Consultants & Clinics: 60+ Photos!

Decorating an aesthetic clinic, medical or dental office can bring any differential to those who exercise in the health area. In addition to making the environment more pleasant, patients tend to feel more secure in well-organized and clean places.

Balance is essential when decorating. Therefore, it is important that you define a style pattern in all environments from the entry, toilet and the professional's room.

The business card of a residential project is the toilet. In the commercial area, the first contact is on account of the reception. So try to give a little more attention at the entrance because it favors those who want to stand out as a professional and their own business.

With regard to the color chart, choose those that convey peace, tranquility, calmness. Value the soft and neutral tones as they are ideal for a very cozy environment. If you can, focus on your specialty to guide you in the decoration and composition of colors and decorative objects.

When decorating your clinic you need to think about the combination of furniture, colors and lighting. To make the environment more cozy, choose the wood in just a few details like panels or cabinet doors. Because it is a "hot" material, it tends to leave the patient agitated. Therefore, the ideal is to break this contrast with lighter elements such as glass and woodworking off white . Also, opt for indirect lighting. In the room, yellow light. Already in the corridors, white to leave the environment ample and clean.

The best flooring option is the porcelain tile because it brings more lightness and modernity. If your space is more limited, maintain uniformity with only one model to extend the environment.

Look out for the harmony of the decorative objects displayed on the wall, table and benches. The ideal is to place important certificates with the same frame so that the patient has more security and confidence in the professional. And try, if possible, to avoid exposing your private life with travel photos of family and friends.

Remember to follow ANVISA's guidelines when setting up or renovating the clinic. Therefore, hire a specialized service to develop the project, so there will be no errors regarding the required regulations and relevant aspects of the architecture.

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Check out 60 decorating tips for clinics that combine functionality, wellness and beauty and get inspired here:

Picture 1 - The glass partition is a great way to separate the spaces according to the activities inside the room

Picture 1

Picture 2 - Create attractive children for a pediatric office

Image 2

Picture 3 - Knowing how to use the combinations of tones, for example, it is possible to enlarge small spaces and make them more comfortable

Picture 3

Picture 4 - The blue in dentistry office helps to transmit the specialty of the professional

Image 4

Picture 5 - The lighting is the detail that can not miss

Picture 5

Picture 6 - Good taste and balance should be present in the decoration of clinics and clinics

Picture 6

Picture 7 - In aesthetic clinics prioritize the white in the decoration

Picture 7

Image 8 - Light colors create the look of a more sophisticated environment

Image 8

Picture 9 - Glasses can separate the office reception

Picture 9

Picture 10 - The curtains take care of and can separate the space inside the room

Picture 10

Picture 11 - For an aesthetic clinic prioritize a more feminine decoration!

Consultants & Clinics: 60+ Photos!

Image 12 - Insert decorative images that refer to the professional's specialty

Image 12

Image 13 - Value neutral colors such as white, ice and pastel colors that convey tranquility

Picture 13

Picture 14 - Insert decorative objects in soft tones to make the climate more cozy

Picture 14

Picture 15 - How about an inspirational view for your patients?

Picture 15

Image 16 - Match the white with a color of your own to insert in some details of the decoration

Picture 16

Picture 17 - Creating a functional shape divider!

Picture 17

Image 18 - For glass partition it is possible to paste some images that refer to the professional area

Picture 18

Picture 19 - Leave the environment inviting for children's patients!

Picture 19

Image 20 - The choice of furniture makes all the difference

Image 20

Picture 21 - The futuristic look is great for decorating a plastic surgery clinic

Picture 21

Image 22 - Maintain balance in the choice of floor, material and color!

Picture 22

Picture 23 - Invest in flowers to decorate your clinic and harmonize the environment

Picture 23

Picture 24 - Soft colors can help patients stay calmer and calmer

Picture 24

Picture 25 - Decorative objects took all comfort to this office.

Image 25

Image 26 - Blue and green are colors considered ideal to match with wood

Image 26

Picture 27 - The curtains value and leave the atmosphere more welcoming!

Image 27

Image 28 - Organization and whim favors feeling that the service will be as desired

Image 28

Picture 29 - For small environment separate the rooms by sliding door

Picture 29

Picture 30 - The warm colors balance with the lighting and the color of the floor

Picture 30

Picture 31 - The bench with lower cabinets leaves the space more reserved for the professional

Picture 31

Picture 32 - Leave the environment more welcoming and with the feeling of care to your patients with comfortable armchairs

Picture 32

Picture 33 - Simple decoration for clinic of dentistry

Picture 33

Image 34 - Prioritize the use materials so that it is within reach

Image 34

Image 35 - Simple decoration of an office.

Picture 35

Image 36 - Break the monotony of the environment with a neutral wallpaper

Picture 36

Image 37 - Separating the environments with masonry

Consultants & Clinics: 60+ Photos!

Picture 38 - Leave the office wider using sliding doors

Consultants & Clinics: 60+ Photos! 1

Picture 39 - Put only the necessary one on the table

Image 39

Picture 40 - Simple and well decorated!

Picture 40

Picture 41 - The wallpaper inserted in a neutral way is welcome to decorate the room

Picture 41

Image 42 - Earthy tones predominate in decoration in a harmonious way!

Picture 42

Picture 43 - Depending on the area of ​​the professional, the office must have many elements that take comfort and comfort

Picture 43

Image 44 - Optimizing space with drawers forming ladder and niche that skirts the bed

Picture 44

Picture 45 - Modern, sophisticated and clean!

Image 45

Picture 46 - For small rooms, prioritize circulation with small furniture.

Picture 46

Picture 47 - Clinic with white decoration

Picture 47

Image 48 - Lockers is a great way to hide materials and excess objects

Image 48

Picture 49 - Cleanliness and organization are fundamental items when owning an office

Picture 49

Picture 50 - A hospital environment should be cozy in every detail

Picture 50

Image 51 - Decoration for a nutritionist's office

Picture 51

Picture 52 - A winter garden inside the room, transmits all the necessary tranquility at the time of the consultation

Picture 52

Picture 53 - Decoration for ophthalmology

Picture 53

Image 54 - Break the seriousness of the environment with decorative pictures

Picture 54

Picture 55 - The environment must provide mobility and safety, allowing the traffic of a wheelchair in an easy and quiet

Picture 55

Image 56 - The first impression is that it stays!

Picture 56

Image 57 - Take your personality to your dental office

Image 57

Image 58 - Decoration for dermatology clinic

Image 58

Image 59 - The use of colors in a pediatric office is a very important issue

Image 59

Image 60 - Invest in a lighting project

Image 60

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