Bridal Tea List: Learn how to make and items to put

The bridal shower list is very important for anyone planning to get married or move in alone. They are small objects of everyday life, like glasses, cutlery and even the pans that are part of this list.

At that point, that doubt may appear: What to put on the potty? The truth is that the list can be small or huge. It varies from person to person and how you want to make your bridal shower.

Who wants something simpler can bet on the essential elements to give life to the house, since those looking for something very complete can include even decorative items for the kitchen.

How to make the bridal shower list?

To make your simple bridal shower list you should note down on a paper or on your own computer everything you need for your kitchen. In that first moment, as you are still organizing the list, write down everything you need.

The ideal is to give a search on the internet for prices, so you can know what is expensive and what is cheaper. If the idea is to bet on simple bridal shower, you filter the list then leaving only what is most in account.

Leave the most expensive items for the wedding gift list or what you intend to buy. All care is little at the time of setting up the pottery list, after all you do not want to look too demanding.

Once you've filtered your list with the most items in mind, make a new selection, to leave only what is really needed for the kitchen. Try to keep all items at an average price, but if it is not possible add in the cheapest ones that the guest can give you dishcloths or some other cheap item together.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that you should not order appliances on your pot-pan. Leave these items to buy after or for the wedding list.

Where to put the bridal shower gift list?

Once you decide what will be present on your full pot bridal list, it's time to make it available to the guests. People need to know where to find the items you have separated and if you have followed the price tip more into account, direct the guests to those stores.

It is possible that in some specific stores it is possible to leave your bridal shower list there. Take into account if the location is easy for the vast majority of people and if you own most of the requested items.

In addition to the physical stores, a very useful tip is to put the pottery online, allowing guests to shop online or decide where they want to buy the utensils they ordered.

If you prefer to just get the money and then buy what's on your kitchen tea list, you can bet on wedding websites. There, guests can access the wedding gift lists and all other related events such as bridal shower . The difference is that no one will buy the requested items, only carry out the payment and you in the end receives the sum in cash.

What to put on the bridal shower list?

Bridal Tea List: Learn how to make and items to put

If you are organizing your bridal shower, but do not know exactly what to ask the guests, check out some indispensable items and their quantities. If you wish you can put together a full pot of tea with quantities:

1. Can opener

It is a basic item and you will use it with certain frequency. Only one is enough on the list.

2. Bottle opener

You can order a full opener, from those that open from wine bottles to beer bottles or that simpler, to glass bottles. No need to order more than one.

3. Sugar bowl

The sugar bowl adds a special touch to the table at breakfast time or afternoon snack. Even if you do not use sugar, order the item for when you receive visitors. Only one looks great.

4. Knife Sharpener

At first the knives in your kitchen kit will be sharp, but according to the time of use it is natural to lose the wire and having a knife sharpener at home will help a lot. One is enough.

5. Baking pans

They may be non-stick or non-stick. The important thing is that you will need roasters to cook. Order different sizes. Large, medium and small baking sheets, for example. Here put at least three, one of each size.

6. Apron

A great ally when it comes to doing the dishes is the kitchen apron. Include one in your ready for bridal shower .

7. Plastic basin

Practice to defrost a meat or leave some food from the boil. You can ask for one or two on your list.

8. Egg beater

Whether it's to cover a pie or use that grandmother tip to make the cake softer, you'll need an egg whisk to make it clear in snow. One is enough on the bridal shower list.

9. Bowls

They can be for soups, beans, caipirinha or ice cream. The important thing is that they are on your list. You can ask for an even number: two, four or six.

10. Kettle

Great for heating the water for tea. Or just heat water for another purpose. Please include one in the list.

11. Strainers

For tea, coffee and milk. Specify this in the list. You can also order different sizes.

12. Mugs

The mugs are practical for day to day. Order a kit with two or four mugs.

13. Water glasses

A kit with six or eight cups to drink water is great for your potted tea list.

14. Wooden spoon

The ideal is to order a kit of different sizes, so that you use the wooden spoon not only to make cakes but also to stir the food in general.

15. Spoon, spatula, skimmer and bean ladle

The kit can be made of plastic, aluminum or silicone. The important thing is to have at least one at home.

16. Shell for ice cream

It is practical to serve dessert. Ask for only one.

17. Meter cup

You're sure to want to risk trying some recipes in the kitchen. The measuring cup will be your ally in that moment. Ask two because you can cook something that needs to measure dry and liquid items.

18. Rest of pots

It is essential for you to avoid ruining your tablecloths. Not always will you put all the food in bowls, sometimes the pots will also be on the table. Two to three should be on your list.

19. Dish drainer

Some items will be washed in the sink even if you have dishwasher so do not forget the dish drainer.

20. Pasta Colander

Only one already helps. It makes it more practical to make that pasta.

21. Pizza spatula

Practice to get your piece of pizza. It's a useful item and only one looks great.

22. Lemon squeezer

Squeezing lemon with your hands may not be a good idea. After all there is the risk of staining the skin. Then order a lemon squeezer on your full pot pantry list.

23. Ice packs

Some refrigerators come with the ice cube. Still, it does not cost anything to include two more on the bridal shower.

24. Cutlery

Ask for a full cutlery, as you will need forks, knives, spoons and spoons in your day to day life.

25. Pans

The ideal is to order frying pans of different sizes. At least include a large, medium, and small skillet on the list.

26. Thermos flask

The thermos is convenient for storing hot tea or coffee to take in throughout the day. Ask one of your guests. Can be large or medium size. Take into account how much coffee or tea you drink.

27. Jug of juice

You're sure to have juices while you're at home. Put a jar of glass juice and a plastic one on the list.

28. Set of cups with saucer

Saucer cups are perfect for tea or coffee. The ideal is to have at least one game with four or six of them at home.

29. Dairy

Even if you do not drink milk or prefer to warm up in the microwave, include a toast . They are useful for other functions such as making tea (not the sachet) and boiled eggs.

30. Wastebasket

Every kitchen needs a bin in the sink. There you will throw the leftover food and the fruit peels. You can order one from your kitchen tea list.

31. Cookware

The pots are one of the most important elements of the kitchen. You can order individually, including the size and quantity of each or the complete cookware kit.

32. Dish cloths

Dishcloths need to be on your list. You can order several as they are a cheap item.

33. Dishes

Shallow plates and bottoms should be included in the list. Order the kit, so it makes it more practical for the guest.

34. Dessert dishes

Although bowls are useful for eating desserts, have home-made dishes also. Ask for a kit with four or six.

35. Tablecloths

Last but not least is the tablecloth. You can order several of cloth or plastic, it is your choice.

Now you already know how to make your bridal shower list. Start now to write down the items you consider essential!

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