Countertops for bathrooms and toilets

The bench for bathroom or toilet is an important item, as it has the ability to value the environment, in addition to bringing a definite style. Its design and the type of manufacturing material can change the face of the bathroom decoration: the important thing here is not to leave aside the functionality, since it also serves as support objects for soap dispensers, vases, perfumes and various other items.

To plan a workbench you must have the right measurements, the type of material, the finish, and all the dishware and metal objects defined. To help you sort out some of the most used materials today in modern bathroom countertops

Know the main types of materials from bathrooms to bathrooms

Burnt cement

O burnt cement is modern and can be suitable both for an environment with youthful or rustic decor. Ideal for those who do not want to extrapolate much in the budget, without giving up a resistant material.


Granite is super famous among architects. With a huge range of textures and colors, main types .


The wood bench is best suited for installation in toilets, since this material takes up a lot of moisture. If it is to be used on the workbench, it is ideal to apply a waterproofing agent once a year with sea varnish, so that the wood remains resistant.


Marble is a more porous stone, so it is ideal for the bathroom. It has a wide range of textures and colors, as well as granite. The downside is a higher price.

Nanoglass and marmoglass

A blend of granite and marble: they are the most expensive stones on the market and have that super white tone for your workbench.


Porcelain tiles are widely used in house renovations. It has a special cut for the application in benches, if it is very wide, it is necessary to use splices. Seen from a distance, the material visually resembles the nanoglass if a white porcelain tile is used.

Silestone and quartz stone

O silestone is a more expensive industrialized stone with a wide range of colors. The alternative to silestone may be quartz stone, a version more in mind, but still more expensive than granite.


For those who like transparency and ease of cleaning, glass can be a great choice. Choose a firm glass to support the bowl.

60 bath ideas for bathrooms to inspire you

With so many choices of materials, you now have to choose the model and finish it for your bench. For this we separate some incredible references to inspire you:

Picture 1 - Wooden bench full of personality and style!

image (1)

The piece of wood, in its natural finish, reinforced the rustic air of this bathroom and functions as a prominent item in the decoration.

Picture 2 - Mirror washbasin with stone: lightness in the right measure.

image (2)

The blend of the mirror with the light stone is ideal for those looking for a clean and modern bathroom. Its combination leaves the bathroom sophisticated, without losing its true identity. The detail is for the mirrored drawer which carries the impression of being a continuous coating on the wall.

Picture 3 - Bathroom counter for double tub.

image (3)

Very common in double suites, the double workbench forms a single piece that extends from end to end. Your presence is striking due to this long length!

Picture 4 - The stone allows the customization of your workbench.

image (4)

Stone is the most classic material to make the bathroom countertop, however, it can gain a personal touch like a towel holder, a niche, a leaked finish, among others.

Picture 5 - Add a touch of color in your bathroom: bathroom countertop with natural wood and yellow lacquer on the shelf.

image (5)

For those who want a little color in this environment, can be inspired by this project. The bathroom can have a neutral base and gain a complement with a shelf just under the counter. This composition is modern, practical and comes out of neutrality.

Picture 6 - The gray countertop was the right choice to match the items in stainless steel.

image (6)

The combination of colors is an important item in the bathroom decor. Try to harmonize the materials and the desired style so that the look is pleasant.

Image 7 - Small bathroom countertop.

image (7)

Being small, the solution was to put a lower stool to compose with the counter of this bathroom. This idea is also ideal for those who want a simple and quick change in the bathroom.

Picture 8 - Washbasin in white stone: leave the traditional and opt for a different design.

image 8)

The design of this bench made the atmosphere more interesting. The smaller countertop model with larger shelf below demonstrates lightness and personality to the bathroom.

Picture 9 - Wooden bathroom counter.

image (9)

Image 10 - Bathroom bench in concrete with white paint.

image (10)

The tub is a very important element for the bench design. In the above model, the workbench receives a narrower structure for the semi-fit effect to be made.

Picture 11 - The carved bench is synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

image (11)

The carved tub on the counter is the sweetheart for those who want a sophisticated bathroom. They stand out by themselves, the rest of the elements just complement the attention it promotes in the environment.

Picture 12 - To give lightness to the bathroom, install the bench in only a part of the space.

image (12)

The vertical stand is a way of highlighting the small bathrooms. Beautiful production and high quality materials are perfect for this proposal.

Image 13 - Its shape carved with pebbles underneath mark the presence of this bench.

image (13)

Picture 14 - Bathroom counter in white stone.

image (14)

The caster furniture is great for carrying flexibility in the bathroom. This is another option for those who do not want to use the lower stool. In the project above, it accompanies the same color of the bench to highlight this composition.

Picture 15 - The inserted elements complement the wooden countertop of the washbasin.

image (15)

In the bathroom above was used the wooden bench and an overlapping vat which follows the same depth. Due to the small space, this workbench has a narrow dimension to leave the circulation space freer in the bathroom.

Image 16 - Beige bathroom counter with white cabinet.

image (16)

Picture 17 - For dark bathrooms, opt for the gray countertop.

image (17)

Picture 18 - The touch clean is given by the white countertops and mirrored cabinets.

image (18)

Picture 19 - The combination of the two colors takes balance for the decoration.

image (19)

Picture 20 - The shelf with slats leaves the bathroom more sophisticated.

image (20)

Countertops with shelves underneath are well-used models for modern bathrooms that leave the show just the essentials.

Picture 21 - Bathroom countertop for semi-tanks.

image (21)

Because it was a shared bathroom with a circulation in the limit, the solution was to use the semi-recess vats, which allow a loss of that depth and a gain in the passage.

Picture 22 - Mix the finishes in different areas of the bathroom.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets

In this bathroom, marble and nanoglass are present in the coating of wet areas. Mixing two finishes requires care, as they need to harmonize and match the desired style. As in the above project, the shades are similar, and the result was incredible.

Picture 23 - The solution to this countertop fit perfectly into the bathroom area.

image (23)

As the wall already draws attention from the bathroom, the solution was to leave the rest as neutral as possible.

Picture 24 - Be bold in decoration!

image (24)

Besides the bench has a bold finish, the overlapping vat also stands out in this composition forming a decorative piece that complements the look. The cool thing about these vats is that they can be easily removed at any time to replace with another.

Image 25 - Glass bathroom counter and marble floor tank.

image (25)

As the area is very small, the option was to insert light materials that do not favor a tight environment. The floor tub was all carved in marble, camouflaging itself in the environment. The glass guarantees all the elegance for this bathroom, without interfering with the noble material present throughout the bathroom.

Image 26 - Materials and solutions to leave the bathroom elegant and clean.

image (26)

Picture 27 - The concrete bench reinforces the minimalist style of this bathroom.

image (27)

If you choose not to put any furniture under the counter, it looks lighter, promoting contemporary air without much effort.

Image 28 - Play with the contrast of colors.

image (28)

Picture 29 - Beige bathroom counter.

image (29)

Picture 30 - Bathroom counter with built-in basin.

image (30)

The composition of the stone with the spacing and the drawers below are perfect to give light to the project.

Picture 31 - The detail in gold took more delicacy to this corner.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets

Picture 32 - Bathroom counter with overlapping vats.

image (32)

Picture 33 - The continuity of the material on the wall offers style to the bathroom.

The floor tub guarantees the project a vertical bench and a composition of plans that give movement to the bathroom wall.

Picture 34 - When the workbench and the cabinet are in the same plane.

image (34)

The double B & B can also be seen with the choice of plumbing and wall cladding. This three-dimensional coating model has been gaining prominence in decoration!

Picture 35 - Bathroom stand with sink only support.

image (35)

Image 36 - The burnt cement countertop combines a youthful and vibrant décor.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets

Image 37 - Narrow bathroom countertop.

image (37)

Choose a narrow workbench if your bathroom has these dimensions. The bench should have a depth of 50cm, but depending on the model she can receive a different solution.

Picture 38 - You can combine the joinery with the tone of the bench.

image (38)

Image 39 - Black bathroom counter.

image (39)

Image 40 - Tone on tone in decoration.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets

The tub is an important element for bench, because its design and color mark the style of the decoration. Metals, like the faucet or mixer, are details that also complement the décor. Today, blacks are succeeding and the straightest design are the most sought after.

Picture 41 - The straight lines demarcate this bench.

image (41)

The recessed lighting behind the mirror is a detail that enhances bench space and promotes visual comfort.

Picture 42 - Bathroom bench in demolition wood.

image (42)

The wood in its natural form was present in this outdoor bathroom. As your proposal is a more rustic environment, the choice could not have been otherwise!

Picture 43 - Bathroom counter with niche for door towels.

image (43)

As the workbench already gained a niche for the towels and a support basket underneath, the use of the cabinets was excluded from this project.

Picture 44 - Bathroom counter with cabinets.

image (44)

Picture 45 - Gray bathroom counter.

image (45)

Picture 46 - The materials demonstrate personality and style for this bathroom.

image (46)

Picture 47 - The straight and thin surface leaves the bathroom with a contemporary look.

image (47)

Image 48 - Classic combination for those who do not want to go wrong.

image (48)

Picture 49 - Blue bathroom counter.

image (49)

The colorful bathrooms are successful with children. The blue countertop with wall and floor coverings complemented the look of this bathroom, bringing personality and cheerful decor to make this moment more fun.

Picture 50 - Fendi bathroom counter.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets

The vats also gained their space in the market, with a different design and colors of the fashion. For those who want to leave the traditional white, you can opt for fendi color vats! The composition with the bench still leaves the environment more modern and up-to-date!

Picture 51 - Balance in the decoration.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 1

The wood with the white bench guarantees a visual balance for this bathroom. One takes more coziness into space, while the white coatings let clean air spread through the environment. The mixture of these two could not have another result: a beautiful and modern design!

Image 52 - Joviality is the hallmark of this space.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 2

The design of the bench ensures a more comfortable circulation for this bathroom. So be aware of the measures so that this does not prevent or affect the comfort of the place!

Picture 53 - Clean to the extreme!

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 3

Classic and beautiful combination! A timeless project that appeals to most people. White is a neutral color that offers endless design possibilities!

Image 54 - Contrast of colors and materials.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 4

Image 55 - A neutral bench to leave the blank.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 5

Neutral color materials match any proposal. The above design finishes, take elegance and all of the most current in the decorative market!

Picture 56 - Simple and modern!

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 6

Image 57 - The bench skirt highlights your presence in the bathroom.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 7

Regarding the skirt (the bottom of the workbench) the longer the workbench, the greater the presence of the workbench in the environment. It is common for it to follow the depth of the tub so that the finish looks beautiful and does not interfere with the internal space of the cabinet.

Image 58 - The carved round sink is a simple solution for small bathrooms.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 8

Because it is a small bathroom, consequently the design of the workbench gains modifications. In the case above, the opening radius of the door gave way to a beautiful workbench, with skirts and long pediments to give magnificence in the environment.

Image 59 - Simple wooden bench.

Benches for bathrooms and toilets 9

Image 60 - Countertop with high pediment.

Countertops for bathrooms and toilets 10

The pediment (top of the stand) is also another item that can make all the difference in bench design. Enjoy to install a higher pediment the design of the bench is long, so it stands out even more.
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