Christmas Wishes: 55 Ideas and Easy Step by Step

Eba, Christmas is coming again: the time of communion, sharing more love and respect among people. It is also the time of the panettone, giving and receiving gifts, decorating and lighting the whole house, reviewing that relative who is in another city, putting the papos up to date, killing the homesickness, toasting a new cycle ...

This post is intended to help you prepare Christmas presents for the most different groups and styles: close friends, employees, family members. In addition, all references can be produced handcrafted in the comfort of your home, using only the creativity and simple and affordable materials.

Before suggestions for Christmas gifts , let's go to the precious tips?

  • Color chart: we always talk about the importance of colors, but it's never too much to reiterate. Why that? Because it is through them that you will enlighten the whole décor of the supper: pudding, table, decorative objects and, in the case of today, the souvenirs! In addition, just choose the correct tones to make the pampering themed. Use and abuse of green, red and off-white as predominant. Details in gold and silver are also welcome !;
  • References: every time we think of creativity in the decoration it seems to be a seven-headed creature. But it is not. Since we were little we trained our imagination, it is enough for us: to rescue it! Do you remember that as a child simple objects became essential elements for a magical world of adventure? Yeah! Try to think of associations like a candy cane turns flasher and recycled paper becomes a differentiated Christmas tree! In the decoration of the souvenirs, balls and other ornaments can be used of the most different forms. It is also possible to customize mugs, wrapping, cup holders, soaps, garlands, picture frames, cards and so on;
  • DIY (Do it yourself): not just to save money. Creating your own souvenirs demonstrate your care and affection with loved ones. So, do not hesitate to take out the glass pots, metallic papers, scraps of fabric, toothpicks, haberdashery. Or if you have experience, how about hand-embroidered towels, dishcloths or napkins ?;

55 Christmas gift ideas to inspire

Still in doubt what to present? Check below in our gallery, more than 55 sensational images of Christmas gifts and get to work!

Cheap and creative Christmas gifts

Picture 1 - Ho ho ho made : do it yourself!

Do It Yourself Christmas Souvenir

Do you know that recipe that comes from family and is stored under the keys? Hit the treats in full and introduce your neighbors and close friends!

Picture 2 - Glass jars stuffed with surprises!

Glass jars filled with surprises!

Reapprove the materials (glasses, fabric scraps, papers) and save on gift giving!

Picture 3 - Aromatic herbs.


Arrange some seasonings like sprigs of thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary in vases of perfume. The finishing touch goes to the personalized labels with the names of the loved ones.

Picture 4 - Let the communion invade until the Christmas tree.

May the communion invade the Christmas tree

Instead of delivering the treats at the end of the party, leave them on the dining table and surprise the guests!

Picture 5 - Christmas memories easy to make.

Easy-to-Make Christmas Greetings

The dish is tied in the lasso next to the package of butterscotch biscuits. How to resist such a cuteness?

Picture 6 - Another cheap christmas souvenir.

Another cheap Christmas souvenir

Find the plastic tubing in any party supply store. Besides the simple handling, the cost is low. Enjoy!

Image 7 - Buns coming out of the oven.

Buns coming out of the oven

Hit full with homemade breads that will be devoured for breakfast the next day!

Picture 8 - Bath salts in Christmas tree lamps.

Bath salts in Christmas tree lamps

The variety of packaging on the market allows you to choose a model that fits perfectly in the Christmas mood!

Picture 9 - Running against time.

Running against time

Bet on ready-to-eat chocolates and pack them in sulphite paper. Just be sure to print or write down typical phrases such as "Merry Christmas", "Ho Ho Ho", "Happy Holidays".

Image 10 - What's inside the good old man's gift bag?

What's inside the good old man's gift bag?

Whether to accommodate hot cocoa powder or custom cookies, the raw fabric bag is a great wrapping option. Better yet, if it comes stamped with a personalized message!

Image 11 - Candles with the perfume of the party.

Candles with the perfume of the party

Give preference to the aromatic and with the classic colors of Christmas as green and red. To finalize the art of wrapping, ribbons, fabrics, colored papers and greeting cards are always welcome!

Image 12 - Delights of the supper.

Delights of supper

As it is very common to have some snacks and dishes, offer marmitinhas for the guests to taste the next day. To give a charming touch, do not leave out the ribbons and themed tags.

Picture 13 - Lip gloss.

Lip gloss

Thank the female team with beauty products like lipstick, lip gloss, sunscreen, shampoo. To make them look like Christmas, personalized labels can be printed on a graphic express or in your house!

Picture 14 - Plant a tree and spread life!

Plant a tree and spread life!

When these references appear, we realize how simple it is to gift the people we love on this special date!

Picture 15 - Tic-tac-tic-tac: time flies today, love.

Tic-tac-tic-tac: time flies today, my love.

Ready items are great allies for those who do not have time to prepare the souvenirs calmly. Just pack them with embossed tree papers and Christmas balls, flasher, Santa Claus, stars, among others.

Christmas souvenirs for friends

Image 16 - A toast to the most festive season of the year!

A toast to the most festive season of the year!

Men are not left out: craft beers are a sure bet! For those who do not drink, opt for the non-alcoholic version, juice, soda or water.

Picture 17 - Uniting the useful to the pleasant!

Linking the useful to the pleasant!

Ecobags carry grocery shopping, notebook , beach items, clothes and even turns to day-to-day purse.

Picture 18 - Pillows never to drop!

Pillows never to drop!

Decorative objects are successful because they tend to last and will decorate for any Christmas any environment of the house, with personality!

Image 19 - Tempered olive oil.

Tempered olive oil

Another useful gift, ideal for seasoning the best recipes of life: salads, pizzas, breads, fish, potatoes.

Image 20 - Good old breakfast companion!

The good old breakfast companion

Picture 21 - Snow globe.

snow globe

This is an incentive for others to start their own collections!

Picture 22 - Christmas decoration for couple.

Christmas souvenir for couple

Metallic socks for each to hang where you want: at the head of the bed, dresser in the living room, bedroom door. After that, just wait for Santa's arrival.

Picture 23 - Soup of friendship.

Friendship soup

Oh, is there anything better than a very warm soup to tighten the bonds? Try to use magical ingredients to bring luck to the next year, such as lentil.

Picture 24 - Creativity without end!

Endless creativity!

The teapot turns vase and support for the flowers, branches and foliage you want!

Picture 25 - May your days be happy and enlightened!

May your days be happy and enlightened!

A gift to the letter: lamps filled with colorful confections. How not to love?

Image 26 - And the celebrations do not stop!

And the celebrations do not stop!

Fabric bags and wrapping ribbons keep that wine, sparkling wine, olive oil ...

Christmas Greetings for Employees

Image 27 - Congratulations in the form of gostosuras.

Congratulations in the form of hotties

Christmas Wishes: 55 Ideas and Easy Step by Step

For the team to bring the taste of Christmas to the house: Cookies prepared with love and affection!

Picture 28 - Wax chalk to write wishes and objects for next year!

Wax chalk to write wishes and objects for next year!

Picture 29 - Use your imagination and ruin!

Use your imagination and ruin it!

For everyone to start the day excited and ready with that warm coffee ...

Picture 30 - Impossible to resist the charms of chocolate!

Use your imagination and ruin it! 1

The simplest candy becomes thematic confected and packed with the classic colors and Christmas references.

Picture 31 - From our sink to yours.

From our sink to your

Liquid soaps fall as a glove for companies specializing in the field of marble, granite and beauty.

Picture 32 - Panetone and chocotone: has for all tastes!

Panettone and chocotone: it has something for everyone!

The dessert with the Christmas face is perfect for employees to eat in the afternoon, after lunch.

Picture 33 - Tea to relax.

Tea to relax

To prepare at home, after work or at the time with the other companions, in afternoon tea.

Image 34 - Ornaments for Christmas tree.

Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas Gift Kits

Picture 35 - Share the secret of success!

Share the secret of success!

All the ingredients, utensils and the recipe are in the hand: only it does not reach who is rushed, accommodated.

Picture 36 - Do you know that taste of want more?

You know that taste I want more?

… Got behind. Do not let the guests pass you by and put together a generous kit with the taste of the Christmas dinner!

Image 37 - Ending the cycle with the right foot!

Closing the cycle with the right foot!

Christmas ball, tags, mini tree decorate the house and packaging for gift.

Picture 38 - Colorful as life should be!

Colorful as life should be!

Vibrant tones run away from the pattern, but perfectly fit with the joyful and brilliant vow of congratulation!

Image 39 - Sweet surprise!

Sweet surprise!

Pack several treats into one box. Worth everything: cookies, candy, jellies, creamy chocolate and so on!

Picture 40 - More Christmas presents.

More Christmas presents.

The mug is an excellent container for accommodating items petit and with smaller width: tubes, lollipops, cakepops , spoons, decorative tree.

Image 41 - Christmas wreaths for children's education.

Christmas gifts for children's education

Family reunited is like this: it is always by your side and helps even in the game of confectionery!

Picture 42 - An invitation to a healthy life.

An invitation to a healthy life

Stimulate the change of some eating habits with granola (source of fibers) and honey (in place of sugar).

Handmade Christmas Souvenirs

Picture 43 - Outline your artistic side!

Outline your artistic side!

Just a plain mug, pen or tube with metallic ink and lots of creativity! These are the elements needed to create your souvenir! Already for the coaster: paetê fabric, branches of artificial leaves and a satin bow. Voila!

Picture 44 - A tree full of stories to tell!

A tree full of stories to tell!

Buy a small vase, lying grass, barbecue stick, metalized paper for the star and cut into pieces (going from largest to smallest) pages of magazine, book or newspaper. You decide!

Picture 45 - Christmas tree ornaments on paper, wool and fabric flaps.

Christmas tree ornaments on paper, wool and fabric flaps

Christmas Wishes: 55 Ideas and Easy Step by Step

Picture 46 - Picture frame to decorate the supper night.

Picture frame to decorate the supper night

On one upgrade when wrapping the frame with colored string! The icing on the cake goes to the happy family photos or printed arts of the internet.

Picture 47 - Reuse and Innovate!

Reuse and Innovate!

Chocolate chips and potatoes (well preserved and clean) keep homemade wafers. To customize them, use stamped tissue paper, haberdashery, collages.

Image 48 - Different Christmas wreaths.

Different Christmas Wreaths

Choose papers of greater thickness for better finish and firmness by gluing the sheets one by one.

Image 49 - Dishcloth, tablecloth and centerpiece or hand-embroidered napkins with Christmas motifs.

Dishcloth, tablecloth and centerpiece or hand-embroidered napkins with holiday motifs

Image 50 - Handmade Christmas card.

Handmade Christmas Card

To save and enhance family creativity: each member creates their own gift card. The most sensational wins a rain of hugs and kisses of all

Image 51 - Christmas candles with recycled material.

Christmas candles with recycled material

If you have experience in the area, make the candles in mayonnaise glasses or tomato sauce. Barbecues, tags and rosemary sprigs decorate the treat made with whim!

Image 52 - Magical reindeer meals.

Reindeer Magic Meals

They say that they fulfill their desires! Instead of cereal, what about substitute for colored confections, marshmallow, chewing gum?

Picture 53 - Herbs and aromatic plants to temper life!

Herbs and herbs to temper life!

Wrap them in craft paper to give a very rustic touch. Tags and thematic tapes complement and finalize the mime.

Image 54 - Handicrafts of Christmas.

Christmas Handicrafts

Candle holders decorated with glitter, bell and artificial branches are a must from the station!

Image 55 - Christmas ornaments on felt.

Felt Christmas ornaments

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