Black and White Kitchen: 60 Enthusiastic Decorating Models

A pair that never goes out of style. Black and white is a classic choice in decor and does not offer great scratches. A touch of black and you create sophistication and elegance, a touch of white and you enlighten and ennoble the environment. In this post, we will only talk about the black and white kitchen:

The two colors can come at the same time, each contributing its characteristics and sensations. One can be the basis, the other the details. No matter what your choice, the result will always be positive. You can create varied styles using the duo, from the most rustic to the most modern.

White is the traditional color of kitchen furniture and appliances, but it can also come in the floor and flooring. Black is more commonly used in detail as the stone of granite the bench or in the accessories and objects of decoration. Nowadays, however, it is already possible to find black appliances and, with the possibility of the furniture planned, you can design your cabinets as you prefer.

Even if everything flows to a perfect black and white décor, remember one thing: the white color brightens and expands the environment, so if your kitchen is small, opt for a higher density of white than black.

60 models of black and white kitchen to have as reference

In fact, the duo is released. Dare and try. To inspire you in this combination, we selected some projects. Check out:

Picture 1 - Black and white kitchen: balanced combination.

Black and white kitchen: balanced combination

In this kitchen, black focuses on cabinets and some accessories. The white is on the floor, the walls and the counter top. The pair was well distributed, creating a visual harmony in the environment.

Picture 2 - Black and white kitchen: copper tones to enhance the environment.

Black and White Kitchen: 60 Enthusiastic Decorating Models

The option in this project was to let white appear more. The black is in the details, like at the foot of the table and in the closet of the sink. The copper tone came to give life to the kitchen.

Picture 3 - Black and white kitchen: black on one side, white on the other

Black and white kitchen: black on one side, white on the other

In this kitchen, the colors do not mix. Each occupies one side of the environment, creating a dividing line between it.

Picture 4 - Black and white kitchen: black belt

Black and white kitchen: black belt

Most of the black color was centered in this project, both in the area that composes the island and in the imaginary line that surrounds the kitchen. See how the color appears on the brick wall of the sink, the frieze of the window and the detail of the closet, creating a black belt.

Picture 5 - Dominant black in black and white kitchen.

Black dominant in black and white kitchen

Black dominates the design of this kitchen, but white appears on the floor and floor. Note that the lighting above the sink confers amplitude to the environment, in addition to enhancing it.

Picture 6 - Simple black and white kitchen: black on top, white on bottom.

Simple black and white kitchen: black on top, white on bottom

A simple proposal to create a black and white kitchen.

Picture 7 - Black background.

Background black

The black bricks valued the white of the cabinets, which in turn, uses black handles to generate harmony in the kitchen.

Picture 8 - Black and white kitchen with rustic details.

Black and white kitchen with rustic details

In this R & B kitchen, the rustic style stands out. The wood and exposed elements harmonize and combine with the classic duo.

Image 9 - Small black and white kitchen.

Small black and white kitchen

Small kitchen can use black sim. In the right measure, as in this model. The black color comes in the lower cabinets and the white is on the top to brighten the room and provide the sense of amplitude needed.

Picture 10 - Black wall.

Black wall in black and white kitchen

The kitchen has gained a touch of sophistication with the black wall and other elements in color, such as chairs, stove and chandeliers.

Image 11 - Black and white kitchen in line.

Black and white kitchen in line

The use of the pair is restricted to the kitchen cabinet. A solution for anyone who wishes to adhere to style, even with a small kitchen.

Image 12 - White to illuminate.

White to illuminate the black and white kitchen

The whole black-clad kitchen, from floor to ceiling, had the help of white to brighten and expand the environment. The effect was so interesting that the closet seems to levitate on the wall.

Picture 13 - Absolute black in black and white kitchen.

Absolute black in the black and white kitchen

Not afraid to be happy, this project bet on black and the result was incredible. The white, as an assistant, appears in the corner. The sensation of amplitude is due to the vertical lines that the furniture prints in the environment. Note that they point in the same direction and, with this, the kitchen seems to expand beyond its limits

Image 14 - Delicate black and white.

Delicate black and white kitchen

Classic handles have left this kitchen in a very clean and smooth style. A sure combination.

Picture 15 - Black to bring elegance.

Black to bring elegance

The function of the black color in this project was to give an air of elegance and sophistication. Balance is the hallmark of this kitchen

Image 16 - Black band.

Black belt

The black stripe on the wall marks presence and is there to show that the kitchen is not only white.

Image 17 - Splashes of black.

Splashes of black

In this kitchen, the black color appears spattered on some elements. It breaks the white monotony and imprints its personality into the environment.

Picture 18 - An impact kitchen.

An impact kitchen

Painting a wall of black may seem risky, but note that with the moderate and proper use of color, the environment is overrated.

Image 19 - Choose a side.

Choose a side

The hallway kitchen bet on using the colors on distinct walls to create an elongated visual effect. The result was harmonious and beautiful.

Image 20 - Tijolinhos in black and white kitchen.

Tijolinhos in the kitchen black and white

Any style is possible in this type of kitchen. The boulders help to relax the environment.

Picture 21 - Clean and modern black and white kitchen.

Clean and modern black and white kitchen

The predominant white of this kitchen was harmonized with soft touches of black color in some elements. In the end, a clean environment and a modern look.

Image 22 - Black and white minimalist kitchen.

Minimalist black and white kitchen

With only the necessary, this kitchen highlighted the island in the center with the black color and left the rest of the cabinets in white. The famous "less is more" benefiting the environment.

Image 23 - Stripes in black and white kitchen.

Stripes in the black and white kitchen

The striped rug reinforced the P & B intent of this project. There is no doubt that the combination was the measure.

Picture 24 - Points of light in the black and white kitchen.

Points of light in the black and white kitchen

The blank details in this kitchen create points of light in the decor. Even with the predominance of black color the environment was not overloaded.

Image 25 - Black and white kitchen: high aesthetic value.

Black and white kitchen: high aesthetic value

A black and white kitchen for no one to fault. The distribution of colors became harmonious and each color brought its characteristics and functions to the environment. The result was perfect.

Image 26 - White table top.

White surface

Contrary to what we usually see out there, this kitchen bet in black for the cabinets and in white for the counter top. The inversion worked very well.

Image 27 - Modern black and white kitchen.

Modern black and white kitchen

The striking lines of the furniture and the absence of handles left this kitchen with the face of modernity. Note that white is not left out when incorporated into the sink faucet.

Image 28 - Black and white kitchen with luxurious details.

Black and white kitchen with luxurious details

Want to print a different face for the traditional black and white? Invest in the details. In this kitchen, for example, the differential is in the gold tone handles.

Picture 29 - Zig zag black and white.

Zig zag black and white

To get away from the basics, how about a floor matched with the flooring? Especially if it is in a model like this one of the image, what do you think? An interesting variation for black and white projects

Picture 30 - Black and white kitchen with plaid floor.

Black and white kitchen with chess floor

The cabinets do not escape from the traditional, but the floor ... That yes, is the face of the daring. You can repaginate your kitchen with such a floor or with tiled flooring. It does not take much to get such a look.

Image 31 - Black nanoglass countertop.

Black nanoglass countertop

A smooth and homogeneous black countertop made in nanoglass to contrast with the white of the cabinets.

Image 32 - Black and white kitchen illuminated.

Illuminated black and white kitchen

White illuminates this kitchen, while black brings a touch of luxuity to the design.

Image 33 - Black and white stripped.

Black and white stripped

A relaxed style kitchen can also be black and white. Notice that some touches of color were needed, such as in chairs and decorations. But all very subtly.

Image 34 - Wood in the P & B project.

Wood in the B & W project

The black and white kitchen harmonizes very well with the wood of the cabinet. Highlight for indirect lighting that brings even more coziness to this kitchen.

Image 35 - Black well marked.

Black well marked

In this kitchen, black was well marked in the air lockers. Your presence is strong and undeniable.

Image 36 - Black and white kitchen exploring the effects of light and shadow.

Black and white kitchen exploring the effects of light and shadow

The purpose of this kitchen is to work with the natural luminosity that comes through the window. The place where the light is most incident is exploited by the white color, the place that is in the shadow is highlighted by the black color. In the end, the colors and their effects intensify.

Image 37 - Black in straight lines.

Black in straight lines

The black of this kitchen was used in a balanced way. Straight lines left the cabinet even more sophisticated and highlighted the white of the lower cabinet. A classic combination that always works.

Image 38 - Cutouts in black.

Black cutouts

In the uniformity of the white color, the oven and the microwave in the black color made a beautiful cut and important for the composition.

Image 39 - Black and white kitchen: neutrality.

Black and white kitchen: neutrality

In this white kitchen, the black enters to compose the lowered ceiling and the wall. Highlight for the black lamps that illuminate the balcony.

Picture 40 - For each color, one style.

For each color, a style

In the white part of the kitchen, the style is rustic. In the black part, it is the modern that dominates. A design that unites different styles through the most striking features of each color.

Picture 41 - Black and white kitchen with style and good taste.

Black and white kitchen with style and taste

Picture 42 - A touch of black.

A touch of black

The black grout would be enough to create this B & W kitchen. But, notice that the floor also follows the proposal.

Picture 43 - White cabinets to soften the environment.

White cabinets to soften the environment

A little white to give light and softness to this kitchen. The predominance of black is bold and requires a larger area not to overload the environment.

Image 44 - Relaxed white and black kitchen.

Relaxed white and black kitchen

The black wall that imitates a blackboard is a good alternative for those who want to join the B & B, but do not give up a more cheerful and stripped-down project.

Image 45 - Classic black and white kitchen.

Classic black and white kitchen

This type of kitchen that only takes the counter in black is thought tailor made for those who are afraid to risk on bolder proposals.

Image 46 - Charming black and white kitchen.

Charming black and white kitchen

The triangular wall covering in black and white colors left the kitchen charming. Notice that the pair of colors does not reign on this project alone, the cabinets were on account of the gray, which discreet as always, goes unnoticed.

Picture 47 - Combination without errors.

Combination without errors

Leaving the cabinets all white is the best option for those who are afraid of making mistakes in the decoration. Insert the black color in the other elements, in an isolated way, as in this image.

Image 48 - A space only for black.

A space for black only

The sink area was reserved only for the black color. The rest of the decor, including the built-in stove in the closet, turned white. The black comes back to make up the table and the chairs

Picture 49 - Strategic black.

Strategic black

In this image, the white color predominates, but it is impossible not to notice the black present in strategic points of this kitchen. A clean proposal.

Picture 50 - Black illuminated.

Black illuminated

The black of this kitchen receives indirect lighting that makes it even more noble and sophisticated.

Picture 51 - Black climbing the walls.

Black climbing walls

The black color comes from bottom to top in this design. At the top, however, it is white that stands out

Image 52 - Black Niches in black and white kitchen.

Black Niches in the Black and White Kitchen

No idea to insert the black color in your kitchen? One idea is to bet on niches and shelves in color. Value the proposal with white crockery.

Picture 53 - Black balcony.

Black counter

The place for meals can come in black color, creating a contrast with the rest of the white decor.

Image 54 - Yellow to impact the look.

Yellow to impact the look

Amidst the sober and neutral tones, a touch of yellow leaves the vibe vibrant.

Image 55 - Shelves to compose the decoration of the black and white kitchen.

Shelves for black and white kitchen decor

Very similar to the previous proposal only on the contrary. In this model, the white shelf creates contrast with the black through the dishes and objects exhibited.

Image 56 - Reigning alone.

Reigning alone

Image 57 - White lights.

White lights

The white lights of the ceiling worked illuminated and enhanced cabinets black and balcony.

Image 58 - Small black and white kitchen with black details.

Small black and white kitchen with black accents

Image 59 - White footboard in black cabinet.

White footer in black cabinet

Image 60 - Proposal taken seriously.

Proposal taken seriously

This kitchen took the proposal of white and black very seriously. The combination of colors comes in the cabinets, the wall and even the small table.
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