Clean Decoration: 60+ Models, Projects and Photos!

The clean style is a strong trend in decoration, giving the rooms a light and airy space without leaving the modern touch aside. Known for the absence of unnecessary elements, it currently comes with another proposal, to bring convenience in every corner of the house and provide the residence with sense of breadth.

Lighting is the main point of a clean decoration. It can be made through materials, colors and even with a set of lamps in the environment. It is worth to leave the room illuminated through the glazed windows, if you opt for curtains look for light fabrics such as light colored voal, to make the most of natural lighting.

Abuse of light colors, so the environment looks light and even bigger. Bet on the influence of colors such as straw, beige, fendi, pastels and ice. They are great for balancing and bringing a touch of color to the neutral base of the environment.

The room can also receive a lighting design with built-in lamps as the spots along the ceiling. This proposal makes it look cozy, bright and elegant!

Anyway, the clean decor is inspired by freedom, with few furniture but so comfortable.

Cleanly decorated rooms

See tips and photos on how to make clean decor in some rooms:

Clean kitchen

The main feature to plan a clean kitchen is to leave the environment neutral through light colors, spacious with enough furniture and lit without curtains in the window. The appliances should be white so they do not spoil much in the environment and the cabinet should have few details (try to choose the handle digs to the cabinet doors, the look gets much cleaner)

Picture 1 - Small clean kitchen: if it is to use a dark floor balance with light finishes like tile of white subway, white household appliance and the woodwork in the color ice.


Picture 2 - The modern clean kitchen asks for a fendi joinery.

Clean Decoration: 60+ Models, Projects and Photos!

Picture 3 - The American clean kitchen can have a white base and gain a clear woody countertop.


Picture 4 - For a clean kitchen with central island paper countertop with white marble.


Picture 5 - The tone on tone is a technique that can be used in this style. Beige shades and the mirrored hood gave the charm to this kitchen.


Picture 6 - The clean kitchen with tablets is a classic in the decoration, use the clear tablets as the white, green and the glass.


Clean Bathroom

In addition to facilitating the cleaning, a white bathroom is much more pleasing by the ability of the color to convey a comfortable look. But also some tips for a clean bathroom are important: the mirror should be large following the distance from the bench to the ceiling, a single type of coating on the spot is essential, use clear stones on the bench, carved vats or white sinks.

Picture 7 - How about a clean bathroom all white?


Picture 8 - To break the monotony of white, the nifty thing is to invest by details of wood.

image 8

Picture 9 - A clean and colorful bathroom with tiles on the wall.


Picture 10 - The base of a clean bathroom is the color white, but the details can come in to add in the decoration.


Image 11 - Modernize your bathroom clean by opting for 3D flooring.


Picture 12 - Clean and modern bathroom: special lamp, rug, light coatings and white sanitary equipment.


Dining room clean

The clean style dining room requires a harmonious composition of furniture. Placing mirrors in this room is very welcome because what is reflected leads to the feeling of a continuous environment. A pendant lamp on the table is an item that makes the difference in decoration, choose the chandeliers or color when combined with the rest of the setting.

Image 13 - The mirror is a decorative item that can not be lacking in clean decoration.


Picture 14 - The chairs in acrylic leave the visual lighter by its transparency.


Picture 15 - Clean dining room with colored table.


Picture 16 - Clean dining room with white furniture and wooden panel.


Picture 17 - Add a touch of personality with some accessories in the environment.


Picture 18 - The decorative frames for the clean style should come with little information in the frame.


Living room clean

Bet on white walls with light coatings, soft porcelain tile floors, straight-line furniture, glass tables and even add small details in more vibrant colors to make the environment lively and airy. Worth investing in cushions, armchairs and lamps:

Image 19 - In order not to weigh wood panel much too much in the environment, balance with light colors.

Clean Decoration: 60+ Models, Projects and Photos!

Picture 20 - Clean and rustic living room.


Picture 21 - Clean and modern living room.


Image 22 - Clean and minimalist room.


Picture 23 - Clean living room for high ceilings.


Picture 24 - The sofa with less details, without arms and smooth, is the best option.


Small clean living room

Picture 25 - Integrated living and dining area with clean style.


Image 26 - White and gray blend is perfect for a clean proposal.


Image 27 - Solution for small apartments.


Image 28 - The color of the carpet leaves the environment continuous and natural lighting is another positive point.


Picture 29 - Clean living room with mirror panel.


Picture 30 - Use different shades, but following the chart of light colors.


Double room clean

The style is much sought after for a bedroom design as it promotes a comfortable and ideal place for relaxation. However, just like the other environments it is important to be very careful not to leave the space loaded. The beige and its shades are a great choice, especially when the blend is made with the white together.

Picture 31 - For a single double bedroom, choose a light wallpaper to make a flashy headboard.


Image 32 - One solution for small rooms is to line some mirror wall.


Image 33 - For a jovial proposal bet on the cladding in brick.


Figure 34 - Use glass partitions.


Image 35 - Open the doors and bet in other ways to integrate the environments.


Picture 36 - Clean double room with TV panel.


Baby clean room

Image 37 - Clean baby room with white decor and ice.


Picture 38 - Despite the mix of textures, the room managed to work with the same color palette.


Picture 39 - Clean and modern baby room.


Picture 40 - Clean male baby room.


Picture 41 - Clean female baby room.


Picture 42 - Clean baby room with Safari theme.


Single room clean

Picture 43 - Join the white and the beige with a woody touch.


Picture 44 - Remember that this room must also have personality, bet on some details that stand out in the decoration of the room.


Picture 45 - The wall should be clear, but to escape the white classic, insert a discreet wallpaper to leave the room more appropriate for a teenager.


Picture 46 - Room of boy with clean style.


Picture 47 - Bet on the cupboards with mirrored door and glass.


Picture 48 - For a children's project, some colorful accessories are essential.


Studio apartments with clean style

Using the mirror as a way to expand the space is an efficient technique in design, it can be inserted in both panels as well as closet doors. Dividing the spaces using furniture, such as counters or shelves, is very common in this housing proposal so they should have a minimalist design with few details in the joinery.

Picture 49 - When the furniture is full of details, opt for a clear joinery not to weigh in the decoration.


Image 50 - The solution for a small apartment is to integrate clean environments with lighting techniques and colors.


Picture 51 - The touch of color is due to the cushions and puffs.


Picture 52 - The carpet is preferable that it be square or rectangular pieces and that follow the same color of the floor and also of the couch.


Image 53 - The transparency of the objects harmonizes perfectly with the clean proposal, so invest in chairs, lamps, tables, coffee table in this finish.


Picture 54 - The clean decoration demands practical, modern and sophisticated furniture.


Balcony clean

Picture 55 - A great tip to leave the sophisticated environment is to combine white with wood.


Image 56 - Gourmet balcony clean.


Picture 57 - Plants take the sense of purity harmony in the environment, bet on a veranda with vertical garden.


Image 58 - Balcony with mirror.


Image 59 - Clean and modern balcony.


Image 60 - The balcony decoration can gain energy with colorful chairs.


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