Cheap Wedding: Get Ideas For Saving And Decorating Ideas

It's time to put the toothbrushes together, and for that, you dream of an unforgettable wedding, do not you? But with the short money can not always reconcile expectation with reality. Here are tips for making a cheap wedding:

But do not think the dream is dead. On the contrary, you can have a gorgeous wedding without spending a fortune or getting bogged down in debt. After all, it's not a good idea to start married life around.

Thinking about this important step of life for two, we made this post full of tips and tricks for you to have a good, beautiful and cheap marriage. Check out:

Tips for making a cheap wedding

1. Early planning

Wedding planning

For those who are on tight budget the tip is to start preparations a year earlier. Anxiety is going to hit hard, but take some tea to keep calm.

A planned wedding in advance allows the grooms to carefully evaluate and choose every detail, in addition to thoroughly research each vendor and payment terms.

In advance it is also possible to haggle for discounts and to carry out the payments gradually, so when the big day arrives everything will already be paid for.

2. Flowers and fruits of the season

Are you getting married in the summer? Use geraniums in the decoration. Whether the wedding date falls in the spring, you can bet on gerberas, violets or sunflowers. The season flowers are much cheaper than the off-season flowers.

Enjoy and include in the party menu the fruits of the season. They can come in natural juices, drinks, desserts or giving a touch to the main course. Use the creativity to insert them in the menu. But do not overdo it, otherwise your party can look like a grape party or strawberry festival.

3. Two in One

Try to hold the ceremony and party in the same place. This significantly reduces costs, since instead of two places to decorate you will have only one. Not to mention that it is much more comfortable for the guests to go to just one place.

4. Outdoors

Cheap Wedding: Get Ideas For Saving And Decorating Ideas

The place of the party is something very important to be thought of in a wedding. It is necessary to take into account the distance and the ease of access for the guests.

But one thing is for sure, an outdoor party might come out well for the bride and groom. The nature of the place already contributes (and a lot) to the decoration, not to mention that rustic and country atmosphere favors a simpler decoration.

5. Do it yourself

Do Yourself Marriage

Head over to the "Do It Yourself" concept or the internet's famous DIY. You can easily learn how to make table settings, party favors and even a scenic cake to decorate the table.

There are thousands of ideas available on YouTube for you to check and choose the one that best fits the style you intend to give the party.

6. Lighting

Wedding lighting

The lighting of the party is an indispensable item in the decoration. Nowadays, lamp poles and LED tapes are at their peak and give a delicate beauty to the party.

Another option is the Japanese lanterns. They look beautiful around the place, especially if it's outdoors. At the tables, opt for candles, their effect is cozy.

7. Creativity

Creative ideas are always welcome, especially because they tend to be economical. Think of several possibilities for the same thing, from the decoration of the tables to the souvenirs that the guests take home.

A creative and original idea of ​​souvenir is, for example, leave a Polaroid type camera at the reception and let the guests take photos and take the photo home.

It is also possible to replace the video with photos of the bride and groom with printed photos hanging on a clothesline. You save with projectors and sound equipment.

8. Food and drinks

The party buffet is something that can blow your budget. But as drinking and eating is necessary, offer your guests something simpler and less sophisticated.

One option is to have the wedding at a time other than the main meal, such as lunch and dinner. At an evening party, for example, snacks, salads and snacks can be served.

7. Self service

Set up a table where guests can serve themselves, so you do not have to hire waiters. A table for the salty ones, another for the sweets and a place to serve the drinks is enough. Ask someone in your family or a friend to keep an eye on the tables to make sure nothing is missing.

8. Only for the most close

Cheap Wedding: Get Ideas For Saving And Decorating Ideas

It can be difficult, but wipe out the guest list as much as possible. The more people, the more expenses. So try to invite only the closest relatives and friends. The good thing is that the party is more intimate and welcoming, since the couple can give a greater attention to the guests.

9. Wedding dress

The wedding dress, so dreamed and desired, can also enter the list of items to be cheap. You can achieve this by renting a dress that was once worn rather than wearing a first-rent one. The stores offer all the adjustment and adaptation needed to make the dress look flawless on the bride's body. And do not worry about the models, there is a huge variety of models ready.

10. Bet on personal objects for decoration

To leave the decoration with the face of the engaged, bet on personal objects to compose the decoration of the party. Besides saving, you still add a touch of personality to the party that the guests will love. It could be a souvenir chest, a music box, or other items that are part of the bride and groom's story.

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See 60 decorating ideas to save more and have a cheap wedding

By then your head must be already swarming with ideas. But hold on a little more this anxiety to check some beautiful images of cheap, original and charming marriages:

Picture 1 - Cheap wedding: chairs for what? Invite your guests for a leisurely dinner.

Cheap wedding: chairs for what?

Picture 2 - Sustainable wedding party: bottles hanging on the tree.

Sustainable Wedding Party

Picture 3 - A single table for sweets and salty: clothesline of tulle in the background.

Single table for sweet and savory

Picture 4 - And why not pallets? They are versatile and fit nicely into rustic decorations, an option for cheap wedding.

Pallets to decorate cheap wedding

Picture 5 - Cheap wedding: pallet holder to display the good moments and stories of the bride and groom.

Pallet holder for cheap wedding

Picture 6 - Souvenir of the party: photo frame with the name of the bride and groom.

Photo frame with the name of the bride and groom

Picture 7 - Individual cookies: the creative touch is on account of succulents, a very cheap plant.

Small or individual cookies

Picture 8 - Solitary vases made with glass bottles of varied colors and sizes for an inexpensive wedding.

Glass vase with glass bottle

Image 9 - Carts and food trucks can and should be part of a cheap wedding party.

Shopping cart of snacks at cheap wedding

Picture 10 - Rustic and very welcoming reception in a cheap wedding.

Cheap wedding with rustic reception

Image 11 - Naked Cake even in the wedding parties: spend with whipped cream for what?

Naked cake for cheap wedding

Picture 12 - For the ceremony, bet on small and delicate arrangements at cheap wedding

Small and delicate arrangements for cheap wedding

Picture 13 - Fruit cake for cheap wedding: use those of the time to save money.

Fruit cake for cheap wedding

Image 14 - Cans for flowers and candle cups at an inexpensive wedding.

Cans for flowers and glasses

Picture 15 - Mini snacks to please the eyes and the palate.

Mini snacks to please the eyes and the palate

Picture 16 - Unique table decorated with arrangement of leaves in cheap wedding.

Unique table decorated with arrangement of leaves in cheap wedding

Image 17 - Ceremony decorated with Gipsofila, a delicate (and cheap) white flower.

Ceremony decorated with Gipsofila

Picture 18 - You can pick the flowers yourself from the party decoration.

Another option is to pick the flowers from the party decoration

Image 19 - Cheap wedding: little curtain of hearts to welcome the guests.

Curtain of hearts at the reception

Picture 20 - Simple but stylish decoration.

Full of style and simplicity

Picture 21 - With a little creativity everything can, even fair crates!

Bins of fair in wedding decoration

Picture 22 - Simple cupcake, but loaded with emotions.

Simple cookie for cheap wedding

Image 23 - Instead of the large traditional cake, a beautiful flowery tower of cupcakes.

Flowery tower of cupcakes for cheap wedding

Picture 24 - Want delicacy? So it's those little flowers, the gypsophiles, that you need.

Delicacy with gipsy

Image 25 - Bridegrooms in love with books deserve a thematic decoration.

Bridegrooms in love with books

Image 26 - A little glitter gives the touch of glamor to the arrangement.

A little glitter for more glamor

Image 27 - Suspend lamps and create a breathtaking effect.

Suspend lamps

Image 28 - Tulle with LED wires, an inexpensive decoration and simple to make.

Cheap and simple decoration with LED wires for an inexpensive wedding

Picture 29 - For each table, a moment of happiness of the couple.

Happiness of the couple at the table

Picture 30 - Invest in cheap desserts and what you (or someone in your family) can do.

Cheap Wedding Desserts

Picture 31 - Delicately decorated white steps.

White slippers decorated with photos of the couple

Image 32 - Cheap Marriage: Escape from the obvious biscuit weddings.

Cheap Wedding Paper Dolls

Picture 33 - In the open air this type of decoration gains another face.

Cheapest outdoor wedding

Image 34 - Photos have almost zero cost and can decorate up the cake.

Photos to decorate the wedding cake

Picture 35 - Moments of childhood remembered at the top of the cake.

Photos of childhood on top of the cake

Image 36 - Save with white crockery.

White tableware for wedding

Image 37 - Rustic and charming reception.

Rustic and charming reception

Picture 38 - Small arrangements are more in mind and do not disturb the conversation of the guests.

Small arrangements in cheap wedding decoration

Image 39 - Palitinhos of wood and lace make up this vase.

Vase with popsicle sticks

Image 40 - Colored hearts of paper leave the ceremony more relaxed.

Decoration with colorful paper hearts outdoors

Image 41 - Detached flower arrangement.

Deconstructed flower arrangement to decorate the table at cheap wedding

Picture 42 - A single button of roses and the arrangement already is different.

Arrangement with rose bud

Picture 43 - Invite the trees to participate in the decoration.

Cheap outdoor wedding decoration using the trees

Image 44 - Before the guests leave, ask for advice.

Ask for advice before the guests leave.

Picture 45 - Simple wedding decoration in white and lilac colors.

Simple Wedding Decoration

Picture 46 - Balloons are not just for children's parties.

Balloons for children's parties

Picture 47 - Decorate with candles.

Decorate with candles

Image 48 - Wand of hearts.

Paper hearts waistband

Image 49 - Fact sheet of the party.

Party technical sheet

Picture 50 - Reception at home? Join the tables.

Home wedding reception

Picture 51 - At the end, offer a flowered bottle for your guests taken with remembrance.

Flowery bottle for your guests

Picture 52 - Table of sweets in rustic style.

Candy table in a rotund style

Picture 53 - Prioritize an outdoor space for your party.

Outdoor space for ceremony

Picture 54 - Bar on wheels to serve the guests (and the grooms).

Bar on wheels to serve guests

Image 55 - Hot and healthy treats: an option for a cheap wedding.

Healthy cocktails for cheap wedding

Image 56 - Cheap wedding: gerberas and lilies in pink decoration.

Gerbera and lilies in cheap wedding decoration

Image 57 - Assorted white flowers to decorate the cake table.

White flowers to decorate the cake table

Image 58 - Simple and charming decoration with daisies.

Decoration with daisies for cheap wedding

Image 59 - Cheap wedding: napkins under the dishes dispense the use of towel.

Napkin under the plates

Image 60 - Cheap wedding: you can use up the Christmas lights to decorate the wall of the cake table.

Cheap wedding: you can even use the Christmas lights to decorate the wall

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