Blue room: how to decorate and compose with the color tones

Continuing our articles on blue environments, have you thought about decorating your room with the shades of blue as the main elements? Today we are going to talk only about the tones of this color chart in the living room decoration that both please us and remind us of the sea and the sky.

The shades of blue as tiffany , cobalt, petroleum, turquoise and marine have taken care of the decoration of different environments inside the house, and with the room could not be different. The color blue is the color of the sky and the sea, possessing calming effects and, according to the universe of advertising, advertising and marketing, brings a climate of confidence and stability when used.

THE blue room provides a versatile and elegant atmosphere that allows a wide variety of combinations when it comes to composing an environment, whether classic or within the most contemporary trends.

To make perfect use of this color that is one of the darlings of the decoration, you can bet on a decoration betting only on the palettes of the blue, creating a monochromatic environment, as in a composition of blue with other colors, like pastels, gray, beige, candy colors, off-white tones with vibrant colors closer to green and purple or even investing in contrasts with warm colors such as yellow, orange and red.

Blue is a color that allows for a lot of versatility and, depending on the composition that is made with it, you can achieve completely different results, coming to varied styles. The most fun and relaxed environments, for example, need a more varied color palette and the most vibrant tones are always recommended, while the cleaner environment calls beige, white and brown to be combined with white, as well as a choice of the furniture.

The application of the blue does not have to be restricted to the painting on the wall and some small details of the decoration: the blue works very well like predominant color in the environment, going from the wall to the sofa, to the carpet and the cushions, of the chandeliers and candelabra, in addition to combining both with wooden furniture and floors and with colorful furniture.

Regarding lighting, however, care must be taken, for environments that do not have very good natural lighting, it is always recommended to invest in lighter shades and combinations with white that help draw light and brighten the environment. A completely dark décor in this type of room can end up decreasing and suffocating the place.

Blue Room: 60 ambient ideas decorated with current photos

And to help you make the best choice among the blue room with many composition tips, we have separated 60 images in our gallery to inspire you.

Picture 1 - Blue room of the wall up to the sofa: look for the unit of decoration in color.

Blue wall room up to the sofa

Picture 2 - Light blue to the room that gets plenty of natural light through the window.

Light blue to room

Picture 3 - Blue Room: highlight the royal blue wall that gives the environment a more vibrant and cheerful mood.

Highlight the royal blue wall

Picture 4 - Blue in several different patterns: on the cushions look for different patterns in the same color scale.

Room with different patterns of blue

Picture 5 - Environment with well clean decoration and a velvety wall to attract attention.

Blue room: how to decorate and compose with the color tones

Picture 6 - Contemporary blue room: A touch of blue on the wall style burnt cement .

Blue room: how to decorate and compose with the shades of color 1

Picture 7 - Blue and white room: another example of how to mix patterns.

Blue room: how to decorate and compose with the color tones 2

Picture 8 - Vibrant Blue Room: Bet on several strong shades of blue for a consistent palette.

Vibrant Blue Room

Picture 9 - From cheerful to sophisticated: the turquoise blue wall matching with the blue velvet sofa couch.

Turquoise blue matching wall with blue oil sofa

Image 10 - Use yellow as a contrast to the blue environment.

Yellow: a great color to create contrasts

To leave the wall in a more neutral mood, use a lighter shade of blue.

Tone of grayish blue on wall painting

Picture 12 - Pictures, posters and illustrations in the same shade of blue of the wall also bring an additional charm.

Blue room with pictures

Picture 13 - Another contrast with warm colors: blue and red to leave the environment more welcoming.

Blue and red for a more welcoming environment

Image 14 - Break the cold climate of the blue room by inserting some plants and a touch of more green.

A touch of green to a blue room

Picture 15 - Just like yellow, gold also works very well with blue, especially the most vibrant tones.

Gold with blue

Picture 16 - To further promote the blue tone in your living room, complete with functional decorative objects such as tables, washers, centerpieces ...

Room with decorative objects in blue color

Picture 17 - The emerald green and the green flag combine well with the darker shades of blue, but it is interesting to insert other colors in some detail to harmonize the environment.

Blue and emerald green in room decor

Picture 18 - Blue and white is a classic combination that gives personality and brings light to the environment.

Room with blue and white decoration

Image 19 - Blue and gray room with insertion of yellow details.

Blue and gray room with yellow details

Picture 20 - You can think of differentiating the colors from the top and bottom, like this example of ceiling and white wall with armchairs and blue carpet.

Room with carpeted and chairs in blue color

Picture 21 - The gray scale is the new darling at the time of decorating with the blue.

The gray scale is the new darling at the time of decorating with the blue

Image 22 - Royal blue room with a mustard tone.

Royal blue room with a mustard tone

Picture 23 - Another contrast of hot and cold super classic: blue and pink room.

Room with blue and pink decoration

Picture 24 - The tones considered neutral in the decoration as the shades of beige and brown are great complements the blue room in the matter of furniture.

Beige and brown shades in blue room decor

Image 25 - The most abstract and unstable patterns also make a good reference to the sea in the blue room.

Blue room with abstract patterns

Picture 26 - Blue and red in the same decorative objects give a greater depth of sensation to the blue background of the wall and the sofa.

Blue and red on decorative objects

Image 27 - The ideal to not lose the depth of your environment and make it look smaller, is to invest in different textures to apply on objects and on the wall.

Blue room with coffee table

Image 28 - For those who do not want a traditional wall with paint, it is worth investing in a panel of mdf, which can be found in several colors.

Room with mdf panel in blue color

Picture 29 - Modern furniture is also characterized by its different and vibrant colors.

Blue room with modern furniture

Picture 30 - The tiffany blue is coming as a neutral tone to be applied everywhere, from the wall to the sofa.

Tiffany wall blue to sofa

Picture 31 - Sofa royal blue velvety as protagonist of this room full of ornaments and colors.

Royal blue sofa as the protagonist of this room

Picture 32 - Blue and brown in a room with straight lines, in a typically masculine decoration.

Blue and brown in a room with straight lines

Image 33 - By the way, even the most vibrant tones can be used in this male environment.

Blue with vibrant tones

Image 34 - Working with primary and secondary colors in a vibrant, super-organized and cheerful environment.

Primary colors in a vibrant environment

Image 35 - Mix modern full decor of colors and textures of blue on wall and decorative objects.

Modern decoration full of color mixing

Picture 36 - Colored walls and vibrant blue shades to complete this blue room.

Colorful wall with vibrant blue and green tones

Image 37 - The natural stones to get away from the industrialized items.

Natural stones to get away from industrialized items

Picture 38 - On your wall, choose between the uniform painting and the one that adheres to the ink stains.

Non-uniform paint

Picture 39 - Another example of panel that composes very well with the painted white wall.

Room with blue panel

Picture 40 - To leave the blue as the protagonist of your room, invest in decorative elements in tones similar to that of your wall.

Combination and harmony in the blue room

Image 41 - The same tone on different objects and materials.

Similar shade in coatings and decorative objects

Picture 42 - Royal blue is perfect for a more urban and relaxed environment with several pop images.

Royal blue for a more urban environment

Picture 43 - The velvet blue sofa gives the environment a more luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere.

More luxury and coziness with a velvet sofa

Picture 44 - Although more difficult to find, the baby blue sofas make a success in the decoration of the room.

Blue baby sofa: success in the room decoration

Image 45 - Blue predominating on all sides of this environment.

Room with predominant blue

Picture 46 - chesterfield sofa in blue velvet for an extra touch of sophistication for the room.

Chesterfield sofa in blue velvet

Picture 47 - You can also insert blue in the classic leather Chesterfield with shawls and cushions.

Blue Room with Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Picture 48 - Modern and super-powered environment in functionality in blue, red and brown.

Modern and super-connected functionality

Picture 49 - In addition to the wallpapers, there are several techniques that exploit finish and different textures with latex inks on the wall.

Different finish on the living room wall

Picture 50 - Purple is another color that combines a lot with the blue, but be careful not to overdo it and leave the environment dark and with a mysterious tone.

Purple is another color that fits well with blue

Image 51 - Blue and green peacock feathers dictating the mood of this blue room.

Blue and green of peacock feathers in room

Picture 52 - Navy blue and darker shades for a room with more serious and mysterious mood.

Most Serious and Mysterious Room

Image 53 - Renew your old furniture with patina and a special corzinha.

Renew your old furniture with patina

Picture 54 - Blue in all the corners and in several shades mixed with other colors for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Blue in all corners and different shades

Picture 55 - Blue on Blue: Match other types of decorative elements with your blue wall.

Blue on blue in the room

Image 56 - Royal blue also for environments related to concentration and intelligence.

Royal blue to encourage concentration

Image 57 - Environment with mix of blue and brown.

Environment with mix of blue and brown

Image 58 - Another style of painting to get away from the basics: Blue gradient on the wall.

blue gradient on the wall

Image 59 - Another mix of more classic patterns mixed in the same environment.

Mix of classic patterns

Image 60 - Panels with reliefs make the room more interesting.

Panels with reliefs make the room more interesting

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