Bathroom models decorated

When it comes to decorating the home, it is common for bathrooms to be in the background compared to other environments. But a well designed and decorated bathroom model can enhance all the ambiences of your home besides bringing comfort at the time of your bath.

There are several ways to leave the bathroom with a beautiful look: abuse of colorful details such as rugs, flower pots, towels, good quality linings and furniture with wood or formica, which resist the humidity of the place.

Check out some items tips for you to invest in your decorated bathroom model

Shelves are great for organizing hygiene items and also decorate as they support flower pots or scented candles. In the box, the use of glass shelves is appropriate or even, wall niches. When the bathroom is small, the ideal is to invest in items that have functionality and the shelves are fundamental in this question.

The rugs make the bathroom more cozy, choose those that are non-slip to avoid accidents. Another important attribute is the material, with fast drying.

The paintings give identity to the space, choose the art that accompanies the colors of the rest of the environment, with moldings resistant to humidity and steam.

The plants give charm to the bathroom and can be placed in vases or cachepôs on the shelves, niches and on the sink bench. Prefer species that adapt to low-light or artificial lighting.

The mirror is a piece that can not miss in the bathroom, but to escape the traditional, you can choose different models and formats. Choose taking into consideration your style, they can be found with models and formats more classic until the farfetched.

Tubs: There are a few options for you to insert into your bathroom: the built-in, overlap, semi-fitting, floor, wall, see all types of vats here . In the market, they can be found in several formats: square, rectangular, round and oval. The vats and toilets do not necessarily have to be of the same brand or line, but it is important that the color is the same so that the composition is harmonious.

95 models of bathrooms decorated to inspire

After considering these basic tips, check out our gallery selected with 95 ideas from models of bathrooms to decorate with style and harmony:

Picture 1 - Bathroom with box in pastille transparent.

image (1)

The tablet coating is a modern option for the bathroom. This design opted for the transparent pads to coat the wall of the box with a lighted niche to support the bath products.

Picture 2 - Bathroom with box covered in wood.

image (2)

A minimalist solution for bathroom decor: a box model with glass walls and inner lining in wood. In addition, the wood is used on the floor, creating a visual continuity and bringing color to the composition.

Picture 3 - Bathroom with wooden lining and black furniture.

image (3)

For those who like more sober tones: this bathroom was designed with sober colors, among them black to wood. Here we have a darker floor, as well as the stone flooring and the mirror frame with the color. To make the composition, the walls are white and there are details of wood materials with the ceiling lining.

Picture 4 - Bathroom model with white marble countertop.

image (4)

This design is another example of the combination of tablets with stones: here, the whole box was coated with green tablets, from the floor to the walls. The application of marble on the floor follows the same pattern on the sink bench with carved vat.

Picture 5 - Modern bathroom with sloping wall.

image (5)

A bathroom model with differentiated design in the architecture: in this proposal, one of the walls slopes diagonally, creating a unique and modern look for the composition of the decoration. On one of the walls, there is a space between the box and the other part of the bathroom, with the support function for bath utensils and objects.

Picture 6 - Bathroom with niche inlaid in tone of green lemon.

image (6)

This project shows how simple it is to add a touch of life to any bathroom: here, painting was the artifice used to achieve this effect, between the sink bench and the cabinet with mirror doors, lemon green was the choice of hue. In addition, there are lighting points that make this area stand out.

Picture 7 - Zen-coated bathroom with concrete plate and view to oriental garden.

image (7)

A project that takes advantage of the integration with the external area with a lot of style and harmony: here the bathroom has an opening to the outside area with a small fountain and details of the oriental decoration. Inside bathroom, concrete slabs are used as wall cladding.

Picture 8 - White bathroom.

image 8)

The white color is classic in the decoration, besides being a great alternative to have a clean bathroom. This design uses color in sanitary ware, countertop and wall. The insert coating was the choice to compose with the decoration on the floor and the material of the shower box. One tip is to use only a few decorative objects to add color in a white bathroom, it could be a niche, a vase, flowers, jars, soap dispensers and other items.

Picture 9 - Large bathroom with two benches.

image (9)

For plants that allow a special bathroom design: this proposal focuses on two exclusive countertops for the couple, so each one has the personal hygiene items at your fingertips. Some projects take advantage of this tendency to also include two showers in the same box, or even separately.

Picture 10 - Bathroom with bathtub and box.

image (10)

A bathroom model with neutral decor that you can be inspired: here, the wall receives the painting in gray color with white shutters in the window. There is also a beautiful modern bathtub positioned diagonally, with a floor that accompanies the format. It is the same floor used in the bathroom box, which in addition to being ample, has a stone bench for support during the bath.

Picture 11 - Bathroom with bathtub and box together.

image (11)

This model of bathroom is an excellent option for those who have little space in the bathroom floor but want to unite the practicality of the shower with the comfort of the bath in the same space. The design uses the coating of pellets in the box area, gray paint on the walls, ceramic tiles with neutral tones and a bench with brown stone and wooden cabinet.

Picture 12 - Model of bathroom with bathtub and wooden bench.

image (12)

In this design, the bathroom has a large glass window to enjoy and relax with the view of the outside area. O burnt cement was the choice of the floor, without joints of expansion, valuing the continuity. The white crockery contrasts with the wooden counter top with drawers. Above, a closet with mirror doors with spots on the bottom of its lighting, towards the vats.

Picture 13 - Bathroom in earthy tones.

image (13)

A model of bathroom for those who like the wood and the earthy tones that stand out the contact with the rural and the nature.

Picture 14 - Bathroom with walls of burned cement.

image (14)

The burnt cement is one of the coatings used in the style of minimalist and industrial decoration. In this design, there is room for a support tub with metal wall faucet, a small mirror and lamp. In the box, the stone on the floor delimits the separation of the spaces and to complete, a ceiling shower inlaid with LED lighting.

Picture 15 - Bathroom with rectangular shower and deck floor in wooden deck

image (15)

This is another design that features a noble built-in rectangular ceiling shower. Here, the floor of the space has a wooden deck, where water flows through the spans, without spoiling the wood.

Image 16 - Bathroom model coated with dark porcelain tile and wooden countertop.

image (16)

A distinctive design that features porcelain tiles with darker shades, both on the floor and on the wall. Inside the box, a lighter shade was used on one of the walls to maintain the color balance.

Picture 17 - Small bathroom with bathtub.

image (17)

A bathroom model for those who have a smaller floor plan: despite this, this design has a bathtub next to the shower area. On the walls, the stone flooring with niche wall in the bath area.

Picture 18 - Bathroom with wall in stone and carpentry with dark wood.

image (18)

For those who prefer a decoration with classic style: stones with light tones and dark woods in the cabinets.

Picture 19 - Bathroom with bench in the box covered in stone.

image (19)

A bathroom with a large comfortable bath space, lined with light stones, still has wall niches, a bench and floor with shades of gray.

Image 20 - Bathroom with insert and rectangular porcelain coating.

image (20)

In this design, the balanced combination between white and brown. In the box, white tablets run through the floor, bench and shower wall, on the side wall, a gray rectangular porcelanate was used as a coating. On the outside, a white vat with a wooden cabinet, as well as the floor that follows shade similar to brown.

Picture 21 - Bathroom with black finish.

image (21)

In this proposal, the bathroom is coated with dark porcelain tiles, both on the walls and on the floor. In the box area, two showers, niche wall and a modern bath. The countertop is white, just like the cabinets. Above, a cabinet with mirror door.

Image 22 - Bathroom with floor and tub in concrete.

image (22)

Another example that combines the shades of wood with the concrete. Here, a wall lined with stones next to the tub, plus the double tub on the extended countertop, mirrored cabinets on the top.

Picture 23 - Bathroom with modern sanitary equipment.

image (23)

In this project, the burnt cement porcelain tile was used for both the floor and bathroom walls. Here, a modern toilet model with straight lines, just like the wall vat.

Picture 24 - Bathroom for double room with black wall.

image (24)

A spacious open bathroom design for a double bedroom: with modern attributes, dark walls and a ceiling shower.

Picture 25 - Bathroom with modern sink in wood and stone.

image (25)

This bathroom design features a round stone sink resting on pieces of wood arranged in a non-uniform way. An elegant and modern proposal, in addition, the dark floor and wall flooring leaves the environment with an intimate look.

Image 26 - Bathroom with mirror and recessed niche with LED lighting.

image (26)

A proposal of bathroom with neutral and modern decoration: stones in the wall of the box and in the alcove above the sink, cabinets with mirrored doors, toilet fixed to the wall and plaster lining with lighting.

Image 27 - Dark bathroom with wood niche.

image (27)

Another proposal that uses dark porcelain tiles for bathroom decor. Here, there is a niche of wood that holds the cabinet with glass doors, in addition to having a space to support objects near the tub. The toilet model is one of the most modern, fixed directly to the walls.

Image 28 - Clean bathroom with wooden floor.

image (28)

A clean bathroom proposal with white stones on the walls of the stall and around the tub. The wood tones were used on the floor and in the planned furniture which has two elegant vats.

Picture 29 - Bathroom with detail in the wooden ceiling and partition in bamboo.

image (29)

In this proposal of bathroom all covered in stones, the bath area counts with box, wall niches, shower of ceiling and a tub of modern immersion. The bamboo partition ensures privacy for anyone inside the bathroom.

Picture 30 - Bathroom with shades in gray.

image (30)

This design uses the gray porcelain tile on the walls, the dishes are white, including a wall-mounted toilet and a beautiful floor tank. The box is divided with glass and the wall niches serve to support objects.

Picture 31 - Bathroom with large box, black wall and wooden floor.

image (31)

To add a touch of color to the bathroom design with dark floors and walls, the choice of wood was made in the bath area, where water trickles down its edges.

Picture 32 - Bathroom with clear tablet and niche built into the box.

image (32)

Picture 33 - Black and white bathroom.

image (33)

Picture 34 - Simple bathroom with bathtub.

image (34)

Picture 35 - Bathroom with detail of tablets in the box.

image (35)

The use of tablets in the box on a strip is quite popular, easy to apply and maintain when necessary.

Image 36 - Bathroom with white furniture and dark wall.

image (36)

Image 37 - Romantic style bathroom in light colors.

image (37)

A simple design with light tones, small tub, stone niche on the wall to house the mirror and beauty items. On the wall, coating of rectangular transparent glass inserts.

Picture 38 - Bathroom with cement floor burnt.

image (38)

The burnt cement is an ideal material for those who want to decorate with the industrial or minimalist style. In this large bathroom project, the floor accompanies the entire bathroom with bath, in the box area and in the toilet.

Picture 39 - Bathroom with wooden details.

image (39)

The choice of wood for a wet area should be made with caution: ideally it has moisture-resistant characteristics. An advantage is that it leaves the space more comfortable and cozy during the cold days of winter.

Picture 40 - Bathroom with black wooden bench with white stone top.

image (40)

Picture 41 - Bathroom with box door in smoked glass.

image (41)

Picture 42 - Bathroom with long bench with two sinks.

image (42)

Picture 43 - Bathroom with coating in gray porcelain.

image (43)

Picture 44 - Bathroom with wall detail in canjiquinha stone.

image (44)

The Canjiquinha stone is one of the options to add the natural and rustic feature to the decoration of the environment. It can be found mainly in versions in white, yellow, beige and gray. In this project, it occupies a strip on the wall according to the trim of the floor.

Picture 45 - Bathroom with bench in wooden box.

image (45)

The seat is very functional and practical in the bath area, serving as a foot wash. The box area needs adequate space so that it does not interfere and the positioning of the showerhead should take this item into account. They can be made with woods, stones or concrete.

Picture 46 - Detached bathroom with coating positioned diagonally.

image (46)

Image 47 - Bathroom model with illustration.

image (47)

In this bathroom design, hexagonal white inserts have been applied to the floor, the wall has black tile flooring with white grout, highlighting the material. In the mirror area, a fun illustration was able to change the face of the project.

Picture 48 - Common bathroom with detail in wood.

image (48)

Picture 49 - Bathroom with white closet.

image (49)

Picture 50 - Contemporary bathroom.

image (50)

A bathroom design with burnt cement flooring, plus an extensive wooden bench that accompanies the entire length of the side wall with shower.

Picture 51 - Bathroom with sliding door in mirror.

image (51)

Picture 52 - Bathroom with greenish tablets.

image (52)

Coating one of the walls with lozenges is a practical and inexpensive alternative to decorating a bathroom. There are many color compositions, sizes and ready-made games that can be found in the market.

Image 53 - Bathroom with gray tones and modern shower.

image (53)

Picture 54 - Bathroom with green tablets.

image (54)

Picture 55 - Bathroom with wooden cabinet.

image (55)

Image 56 - Minimalist bathroom with glass window.

image (56)

A lavatory model with few elements: this is how the minimalist style is based.

Image 57 - Bathroom with two showers.

image (57)

Image 58 - Bathroom with large bathtub.

image (58)

Image 59 - Bathroom with gray tablet.

image (59)

Image 60 - Bathroom with shower in the ceiling.

image (60)

This bathroom uses the proposal of minimalist decoration, with the predominant white color on the countertops and walls. On the wood floor and stones in the bath area.

Image 61 - Rustic style bathroom.

image (61)

Nete ​​design, the dark wood adds a rustic touch to the composition of the elements. Inside the bath area, hexagonal pellets were applied to the floor and the stones were applied to the ceiling and walls.

Picture 62 - Bathroom with towel rack.

image (62)

The towel rail is a very practical and functional accessory in the day to day: this stainless steel model is fixed to the wall, with several compartments for bath and face tops. May be an option for more restricted spaces.

Picture 63 - Jovial bathroom with yellow closet.

image (63)

Picture 64 - Bathroom with Box in concrete.

image (64)

Picture 65 - Bathroom with pictures on the wall.

image (65)

Image 66 - Lighted bathroom with winter garden.

image (66)

Image 67 - Bathroom with shades of gray.

image (67)

Picture 68 - Bathroom with box partition on the diagonal.

image (68)

Picture 69 - Bathroom with box wall with wooden slats.

image (69)

Picture 70 - Bathroom with wooden floor in natural tone.

image (70)

Picture 71 - Bathroom with skylight.

image (71)

Picture 72 - Bathroom with bench in L.

image (72)

Picture 73 - Bathroom with two sinks and light wood cabinet.

image (73)

Picture 74 - Bathroom with black coating and shower with two showers.

image (74)

A modern trend is the built-in showers in the ceiling: with adequate space, one can use those that count on a large water flow, with one or more showers.

Picture 75 - Provencal style bathroom in white tone.

image (75)

Picture 76 - Bathroom with rectangular tablet in the color fendi.

image (76)

Image 77 - Bathroom with curved detail in the ceiling.

image (77)

Picture 78 - Bathroom for girls with space for makeup.

image (78)

Picture 79 - Bathroom with mother-of-pearl insert.

image (79)

Picture 80 - Bathroom with lath in wooden slats.

image (80)

Picture 81 - Change the look of your closet with a touch of color!


Change the face of a bathroom with geometric colors and shapes. In this jovial design, the cabinet doors get the print on stickers, already on the opposite wall, blue tiles with designs in white.

Picture 82 - For a jovial bathroom: floor with geometric prints.


Picture 83 - The 3D coating brings charm and lightness to the bathroom.


Picture 84 - Give sophistication to your bathroom with built-in niche.


Picture 85 - Leave your bathroom with an oriental touch!


Picture 86 - The industrial style demands dark finishes.


Image 87 - Insert a corner to keep the towels functional and beautiful.


Picture 88 - How about relaxing with your own vertical garden?


Image 89 - Block of colors in the joinery.


Picture 90 - Invest in a good lighting project to highlight some points of your bathroom.


This project demonstrates a lighting project can completely change the decor of a bathroom: the sanca , the spots and the ceiling lamp illuminate strategic points of the bathroom. The project also has rustic wood on the countertop and as a base for the glass mirrors, which were cut to suit the shape of the wood.

Image 91 - Bathroom model with burnt cement.


The concrete and the burnt cement leave the atmosphere more urban and current, besides being a neutral material.

Picture 92 - Shared bathroom.


Image 93 - Contrast of colors and materials.


The subway tile is a material that is high in decoration and was used on the side walls of this project. The bath area with shower and toilet, the floor and one of the walls has the marble flooring. The workbench is extensive, made of concrete with carved vat, in addition, a lower shelf with wood holds the objects and items of hygiene.

Picture 94 - Large and modern bathroom!


In this large bathroom proposal, 3D wall cladding is an option that creates an interesting visual effect in the composition. The bathroom even has a wooden deck to support the white soaking tub.

Picture 95 - Tiffany Blue in a beautiful and sophisticated way in the bathroom.


A beautiful bathroom model that adds color to the elegant shape. Here the choice was of the tiles with blue Tiffany and brown strokes. The bench matches the proposal, as does the soap dish on the brown stone countertop.

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