Canine Patrol Party: 60 theme decor ideas

Paw Patrol is an animated Canadian action-adventure series starring six puppies, each with a different personality and work, led by Ryder, a 10-year-old boy named, with a mission to protect the community of Adventure Bay. Learn more about party decor Patrol Dog:

Among the patrolmen, Ryder, Marshall (a Dalmatian), Rubble (an English bulldog), Chase (a German shepherd), Rocky (a mutt pup), Zuma (a Labrador), Skye (a Siberian husky) with all their abilities use their team spirit, humor and super cool vehicles to solve problems and take on risky missions to protect their city. Together, they embark on various scenarios such as the fire department, police, construction, parks, forests and even the sea, where the skills of each dog is developed.

Created by Keith Chapman, the program has been on the air since 2013 and is making the biggest hit among the small on the Nickelodeon paid channel and the open network is hosted by TV Cultura channel. And as the drawing manages to add stories full of adventure and fun, as well as the cutest little dogs in the neighborhood, he is increasingly famous in products marketed as toys, plush and decorations. So it's becoming a popular theme for children's parties!

For the Cane Patrol themed party decoration, bones, dog houses and dog footprints, as well as the fire trucks, police and other vehicles, rescue devices and security helmets that each character occupies, always super colorful and full of functions new! The colors red, blue and yellow are the most indicated because they are part of the visual identity of the drawing, but because the drawing is super colorful and each character has its distinctive with its theme, you can choose the colors of the favorite characters of your little one . This decoration can come from party store items or even home-assembled, with EVA doggies scattered throughout the house and even a bone-shaped cake!

60 amazing ideas of canine patrol party decoration

In today's post we are going to give you party decoration tips Canine Patrol with 55 images to inspire you when it comes to setting up your party!

Picture 1 - A main table super decorated with the most friendly and adventurous dogs of Adventure Bay!

Super colorful head table for little cocks

Picture 2 - Butterscotch cookies themed: you can apply a cover with the face of each character with colored frosting!

Butter-themed biscuits

Picture 3 - Each character responsible for an area of ​​your party Canine Patrol: the patrolman Chase taking care of the distribution of suquinhos!

Each character responsible for an area of ​​your party Dog Patrol

Picture 4 - Special invitation for party action time Patrol Canine!

Canine Patrol Party: 60 theme decor ideas

Picture 5 - Doggy: use bowls and cutters to make snacks even more fun in doggy formats!

Puppies for party canine patrol

Picture 6 - TAGs for your packaging in the party Canine Patrol: a great complement for simpler packaging!

TAGs for your packaging at the Patrulha Canina party

Image 7 - Beautiful cupcakes decorated with the characters' ears.

Canine Patrol Party: 60 theme decor ideas

Picture 8 - A very special and simple decoration of the party canine patrol: use decorative elements in the colors of the drawing and increase with several pranks!

A super special and simple decoration of the canine patrol party

Picture 9 - Sweets for all the characters: in party shops you can find small plates, toppers and even brigadeiro in the theme Patrulha Canina.

Sweets for all the characters of the party canine patrol

Picture 10 - Decorative ring for cutlery with super colorful bone for party Patrulha Canina.

Decorative cutlery ring for party Patrol Canine

Picture 11 - Toys of the Canine Patrol for the decoration of your main table.

Canine Patrol Toys

Picture 12 - Another pack with your favorite puppies to distribute potatoes, popcorn or nachos!

Canine patrol party favorite pack

Picture 13 - You can choose a main color for your party too! The best of the super colorful theme is that you can choose your favorite card to stand out!

Main Color of Canine Patrol Party

Picture 14 - Souvenirs to take home, hug and take care! Super cute adoption station with Marshall, the Dalmatian firefighter.

My Photo

Picture 15 - Every detail within the theme Canine Patrol: if you choose by industrialized items, hide the marks and packages with tags or personalized stickers.

Every detail within the theme Dog Patrol

Picture 16 - Coffee table for souvenirs ready for party Patrol Canine! To make it easier to distribute your surprise bags to your guests, it's worth creating a little table especially for them and getting everything ready!

Coffee table for party stands Patrol Canine

Picture 17 - A majestic cake to decorate your party table Patrol Canine! The fake cakes are super high and can be super detailed, and last longer without danger of being devoured!

A majestic cake to decorate your party table Dog Patrol

Picture 18 - Toppers for cupcakes let the decoration of these cupcakes even more special!

Canine Patrol Party Cupcake Toppers

Picture 19 - A bone for each guest! With the bone-shaped cutter, you can turn your cookies into a custom item for the party!

Guest bones for each guest

Image 20 - Sausage rack in the shape of a pot of ration: another idea to transform the presentation of your party to a canine theme.

Rack of sausages in the shape of a small pot

Picture 21 - Bring an entire decoration based on your favorite character! In this decoration, Tracker, the forest chick, is ready for a lot of fun in a natural setting.

Bring an entire decor based on your favorite character

Picture 22 - Canine Piñata: an idea of ​​activity to amuse the children and even distribute little balls and lollipops!

Activity for canine patrol party

Picture 23 - Assemble a coloring station with black and white drawings of the characters, scenery and even personalized coats!

Coloring station with designs for party canine patrol

Picture 24 - Souvenir gift packaging from Sophia.

Canine Patrol Party: 60 theme decor ideas

Picture 25 - Party decoration Dog Patrol: use colors and patterns of your theme even in the vases of decorative plants.

Party decor Patrol Canine

Picture 26 - Dog Patrol Cake 4 layers: on each floor of the cake, a character of the class.

Canine Patrol Cake

Image 27 - Thematic decorations on paper-card are also quite common and easy to find in party supply stores.

Thematic decorations on paper-card Dog Patrol

Image 28 - In addition, you can use creativity, molds, papers and scissors in simple and easy-to-do ideas like these osprey garlands!

Simple and easy idea for party Canine Patrol

Picture 29 - Unique table for the patrolling guests to eat and enjoy the party together!

Canine Patrol Party: 60 theme decor ideas

Picture 30 - Party Kit Patrol Canina: Main table composed only with commercial items of the theme.

Canine Patrol Party Kit

Picture 31 - Super delicate and ornate canine cake pop with icing and American paste.

Cake pop for party Canine Patrol

Picture 32 - Each patrolman with his vehicle! For car lovers, a great way to combine the two themes.

Each patrolman with his vehicle

Picture 33 - Invitation to patrollers: an invitation idea printed for your party with all the necessary information.

Party Patrol Invitation Party

Picture 34 - Plaquinhas to adorn even the pots of the spoon brigadeiro: you can buy or have to print, cut and paste in the pots!

Party Plates for Patrulha Canina

Picture 35 - Party decoration Patrol Canina in pink and blue baby: get inspired in Cockapoo Sky for a super delicate and cute party!

Party Decoration Patrol Canine in pink and baby blue

Image 36 - Personalized plaques and stickers of your favorite characters in the decoration of the table and the packaging.

Party Plates and Patches Personalized Party Patrol

Image 37 - Special ration for the patrollers: Think about buying dog food pots to play the bowls or the collective candy glasses on the table.

Special ration for patrolmen

Picture 38 - Fruit salad in the glass!

Fruit salad in the glass

Picture 39 - Another idea for your souvenirs: if the item chosen to gift your guests is thematic, think of a transparent packaging to highlight the presentation of the object!

Ideas for souvenirs Canine Patrol

Picture 40 - Details in every corner! Boots, hydrants and patrollers' safety helmets scattered around the environment make a decoration without mistakes!

Details in all corners of the party decor Patrol Canine

Image 41 - Thematic snacks for a Party of the Dog Patrol: mini-hot dogs to serve during the party.

Thematic Meals for a Party of the Dog Patrol

Picture 42 - Canine Patrol table setting in custom colors!

Dog Patrol Table Arrangement

Picture 43 - Main table of the feast Canine Patrol theme with many animals and footprints scattered around every corner!

Main table of the feast Canine Patrol theme

Picture 44 - Use theme toys that your child already has at home to create a personalized decoration and even more special: table arrangement with the vehicles of the patrollers!

Little toys to decorate the table

Picture 45 - Birthday souvenirs Canine Patrol: bone shaped box with the visual identity of your party for the guests.

Birthday Remembrance Canine Patrol

Picture 46 - Even for the sweets that already comes with packaging, a special detail of the patrollers for you.

Characters in the party bonnets Dog Patrol

Picture 47 - Other toys, even if they are not of the canine patrol, can be included in your decoration!

Toys to complement the canine patrol party decoration

Picture 48 - Incredible invitation elaborated for party Canine Patrol!

Incredible invitation designed for party Patrol Canine!

Picture 49 - More buttery cookies confected with the theme Canine Patrol: besides the icing decorations, also use rice paper with the images of your favorite characters!

Buttery biscuits confected with the theme Canine Patrol

Picture 50 - Canine Patrol Panel as background for your main desk.

Canine Patrol Panel

Picture 51 - For outdoor parties, think about using decorative elements hanging from trees or poles!

Outdoor Party Decor with Cane Patrol Theme

Image 52 - Decorations for cupcakes of your favorite characters and pennies with canine footsteps in American paste.

Decoration of cupcakes for party canine patrol

Picture 53 - Party fake cake Dog Patrol!

Party fake cake Dog Patrol!

Picture 54 - Party Souvenir Canine Patrol: drawing coloring book with wax chalk and several stories!

Canine Patrol Party Remembrance

Picture 55 - Arrangement of table full of colors, little dogs and fun for your party canine patrol!

Canine Patrol Party Arrangements

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