Crayons in the decoration: 60 perfect ideas that you only see here

The new darlings of the moment, the pastel tones might look gruff and uncharacteristic in the not-so-distant past, but a few years ago they came back to show strong design tendencies in general.

The pastel colors soften not only the view we have of the environment but ensure that we have a sense of calm and tranquility, no matter the idea of ​​decoration. That's why the minimalist environments do not seem empty or cold with them and the environments more filled with objects and furniture do not seem crowded. In both decorations, the overall feel of the composition is softened by the right choice of colors.

And it is because of this effect that pastel colors have and by their increasing appearance in objects, furniture and decorations of environments that today's post will talk about these shades, how they came back to fashion and their growing uses in decoration!

Palettes of pastel tones: from basic beige to candy colors trends

Used in interior decoration, fashion, make-up and conceptual design pieces, the pastel shades have been defined only by white and beige derivatives to encompass a variety of colors.

In 2016, Pantone, a company that catalogs and standardizes colors for the general industry, has selected two shades of color of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity, shades of pink and baby blue to work alone or together as a trend .

Pantone's choice not only defined the new trends but began to explore these "baby" shades differently. Now when we speak in pastel tones we can also think of the lighter shades of pink, yellow, blue, green, lilac, orange and gray, which end up giving more personality to what once seemed to be "pale", "erased" or "bland. ".

They gained so much personality that they started to have other names: candy colors or off-white.
These candy tones are those that are considered more colorful in their lighter shapes, much like the colors that appear on sweet cottons sold there. They are perfect not only for children's environments, but to give a different mood to all environments. It is with them that architects and designers are playing at the time of decorating living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Use of gray as a super versatile color

The gray, which has always been associated with a dark and cool color, has been used as the perfect balance for the environment with the most colorful pastels. Serving as much for the protagonism as to balance with these shades, the gray gained in the more contemporary environments the importance that needed to be explored of diverse forms in the decoration.

60 decorating ideas with pastel shades

Now that you know a little more about these colors, take a look at our selection of gallery images! Surely you will also fall in love with those colors that inspire tranquility.

Picture 1 - Tons pastels in ample surroundings and with great natural luminosity.

Crayons in wide environments

Picture 2 - Office with pastel shades and black.

Office with pastel tones

Picture 3 - Pastel colors in the room: comfort and modernity.

Crayons in the room

Picture 4 - Living room with a mix of shades of gray and candy colors.

Shades of gray and candy colors in the room

Picture 5 - White and light pink as the bases of this super contemporary room design.

White and light pink as a base in decoration

Picture 6 - Add decor accessories in pastel colors to give lightness in your room.

Decorative accessory with pastel colors

Picture 7 - Color pastels also like colors perfect for walls of children's rooms.

Pastel colors as perfect colors

Picture 8 - Crayons or candy colors to give a more delicate and charming tone to the children's room.

Crayons or candy colors

Picture 9 - Mint as the darling color of the last times, especially to give a modern touch to the walls.

Mint as darling color

Picture 10 - Double room with natural colors and pastel colors.

Double room with natural colors

Picture 11 - Shades of green pastels combined with stronger tones for a balanced combination.

Shades of green pastels

Picture 12 - The pastel shades of blue, pink and yellow are the favorites for children's rooms and toy libraries.

Blue, pink and yellow pastels

Image 13 - Raw tones like natural wood make great combinations with lighter shades and candy.

Raw tones in decoration

Picture 14 - A super stylish and colorful door in a pastel tone for a more bare and contemporary look.

Colorful stylish super door

Picture 15 - Dining room based on white and gray and small incersions of colors in pastels as in the cushions, upholstered and in the painting of the wall.

Dining Room based on white

Image 16 - Special wall with the colors of the year 2016: Rose quartz and Serenity in a painting half-way.

Rose quartz on the bedroom wall

Picture 17 - Stairs in light tones full of personality: mix of prints in a pop construction.

Stairs in light tones

Picture 18 - Minty-tone bathroom to bring more relaxation and tranquility to the baths bathtub .

Mint-mint bathroom

Image 19 - Candy colors that can always be combined: in various objects, these colors never lose balance and harmony.

Candy colors that can always be combined

Image 20 - Clear tones in conjugated environments to give unity and harmony for decoration and circulation between environments.

Clear tones in conjugated environments

Picture 21 - Turn basic environments into super colorful, full of information and, nevertheless, harmonics with pastel colors.

Pastel colors in the environment

Image 22 - The pastel green as the new darling of kitchens, whether in the cabinet or in the kitchen accessories.

Green pastel like the new darling of the kitchens

Picture 23 - An extra touch of color: a mixture of a shade of pastel pink and golden yellow in the environment.

Mixture of a shade of pastel pink and yellow-gold in the environment

Picture 24 - Just as in their medium tones, blue and orange continue to form an unbeatable duo as complementary opposites within the interior decoration.

Double unbeatable with midtones

Picture 25 - Combination of pink, gray and white also for ample and full of light.

Pink, gray and white in the decoration

Figure 26: For environments with completely light or white walls, think of a floor covering with a slightly more striking color.

Floor cover

Image 27 - Pastel shades combined with natural stone colors and textures, such as marble are super-accurate and give a more sophisticated mood to the environment.

Crayons with colors and textures

Picture 28 - The combination of pink and blue baby has never been so dear and welcoming.

Pink and Baby Blue

Image 29 - Inspiration in the old tiles: kitchen with wall coating in pastel pink.

Inspiration on the ancient tiles

Image 30 - Pink panel that draws attention by inserting color in the environment.

Pink panel that draws attention

Picture 31 - Handmade pendant decoration: For those who love crafts, the pastel colors bring great ideas and inspirations with different materials, like the ribbons used in this decoration.

Handmade pendant decoration

Picture 32 - In a more serious and modern climate, a bathroom with half pastel blue wall.

Bathroom with half pastel blue wall

Image 33 - A contrasting contrast to black and brown: these darker colors often lead to white and beige contrast, but the other pastel tones of the color chart may work just as well.

A different counterpoint to black and brown

Image 34 - The turn of lilac also for the decoration of rooms and rooms for couples.

The turn of lilac also for the decoration of rooms

Picture 35 - Bed cover in candy pink in a predominantly white and raw room.

Bed cover in pink candy

Picture 36 - In addition to black and brown, some shades of gray like graphite combined with the pastel shades create a perfect balance between light and dark in the environment.

Grayscale shades like graphite combined with pastel shades

Image 37 - Furniture and objects in pastel shades: by the popularity of these colors, there are already several types of objects of decorations and furniture that can be purchased in these shades.

Furniture and objects in pastel colors

Picture 38 - Pastel shades combined with vibrant colors also to enliven the environment.

Pastel shades combined with vibrant colors

Picture 39 - Wide living room in pastel colors that receive very well the ambient light of the window.

Large living room in pastel colors

Picture 40 - Candy colors as a highlight of the frames for environments based on beige and gray.

Candy colors as a highlight of the pictures

Picture 41 - Tones brighter than color to break the room's completely gray environment with planned furniture.

Clearer colors tones to break the environment

Image 42 - Look for colored furniture in pastel colors to decorate your environment easily and quickly.

Look for colored furniture in pastel colors to decorate your room

Picture 43 - Another way to break the gray of the environment: Dining room with floor and gray curtains and a set of chairs super cute in millennial pink.

Another way to break the gray of the environment

Image 44 - Green, yellow and purple in a combination that would be unusual if it were not the light tones chosen.

Combination of green, yellow and purple

Picture 45 - Bedroom of the couple with details in pink that most resemble raw tones.

Double bedroom with rose accents

Picture 46 - Room in light shades of blue: a soothing tonality over another more relaxing.

Room in shades of blue

Picture 47 - Room neutral? None of this! Insert more colorful pastels in the shared young room.

No neutral room: room with pastel tones

Picture 48 - The pink house: in a summery climate, the decoration only in light shades of pink, orange, yellow and lilac forms a totally pleasant and cozy climate.

The pink house with pastel shades

Image 49 - Not only for indoor environments: candy colors being used for touches on building façades.

Candy colors being used for ringing on building facades.

Picture 50 - Candy colors even in environments with an industrial style: composition with a modern style and a more minimalist trend.

Candy colors in industrial style environments

Picture 51 - Mint green again in the wall painting in rooms: environment with a more natural touch with pictures and real plant.

The green mint again in the wall painting in bedrooms

Picture 52 - Orange pastel as another option to balance the cold climate that the gray in the environment causes.

Orange pastel as another option to balance the cold weather

Picture 53 - Playful decoration and a millennial generation style: children's clothing store in a minimalist decoration with creative accessories.

Playful decoration in a millennial generation style

Picture 54 - The pastel colors behave very well with natural light.

The pastel colors behave very well with natural lighting.

Picture 55 - Another example of contemporary cuisine: besides the green, the blue and pink blend dominates in this environment as well.

Another example of contemporary kitchen with pastel tones

Image 56 - In fact, pink and blue can be present in different environments, such as in the living room.

Pink and blue in the room

Image 57 - The light green shade in the kitchen draws more green on natural elements such as flowers, greens and even fresh herbs in a mini vegetable garden.

Light green tone in the kitchen

Picture 58 - Each room with its color: green and pink create a combination that is also classic, although little used

Each room with its color

Image 59 - Room with white and gray ambience and a bit of color in the bed linen.

Room with white and gray ambience

Image 60 - Small living room in pastel colors and some details in vibrant green.

Small living room in pastel colors

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