Colonial Homes: 60 Design Ideas with Perfect Photos

The architecture is marked by several styles due to its history and outstanding characteristics of each era. At colonial house are models that recall the colonization process, where the materials and the construction process have specific identity and traits.

Colonial buildings are easily found in historic towns, but there is also a slight presence in mansions of farms, historic centers, beach sites, inland cities and so on. Its rustic and memorable air exudes elegance and sovereignty at the same time, which has been winning even more the Brazilian constructions!

Despite the great demand for modern houses, it is possible to integrate the former using references from the colonial era. Check out some particularities of this style to apply in your construction:

  • Structure and facade in solid wood : If it is the wish of the residents, the house can be built with concrete blocks and apparent structures in wood.
  • Variety of windows : The large number of windows guarantee abundant natural lighting inside the house. The most common model is with Venetian glass and wood finishes.
  • Expressive main door : the door designates power, which is very characteristic of style. It is what defines symmetry in construction, where the details are faithfully repeated to follow the equivalent traits.
  • Apparent roof with ceramic tiles : the design of the cover asks for several falls of water forming slopes that bring volume to the construction. This type of roof allows the quick exit of rainwater, which facilitates the flow without the need for more elaborate systems.
  • Microwave in lobby : This item ensures lift for the roof and creates an extension with the balcony located in the front area of ​​the house.

60 projects of Brazilian and international colonial houses

There are many features to run a colonial home, opt for the best way by following your preferences and finishes. Check out 60 projects of colonial houses and get inspired to build yours and if you want, go to the page about Wood houses and container houses .

Picture 1 - Colonial houses: rustic and colonial air walk together in the construction.

Rustic and colonial house

In addition to wood, stone is another material that can be used in this type of home. In the above project, the stone wall emphasizes the facade and takes references of the colonial period without leaving aside the area of ​​insertion of the construction.

Picture 2 - The contrast of colors is another strong point in colonial houses!

Contrast of colors in colonial houses

Picture 3 - Colonial house.

Model of earthen colonial house

Picture 4 - Great colonial house.

House with large colonial style

Image 5 - The apparent structure of the wooden roof refers to the colonial style.

Structure that refers to the style of colonial construction

Picture 6 - Colorful colonial house.

Colorful house model

Mixing two vibrant colors in the painting is a common technique for preserving the colonial features and changing the look of the house.

Image 7 - The typical houses in the historical cities are close to the sidewalk.

House close to sidewalk

Picture 8 - The roof with several waters and unevenness is an old technique that until today is used.

Roof with colonial style

Picture 9 - The internal courtyard is delimited by the circulation balcony.

Internal patio with balcony

Image 10 - The facade work was inspired by a typical colonial house.

Design inspired by the colonial style

The stones, the apparent bricks, the slopes of the roof, the presence of earthy colors demonstrate the proposed style of the house.

Image 11 - The main entrance is striking and inviting.

Inviting main entrance in the project

Following the colonial line, the columns have an important function in the construction, as they demarcate the main access and centralize the door.

Image 12 - Mix of materials on the facade.

Mix of materials on the facade

Merge half with one material and the remainder with another finish is a common treatment on the colonial facade.

Picture 13 - Single storey house with colonial style.

Colonial-style house model

Picture 14 - The wall of a colonial house is low and full of details.

Low wall in colonial house

Picture 15 - Washers and light poles are accessories present on the facade.

Design with washers

Image 16 - Colonial house with symmetry.

Symmetry in construction

Picture 17 - Colonial house of historical center.

Colonial house in historic center

Picture 18 - The balcony can be in the whole environment of the colonial house.

Balcony around the residence

Image 19 - Colonial house with modern features.

Modern traits in colonial house

The roof with water is one of the items that most mark the period, and the rest of the construction may have evidences demarcated by the modern architecture.

Image 20 - The classic features of the time are present in this architecture.

Classic traits of this style in architecture

Kind of a farmhouse, this home has a large area for a family home that proves to be a very welcoming home.

Image 21 - Mark the windows with a touch of color.

Windows with a touch of color

In this project, instead of painting the windows, we used printed tiles to frame the openings of natural light.

Picture 22 - Columns full of details.

House with column full of details

Image 23 - Colonial wooden house.

Model of colonial house with wood

Picture 24 - Colonial house with garden.

Colonial house with garden

Picture 25 - Soft colors are synonymous with warmth!

With soft color tones

For a country house, lighter tones convey tranquility and comfort. The baby rose is a classic color for the construction of the time, and in this reference we can observe the presence of the balcony, wooden door and the glass windows that characterize the colonial era.

Image 26 - Colonial house with swimming pool.

Model of colonial house with swimming pool

This house demonstrates flexibility for both cities and the countryside. Its pergola in logs and the design of the door harmonize with the modern touches of straight lines to compose the residence.

Image 27 - Modern colonial house.

Modern house in the colonial style

Image 28 - The low stone wall helps preserve the building.

Low stone wall

Picture 29 - Doors and guardrail in gradil must have robust and striking designs.

Colonial Homes: 60 Design Ideas with Perfect Photos

Image 30 - The arches are a classic item of colonial architecture.

Colonial Homes: 60 Design Ideas with Perfect Photos 1

Picture 31 - Use the painting to your advantage!

Featured painting in the house

The combination of yellow and blue paint enhances the architectural details of the house. It is an excellent technique for highlighting windows, Venetian doors and columns.

Picture 32 - Casa colonial rosa.

With pink color

Image 33 - The two columns serve to demarcate the main access.

House model with columns

The colonial designs stand out by the windows that allow greater entrance of light inside the house, decorative stones, columns in the entrance and the balcony.

Image 34 - Ceramic tiles are common in construction.

House with ceramic tiles

Image 35 - The Portuguese tile is another outstanding item in the façade and in the colonial decoration.

Portuguese tiles

Image 36 - Facade with colonial style.

Colonial style on the facade

Image 37 - Colonial house covered with stones.

Coated with stones

Picture 38 - The wooden structure with light painting is the classic combination of a colonial house.

Clear paint

Image 39 - Guillotine windows are another common model for the time.

Windows with guillotine

Image 40 - Integration with the landscape is part of the colonial style.

House integrated with nature

Image 41 - Colonial house in the North American style.

With American style

Picture 42 - Colonial house with balcony.

House with balcony

Picture 43 - European colonial house.

Colonial house in European style

The steep roof is a strong feature in European architecture.

Picture 44 - Colonial house with two floors.

Colonial house with two floors

One more inspiration from which it is possible to mix two styles for the property! The colonial roof and Venetian windows are prominent presence in the house, which contrasts with the straight lines of the rest of the residence.

Picture 45 - Small colonial house.

Small house

Image 46 - Balcony skirting the house.

Balcony skirting the colonial house

The spacious space with balcony is a strong feature in colonial architecture. In this way the eave, supported by the columns, helps to protect the area forming a typical drawing of the time.

Picture 47 - Take the sobriety of architecture with colorful touches.

Colorful touches make sobriety in architecture

The painting of the shutters brighten the house facade, leading to the feel of a lively and vibrant home. Reinforce this look with a beautiful garden, pool and colorful armchairs!

Image 48 - Colonial house with light colors.

Light colors in design

Image 49 - Mix between the old and the modern.

The mix between the old and the modern

With an old structure, the house gains a pool that takes all the contemporary air that contrasts with the colonial style of construction.

Picture 50 - Colonial house for the countryside.

Model house for the countryside

Picture 51 - The guardrail is full of remarkable details.

Bodyguard with remarkable detail

This type of bodyguard was something common in colonial times! Today it is possible to find them in old mansions that persevere this architecture with curved details that resemble a column. A good tip is to do a painting every year to maintain the facade.

Image 52 - Colonial house for the city.

Model house for the city

For this proposal is ideal that the terrain is wide, so that the facade is extended with the presence of several Venetian windows.

Picture 53 - Colonial house with garage.

House in style with garage

Picture 54 - Colonial house with colorful windows.

Model with colored windows

Image 55 - Azorean houses also mark colonial history.

Azorean houses

Picture 56 - Colonial house with "pull" for the swimming pool.

Colonial style house with swimming pool

The two buildings receive the same style line: roof with several waters, light colors, columns in the front and a balcony.

Image 57 - The openings, like windows and doors, have a characteristic colonial design.

Colonial style openings

Image 58 - The arches on the facade demarcate the entrance and the access of the house.

Arches on the front of the house

Image 59 - The brick building is marked by columns with washers and an extensive balcony.

House with brick building

Image 60 - The balcony in the rooms demonstrates the richness since colonial times.

Room with balcony in house in the colonial style

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