Bathroom mirror: tips for choosing the ideal model

Let's talk about mirrors for the bathroom today. Yes, this classic and indispensable item in the decoration. Companion of all hours, the mirror gives us good morning and accompanies us in the daily care routine, filling our life with self-esteem.

Undoubtedly, mirrors are great friends of man. To get an idea, the artifact has been present in the history of humanity since 3000 BC.

And of course, you will not leave that object out of your bathroom decor. Be it small or large, there will always be a wall space to hang a copy. And has for all tastes (and pockets). The versatility is so great that it allows the choice of shape, size and style.

Another important feature that makes the mirrors fundamental in the decoration is the ability of them to amplify the environment. Smaller spaces are even more benefited by them. Mirrors also help illuminate the space, as they reflect all the light received.

When decorating your bathroom with mirrors, analyze the style you want to give the environment and choose the model that best fits the proposal. The frames (or the absence of them) help to tone the decor.

60 Tips For Choosing The Ideal Bathroom Mirror

To have no mistake when choosing the ideal bathroom mirror, check out the tips and images below:

Picture 1 - Half to half.

Half to half

The half-way mirror broke the symmetry of the bathroom decor. The gold of the frame converses with the gold of the metals. It is undeniable that the mirror appreciated the environment.

Picture 2 - Mirror for vertical bathroom.

Vertical Bathroom Mirror

In that bathroom, the mirror comes upright, on top of the counter. A different idea, since most of the times the bench mirrors are positioned horizontally. Note that in this mirror there are no frames, leaving the environment lighter and cleaner

Picture 3 - Duo of mirrors for bathroom.

Duo of mirrors for bathroom

To differentiate a little, how about betting on a duo of mirrors, like that one of the image? The result is beautiful and harmonious. The thick wooden frame combines with the other elements of the bathroom

Picture 4 - Mirror for bathroom of great proportion.

Large Bathroom Mirror

While some are small and discreet, this mirror captures all the attention. It fills the entire wall and still causes an interesting effect. At first glance, this mirror looks round, but in fact, the mirror covers the entire space. The false impression is caused by the frame on the larger mirror

Picture 5 - Mirror for bathroom.

Mirror for bathroom

Joined one by one, these mirrors line the entire wall above the sink and the toilet. The lights below them help to give more depth to the environment

Picture 6 - Bathroom with round mirror.

Bathroom with round mirror

Simple and hanging on the towel holder, this mirror fulfills all its functions.

Picture 7 - Mirror for bathroom trimmed.

Bathroom mirror trimmed

In this white bathroom, the mirror follows the design of the square tiles. Cropped on the same line of mirror, it causes a distinctive and beautiful effect to the decoration

Picture 8 - Corner mirror for bathroom.

Corner mirror for bathroom

In that bathroom, the mirror was positioned to occupy the corner of the wall. See how you can escape the traditional way of using mirrors in the bathroom?

Image 9 - Square mirror hanging on the bench.

Square mirror hanging on the countertop

The smooth mirror, without frames, enhances and enhances the bathroom. Notice that it almost reaches the ceiling

Picture 10 - Bathroom mirror with gold frame.

Bathroom mirror with gold frame

Of striking visual, this gold-framed mirror contributes (and a lot) to the decor of this romantic-style bathroom. Placed horizontally, it occupies the entire extension of the bench.

Image 11 - Bathroom mirror with rounded corners.

Bathroom mirror with rounded corners

The modern-style bathroom became even more beautiful with the rounded detail of the mirror corners

Picture 12 - Mirror with luxurious detail.

Mirror with luxurious detail

The retro-influenced bathroom has gained in sophistication with the glass pendants that fall on it

Picture 13 - Cabinet with built-in mirror.

Cabinet with built-in mirror

The built-in mirror in the closet is very common to be seen in bathrooms, yet in this model it has become more elegant due to its larger size

Image 14 - Sophistication of the mirror with the rustic of the wood.

Sophistication of the mirror with the rustic of the wood

In this bathroom, the mirror comes to give sophistication and balance the rustic effect of wood

Picture 15 - Mirror to keep in the pocket.

Mirror to keep in your pocket

This mirror reminds those models to close and to keep in the pocket. The metal chain reinforces the suggestion that the mirrors can be removed and stored at any time

Picture 16 - Functional double.

Functional mirror double for bathroom

Beautiful and functional, this set of mirrors are a great choice to decorate the bathroom and take care of the hygiene and the visual

Image 17 - Articulated mobile mirror.

Articulated mobile mirror

Another interesting idea. In this bathroom, the mirror is movable and articulated. You can move it wherever you want and take advantage of it in the best possible way

Image 18 - Ceiling pendant mirror.

Ceiling Pendant Mirror

In this industrial style bathroom, the mirror comes from the ceiling fixed on the pipe

Image 19 - Mirror following the height of the coating.

Mirror following coating height

To create a single harmonic line, this mirror accompanies the coating boundary

Image 20 - Mirror of shapes.

Shape Mirror

The simple and romantic bathroom decor uses a mirror with a fan-like shape. Simple, beautiful and functional

Picture 21 - Mirror with vintage frame.

Vintage Frame Mirror

The vintage frame of this mirror set the tone for the decor. The bathroom was charming, classic and sophisticated

Image 22 - Mirrors looking like windows.

Mirrors that look like windows in the bathroom

The shape of these mirrors refers to the design of windows. When positioned in the bathroom they cause the sensation of being in front of an external view.

Picture 23 - Mirrors of black frame.

Bathroom mirror with black frame

The black mirror frame follows the B & W line of this bathroom. The option of just supporting them on the countertop, rather than hanging them, is another alternative to using mirrors.

Picture 24 - Rounded mirror.

Rounded Mirror

The rounded shape of the mirror softens the environment and helps to check out the romantic mood of that bathroom

Image 25 - Curved bathroom mirror.

Curved Bathroom Mirror

The curve shape of the mirror, similar to a dialogue balloon, is responsible for all the decor of this bathroom. Imagine the environment without it.

Image 26 - Mirror with cast frame.

Bathroom mirror with cast frame

The blue frame is larger than the mirror and thus creates an interesting leaked effect. The blue tone of the frame also serves to create a dot of color in the predominantly gray and white bathroom

Image 27 - Mirror for running bathroom.

Sliding Bathroom Mirror

Another creative idea for using mirrors in the bathroom. In this image, the mirror moves along a rail, so it is possible to leave it where it thinks best

Image 28 - Rectangular bathroom mirror.

Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom's mirror covers the entire length of the countertop and helps to enhance the bathroom's sense of space. Highlight for the black frame that talks very well with the other decorative elements

Picture 29 - Set of round mirrors.

Round Bathroom Mirror

The three round mirrors, of different sizes, decorate with grace and charm the modern style bathroom

Image 30 - One-piece mirror on the bench.

One-piece bench mirror

To enlarge the bathroom, the solution was to bet on a large and tall mirror. In addition to enhancing the environment, it still illuminates it by reflecting light.

Picture 31 - Small but present.

Mirror for tiny bathroom

No matter the size, as long as the mirror is present. This is what happens in this bathroom. Even small and discreet, the mirror can fulfill its practical and aesthetic functions

Picture 32 - Mirror with worked edge.

Bathroom Mirror with Crafted Edge

The romantic bathroom got a lot nicer with this crafted edge mirror. The effect was light and delicate, as the project requires

Image 33 - Split in the middle.

Bathroom mirror divided in half

The impression is that this mirror was spread out in the middle. But in fact, the mirrors were purposely positioned to leave the cabinet on the wall in plain sight

Image 34 - Bathroom mirror with wooden frame.

Bathroom mirror with wooden frame

The medium-sized mirror has a wooden frame to integrate it with the environment. At the back of the mirror comes down the hydraulic pipe where the taps were installed

Image 35 - Vintage style crafted edge mirror.

Vintage style crafted edge mirror

The vintage style of this bathroom is even in the shape of the mirror. Nowadays, it is possible to find an immense variety of mirrors with worked border

Image 36 - Skid effect on the mirror frame.

Skid effect on the mirror frame

To match the blue furniture, the mirror frame was also finished in skating

Image 37 - Mirror with retro look.

Mirror with retro look

The frame and the retro shape of this mirror serve to enhance the style of the entire bathroom. Detail for the light and soft tone of the wood of the bezel matching with the stone of the bench of the sink

Picture 38 - Double of mirrors for makeup.

Double makeup mirrors

The mirrors above the counter help at the time of doing the makeup, especially the magnifying mirror

Image 39 - Mirror between the sinks.

Bathroom mirror between sinks

This distinctive shape mirror is the charm of this bathroom. He separates the sinks with style. Highlight the towel holder format that follows the same mirror model

Picture 40 - Vintage frame.

Bathroom mirror with vintage frame

To match the rustic style of the bathroom, the option was to use a vintage wooden frame. Was it a charm or not?

Image 41 - Mirror for bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Floor-to-ceiling bathroom mirror

The mirror of this bathroom covers the wall range from floor to ceiling and helps to enhance the modern design of the sink

Picture 42 - Bathroom mirror in the shape of a diamond.

Bathroom mirror in diamond shape

The geometric shape of this mirror makes the bathroom even more modern. Note that the absence of the frame does not affect the decor at all.

Picture 43 - Mirror following the drawing of the wall.

Mirror following the wall drawing

In this bathroom, the mirror accompanies the bevelled shape of the wall. The idea is interesting, because this way, the mirror captures and reflects the natural light of the window for the rest of the environment

Image 44 - Symmetrical mirrors.

Symmetrical mirrors

The symmetry of this bathroom comes to the mirrors, where one side seems to reflect the other, such a resemblance between the sides

Picture 45 - Equal mirrors in the double bathroom.

Equal mirrors in double bathroom

In this bathroom, each one has its mirror and, in the background, an ordinary mirror reflects both. No fight to get ready

Image 46 - Copper mirrors.

Bathroom mirror: tips for choosing the ideal model

Copper is a trend in decoration, and in this bathroom it even appears in the mirrors. To match, the tap follows the tone

Picture 47 - Mirrors on red background.

Mirrors on red background

The striking red décor valued the mirrors on the wall. The frames in black color combine with the rest of the environment

Image 48 - Triangular mirror.

Triangular mirror

Another geometric shape widely used in mirrors. In this bathroom it was combined with the rest of the romantic decor

Image 49 - Mirror protruding from the wall.

Mirror protruding wall

In this bathroom of industrial influence, the mirror was fixed in a wooden box seeming to protrude from inside the wall. Did you like the effect?

Image 50 - Bathroom mirror with lamps.

Bathroom Mirror with Lamps

The gold-framed mirror has bulbs attached all along its side. The metals combine with the frame

Image 51 - Rectangular mirror on the bench.

Rectangular bench mirror

The rectangular mirror covers the entire range concerning the bathroom sink. The discreet black frieze integrates the mirror to the rest of the environment

Picture 52 - Mirror with metallic frame.

Mirror with metal frame

The bathroom full of details bet on a mirror with green metallic bezel. The choice went well, even with the flashy wallpaper on the back

Picture 53 - White bathroom with simple mirror.

White bathroom with simple mirror

This bathroom is an inspiration for those who are afraid to bet on a bolder decoration with mirrors. Simple, basic and functional. Impossible to go wrong.

Image 54 - Mirror with wings.

Bathroom mirror with wings

Common in older homes, this kind of mirror may be the ideal choice for those who want a more retro decor

Image 55 - Mirror with shelf.

Mirror with shelf

The frame of this mirror works like a small shelf. In addition to accommodating the mirror, it still serves to organize small objects. Good choice for small spaces that need to be optimized

Image 56 - Mirrors with individual lamps.

Bathroom mirror with individual lamps

In order not to get confused at the time of getting ready, these mirrors each have an independent lamp. So no one gets in the way of anyone

Image 57 - Round and illuminated.

The mirror in this bathroom looks like a sun, round and lighted. Impossible not to notice his presence. The simple presence of indirect light valued a simple and ordinary piece.

Image 58 - Mirror with indirect lighting.

Bathroom mirror with indirect lighting

The light behind the mirror helps to bring depth to the mirror. The fine, delicate copper frame harmonizes with the other elements of the tone

Image 59 - Mirror in hexagon format.

Mirror in hexagon format

Geometric figures are always a joker when decorating with mirrors. They are modern and stand out in the environment. The black frame matches the rest of the decor

Image 60 - Trio of suspended mirrors.

In this collective bathroom, the mirrors occupy the center of the environment fixed in metal bars. The cast effect contributes to a cleaner decoration.
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