deserves a crochet cushion cover; this one of the image is a cuteness without size.

crochet cushion cover for baby room

Image 58 - Those who are more experienced in crochet, can try a pillow case like this.

Crochet Cushion Cover for anyone who is experienced

Image 59 - In the raw string, the word "home" was written in a very colorful way on this crochet cushion cover.

Home written on the crochet cushion cover

Image 60 - Crochet Cushion Cover all decked out!

Crochet Cushion Cover: See Tutorials and Awesome Templates

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