Coat rack: 60 ideas and models to insert in the decoration

Are you one of those people who comes home and walks out spreading bag to one side, keys to another and then does not remember where left and seen that mess? So stop, breathe and read this text carefully. It was made for you.

Surely you must have bumped into a clothes rack at some point in your life and you know full well what it's for. So why do not you have one at home yet? In addition to being a key piece to make the mess far, the coat rack has become a darling of interior designers.

Nowadays, the piece has become a decoration item and can transform that bland corner in a stylish and modern environment. Lightweight, compact and in the most different styles and colors, the racks go far beyond its functionality. They can decorate and organize any room in the house, from the entrance hall to the bathroom, through the living room and the bedrooms.

And make no mistake that cabins are parts restricted to small environments. They can be present in huge spaces such as in tiny places, always leaving your hand that purse, jacket or key that you or your visit needs.

Why not bet on the play, then? You will be able to unite practicality, organization and style at the same time.

How to use hangers in the decoration

If you've already convinced yourself that your home can be charming and organized with racks, then now is the time to know how to take advantage of them in the best possible way. Check out the tips:

Choose the right model for your needs
A quick search for hangers on Google and you'll see a swarm of them pop up. They are different types, models, colors, formats and materials. But before you make the purchase, you need to keep in mind so that your clothes rack will be used. For the clothes that are scattered everywhere? For matches that never find a place to stay? For the keys that come out all the time? What is your need?

There are hangers to satisfy all of them; often one piece can supply even more than one need. So think about it.

Define where to put the clothes rack

From the moment you've defined the functionality of your rack, you'll need to know where to put it so that it fulfills its role. After all, there's no point in thinking of something to organize the clothes on the bedroom floor if the coat rack is in the foyer, is it not?

Once the question of need and place has been resolved, consider also the configuration of the space where you will place the new piece. There are available on the market, racks horizontally, vertically, fixed to the wall or placed on the floor. Everything will depend on the space you have.

Think about what will hang on the clothes rack.

Another important thing to be scrutinized before buying your rack is what it will hold. Wood and metal parts are sturdier and better support the weight of what will be hung. Plastic hangers or other lighter materials may be damaged by weight.

Options with suction cups or stickers are recommended for light objects and should preferably take up space in the kitchen and bathroom for better adapting to objects in such rooms, such as towels, dishcloths, caps, among others.

Floor racks and floor racks are best suited for clothing and accessories, as they allow for better accommodation of the pieces. Jewelry, keys, handkerchiefs and hats are well arranged on hangers attached to the wall.

60 hanger inspirations for you to hit the decoration

As has already been said, the racks fulfill much more than their true function. They are decorative pieces and should be viewed as such. So when it comes to choosing your own, consider the decor of your home. A more rustic environment blends perfectly with wooden hangers, in more modern spaces a metal hangers is the best option.

Do not worry, this will be a difficult task. With the trend of racks in the decoration, the stores have numerous models to please the most varied public.

Picture 1 - Coat rack with mirror.

Coat rack with mirror

With a small mirror in the middle, a shelf above and the hangers at the bottom, this piece is a good request for entrance halls, toilets and bedrooms. You can always leave your hand with frequently used small objects such as keys, handkerchiefs and accessories, and also give the one checked in the visual before leaving home.

Picture 2 - Cabideiro double function.

Double function coat rack

This hanger has a double function. It can be used for clothing and larger pieces and the basket below can be used to accommodate heavy bags or pieces that can not be hung. But it can also turn the corner of your pet. Did you think about it? The basket comfortably seats your pet. Like the idea?

Picture 3 - Cabideiro modern and functional.

Modern and functional coat rack

A coat rack that refers to the factory premises. Can be placed right at the entrance of the house, the piece gives an air of modernity and style to the environment and accommodates different types of objects, such as bags and backpacks. Attention to the detail of the bulb at the top, which adds even more functionality and beauty to the clothes rack.

Picture 4 - Cabideiro simple, but impactante.

Simple but impressive coat rack

It could not be simpler. Open a ladder, pick the spot and that's it. Wow!! You already have a coat rack. On the steps, it is possible to have shoes, bags and bags and the side of the stairs can still serve to hang other objects. However, despite the simplicity of the idea, note that it is not any ladder that makes up the scene. The color of the walls and the style of the staircase speak very well to each other and give a modern look to the environment.

So it's not just taking a ladder. It needs to be part of the environment. In a more rustic place, a wooden ladder would have the same proposal. Just look at these small, important details.

Picture 5 - A clothes rack for all the hours.

Coat rack for all hours

A wooden panel with several types of hooks, supports and shelves compose this rack that is designed to mark and organize the routine of the house and its inhabitants. Such a corner encourages us to start the day well, especially when looking at the carefully selected photos and the warm phrase just below.

Picture 6 - Cabideiro art piece.

Coat rack in the art piece style

Looking at this rack raises us to an object thought artistically. It is not only a place to hang things, it expresses an artistic concept and probably dialogues with the style of the dwellers of the house. Ideal for lobby, impacting who arrives.

Image 7 - Light and delicate coat rack.

Light and delicate coat rack

With its light and delicate shapes and structure, this clothes rack can organize pieces of clothing, bags and other objects. The different types of support can accommodate the pieces in different ways, such as the round part in the middle that does not knead the garment, for example, making it even more useful in the house.

Image 8 - Ladder of objects.

Ladder of objects as clothes rack

Much like the previous proposal, this ladder has also become a charming, bold and modern rack. The ladder nicely holds bags, shoes, umbrellas and other accessories that can be hung.

Magazines and newspapers can be organized on the steps of this creative rack. The wood of the staircase combined well with the rest of the decoration, which has a thing of rusticity thanks to the washers.

Image 9 - Just give it.

Featured coat rack in blue color

How do you go unnoticed by this blue coat rack? It is a charm and undoubtedly the main decorative piece of this room. Here we can reaffirm how a simple coat rack can turn into a decorative element of great taste.

Image 10 - Creativity and originality.

Creative and original coat rack

Creativity at the time of using a clothes rack does not (nor does it need to) have limits. Here the idea was to use screwdrivers to take the place of the brackets. The result was this: an original, cheerful and functional piece.

Image 11 - Less is more.

Less is more in the decoration

The minimalist proposal of this macaroon-shaped hanger joins the simplicity all around. More simple and functional impossible.

Picture 12 - Far beyond a coat rack

Far beyond a coat rack

In this example we have more than just a coat rack. The idea was improved and turned into "almost" wardrobe . It is able to store and organize clothes, shoes and other objects without leaving anything to be desired for a conventional cabinet.

Picture 13 - Coat rack full of personality.

Coat rack full of personality

A set of pieces, that when united, form an original wall hanger and full of personality. Note the detail of matching the pieces with the chair next to it.

Picture 14 - It is not what it seems.

It's not what it looks like

At first glance, that pretty coat-rack looks like a squeegee to clean the house. But when looked at more closely, one realizes that it is a piece elaborated and designed for the room in question: the kitchen. It does not occupy space and is there ready to serve who needs it.

Image 15 - Attitude coat rack.

Attitude coat rack

Imitating the profile of a person, this acrylic rack carries the most diverse objects of the person who uses it. Not to mention that his visuals overflow with personality and attitude.

Image 16 - Optical illusion.

Optical illusion

This rack raises an illusion of interesting optics. The feeling is that the chair is inside the wall, but in fact it has been cut and positioned in this way to house the objects of its residents.

Image 17 - Always organized.

Coat rack always organized

This is a good idea for the little room. It is possible to turn any design into a wall rack, just have the right mold for it. Include children in the choice, so you encourage them to organize their own room.

Picture 18 - Loving coat rack.

Affectionate coat rack

This is another one of those clothes racks that convey lightness. The delicate forms hold and shelter lovingly the parts of his owner.

Picture 19 - Not traditional clothes rack.

Nothing traditional hanger

Quite different from the traditional clothes hangers, this set of hooks that descends through the safe roof and keeps very well the elements entrusted to it. It is only necessary to look for the place that a clothes rack will be so, because it can disturb the passage.

Image 20 - Arara for children's clothing.

Children's clothing with a macaw

Quite different from the traditional clothes hangers, this set of hooks that descends through the safe roof and keeps very well the elements entrusted to it. It is only necessary to look for the place that a clothes rack will be so, because it can disturb the passage.

Picture 21 - Cabideiro coloring.

Coloring racks

It may seem like a childish thing, but this coat-rack fits in nicely with relaxed surroundings and with people of cheerful and vibrant personality.

Image 22 - Organization in the bathroom.

Organization of the bathroom with clothes rack

This idea can be very well used in the bathrooms. The colored supports perfectly hold bath and face towels and bring an extra charm to this room that is not very privileged when it comes to decoration.

Picture 23 - Funny hanger.

Fun racket model

Undoubtedly, the racks can be very creative pieces and challenge the imagination. This set of pieces causes a slight illusion of optics and puts a little fun in the home decor. Good for hanging small objects, given the little space between each bracket.

Image 24 - Mess for what I want.

Mess I want you to

This is a rack for those who have a lot to organize. Large and roomy, this hanger holds larger pieces. The staircase just below completes the look and function of the hanger.

Picture 25 - Chic and elegant.

Chic and stylish coat rack

Very well structured and elaborate. This hanger has an air of elegance and leaves the environment beautiful and pleasing to the eye. It is a good request for more rustic villas, cottages or beach.

Image 26 - Jewelery holder.

Jewelry case

For anyone who has (and lives missing) rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, that clothes rack can be the solution. In it, you organize everything and leave the piece you need when you need it.

Image 27 - Clothes without kneading.

Unmolded clothing

Getting clothed is not cool. With this hanger, you hang your clothes directly by the hanger and when you use them again it remains flawless, without any bending or kneading.

Image 28 - Friendly hanger.

Friendly coat rack

Cute, fun and super friendly. Kids will love this rack idea. Surely there will not be any pieces lying on the floor.

Picture 29 - Minimalist coat rack.

Minimalist coat rack

One more for the minimalists on duty. A single structure and that's it. There is the rack, ready, to be used. The design of this clothes rack turns it into another item of decoration, betting on the minimalist concept that "less is more".

Image 30 - Metal and wood.

Metal and wood

The union of two elements that are very different from each other worked very well in this model of clothes rack. The piece, much more elaborate than an ordinary clothes rack, brings charm and functionality to any environment of the house.

Picture 31 - In the web.

Coat rack on the web

A hanger that looks like a web can be an interesting idea for those who want to escape the sameness at the time of decorating. The colorful hooks and hangers break the symmetrical look of the metal screen and still combine with other decor items such as the blue chair and the colorful branches.

Picture 32 - Independent hangman.

Independent hanger

The hanger here is the whole wall. The hanger comes to life with hooks, brackets and a bench carefully placed on the spot. The grace of this idea is to be able to change it often since the pieces are independent of each other.

Image 33 - Coat rack for all.

Coat rack for everyone

This corridor came alive with the colorful pieces that take the turn of clothes racks. A good idea for environments with great movement of people.

Picture 34 - In measure.

Coat rack

This is one of those ideas that you look at and say: Wow! The combination of colors, the arrangement of the pieces and the symmetry of the final design give the hanger (and the environment) charm and beauty.

Image 35 - Perfect coat rack.

Perfect coat rack

Gather a simple structure with a few pieces of wood and a different idea. There, you already have a coat rack to call your own. Just find the perfect little place for it. The simplest and most functional option you can find.

Image 36 - Experiments.

Experiments with rack

What can some colorful hangers do for you? Try putting them on the wall in a creative way and you'll see a unique and original model of clothes rack.

Image 37 - First impression is the one that stays.

First impression remains

The entrance hall causes the first impression of the visitors to the resident's house. Therefore, it is a space that deserves attention when decorating. This rack valued a bland place that could easily be forgotten.

Image 38 - Hand on wall.

Hand hangers on the wall

To have a coat rack so you need to put your hand in the dough, or rather, the wall. The idea here is to make small holes in a wooden board that will line the entire wall. Then, it is only to accommodate pieces of broom handles in these holes, are they that will serve as support for the objects.

Image 39 - Stuck in the ceiling.

Coat rack stuck in the ceiling

Another model of a macaw to inspire you. This is fixed to the ceiling and secured by steel wires, matching the structure of the coat rack. The other objects in the room talk to each other in the decoration.

Image 40 - Be careful not to get in the way.

Be careful not to disturb

Another idea of ​​a coat rack that comes down from the ceiling. Take care only with the place that will be exposed this type of model, as it can be a nuisance for those who pass.

Picture 41 - Coat rack heavy weight.

Heavyweight coat rack

The heavy, rustic appearance of this type of clothes rack has been softened by the clean and light decor of the house. An alternative to recycling an unused piece or even an innovative idea to leave your guests impressed.

Picture 42 - Retro coat rack.

Retro coat rack

Another colorful and fun option to play with the idea of ​​racks. In this proposal, the idea was to use hooks and vintage supports that create a retro air to the environment.

Picture 43 - Imitation coat rack.

Imitation coat rack

Imitating a floor piece, this proposal is to fix one of the most traditional models of clothes rack on the wall. And he continues to play his part. It worked.

Picture 44 - Giving a repaginada.

Repaginated coat rack

You know that dull little stool you got there? It can turn into a super original and creative rack. Throw a new color into it and add a larger uneven backing. What do you think?

Image 45 - Fishing the mess.

Coat rack fishing the mess

This hanger, which resembles fishing rods, runs from the floor to the ceiling and provides enough space to organize objects and accessories for many people. Therefore, it is ideal for spaces with large flow of people.

Picture 46 - Forks hangers.

Forks hangers

One more creative idea to make your rack. The inspiration for this is the kitchen utensils that, after being slightly warped, have hooks to hang dishcloths (and whatever else the imagination commands).

Image 47 - Reapping.

Reaproveitamento of the clothes rack

Another proposal to reuse things. In this example, it is a trolley that turns into a clothes rack.

Image 48 - Simplicity with personality.

Simplicity with personality

That's what you see. Simple pieces of wood arranged side by side. What matters is that the coat rack, in the end, represents the personality of the house and its residents.

Image 49 - One thousand and one utilities.

A thousand and one utilities in the rack

How many things can a simple broom handle turn into? It depends on the creativity of each one. In this model, the cables served as the base for the rack.

Image 50 - Modernity and style.

Modernity and style in the clothes rack

A single piece with a strong color is enough to turn a coat rack into a decorative element. In this example, it still helps to leave the environment with a more modern face.

Picture 51 - A new clothes rack every day.

A new coat rack every day

The hanger here is the wall itself. Made of slats of wood, when moving them the resident creates a stand and is made the rack. The difference in this idea is that you can create a new look every day, just open the slats in a different way.

Image 52 - Almost imperceptible.

Almost imperceptible coat rack

Unobtrusive on the bed, this coat rack would go unnoticed if it were not for its light bulb holders.

Picture 53 - Three in one.

3 in 1 Coat Rack

Another rack that can enter the "Wow!" List. An incredible idea that combines simplicity, good taste and functionality.

Picture 54 - Bicycle also hangs up.

Bicycle for hanging

This hanger is very original, after all it is not everyone who hangs a bicycle on the wall of the room. But if you do not have a bike you can take advantage of the idea to hang other objects.

Picture 55 - Elegance in the details.

Elegance in detail

One piece of leather, some folds and some screws to fix. And another rack is ready. Despite the simplicity, the piece can produce ares of sophistication and elegance.

Picture 56 - Everything has a place.

Everything in its place

If you do not know where to store your bikes, this may be the solution. Have you ever stopped to imagine a clothes rack just for them? Besides functional, you guarantee the aesthetics of the environment and decorate it with what you really like.

Image 57 - Sports clerk.

Sportswear hanger

A place for your bike and your medals. Do you want something that reproduces more of your lifestyle than this clothes rack? You can take advantage of the idea for other sports such as surfing, skateboarding, soccer.

Image 58 - Walking rack.

Walking rack

In this type of hanger you can choose the position of the hanger depending on the part you will put. Larger parts are higher up, the smaller ones are lower down, and so on.

Image 59 - Simple and functional hangers.

Simple and functional hangers

A rack for simple and important things. Keys and umbrella are indispensable and, of breaking, you still have a mirror to give the last checked in the visual before leaving the house.

Image 60 - Eccentricity on the way.

Eccentricity on the way

It would be just another rack if it were not for the way our eyes go to see it. In the picture, hanging objects are also interesting, such as the plant pot, something not very conventional on racks.

How to make racks yourself (DIY)

You hit that will to risk and make your own coat rack, did not you? So we selected some tutorials to help you with this task. Choose the one that most suits your decor and your needs and let the creativity speak louder. Check out:

The duo Alexandre and Luana teaches you how to make a clothes rack (which they call the "easiest coat rack in the world") made with broomsticks and pieces of wood. It is worth checking.

Paulo Biacchi, from Try This at Home shows how to make a tripod floor rack. For this hanger you will need bits of broom handle and pvc pipe. The result is pretty cool.

Canal Ideias no Varal, by the artisan Luiza Paiva, teaches how to make a wall hangers. It requires more materials and a little more time for the confection, but in the end it's worth it.

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