Blue bedroom: guide to decorate this room with color

Sleep in one blue bedroom can bring us a sense of calm and tranquility, can not we?
We have already talked about decoration with the most diverse shades of blue in another post , but today we brought a selection with only ideas of that color to the room! Whether light or dark, blue can create incredible environments with a lot of sophistication, sobriety and even some creative and fun points. Can be used as a base for the bedroom of any age group.

The depth of blue

This color has this power to make us more relaxed, helping to provide a refreshing night's sleep.

After all, after a day of work or study, all we want is a cozy environment that takes away all the stress and anxiety of everyday life, especially if accompanied by a soft bed.

But why a blue room? It is that when we look at the blue color, our brain receives the message through stimuli that are associated with an idea of ​​depth, stability and tranquility, the same one that we find when we look at the blue sky or sea on the horizon.

Blue color in decoration

The sensation of relaxation of this color is not only left there, since it has been proven that staying in a blue environment helps to decrease blood circulation, body temperature and blood pressure.

That's also why some brands and products use blue in their visual identity: have you noticed that Samsung, Ford and Facebook have the same color? It is not by accident. The blue in advertising and advertising is linked to the idea of ​​depth, stability, confidence and intellect.

In the decoration, this color is used in several ways, in its more than 100 cataloged tones . But the room turns out to be an environment especially conducive to blue for its soothing effect.
Its various combinations, with light, dark colors and especially the warm colors (yellow, orange and red), can give a good balance in the composition and bring other sensations and meanings to the environment.

But let's not forget that blue is the colder color of the visible spectrum. Depending on the intensity, it can promote a more sleepy and serene environment, ideal for rooms, but not for environments that should be more hectic.

Blue for all tastes: from the double bedroom to the baby's room

Blue is one of the preferred colors of much of the world's population, appearing in various regions and cultures, according to several surveys.

This is also because blue is one of the most versatile colors in the spectrum, combining with many other colors and tones, whether cold, hot or neutral!

This aspect of the blue makes it fundamental for the creation of different types of environments, with different proposals that are sure to please in the double room, children's room and even for the baby.
And this not only for the men's rooms, which are traditionally attached to the blue. Girls have several options of that color to choose from, depending on the mood the room should have.

But here are some general tips regarding color tone and its effect on the environment:

Dark tones : in Feng Shui, blue is related to wisdom and, in darker tones, to intuition. Dark blue has this power to create a more serious and sophisticated environment, ideal to match woody tones, especially mahogany. But do not forget to make a composition with some light color to ensure the contrast of colors and that the environment will not get too heavy and without lighting.

Medium tones : For a livelier environment, the average shades of blue are ideal. In this sense, Royal Blue, Turquoise , Blue Tiffany stand out, and when combined with other colors like yellow, pink and orange, get a special highlight. The atmosphere is more cheerful and relaxed.

Clear tones : these are a good choice for that environment that proposes to take the stress of the day to day or to calm people very agitated. Light shades are especially suitable for baby rooms, but everyone can use their properties!

70 blue bedroom photos to inspire your decor

Now, take a look at our selection of images with designs for bedrooms, for children and infants!

Double Blue Room

Picture 1 - Stained headboard with painting style sunset with blue and red.

Sunset style painting on blue headboard

Picture 2 - Combination of primary colors is always a hit.

Combination of primary colors in a blue room

Picture 3 - Light and medium shades of blue to draw natural light to your room

Room with light and medium shades of blue

Picture 4 - Orange to highlight the blue: working with opposite-complementary colors.

Orange to highlight the blue in the room

Picture 5 - In the same color palette: several patterns united by color.

Several patterns of blue united by color

Picture 6 - Blue room from the wall to the bed: several tones composing an atmosphere full of tranquility.

Blue wall to bed room

Picture 7 - Navy blue combined with pastel shades: a color in the neutral environment.

Navy blue with pastel tones

Picture 8 - Blue + yellow = green.

Blue and yellow in bedroom decoration

Picture 9 - Minimalist room in blue: low bed with few items.

Minimalist blue room

Picture 10 - Blue and brown or copper aged in the room: sober and mature tones.

Blue and copper in bedroom decoration

Image 11 - Warm and vibrant colors in the blue room.

Warm and vibrant colors in the blue room

Image 12 - Dark blue for a more serious environment.

Dark blue for a more serious environment

Picture 13 - Light blue wallpaper to help illuminate the environment.

Light blue wallpaper

Picture 14 - Contrast: white and vibrant blue create a bright and full color environment

Contrast between white and vibrant blue

Picture 15 - Experiments on the wall: watercolor style painting with blue stains in a super modern environment.

Watercolor style painting and blue stains

Picture 16 - Blue room in all details, even in the decorative objects.

Blue room in all details

Picture 17 - To leave the neutrality, a very attractive wallpaper.

A flamboyant wallpaper to get out of neutrality

Picture 18 - Pattern in two colors on a darker and more sober wallpaper.

Color pattern on darker wallpaper

Image 19 - Layer over layer of shades of blue.

Layer on layer in shades of blue

Image 20 - Blue detail on bedding.

Blue detail on bedding

Picture 21 - Wall highlighted by the color and the shelves that create horizontal lines in the environment.

Wall highlighted by color

Image 22 - Beige and golden call attention on blue background.

Beige and golden draw attention on a blue background

Image 23 - Sea blue falling from frame to wall.

Sea blue in bedroom decoration

Picture 24 - Combination of medium and light tone only in blue.

Medium and light tone combination only in blue

Picture 25 - Light blue that comes out of the wall and covers the furniture too!

Light blue that comes out of the wall and covers the furniture

Image 26 - Pattern of matching frame and bedding.

Matching frame pattern with bedding

Image 27 - Apparent white tiles not to steal the protagonism of the blue in this room

Apparent blank slabs

Image 28 - Blue room for explorers.

Blue room for explorers

Image 29 - Blue gradient on the wall.

Blue gradient on the bedroom wall

Picture 30 - Blue and beige in a feminine room with lots of class.

Blue beige in a female bedroom

Picture 31 - Mega headboard upholstered in royal blue.

Large headboard with royal blue

Image 32 - Turquoise blue waves to remind of the sea.

Turquoise blue waves to remind the sea

Picture 33 - A mixture of rustic and modern in a predominantly blue room.

Rustic and modern mix

Image 34 - Blue: tradition of color in various cultures.

Blue color tradition

Image 35 - Turquoise blue drawing attention.

Bright turquoise blue

Image 36 - Navy blue in combination with white, yellow and mahogany.

Navy blue in combination with white

Image 37 - Blue room of inspiration Boho chic

Blue room with boho chic inspiration

Image 38 - Another alternative way to paint the main wall: stain style watercolor in navy blue.

Another alternative way of painting the main wall

Picture 39 - Hummingbirds on blue background: bringing nature into the room.

Kisses flowers on blue background

Image 40 - Light blue and light pink: classic combination that never fails.

Light blue and light pink

Picture 41 - Compose with blue and several other colors for a more relaxed environment.

Compose blue with several colors

Image 42 - Navy blue and black make a more serious environment.

Navy and black in bedroom decor

Picture 43 - Another combination with details in orange.

Combination of blue with orange details

Picture 44 - Keep your decor at bed height.

Decorated blue room

Image 45 - Blue and white always refers to the nautical climate.

Blue and white room that refers to the nautical climate

Image 46 - Pattern also on the ground: chevron rug white and turquoise blue.

White chevron and turquoise blue in the bedroom

Picture 47 - Give a special color to your apparent brick.

Apparent bricks with blue color

Image 48 - Quiet climate in a blue and gray room.

Quiet climate in blue and gray room

Picture 49 - Blue in various materials and patterns in this super modern room.

Blue in various materials

Picture 50 - Light blue and white always form a more neutral and calm environment, mainly for the room.

Blue bedroom: guide to decorate this room with color

Blue children's room

Picture 51 - Colored ceiling: new trend in turquoise blue

Colorful ceiling with blue in children's room

Image 52 - Royal blue wall with stars for those who like to explore the universe.

Kids room with royal blue on the wall

Picture 53 - Of iron or wood: bed in vibrant colors gain prominence among children.

Iron or wood bed

Picture 54 - For the grown up: simple room based on blue and some more details.

Single room based on blue color

Picture 55 - Blue as the main color in this planned bunk.

Bunk bed in blue color

Image 56 - Insert lighter elements to bring light into the room with a darker color.

Children's room navy blue

Image 57 - Very light blue and white for a climate inspired by the sky.

Very light blue and white for a climate inspired by the sky

Image 58 - Alternative painting: dispense the wallpaper and form patterns or colored areas with paint.

Dispense the wallpaper and form patterns or colored areas with ink

Picture 59 - For boy's room: the blue is always classic.

Classic Blue for Boy's Room

Picture 60 - Another room based on the sky: stronger colors and a bed-nest to sleep like a bird.

Decoration based on the sky!

Image 61 - Neon inspiration.

Neon Inspiration

Image 62 - Different poles: blue is present in every corner of the Earth.

blue is present in every corner of the earth

Baby blue bedroom

Image 63 - Light blue to keep the environment neutral and quiet.

Light blue to keep the environment neutral and calm

Picture 64 - To balance, it is worth using a light tone and a dark tone.

To balance, use a light tone and a dark tone

Picture 65 - Blue on the wall and on the furniture too!

Blue on the wall and furniture too

Image 66 - Combination with two light shades in the entire room.

Combination with two light tones

Picture 67 - A dark blue wall? Yes you can!

Dark blue wall: yes you can!

Image 68 - Blue with gold accents.

Blue room with details in golden color

Image 69 - Tropical climate: light blue and pink to make the environment cooler.

Blue bedroom in tropical climate

Image 70 - Blue sky for aviators to fly steadily through the clouds.

Blue sky for airmen

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