Cheap & Affordable Decor: 60 Ideas & Photos

Reforming and decorating a home involves investment and sometimes extra spending. For those who seek to avoid the latter case, it is easily seen replacing an already planned reference and / or idea with something more moderate. So, let's talk today about cheap decor:

The minimalist and clean style is an exception, since it prioritizes simplicity and seeks practicality in the environment. If you are not compatible with this genre, what about betting on a more affordable decoration with an amazing result? Just a little patience and creativity!

The wall is usually an underutilized area and if well upgrade to the environment. Painting the headboard on the wall is a much more economical idea than coating with wood or upholstery. Just determine the wall on which the bed will lean and work!

Another option that fits in both walls and prominent furniture are the famous niches. Versatile, it can be composed with other accessories that further enhance the personality of the owner. Try to innovate with a different format, so you run away from the obvious and give more style to the decor.

The stickers come with everything in this proposal since they combine in any room. In children's rooms, for example, they give a playful and fun touch that the children love. If you want to economize on coatings, opt for hydraulic tile adhesives or brick in sight. It's a joke! In addition, it is possible to find numerous models and formats in the online market.

Other techniques such as the use of pallets , wooden boxes and recyclable materials depend on your creativity and goodwill. Versatile, they can become sensational sofas, cabinets, partitions, tables, niches. The pallets can be found and traded in stores and building deposits.

There is no need to change property, just invest with planning on a renovation. The kitchen cabinet doors with contact paper is a suggestion to give a new face to the joinery. Already colorful and patterned fabrics can transform your armchair or sofa into new.

60 Cheap Decorating Ideas to Get Inspired

Check out 60 great ideas of cheap decor for all the rooms of your house without investing too much. Inspire yourself here:

Picture 1 - A simple accessory can give the touch that was missing for your kitchen!


Bet on small items that can change the face of your home decor. This item is inexpensive and functional for any kitchen.

Picture 2 - Cheap decoration with wall covered in cork is functional and decorates in an affordable way any environment!


Picture 3 - Make your own furniture with concrete blocks


Use concrete and wood blocks to assemble your furniture without much work and without spending a lot of money.

Picture 4 - The shelves are great for organizing, decorating and personalizing the environment


Simple shelves with decorative objects change the face of any room. Another example of cheap decoration.

Image 5 - 3D tiles can form a creative composition to compose with your environment


3D tiles can make an interesting composition on the wall of any room, see this example.

Picture 6 - The mix of cushions turns your living room into a cheerful and cozy space


Make a composition with a mix of cushions to decorate your sofa: another cheap decorating option.

Image 7 - Innovating in wall painting with geometric shapes and colors!


Picture 8 - Cheap decoration: the stool has won a charming print for this corner of small meals!

Image 8

Picture 9 - Hanger-shaped hooks decorated the wall and make it easier on a daily basis


Picture 10 - Use stacked niches in place of the bedside table to have a different decor every day


Wood niches are practical options to install and dispose in any room, use this option to make an inexpensive decoration.

Picture 11 - The metallic panel leaves your space organized with infinite possibilities of cheap decoration!


Another simple and inexpensive option: a metal panel allows you to combine fixing different types of objects in the home office or living room decoration.

Picture 12 - A children's play room is a feature present. Abuse of paintings, themed stickers and light wire!


Picture 13 - A functionality and beauty in the kitchen in a practical and creative way!


The wiring for hanging kitchen utensils is another cheap and practical item to compose in the decor.

Picture 14 - Besides decorating the feminine accessories, they can receive a special corner in the wall


Picture 15 - Cheap decoration: the pallets enter any style of decoration


Picture 16 - Adhesive to decorate the wall with good memories!


Picture 17 - Use day-to-day things to decorate your workbench


Picture 18 - How about decorating your gourmet balcony with this crochet pots door?


Make a practical and inexpensive vase door to compose in the home decor.

Picture 19 - Invest in wall stickers for a colorful and fun jovial decoration!


Picture 20 - Art with floor sticker for children to have fun in the room


Picture 21 - An original poster maker that can be docked in any white wall


Picture 22 - Less is more! Simple and minimalism go together in this proposal!


Picture 23 - To change the look of your joinery change the handles by more modern


Picture 24 - To give personality in the room, place a wallpaper of your liking!


Picture 25 - Enjoy the outer space through colors, prints and plants!


Image 26 - Small pots made of paper


Image 27 - Concrete blocks and a simple frame can compose your living room


Picture 28 - Wall magazines door made in the corner


Image 29 - Innovate and get out of the square!


Picture 30 - The hooks hanging on the wall give the freedom to change the decoration in a simple and practical way


Picture 31 - Make a poster composition on your white wall! And if it does not have a frame you can paste it with washitape


Picture 32 - The contact paper can work miracles and change the whole look of the old refrigerator


Image 33 - Sanitary accessories with reusable materials for cheap decoration


Image 34 - Pallet balance for children


Image 35 - Wooden boxes can be used as niches


Image 36 - Sustainable construction calls for recyclable materials! The partition won boxes of fair that gave a jovial and cool air to this apartment


Picture 37 - The good old basket can become a beautiful decorative item in your house!


Picture 38 - Inspirational phrases can be pasted on the head of the bed


Picture 39 - To break the monotony of a white wall, use a detachable sticker


Picture 40 - How about making a mobile of photos?


Picture 41 - A tip is to dig the furniture in fairs of your city, it is always possible to find different pieces with an affordable price!


Picture 42 - The decorative dishes come with everything in a dining room!


Picture 43 - If you own a bike, incorporate it into the decoration!


Picture 44 - Give personality to your laundry


Use colors on your laundry furniture, stickers on appliances and pictures to get cheap decor.

Image 45 - A vertical garden with a mini vegetable garden


Image 46 - Wooden furniture made with boxes


Image 47 - Organizing and decorating your kitchen in a practical and cheap way.


Another example of how the metal panel can be an excellent choice to leave all the items organized in your kitchen.

Picture 48 - Headboard with shape of house made with carpeted fabric


Instead of purchasing an ordinary headboard, use the carpet fabric as an example to have an inexpensive decoration.

Screenshot 49 - A different application made with colors already changes the whole look of the room!


Picture 50 - Organize your makeup with metal cans and hang them on the wall to take up less space


All it takes is a few metal jars to fix your make-up and beauty items in the bedroom décor.

Image 51 - Clay pots and succulents already give all the contrast with the white table


For those who have a neutral white table, use some decorative objects to highlight the decoration, another cheap solution.

Picture 52 - Reaproveite that ancient staircase to insert in the decoration.


Do you have an old ladder at home? Enjoy this item to compose in your decoration with pots and plants.

Image 53 - Concrete blocks and drawing boards can be functional in your décor


This combination of concrete blocks is practical, functional and inexpensive to compose in the room decoration, for example.

Picture 54 - Upholstered headboard made with cushion and fastened under leather tape.


Picture 55 - Set up a little corner with books and your favorite decorative objects!


Image 56 - A mural made in a different way with unusual format.


Image 57 - Essential kitchen accessories


Image 58 - To highlight your wooden furniture, incorporate a creative painting!


Make a creative painting with geometric shapes and others of your own. Another way to decorate the environment by spending little.

Image 59 - The niches are versatile in decoration with many possibilities of use


Image 60 - A white wall asks for a composition of pictures, niches and decorative plates!


Combine pictures, niches and other decorative pieces on the wall to have a simple and inexpensive decoration.

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