Concrete ladder: see projects, how to build and how much it costs

Stairs link one floor to another, so they are very important for every home that has more than one floor. But besides having this function in the environment, they also become part of the architectural design of the house, so they need to be planned taking into account functionality and aesthetics.

And at this point the concrete stairs have been gaining prominence, appearing in projects of all kinds. They have a striking look and match well with modern and industrial style proposals.

Concrete ladders are made from a frame filled with cement, sand and stone. The strong and tough concrete generated from that mixture is that it will give the necessary lift for the ladder.

To build it you can hire skilled labor or, if you already have some experience with masonry you can build it yourself. The important thing is to pay attention to the measures and the way of doing so that besides beautiful, the ladder fulfills its main role that is to connect the floors of the house.

Check out this post important tips for you to plan and build your ladder, plus a selection of inspiring photos of concrete ladders. See too: house plants , small facades , ground façades , shrimp port .

Tips for Planning and Building Concrete Ladder

  1. Carefully plan the design of your ladder. You must carefully check the dimensions and dimensions of the steps and the entire staircase (see step-by-step for the correct ladder calculation below). But in the doubt, look for an architect or engineer to perform all the necessary calculations and plan your ladder for you.
  2. Set the budget available to build the ladder. Straight ladder models are more economical, with spiral or U-shaped models costing more. So it's important to evaluate how much you can spend on your ladder design so that it goes out to fit your taste and budget.
  3. Also analyze the use of the ladder and the profile of the residents who will use it. A home with children and the elderly needs a project that prioritizes safety with the use of guardrails, banisters and non-slip bands. If the ladder is large it is also interesting to create a resting point between the bids.
  4. Even if you do not participate directly in the construction of the ladder always be present accompanying the work. This guarantees the good origin of the materials that will be used and the quality of the work.

Main models of concrete ladder

1. Straight Concrete Ladder

The straight model is the most common, traditional and simple to make. It meets the needs very well and, depending on the finish, aesthetically enriches the environment.

2. Concrete spiral staircase

The snail ladder model is very suitable for places with reduced space, but that need a ladder. It is more laborious to be done, but the final result is very interesting, living up to the name.

3. U-shaped concrete ladder

U-shaped stairs, as the name suggests, have a letter-like structure. However they are better suited for large environments, as it consumes a larger area. The advantage of this type of ladder is that it has a level between the bids facilitating the rise of people with reduced mobility and senior citizens.

4. Ladder in concrete format

Similar to the ladder model in An L-shaped concrete ladder also has a landing plate between the throws. However, its use is best suited for smaller sites.

5. Leaked concrete ladder

The structure of this type of ladder is apparent, thus contributing to more daring, modern and sophisticated decoration proposals.

6. Concrete ladder with central beam

This is a very beautiful staircase model that stands out in the environment where it is built. The apparent beams look great in modern designs.

How to Design a Concrete Ladder

The first thing to do before mixing cement and sand is to calculate the size of the ladder. Engineers use specific calculations for this purpose. But it is possible to calculate using the minimum measures indicated.

The length of the step, or step, as it is also known, is the size of the tread surface. In this case, the minimum measurement is 25 centimeters. Already the mirror, or the height of the step, should not be smaller than 19 centimeters.

In addition to defining the measures of the steps it is necessary to check the total amount of steps. This calculation is obtained from the total height of the right foot of the house divided by the size of the mirrors.

How to Build a Concrete Ladder

After defining the measures of the steps and the total size of the ladder is time to start the construction. Check out the simplified step-by-step for building a concrete ladder below, and then watch the video with the detailed explanation, so there were no doubts when starting the process:

    1. The first step is to prepare the place that will receive the ladder. With the measurements in hand, place a stake in each of the four corners to mark the area of ​​the ladder. This step is important to ensure regular and aligned construction.
    2. Then it is necessary to excavate the place where the concrete will be poured. The depth should be between about 15 to 20 inches from the ground. The span must follow the same shape of the ladder, previously marked by the stakes.
    3. With the site marked and prepared, start making the ladder mold. Cut one board for each step and another for each side of the ladder. Assemble the mold by screwing the parts together.
    4. Put the mold in place and check the level, if one side is higher than the other use a shim, but do not let the ladder stay out of level, this will compromise its functionality and aesthetics.
    5. Finally, make the concrete batter and fill the mold. Give the necessary finish and wait for the drying time of the concrete to remove the mold.

Your ladder will be ready for use!

Step by step video of how to make a concrete ladder

In this series of four videos, the Pulo do Gato in Construction channel teaches you how to make a concrete ladder from start to finish. Watch it!

How much does a concrete ladder cost?

At this point in the championship, you must be asking yourself, "How much does a concrete ladder cost?" To answer this question you need to take many aspects into account. Starting with the ladder model you want.

As stated earlier, a straight ladder is cheaper than a U-shaped ladder, for example. The materials that will be used for finishing, besides the workmanship also interfere in the total cost of the work.

But, considering the simpler and more traditional model that is the straight concrete ladder, get ready to shell out at least $ 2000.00. This is the only value of the material, without labor. Research, evaluate and haggle for the best price, but do not neglect the quality of both materials and workmanship.

After so much technical information, how about a little bit of mind-blowing with a selection of concrete ladder images? Check below:

Picture 1 - To follow the curved shape of the construction, the best option is the concrete ladder type model snail .

Concrete ladder of the snail type

Picture 2 - Concrete ladder follows the same color pattern of the walls.

Concrete ladder the same color as the wall

Picture 3 - The small concrete staircase gives access to another staircase, the one with a more innovative design.

Small concrete ladder giving access to another ladder

Picture 4 - Ladder and guard of concrete body.

Concrete ladder and guardrail

Image 5 - The finish of this ladder comes only at the top, on the sides the concrete becomes apparent.

Concrete ladder with finish

Image 6 - Individual concrete steps suspended by iron.

Individual concrete steps

Figure 7 - Apparent concrete is a trend in current stair models.

Concrete apparent on the stairs

Image 8 - In the ceiling and on the stairs, the concrete was the chosen material to compose this project.

Concrete: the material chosen for the ladder

Picture 9 - Ladder in concrete format.

Ladder in concrete

Figure 10 - The U-shaped concrete stairwell was used to accommodate a bench constructed of the same material as the staircase.

Concrete Ladder U

Image 11 - Concrete ladder in two colors; one for the environment from below another to the top.

Concrete ladder in two colors

Image 12 - Modern concrete staircase with glass landing.

Contemporary concrete staircase

Image 13 - Concrete ladder painted white.

Concrete ladder painted white

Picture 14 - The concrete is the base, but the other materials stand out, like the glass in the guardrace and the wood in the corner of each step.

Glass in the concrete ladder guardrail

Picture 15 - Loose concrete steps on the floor give access to a larger staircase; highlight the wall that brings the drawing of the ladder in the painting.

Concrete steps

Image 16 - Concrete ladder with the top of the steps covered with wood.

Concrete ladder with wooden steps

Image 17 - L-shaped concrete ladder with glass body guard.

Apparent Ladder in L

Picture 18 - Low lights illuminate the concrete staircase, valuing the material.

Low lights for concrete stairs

Image 19 - Leaked concrete ladder; each step is suspended by an iron structure.

Concrete ladder cast

Image 20 - Concrete deck next to the ladder.

Concrete deck next to ladder

Image 21 - The raised landing allowed the use of a straight and unique staircase.

Straight and single concrete ladder

Figure 22 - Double ladder functionality: single wooden steps give access to upper ladder; if the intention is not to climb, the tall steps serve as a bench.

Single steps of wood on the concrete ladder

Picture 23 - U-shaped concrete staircase with bodyguard only at the upper throw.

Concrete Ladder U

Picture 24 - Modern and sophisticated, this ladder joins different materials to create a beautiful visual effect in the room.

Concrete staircase in living room

Image 25 - Wooden boards smaller than the step accompany the entire concrete staircase.

Concrete ladder with smaller wooden boards

Figure 26 - Concrete ladder leaked, straight and simple.

Concrete ladder cast

Image 27 - Two materials in the same ladder: in the first throw, the apparent concrete; soon after the continuous metal ladder.

Continuous metal ladder

Image 28 - A concrete ladder to impress who looks.

Concrete ladder to impress who looks

Picture 29 - In this project, the ladder begins on the mobile; or is the furniture under the stairs?

Furniture under the concrete ladder

Picture 30 - Prank with the guests: the painting on the stairs perfectly mimics a rug.

Painting imitating the carpet on the staircase

Figure 31 - To get out of the concrete, how about creating a highlight on the stairs?

Point of prominence on the concrete ladder

Figure 32 - The metal beam stands out in the structure of this leaked concrete ladder.

Concrete ladder cast

Picture 33 - Wood and concrete form a double full of charm.

Double full of charm: concrete and wood

Image 34 - To get to the living room the option was to use a small concrete staircase.

Small concrete ladder

Image 35 - Three concrete steps, the rest of the straight staircase is the wood.

Straight staircase made of wood and concrete

Picture 36 - Remember that U-ladders need space to be built.

Concrete Ladder U

Image 37 - A cellar or a ladder? It could be both!

Cellar or ladder?

Image 38 - Wooden floor accompanies the stairs only at the top of the steps.

Wooden floor accompanies the staircase

Image 39 - Concrete porch gives access to main staircase.

Main concrete ladder

Image 40 - Length of the steps can be defined according to the project; this, for example, is much larger than the standard.

Ladder with good length on the steps

Image 41 - Very modern this ladder that mixes steps of varied sizes in wood and concrete.

Ladder that mixes steps of various sizes

Image 42 - Concrete apparent on every ladder in U-shape.

U-shaped ladder

Image 43 - U-ladder begins in concrete and ends in wood; the bodyguards were made of glass and metal.

U-shaped staircase starts in concrete and ends in wood

Image 44 - Concrete ladder with wooden bodyguard.

Concrete ladder with wooden guardrail

Image 45 - Leaked ladder was even more daring with the metal wires that suspends it.

Leaked ladder with metal wires

Image 46 - Concrete ladder with elastic cord body guard.

Concrete ladder with guard rail

Image 47 - Concrete ladder on the outside of the house; highlight the detail of the steps that are decreasing in size as they approach the house.

Concrete ladder outside the house

Image 48 - One of wood, one of concrete, one of wood, one of concrete ...

Wooden steps and concrete on ladder

Image 49 - Almost a snail.

Concrete ladder "almost" snail

Image 50 - Sign the floors of each department of the company at the beginning of the stairs.

Departments at the Beginning of the Concrete Ladder

Image 51 - Of differentiated design, each step of this concrete staircase resembles arrowheads.

Arrow keys on the concrete ladder

Image 52 - Do you prefer a higher or lower step? In this ladder you can choose, it has both options.

Steps with different heights in the concrete ladder

Image 53 - Glass bodyguard for the concrete staircase in the outside area of ​​the house.

Glass bodyguard on the concrete ladder

Image 54 - Between the wood and the concrete, the ladder stayed with the concrete.

Concrete and wood ladder

Figure 55 - Concrete straight ladder with tall steps.

Concrete Straight Ladder with Tall Steps

Image 56 - A finishing option for the concrete ladder: decorative tiles.

Decorative tile for concrete stairs

Image 57 - Ladder of wide steps makes the outside area more beautiful and elegant.

Staircase with wide steps

Image 58 - A very different staircase: the wooden porch gives access to main staircase even without connection between the two.

Different concrete ladder

Image 59 - House of clean decoration opted for a white staircase with iron bodyguard worked.

White ladder at home with clean decoration

Image 60 - You can always do something interesting under the stairs.

Something interesting under the stairs

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