Closet planned: 50 current ideas, photos and projects

a planned closet in an exclusive space may seem even a movie thing or the great fashionistas. It is the ideal space for you to put all your clothes in an organized and hygienic way, with the possibility of a good air circulation, which, depending on the volume of clothes you have, is impossible in a wardrobe conventional!

But to get the idea that only people with huge houses or apartments can have a separate place just for their clothes, we've brought a post with ideas of planned closets only.

So stay tuned to these tips when designing your:

Important: Make a survey of what you have before anything

Before contacting an interior designer or designer to do the design of your closet, make a survey of what you have to put in the closet: from the volume of coats, quantity of shoes of each type, pants, jewelry , accessories, etc.

This survey is important for you to have an overview of everything your planned closet should entail. You may also end up realizing that some items need special attention, such as a larger niche for coats, long dresses and boots. This information is very important to collect before you start the project to avoid mistakes or an unsuccessful project!

Choose your style

Nowadays there are several styles of decoration that can be taken into the closet, such as a more classic, modern decoration or the trend of the last years, minimalism.

This style not only defines the type of design and cut of cabinets and flooring, but also how the closet will be configured in relation to space, lighting, doors (or lack thereof), handles, etc.

In our gallery, you can draw inspiration from some of the planned closet styles, from the classiest and most luxurious ones like the movies, to the more functional ones to take advantage of all the available space you have!

Use design solutions to your advantage!

Even for those who have little or little space budget for the project, there are some solutions proposed by the designers that are super simple, economical and completely solve the problems.

After all, a planned closet, however beautiful, must also be functional!
The shelves, for example, are the new darlings, along with the hooks that organize the environment efficiently and ensure that your clothes, accessories and shoes are always at hand for a quick choice and an incredible look! You can see some more tips in our gallery below.

A super mirror to finish

This item can not be forgotten! In addition to helping to assemble a perfect look, mirrors are key pieces in small environments. This is because mirror reflection helps give the feeling that space is greater than it really is.

Give preference to large mirrors, especially those that can occupy the entire ceiling of the environment.

Gallery: 50 designs of closets planned in photos

Picture 1 - The key word is organization: plan the project by putting each thing in its place!

Planned closet: every thing in its place

Picture 2 - If you are a lover of shoes, think of a special place to put each pair without problems or confusion.

Closet planned for shoes

Picture 3 - Always think about the space you have available for this project!

Closet planned for anyone with space

Picture 4 - The niches are super practical, but the drawers open other options for you to organize

Niches and drawers in planned closet

Picture 5 - Space for dresses, coats, pants, shoes, accessories ... and do not forget a mirror to check the look

Mirror in planned closet

Picture 6 - Beyond the mirror, the lights are super important and can help to give a more cozy atmosphere or the sensation that the space is bigger.

Planned closet lighting

Picture 7 - You can choose to create a planned furniture without doors to maintain the routine of choosing the clothes and to dress more dynamic.

Planned Closet Furniture

Picture 8 - Or put doors only in the places that you move less, to avoid the entrance of dust.

Planned closet with dark shades

Picture 9 - If you want a simpler planned project, it is worth giving an increment with hooks for bags and accessories.

Hooks for bags and accessories

Picture 10 - Boxes are also super useful, especially in a planned closet without doors.

Closet planned without doors

Picture 11 - If you have only one wall available, think of a floor-to-ceiling one piece of furniture to enjoy the space

Planned closet with floor to ceiling furniture

Image 12A - If you have a more minimalist style or are adept at capsule wardrobe , some shelves and a rack can solve your organization.

Shelves and coat rack

Image 12B - Another detail to put in the space of the closet: dressing table or a mirror and small table to make up.

Dressing table or mirror in planned closet

Picture 13 - The planned closets are super useful even for storing bed linen.

Closet for storing linens

Picture 14 - Cache for your jewels! Or another super creative solution to store your collars and take up less space.

Jewelery solution

Picture 15 - Work with different heights in the niches, drawers and shelves when planning your closet.

Different heights in niches and drawers

Picture 16 - For those who have little space but do not give up a planned closet: raise the bed and create a second environment in the same place.

Elevate the bed and create a second environment in the same place.

Picture 17 - Remember that each type of shoe has a specific height and a way to keep them always organized is to be guided by the height of the shelves.

Each shoe type at specific height in a planned closet

Image 18 - Closet planned in U for who has a small room attached to the room.

Closet planned in U

Picture 19 - Large room? Enjoy some of it in a closet and close with sliding doors or shrimp doors.

Closet planned in large room

Picture 20 - Besides your clothes you can take advantage of to store other personal items in your closet, like some books and work materials!

Books and work materials also in the closet

Picture 21 - A special drawer that will enchant you: super thin and with soft partitions for all your jewelry and jewelry.

Drawer for jewelry and jewelry

Figure 22 - Separate your clothes at different heights by frequency of use or station to make choosing quicker.

Clothes at different heights, according to the use

Picture 23 - If you have many items, a central chest of drawers with several drawers of various sizes can help you organize the accessories.

A multi-drawer center chest of drawers can help you organize your accessories.

Picture 24 - For the fashionistas: closet planned with a space type photographic studio to take pictures of their looks.

Planned closet with studio type space

Image 25 - Closet planned already with a space for the heavy winter coats and the suitcases: especially for those who travel a lot and need to be prepared for any weather!

Closet with space for heavier jackets

Picture 26 - Closet planned for couple: space for his clothes, her clothes, accessories and common items.

Closet planned for couple

Picture 27 - Simple closet to put near the entrance of the house: only some items to be placed before leaving as coat and shoe.

Simple closet for the entrance of the house

Image 28 - Closet planned in dark tones: a more sober and elegant mood.

Dark tones in the planned closet

Picture 29 - If you have a fixed color palette in the choice of your clothes, consider using it in the composition of your planned closet too!

Planned female closet

Picture 30 - Many shelves and a drawer for those who need to optimize space and time.

Many shelves and drawers

Picture 31 - Open shelves or drawers that slide for you to choose the best outfit.

Planned closet with open shelves and drawers

Picture 32 - Another closet planned for couple: each one on your side and with parts of the closet open and others closed.

Closet planned for couple

Picture 33 - A mirror at the height of the wall may be what you are looking for: a perfect visualization of the look and sense of extended space.

Planned closet with mirror at wall height

Image 34 - Feminine closet planned and super delicate: doors with light ornaments that give an extra grace for the environment.

Plush and super delicate feminine closet

Picture 35 - Closet planned: for those who have a more minimal style in clothes: put colors in the structure of your closet!

For those who wear a minimalist style in clothes

Picture 36 - Another way to leave the delicate space in a simple way: a very charming wallpaper to highlight your clothes.

Planned closet with charming wallpaper

Image 37 - Wall mdf closet: occupying space efficiently and full of style.

Wall mounted MDF closet

Picture 38 - Enjoy the corners for a niche diagonally: so you also enjoy the leftover leftover to fit your clothes.

Niche diagonally in planned closet

Image 39 - Bars for your jumps: organization and planning for those who are always on the heights.

Planned Heel Bars in Closet

Picture 40 - Did you put the clothes rack up high to make room and fit long dresses? Always have a mechanism that helps you reach the bars!

Closet planned: 50 current ideas, photos and projects

Image 41 - Another secret door that gives to your treasure!

Secret door for jewelry and jewelry in a planned closet

Image 42 - Closet type corridor? Mirrors on opposite sides can give you the feeling that space is much longer than it really is.

Closet type corridor

Picture 43 - Integrate your closet to the room removing any type of barrier, like the door, between the two spaces.

Closet integrated to bedroom

Picture 44 - In the trend of dark furniture planned, always have an item to make a contrast, like this yellow bench.

Yellow bench in planned closet

Picture 45 - Another super delicate idea: wallpaper with flowers and birds and a stool in a more classic style.

Planned Closet with Flower Wallpaper

Picture 46 - Closets without doors give a more dynamic feel to the environment.

Closet planned: 50 current ideas, photos and projects

Picture 47 - For the most creative and crazy by color, here is a kind of organization visually stunning: separate your clothes by color.

Colorful Planned Closet

Image 48 - Closet planned completely with doors to leave the environment less loaded.

Closet planned completely with doors to leave the environment less loaded

Image 49 - Exhibitors with glass for your jewelry: another way to organize and choose them easily and quickly.

Glass displays for your jewelry in the planned closet

Picture 50 - Separate the room and closet environments with glass doors!

Separate room and closet environments with glass doors

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