Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired

One of the most striking trends that came with the wave of recyclable or reusable material in the craft was the transformation of coffee filters as a decorative element. O handicraft with coffee filter can appear in many different ways in the decoration, and be in its ecofriendly form or as brand new paper, its texture allows the making of flowers, lamps and even furniture flooring.

Before starting your craft it is important to prepare your coffee filters, so we separate some tips to make your life easier:

  • Beware of excess moisture : One of the ways to remove excess moisture before drying is to let the filter drip into the holder itself.
  • Drying and aged tone : When the coffee filter is only moist, place in the sun until dry. You can leave some of the coffee grounds dry with the filter, so you can achieve that old effect of this type of handicraft. When completely dry, use a brush to remove any remaining coffee powder from the filter.
  • Controlling tones : One of the differentials of the coffee filter are the textures that can be created through drying it after use to strain the coffee. You can choose the hue you want to give your filter by the amount of lees left in it when drying. In addition, you can also use dye or natural inks to give different colors to your coffee filter.

60 craft ideas with coffee filter for you to get inspired

Now that you've prepared your raw material, it's time to get inspired to choose the best ideas from handicraft with coffee filter for your decoration:

Craft with coffee filter to decorate the house

Picture 1 - Handicraft with coffee filter: decoration of super buff colored and florida.

Super colorful and flowery chandelier decoration

The cool thing about interior decoration is to leave it all with your style and your face. And the coffee filter can turn into a wild item for you to create a variety of shapes and textures, like this cover on the chandelier, which will certainly not hit the material that was made!

Picture 2 - Craft with coffee filter: handmade flowers in pastel shades.

Handmade flowers in pastel colors

Still in the climate of flowers, coffee filters can become a huge variety, with various sizes and colors. Enjoy the porosity of the paper to dye the color you prefer!

Picture 3 - Giant Pompons to hang on the ceiling.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 1

Have you thought that the coffee filters together can make a nice pompom? Add a good amount and, with a round base like a styrofoam ball, glue with hot glue.

Picture 4 - Lamp coated with coffee filter in a more cozy effect.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 2

In a more sustainable wave, reuse the filters used to give a yellowish effect in the light of your luminaire.

Picture 5 - Craft with filter coffee: artificial flowers with filter dyed.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 3

Also, make cuts and cuts of different shapes and adapt the filters to your plans. They form large flowers and even small ones very easily and delicately.

Picture 6 - Coating and a new face for the aluminum can.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 4

The filters used can have two very interesting effects: that aged color that we love to use and a more rustic tone. The porosity of the paper causes the staining to be uneven and a lighter or darker stain appear here or there.

Image 7 - Dried leaves almost of truth.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 5

We have already said that filters can be cut and colored in different ways, can not they? After they dry they get harder and, with a layer of glue, they get even firmer!

Picture 8 - Craft with coffee filter: creative cutlery.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 6

For a meeting with friends or a party the options of how to prepare the dining table is endless and here is a super delicate, simple and inexpensive inspiration for you to test.

Picture 9 - Custom chains handmade.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 7

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 8

Picture 10 - Form drawings and paste on plates to expose in your living room.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 9

Comics made by yourself add a touch of style and personality to your room, in addition to leaving the atmosphere more decorated and cozy. With a face from home!

Image 11 - Coating of stone style glass bottles.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 10

Taking advantage of what we have already said about the dyeing of the filter papers, the stains and the inhomogeneity of the painting, it makes it gain several interesting effects, even of stone!

Image 12 - Mobiles fleeing completely from the format of the coffee filter.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 11

Picture 13 - Filters flower.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 12

For this flower, cut a round base of paraná paper or cardboard paper and glue the filters with hot glue and very carefully. Frown them as glue to complete the style of the petals.

Image 14 - Another flower with filters dyed.

Coffee Filter Crafts: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 13

These spotted flowers can be made by throwing a few drops of paint onto the damp filter. Let the paint spread naturally and hang until dry.

Picture 15 - Another lamp.

Coffee Filter Craft: 60 Ideas to Be Inspired 14

This one is very easy to reproduce at home with that light and neutral lamp! Cut straws from the used (or dyed) coffee filter to dry and glue to the base. Expect to dry completely before turning on the lamp!

Craft with filter coffee: activities for children to have fun

Picture 16 - DIY coffee filter crafts with children: butterflies with light wings and flying everywhere.

Butterflies with coffee filter

Encouraging kids to have fun with cheap, homemade toys by themselves is a great way to entertain them and pass the time. Choose your favorite colors, glitter, filters, clothespins, glue and get the fun!

Butterfly detail with coffee filter

Image 17 - Filter Stamp!

Stamp filter

A different way to color your drawings! On the wet filter spread the colors and get out stamping!

Picture 18 - In the mold of the doll's skirt.

Doll Skirt Molds

Enjoy the rounded shape that the filter comes to put it into action.

Image 19 - Flowers to develop with children.

Flowers to do with little ones

These can be used to decorate whatever you want! From a card to give of gift even to the final touch of a very beautiful drawing.

Image 20 - A well-served ice cream.

Ice cream with the material

A pity that is a lie! But the effect looks fantastic and, the best thing, does not melt with the passage of time!

Picture 21 - Watercolor effect.

Watercolor Effect

With the wet filter, the paint gets a very interesting watercolor. Let the ink spread over the surface until it disappears into the water.

Craft with coffee filter for Christmas

Picture 22 - In the decoration of the Christmas wreath.

Coffee filter for Christmas decoration

On a firm base of paraná paper or cardboard, go pasting the chosen elements to your garland! This example combines filter coffee, cotton, pineapple and dry leaves in a neutral style that refers to the icy Christmas of the northern hemisphere.

Image 23 - Filter Pompons.


Picture 24 - Mosaics in the style fold and cut.

Mosaics with coffee filter

Image 25 - Fluffy tree with unused coffee filters.

Tree with coffee filter

A tutorial very similar to the pompoms, but with a long base. Wrap the filters and glue with hot glue.

Image 26 - Light and delicate flowers in the garland of your house.

Delicate flowers for garland

Image 27 - Handicraft with new and used coffee filters.

Handcrafted with new and used coffee filter

Use the filters creatively! Mix shades and play with colors when working with them.

Image 28 - Calendar surprise sachets.

Calendar-style surprise sachet

Coffee filters form very creative sachets and can be used even when it comes to making a surprise!

Image 29 - Garlands full of textures.

Garlands with textures

Image 30 - Cut snowflakes.

Cut snowflakes

For those who are already more advanced in the art of creating mosaics with paper and scissors.

Picture 31 - Craft with coffee filter: another example of garland.

Garland with coffee filter

Craft coffee filter

Picture 32 - Gradient curtain for a simple and refreshing decoration for the party.

Gradient curtain

A super graceful curtain idea. Work with cool colors and gradients to make everything fun.

Image 33 - Gift wrap.

Gift wrapping

For souvenirs or small gifts, filters can be good allies of a sustainable, creative and graceful package.

Image 34 - Centerpiece worked.

Centerpiece worked

Picture 35 - The clowns' hats.

Clown Hat

The best thing about working with everyday objects and items in crafts and decoration is to take advantage of their formats. Use the cone shape of the coffee filters for a perfect clown hat.

Image 36 - Multicolored artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers with coffee filter

Image 37 - Illustration lush background.

Illustration background

The coffee filter gives a very good texture when you are working with illustrations with various materials.

Picture 38 - Another garland colorful and fun.

Colorful Garland with coffee filter

Image 39 - Diverse flowers on wall decoration.

Flowers with coffee filter

Flowers made of coffee filter can be used in many different ways, from lamps, replacing the real ones in the decoration, even for a different idea.

Details of flowers with coffee filter

Flowers made of coffee filter can be used in many different ways, from lamps, replacing the real ones in the decoration, even for a different idea.

Picture 40 - As protection for the table.

As protection for the table

Image 41 - Craft with coffee filter: creative souvenir.

Creative Remembrance

One more type of wrapping envelope with coffee filter.

Image 42 - Flowers, many flowers.

Flowers and more flowers with coffee filter

Image 43 - For entrepreneurs: a creative background for your product.

Creative background with coffee filter

Image 44 - Another option of luminaire.

Coffee filter lamp

Image 45 - Comrades comrades.

Comrades comrades

Use as a base a ping-pong or styrofoam ball and a toothpick, then magazine with glue and a white coffee filter for that spooky fluffy ghost!

Picture 46 - A final touch on the gift wrapping.

Final detail on gift wrap

Picture 47 - Another protection for the table.

Table protection

One more decoration for the table, but it helps to avoid direct contact of the cups with the table.

Image 48 - Flower for ring of napkins.

Flower for ring of napkins

Finalize the flower by gluing it to a napkin ring and call everyone for a super-classy dinner at your house.

Screenshot 49 - Explore all possible textures.

Explore the textures with the coffee filter

Picture 50 - Gift wrap.

Gift bag

Image 51 - Garlands on the ceiling decór.

Garlands on the roof decór

The garlands are super high, mainly to give more personality to the ceiling decoration.

Image 52 - Style dry leaves.

Style dry leaves

Image 53 - Decoration of small bowls and pots.

Decoration of small bowls

Image 54 - Paper baskets.

Paper baskets

The paper filters get harder when they dry, but to give structure to your work, use glue as the last layer and let it dry completely.

Picture 55 - Many, many flowers in the table decoration.

Flowers on table decoration

More craft ideas with coffee filter

Image 56 - A bag made with coffee filter!

Purse made with coffee filter

The ideal is to coat a simple and neutral bag to achieve the desired effect. For a professional finish, be sure to finish with a varnish, be it matte or glossy.

Image 57 - Coating pots.

Coating pots

Image 58 - Exuberant flower on tiara.

Lush flower on tiara

We show many flowers that can be made with coffee filters and some types of applications. But let your creativity come loose to create and use all these tips in ways that make you happier.

Image 59 - Your own teas.

Your own teas

For those who want to take a little tea to the office, but like to make their own herb mixes, use the coffee filters as sachets. After all, the principle is the same!

Image 60 - Magazine objects with large dimensions.

Magazine objects with large dimensions

After some tests you will certainly be ready to coat larger items and objects and give the style you want with this material.

How to make coffee pots step by step

Now that you've checked out all the pictures with references, check out the video and step-by-step tutorials to make your coffee filter crafts:

1. Bottle decorated with coffee filter

2. Vase with coffee filter

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