Craft with string: 60 amazing ideas for your production

One of the most versatile materials in the crafts with string is far from being restricted to crochet or knitting. There are a myriad of techniques and uses in which you can use it and combine it with your day-to-day decoration, and we separate some tips to help you choose the technique that suits you, your skills and the environment who wants to decorate.

Besides the possibilities of techniques that can be used, the crafts with string also has a wide variety of textures and materials, and can be found in raw or colored cotton, sisal, jute or synthetic materials that can be chosen according to the effect and use you want to give your yarn.

Before you start to get inspired with our gallery, we separate some tips for you to stay within the trends and possibilities of using the string in the craft :

  • Coverage for pots, bottles and vases : One of the simplest ways to use the string is to wrap around the chosen container. In your craft with glass bottle and string, you will only need the help of a hot glue gun and a bit of string, easy huh?
  • With balloon : There are several techniques for making decorative string balls. Some things are common to all handicrafts with string and glue such as the mix of white glue and water (usually 2 measures glue to 1 measure of water) and the fun making patterns or moving the line in different directions. The final result will be a decorative ball that can be used in various sizes, colors and placed in various environments, giving a rustic and stripped feel.
  • In the decorative frame : String can be one of the protagonists of your decoration when used to draw pictures through lines, either with glue or in string art, technique that involves drawing with string and nails.
  • Chandeliers and lamps : One more form of handicraft with hardened string, chandeliers and lamps can be made entirely with the material or contain only small details of this type of line. The models are very diverse and allow lighting to be made on the table, wall or ceiling.
  • As a decorative support for small plants : This is the perfect use for those who have little space at home but do not give up their corner of nature, the plants can be suspended through macramê technique.
  • Associated with techniques such as crochet, knitting and macrame : These and other techniques that involve the yarn weaving manually are very well known and traditional, but have gained new uses and different forms in recent years. With them it is possible to make a modern and delicate craftsmanship.

Now that you've come to know a bit more about the options, it's time to pick your favorites and stick your hand in the dough!

60 ideas of crafts with string to inspire

We separate 60 ideas to show that you do not have to be an expert in manual work to be able to make beautiful pieces of crafts with string or combine it with other materials:

Crafts with string to decorate the house

Picture 1 - Handicraft with string: division of environments with work in string.

Division of environments with work in string

For conjugated environments, some divisions can be made to demarcate spaces, even if they do not completely separate the rooms, like this work in string.

Picture 2 - Handicraft with string: hanger of macrame with twine for plants.

Barbell for plants

What has been super high for interior decoration lately are the little plants, which refresh the environment and add vibrant colors. Macram's hangers come together to give a more homemade style and take those little plants off the surfaces.
Picture 3 - Handcrafted with string: support for candles with hardened string

Holder for candles with string

A good way to decorate with candles and give a more bare touch to those simpler. Secure the string with glue and, when dry, have a hard holder!

Picture 4 - Wall decoration style filter of dreams.

Dream filter with string

The string is one of the wild items of the crafts because besides being super cheap and versatile, it can take on the color you wish and can still be used in various techniques!

Picture 5 - Magazine your chandelier with string and see the effect that will give!

Chandelier with string

Details of lamp with string

The string works great to create a different lighting for your home. Not only in the visual part of the chandelier, but also to play with the shadows.

Picture 6 - Custom hanger for a different environment.

Custom hanger with string

The string, moreover, can work to give a personalized in daily objects and that already have a dull face.

Image 7 - Woven basket with knitted and twine.

Mesh and string basket

This line also serves as the basis of a knit loom, creating a neutral and almost imperceptible basis in the final result.

Picture 8 - Thermal protector or rest for the homemade cookware.

Cookware with string

With thicker strings, you can create a layer to protect your table from hot pots and pans.

Picture 9 - Tassel made with string and dyed at home.

Tassel dyed with string

The tassel makes a perfect decoration and finish for some jobs with line and is super high, so much that can be found even as earrings! In addition, it can be produced with every type of line. Try this step-by-step:

Details for tassel with string

Picture 10 - Different decoration in the pillow with string of different thicknesses.

Barbell of different thicknesses

The string can also be used to create embossed lines and patterns on surfaces.

Image 11 - Renew your broken beach chair with a handcrafted and creative plot.

Handmade weave for straw chair

How about a new plot for your chair made by you with the colors and materials that you most enjoy working?

Image 12 - Use unusual formats with elements you have at home.

Unusual formats of crafts with string

In the wave of making a different cover for objects, all formats can be used!

Unused formats for the string

Picture 13 - Give a new look for simple and everyday objects.

Simple objects with string

As thermal protection from cups or just to give a different style, the strings are super versatile for what you are looking for. Just be sure to use a non-water soluble glue.

Image 14 - Craft with string: braided curtain.

Braided curtain with string

Another way to split environments!

Picture 15 - Making plaques and pictures with string.

String Plates

An example of a wooden board with nails and creativity or as a simple apple can turn out to be a work of art!

Craft with string: 60 amazing ideas for your production

Image 16 - Crochet basket.

Craft with string: 60 amazing ideas for your production 1

If you are passionate about crochet, this example is great for a different and functional idea for this technique. How about a step-by-step?

Image 17 - Constellation Wand.

Wand constellation with string

With a line and brackets to secure it, any design is possible!

Picture 18 - Mobile to decorate the children's room.

Mobile to decorate children's room

A colored line can give a totally new and fun face to the objects.

Image 19 - Craft with string in bottle: glue and lace giving a new face to old bottles.

Barbante and lace in the glass bottle

Barbante in glass jar with juicy

Barbed in painted bottles

Those unused glass bottles can be converted into decorative elements with a touch of creativity and craftsmanship materials!

Image 20 - Handicraft with hardened string: a fruit bowl!

Fruit bowl with hardened string

Picture 21 - Barbante can be a very good finish for anyone who is detail oriented.

Marquee with string

After all, with a little patience the filling is complete and the finish is perfect.

Accessories with string crafts

Image 22 - Fringes for wall ornaments with all kinds of string.

Fringes for wall ornaments

Mirror string banding

Perfect for decorating the wall differently.

Image 23 - Necklace in a rustic and colorful style.

Rustic and colorful necklace

The string in the craftsmanship is not only to create decorative items, but even super stylish accessories for you to wear, like this necklace.

Image 24 - Macrame bag.

Macrame bag

The string bags never go out of style and, in a neutral color, combine with several occasions.

Picture 25 - Bracelets with braided string.

Bracelet with braided string

Picture 26 - Make creative and fun earrings with string and wire.

Fun and creative earrings

Wires give structure to the design you want to form and the string gives a perfect finish and the color you chose.

Image 27 - Tassel keyring with many different beads to complete.

Tassel keychain with many beads

Image 28 - A super stylish necklace with string loom and stones application.

Super stylish string necklace

For a true fan of craftsmanship and natural materials, this necklace style is ideal.

Picture 29 - Crochet Ring.

Crochet ring

Picture 30 - Bracelets super colorful.

Super Colored Bracelets

Even on the bracelets the string can be used. And anything goes: from mixing colors to different thicknesses!

Picture 31 - Beach bag of knitting with string to destroy on vacation.

Knitting beach bag

Picture 32 - Another handmade necklace.

Handmade necklace with string

Crafts with string for Christmas

Image 33 - Balls of ornament for the Christmas tree.

Balls for Christmas Tree Ornament

Use a small bladder or a collapsible ball as a cast for the cast ball!

Image 34 - Bottles and skeins making the decoration of the holidays of end of year.

Bottles with string and skeins

For those who prefer to make a more economical and handcrafted Christmas decoration, this is a good idea to get inspired.

Picture 35 - Writing with string.

Word of string in cardboard

Use white glue and a lot of patience to leave the letters the way you want them. And do not forget to make a pencil model to follow sooner!

Image 36 - Macramê in the shape of a tree.

Tree-shaped macrame

Picture 37 - In the decoration of the candlesticks.

Barbante in sconces decoration

Image 38 - Alternative decoration to hide the threads of the flasher.

Alternative decoration for the blinker wires

The wires of the flashers always bother you when it comes to decorating, but you can refresh them with a little creativity.

Image 39 - Christmas tree with string.

Christmas tree cone

This tree is turning into a classic of homemade Christmas decoration! Make a cone with a sheet and go rolling and gluing the string as you want in a similar effect.

Christmas tree with string

Image 40 - Decorative Barbecue in Christmas Wrapping.

Barbante in Christmas wrapping

Sometimes just a different line is enough to complete the decor.

Image 41 - Another decorated glass jar.

Decorated glass pot

Image 42 - Christmas balls with twine, wool and cotton.

Christmas balls with string

Crafts with string for parties

Picture 43 - A different touch on the embellishments: Stylized handle.

Stylized drawstring strap

To continue using those old ornaments that are with the broken handle, try giving them another style with the string.

Image 44 - Cups decorated for Christmas and New Year's toast.

A toast to Christmas and New Year

Image 45 - Colored webs.

Colored webs

Image 46 - Garland of hearts with wire and string.

Heart garland with string

Picture 47 - "Cotton" sweet fake.

Cotton candy fake

A pity not to be real, but the effect of the string is surprisingly similar.

Image 48 - In the ring decoration of napkins.

Napkin ring with string

Craft with string: 60 amazing ideas for your production

Picture 49 - Polvorhos braided and colored to amuse their little ones.

String fluff

Craft toys are beautiful and provide children with different experiences of the plastic toys bought in the store, from the doubt of knowing what is being done until you realize the shape and win the toy ready.

Picture 50 - Another container with a twine cover.

Coverage of string in container

For aluminum cans, give look at this tutorial.

Image 51 - To brighten up the party: colorful string pompoms.

String Pompoms

Pompons, like tassels, can be made with several types of lines. Try a different one with string!

Picture 52 - Garland to decorate the house with string base.

Garland based on string

Image 53 - Decoration with hardened string.

Hardened Barb

After you've finished, take the base off and get these funky and funky items to decorate your room.

Image 54 - Another bottle idea.

Bottle with string

Picture 55 - Decoration even on the bladders.

Bladders with string

More craft ideas with string

Image 56 - Customize all your items.

Pen drive with string

From necklaces to pen-drives.

Image 57 - Mark different page.

Mark different page

How about exploring your skills with crochet and trying to make different items?

Image 58 - Apply in your work of crafts: flowers with knots of string.

Flowers with string knots

Image 59 - Handicraft with string and glass: weave of string.

String pattern

Tear is a super old technique and is in the beginnings of any fabric of the clothes we wear. How about a little training to use in the decoration of your household items?

Image 60 - Mobile with the apparent strings of string.

Mobile with string

Crafts with twine step by step

After checking all these references, watch the videos step by step below:

1. How to make a milk can with string and decoupage

2. How to make a string lamp

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