Breastfeeding armchair: models for you to choose your

Choose the breastfeeding armchair perfect when setting up the baby's bedroom is not one of the easier tasks. Especially if you are a first-time mom! This is because breastfeeding armchair guarantees an exclusive, comfortable and welcoming place for this moment so important in the life of mom and baby.

There are several factors that stand out when we think of a breastfeeding armchair: ergonomics, comfort of the mother: the supports for the back, the head, the arms, the legs - puff: yes or no ?; the comfort of the baby, and the suitability to the rest of the room. All this makes the task difficult, but not impossible!

In today's post, we'll give you the right tips to make sure you choose the right armchair, plus tell us all about the benefits of having one, what to pay attention to before you buy, and what maintenance tips! Oh, and of course, our traditional gallery with 60 armadillos de amamentação pictures with and without balance.
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Why a breastfeeding armchair? know your advantages

Breastfeeding armchair: models for you to choose your

Breastfeeding is a very important time for the baby and mother. The act is not only to suppress feeding through breast milk, which contains all the vitamins and nutrients that the baby needs, but the moment of breastfeeding is one that creates and strengthens the unique bond between the two.

In this way, it is important that breastfeeding be done in a safe and comfortable environment for those involved.

Especially in the early days, Mom needs to get used to the right way to hold the baby until she finds the position that will suit both of them. At that moment, it makes all the difference the place and the position in which is the mother.

The breastfeeding armchair is not an indispensable item for the baby's room, but having one in the bedroom is the guarantee of a safe, comfortable and cozy place for all times of breastfeeding where the mother and baby need all the relaxation possible.

Therefore, the breastfeeding armchair ends up drawing attention when it comes to buying the furniture in the room and, along with the crib and the dresser, ends up entering the basic list of many people.

Mom and baby: how to choose the perfect armchair for both

Breastfeeding armchair: models for you to choose your 1

The chair and the armchair are two of the oldest items in the design history, so there are a lot of types of armchairs that may or may not be used as a breastfeeding armchair.

The softest and most comfortable models are best known and preferred when it comes to an armchair for breastfeeding. But when we talk about comfort, many chair models can fall into this category, even those that do not look that soft.

The options are almost infinite: between swivel, swing, puffs, in an older style, modern or contemporary, various fabrics or weave of natural fiber, types of wood, prints, colors and so on.

The ideal to start choosing the perfect armchair is to experiment. In addition to the models and colors, the focus here is functionality.

For second or third trip moms, it's easier, but first-time moms need to start taking into account that breastfeeding can be a quick or time-consuming activity: so the armchair may not only be comfortable in the first few minutes, but it you must continue with this strong feature for as much time as the two spend on it. Even for a possible nap!

Therefore, the resistance of the materials end up having extra importance because the armchair must last at least during the period indicated by the doctors of exclusive breastfeeding, the first 6 months of the child's life. But the ideal is that the chair last longer because, created a bond between mother and baby, this corner can become a special place for both.

Although there are very good models with low backrest and support, the most comfortable ones are those that are broader and more robust because they end up behaving well, stimulating the mother's rest and relaxation during breastfeeding.

But whether it's high or low, here are key points to consider when testing your armchair:

1. Good support for head, back and arms

When it comes to holding the baby, these two supports are fundamental, so it does not cause discomfort in the mother, especially after a longer breastfeeding time.

The lateral support for the arms helps to hold the baby during breastfeeding, facilitating its arrival in the mother's womb. Thus, the weight is distributed and the task requires less effort from the mother.

The ideal is to be able to support the entire lumbar region of the column in the back of the armchair. In this case the ergonomics are of the utmost importance: a well-made armchair has the perfect curvature, almost hugging Mom's back.

In the case of the head, most armchairs do not have such a long backrest, but you can already separate a cushion if that is your case.

2. Height suitable for mommy size

No use, a very high chair for a lower woman or a low armchair for a tall woman require a lot of effort when sitting and getting up, which can cause pain in the mother and discomfort in the baby, breaking the moment of relaxation.

Be sure to choose the right type of armchair for your body type!

3. Footrest in armchair or puff

Another important factor to ensure the comfort of the mother: the foot rest. Here we have two main alternatives: the foot rest in the armchair or the puffs. These are usually quite famous and are often sold in conjunction with the armchairs, but there are some models sold separately.

The puff is a good resource as it ensures a very stable support to rest your legs.
Another type of feature that is not so used is the chaise longue, those elongated armchairs that are already made to spread our legs in its structure.

Attention to the structure of the armchair!

A tip for swing or swivel armchairs: It's important to know them well and be careful when sitting or standing with the baby on your lap. Ensuring that the swing or swing of it allows stability is essential!

60 incredible and current models of breastfeeding armchair for you to get inspired

After all these tips, now look at 60 images of breastfeeding armchair models in bedroom decor. And at the end of this article, learn how to clean your armchair:

Picture 1 - Armchair of breastfeeding in a modern style with tire puff with sisal rope.

Breastfeeding armchair with tire puff and sisal rope

Picture 2 - Armchair of breastfeeding of balance in straight lines.

Swinging breastfeeding armchair in straight lines

Picture 3 - Complex wooden structure for those who want to breastfeed swinging or standing.

Wooden breastfeeding armchair with swing

Picture 4 - Armchair of breastfeeding in straight lines and with a good lateral support.

Model of breastfeeding armchair with good lateral support

Picture 5 - Super cuddly accessories to make the experience more comfortable yet.

Accessories to make the breastfeeding armchair more comfortable

Picture 6 - Leather jacket and a fluffy shawl to balance.

Leather-covered armchair

Picture 7 - Like a boss: super backrest for a very comfortable armchair

Super comfortable breastfeeding armchair

Picture 8 - Breastfeeding armchair in a more serious color: lead gray to rock.

Breastfeeding armchair in gray color

Picture 9 - Invest in the right accessories: cushion and hold to ensure comfort and coziness.

Cushion and held to ensure warmth

Picture 10 - Basic White: the right choice for anyone who is afraid of making mistakes in the color mix in the baby's room.

Basic White In Breastfeeding Armchair

Picture 11 - Robust and well-rested breastfeeding armchair to be comfortable.

Robust armchair model for breastfeeding

Picture 12 - Armchair of breastfeeding in organic forms and ergonomic adjustments.

With organic shapes and ergonomic fit

Picture 13 - The perfect slope for breastfeeding.

Perfectly sloping armchair for breastfeeding

Picture 14 - Super comfortable and colorful for a more relaxed room.

Super comfortable and colorful for a baby's room

Picture 15 - The most classic model of the armchairs of breastfeeding.

Classic model of breastfeeding armchair

Picture 16 - A simple breastfeeding armchair that you already have can be rearranged for this function.

Armchair simple transformed and adjusted for new function

Picture 17 - Very comfortable and spacious breastfeeding armchair that combines with the other elements of the room.

Comfortable and spacious breastfeeding armchair

Picture 18 - Simple breastfeeding armchair with support for low arms.

Simple breastfeeding armchair with armrest

Picture 19 - Armchair of breastfeeding with balance well robust to stand out in the room.

Breastfeeding armchair with robust swing

Image 20 - The classic wooden rocking chair from Grandma's time.

The classic wooden rocking chair

Picture 21 - Super-spacious breastfeeding armchair in plaid patterned fabric.

Super spacious breastfeeding armchair!

Picture 22 - Princess breastfeeding armchair: wood carvings for a dazzling and super sophisticated look.

Princess armchair

Picture 23 - Very strong wooden structure for a smooth swing.

With strong wooden frame for a smooth swing

Picture 24 - Low armchair with buttoned upholstery and well worked feet.

Low Upholstered Armchair

Picture 25 - Buttoned in the form of lozenges in a basic white.

Buttoned in the form of lozenges

Picture 26 - Bet a different and colorful picture to give the room more life.

Bet on a different and colorful print

Image 27 - A neutral and dark color for an environment with strong colors.

Neutral environment-friendly armchair with stronger color tones

Image 28 - Invest in enough space and comfort for this moment.

Plenty of space and comfort with an adequate armchair

Picture 29 - Armchair of breastfeeding and puff super rounds and full of softness.

Armchair and puff super rounds

Picture 30 - Blue to inspire calm and tranquility at the time of breastfeeding.

Blue to inspire calm and tranquility

Picture 31 - Armchair low to accompany the growth of the baby.

Low armchair to accompany baby growth

Picture 32 - Long backstitch to fit the back and relax the neck and head in the armchair.

Long back to fit back

Picture 33 - Neutral breastfeeding armchair with colorful details matching the room decoration.

Neutral breastfeeding armchair

Picture 34 - Swivel armchair with puff in a modernized chesterfield style.

Modernized chesterfield style breastfeeding armchair

Picture 35 - Puff round and super soft to rest the legs.

Round and super soft puff for leg support

Image 36 - Another inspiration in the old classics: swing in rattan.

Armchair with rattan swing

Picture 37 - Another armchair with puff and a different print.

Breastfeeding armchair with puff in different print

Image 38 - Ergonomics and a very modern and organic look.

Ergonomics and a very modern look

Picture 39 - Super comfort in the soft and padded armchair.

Super comfort in the armchair

Image 40 - Did not find the perfect set? Mix materials and colors and form your perfect set.

Mix different pieces to form the perfect match

Picture 41 - Armchair of breastfeeding with balance and puff for each moment.

Breastfeeding armchair with swing and puff

Picture 42 - Position your armchair next to a window to take some sun.

Breastfeeding armchair near the window

Picture 43 - Keep a blanket always around if you fall asleep.

Armchair for breastfeeding and maintenance

Picture 44 - Another example of backrest and low support.

Armchair with backrest and armrests low

Picture 45 - Super support for the arms in an organic design.

Super support for the arms in an organic format

Picture 46 - An armchair of breastfeeding more than traditional.

Traditional breastfeeding armchair

Picture 47 - In the same style as the rest of the baby room furniture.

Following the same style as the rest of the room

Image 48 - Balance between the shapes and the balance signed by the designers Charles and Ray Eames.

Charles Eames Armchair

Picture 49 - Bet on a model with a deep seat and a different puff!

Bet on a model with a deeper seat

Picture 50 - Puff super cuddly in reduced size.

Super cute puff in small size

Picture 51 - Armchair made with a braid for more contact with nature.

Armchair made with a braid for more contact with nature

Picture 52 - Breastfeeding armchair with swivel base and a fluffy and fluffy puff.

Breast-feeding armchair with swivel base

Picture 53 - Futuristic Design: Egg swivel armchair with silver accents.

Egg swivel armchair with silver accents

Picture 54 - Armchair with reed braid to gain enough comfort and texture in your room.

Armchair with reed braid for comfort and texture

Image 55 - Balance structure in focus.

Featured Balance Sheet Structure

Picture 56 - Mini egg armchair with puff with many colored cushions.

Mini egg armchair with puff

Picture 57 - Puff / table with natural braid to relax and form a more interesting set.

Puff with natural braid to relax

Image 58 - Crochet Puff: handmade, super soft and full of style.

Crochet Puff

Image 59 - Chaise longue: armchair and puff in one sophisticated style.

Chaise longue armchair

Image 60 - Another idea with natural fiber for a more contemporary look.

Another idea of ​​an armchair with natural fiber for a more contemporary look

How to clean and maintain your breastfeeding armchair

Some types of care are fundamental in this type of furniture, especially since the mother and the baby spend a lot of time in it.

Breastfeeding armchair: models for you to choose your

The first tip is well beaten, but it needs to be always beaded: use only neutral products to clean your armchair! As the baby is very young, it can not be exposed to products with action and strong odors, so if the product is antiallergic, better yet!

As it is a place that can stop with milk drops, the second tip is: think of a material that allows a quick cleaning! Even if we try, the chair is dirty and can not be washed all the time: after all, the use is intense, especially in the first months of the baby. Any cleaning that can be done quickly with a damp cloth or with a little soap will help in the maintenance and use of the chair.

Also, do not forget: the breastfeeding armchair is for the exclusive use of mom and baby, so nothing to use as a toy storage or let other people stay in it! This avoids any type of contamination that may come close to the baby.

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