Craft with Egg Box: 60 Perfect Ideas to Be Inspired

There are several ways to use crafts to create new items for your home and for other special occasions. But sustainable craftsmanship, which works by recycling materials that would normally be thrown in the trash, is getting more and more popular and encouraging people to rethink how they relate to the packaging and materials that would generally go straight into the trash.

And not only that: everyone can create something completely new with these materials! Today we are going to talk about the Craft with egg carton :

60 wonderful craft ideas with egg carton to inspire you

In today's post we've separated 60 ideas and some step-by-step to show you that egg cartons with their unique shape can turn into a myriad of items and it can be super fun and stimulating for creativity to work with them!

Craft with egg box to decorate the house

Picture 1 - Egg crates like succulent cachep or little plants that need less water.

Egg crates as succulents cache

Super easy to do! The principle is: cut the egg carton cavities, drill a hole in the bottom for water drainage and plant your succulents in greater style! You can also drill holes on the sides and place a bead to turn into a hanging vase.

Picture 2 - Rosas de mentirinha for those who forget or do not have time to water the true ones.

Little roses made with egg carton

A creative solution for anyone who loves plants and the colors they bring home but can not take care of!

Picture 3 - Houses of birds with boxes of eggs.

Bird houses with egg carton

This is for those who have more experience with crafts, but it is even a simple project: separate each cavity with the lid where the egg is and create, in the layout you find most interesting on your wall. Then just make a special painting and add some birds to complete.

Picture 4 - Pendant with abstract shapes from boxes of eggs.

Pendant with abstract shapes

Here is proof that craftsmanship is not only concerned with the functionality of their creations. Think of different shapes and colors and create something completely unusual.

Picture 5 - Boxes of eggs as support for egg whites, fresh and flowery.

Boxes of eggs as support for egg whites

Planting eggshells is also a great way to harness materials that would be discarded and still nourish your little plants. When the plants reach the maximum growth point inside the bark, transplant to a larger pot and use the bark to strengthen your land! As? take a look at this step by step .

Picture 6 - Egg box reused as door trunk.

Egg box trunk holder

Enjoy to save those items of crafts, office ...

Picture 7 - Make decorations on items in your home in a simple, economical and very creative way with egg cartons.

Simple decoration for the house

A good way to repaginate items that you find uncomfortable in your home! For this inspiration, we explanatory image how to make one of the flower types of this image:

Picture 8 - Egg boxes as photo wall!

Photo Wall with Box of Eggs

Nothing to waste on cork murals! The egg carton plays the same role, but in a much more sustainable way.

Picture 9 - Flowers of box of eggs to give a new face to the blinkers.

Egg Box Blinking Blinkers

To save money with those different blinkers and create something unique, how about cutting out the boxes of flowers-shaped eggs and painting with your favorite color?

Picture 10 - Another example of functional box: door handmade material!

Craft Box with Egg Carton

Image 11 - Comic with raised flowers with boxes of eggs.

Comic book with raised flowers

If your home needs a touch of life or vibrant colors, think of a colorful comic like this!

Picture 12 - Form vases for several plants in the cavities of the boxes.

Vase for plant with egg carton

Another way to create a small garden in egg cartons!

Picture 13 - Decorative pendants with boxes of eggs.

Decorative pendants with egg carton

Join lines and strings, egg cartons, pebbles and beads to form a special pendant for your wall.

Picture 14 - Ceramic Egg Boxes: An Incredible Jewelry Box!

Jewelry Box with Ceramic Egg Box

It's not exactly a craft tip, but if you have a ceramic egg door or other materials in your home and it has little functionality: re-sign them!

Picture 15 - Another example of flowers from small boxes of eggs.

Flowers with egg carton

Craft with egg box: toys for children to have fun

Image 16 - Craft caterpillar with a box fillet.

Hand crafted crawler with egg carton

Ideal to do together with children! This type of craft stimulates creativity and builds the toys themselves.

Picture 17 - Little ballerinas with clothespins, paint, wool and egg boxes!

Clothes fasteners with ballerinas dolls format

Picture 18 - Time for transformation! Make nose and mustache your favorite animals!

Nose and mustache for your pet

When it comes down to it, no one can run out of fancy!

Picture 19 - Refurbished egg cases: a safe-pig to save the savings.

Pork box made with boxes of eggs

To build other items, think of the egg carton as a stable base to keep your item standing. In this case, the cavities form the legs of this completely artisanal pig.

Image 20 - A different set of checkers.

Set of checkers using material

How about creating different characters for classic games? Checkers and other board games can become more fun and personalized.

Checker detail of checkers

Detail of checkers game 1

Image 21 - A vehicle to help your heroes defeat the monster.

Toy vehicle for puppets in action

Another example of resignification!

Image 22 - Aquarium of a lie.

Aquarium of lies

Let the imagination flow and use the texture of the egg carton to your advantage.

Image 23 - Ideal material for painting.

An ideal material for painting

With spot for paints and brushes. We only recommend using a little pot to store the paints, or the box can only be used once.

Picture 24 - Carnival masks or halloween!

Masks for carnival or Halloween

Image 25 - Different and fun characters to do.

Different and fun characters

The rule of craftsmanship with children is: let the imagination flow!

Image 26 - Drawing in high relief with boxes of eggs.

Drawing in high relief with boxes of eggs

Image 27 - A boat ready for an adventure on the high seas.

Boat ready for deep sea adventure

Image 28 - Egg boxes are ideal for the shell of these sea turtles.

Helmets of turtles with egg carton

Enjoy that egg cartons are usually tougher and sturdier, like turtle shells.

Picture 29 - Cones for super cute ice cream.

Beautiful Cones for Little Critters

Too bad we can not eat them!

Crafts with egg carton for Christmas

Picture 30 - A different and cheap Christmas tree.

Different and cheap christmas tree

We have already shown in another post different ways to assemble your Christmas decoration in a simple and inexpensive way. And here's another example of that!

Picture 31 - Christmas tunes to hang on the tree.

Christmas tunes to hang on the tree

The styrofoam egg cases usually have a more rounded shape than the conventional paper ones. Use this to your advantage when choosing what to do with them!

Image 32 - A garland design with egg carton flowers and a frame.

Recyclable garland with egg carton flowers

Any circular-shaped item can serve as the basis for your garland, but the backstage, which are getting more and more popular with the rising wave of embroiderers, may be the perfect base for your work!

Picture 33 - Door Christmas ornaments.

Use the box to save the Christmas balls

We know that Christmas ornaments are those that are stored for at least 10 months in some closet or dark room. To better accommodate them until next Christmas, how about recycling boxes and giving a new role to it?

Picture 34 - A basket for Christmas party favors for friends and family.

Basket of Eggs with Box of Eggs

Not to let Christmas go blank and giving a little more meaning to the memory with the dedication and delicacy of the craft.

Picture 35 - Another example of a Christmas bell, this time with a lot of glitter.

Christmas bell with egg carton

Image 36 - Christmas tree made with boxes of styrofoam eggs.

Styrofoam boxes for a beautiful Christmas tree

Close in tree details

Another way to work with Styrofoam boxes is to maintain their original color and match it with more eye-catching colors, like this one.

Picture 37 - Another ornament with the face of Christmas.

Christmas face decoration

Image 38 - Tinkles to hang on the door.

Tunes to hang on the door

Picture 39 - Step by step: how to make a wreath of flowery Christmas with boxes of eggs.

Craft with Egg Box: 60 Perfect Ideas to Be Inspired

Another example of garland! For a larger and colorful project like this, think about doing along with the kids.

Crafts with egg carton for parties

Image 40 - Box of surprises.

Boxes of surprise

With different colors and more cheerful, the boxes of eggs have a more fun party face.

Image 41 - Boxes with novelties.

News Boxes

Think about using them without the lid to turn them into baskets of snacks and goodies.

Picture 42 - For Easter: a tea kept in the egg carton.

Crafts with egg carton for Easter

For an Easter celebration, egg boxes have even more fun meaning and are perfect as gift packaging.

Picture 43 - Scary handmade fangs for those who love a terrifying decoration.

Handmade Ghostbusters

The coolest of the cake and candy toppers is that they are super simple and creative and so can be made at home with few materials.

Image 44 - Handmade flowers and special to give the guests.

Handmade Flowers

Image 45 - A different packaging to bring the edible souvenirs home.

Box for edible souvenirs

The canister separations function as individual portion dividers.

Image 46 - Another example of flower.

Flower made with egg carton

Picture 47 - Ovinhos surprise of all colors.

Support for surprise ewes

Another super creative design with the box is putting super colorful eggs with surprises inside!

Image 48 - Flower embossed to decorate the wall of a spring festival.

Embossed flower for the wall

Picture 49 - More flowers with different colors.

Flowers with different colors

Picture 50 - Kit to start the first garden in the egg carton.

Kit to start the garden in an egg carton

A completely natural kit for your guests to train a little the art of growing herbs and vegetables to eat. Maybe you do not encourage the production of a 100% organic garden?

Image 51 - Handmade floral pendant.

Handmade pendant with egg box

Picture 52 - A fun and different invitation.

A fun invitation made with egg carton

Nowadays parties, especially birthday parties, require a lot of creativity to come up with new and unique proposals. This type of invitation is an idea that can inspire you!

Image 53 - Fence florida with egg cartons, ice cream sticks and coconut bullet paper.

Flowery fence with egg cartons

Picture 54 - DIY: handmade chick with boxes of eggs full of surprises!

Handmade chick using material

This chick with a surprise inside is not only too cute but very creative and easy to make. For everyone to be able to venture with him, we separate a special step-by-step:

Picture 55 - To keep the feet warm.

To keep your feet warm

Ways to use egg cartons as organizers never run out!

More Craft Ideas with Egg Carton

Image 56 - Handmade accessories: Floral necklace.

Floral necklace with egg box

Crafts can be used for everything, even in accessories and costume jewelry to use on a day to day basis.

Image 57 - Tea comics to decorate the house.

Tea Comics to decorate the house

Image 58 - For entrepreneurs: exhibitors for postcards and illustrations.

Postcards: support to display them

As the boxes have a strong structure, what about using them as the base and exhibitors of their products? There are also tutorials to use them as a basis to keep tablets and cell phones standing!

Image 59 - Always use the craft elements in your favor and try other ways to build your ideas.

Egg Carton: A Great Material for Getting Your Crafts

Image 60 - Crowns of flowers for the queens and princesses of nature.

Wreath with egg box

How to Make Crafts with Egg Box Step by Step

Now that you've checked out all these visual references, continue to watch some tutorials that talk about simple and practical tips to apply on egg carton crafts. Watch below:

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