Bathroom floor: know the main materials to cover

The bathroom is one of the most fun residential design rooms! It is small, easy to plan and consequently cheap to decorate. However, it takes time and dedication to make choices right. To help you with this task, we have separated some important tips about bathroom floor , check out:

The first question that arises when buying a new apartment is whether it is worth changing the floor. This is a matter for the residents to choose! The standard builder floor is the white porcelain tile, which according to the rules of decoration is a simple and neutral finish. You can have great results using this floor without having to invest in a new one, for example.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to cover

Now, for those who choose to renovate the apartment or the house, the type of floor most indicated is the porcelain tile. There are a variety of models on the market and are the most resistant to this type of environment.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 1

For those who wish to escape the traditional (white or porcelain), one idea is to venture into other materials. The tile floor, usually colored, is perfect for toilets that carry toilets and white walls. If you wish to invest, a bathroom with marble is striking and hard for many years.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 2

To clarify more doubts and know which floor is ideal for your bathroom, get inspired in these designs and the types of materials to make the right decision:

Bathroom tile: porcelain tile

Before leaving for any porcelain tile, check whether the model is non-slip or if it has the enameled finish. These are the most suitable for the wet area, as they do not slip and do not mark the floor with water splashes.

Bathroom with porcelain floor

The enameled porcelain tile with matte surface brings more security to the day to day.

Bathroom with polished porcelanato

The polished porcelanato has a gloss and a satin touch. If you choose this model, try to insert a rug on the surface to avoid accidents.

Picture 1 - Make a contrast of colors, with application in the box and in the rest of the bathroom.

Contrast colors between floor and bathroom colors

Picture 2 - To give the contemporary air, bet on the dark floor.

Dark floor for a contemporary climate

Picture 3 - Floor to bathroom: the pagination is very important in the final result of the bathroom.

Pay attention to floor pagination to have the ideal result

Picture 4 - Gray is a neutral option for any style of decoration.

Bathroom with gray floor

Picture 5 - Bathroom floor: play with the mix of textures through the materials.

Mix of textures through materials

Picture 6 - Porcelanato of wood gains a version renewed in 2018.

Porcelain tile gets a renewed version in 2018

Picture 7 - Floor to bathroom: the same finish of the walls can cover the floor.

Bathroom with same finish on walls and floor

Picture 8 - Simple and functional bathroom floor!

A bathroom with simple and functional floor

Picture 9 - With the tendency of the black finishes, gray and white become the best choice for the rest composition.

Gray and white, the best choice!

Image 10 - To escape the gray, choose the tone fendi.

Choose a fendi tone to escape the gray

Picture 11 - For those who want a clean and modern bathroom.

For those who want a clean and modern bathroom

Picture 12 - Outline the bathroom areas.

Outline bathroom areas

Picture 13 - If the bathroom is large, opt for large pieces.

Choose large pieces for a white bathroom

Picture 14 - Floor for bathroom: it is also possible to mix two types of finishes in the room!

Mix two types of finish in the environment

Image 15 - If the wall is flashy, opt for a simple porcelanato.

Choose a gray porcelain tile for a striking wall

Picture 16 - Rustic and at the same time, modern!

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to cover

Picture 17 - For those looking for something discreet and functional.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 3

Picture 18 - The porcelanato that simulates the texture of the marble is tendency for the decoration 2018.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 4

Picture 19 - The basic used with lots of charm!

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 5

Image 20 - The most beloved by all: burnt cement .

Cement burned: the most beloved by all

Bathroom tile: tile

The tiles have various patterns, sizes, shapes and can be easily applied on the bathroom floor. With its trend in decoration, the market offers endless shops with this type of product. Here are some compositions made with it on the bathroom floor:

Picture 21 - Make large drawings on the floor.

Form great designs on the floor

Picture 22 - The lines promote a playful effect for the bathroom.

The floor lines promote a playful effect on the bathroom decor

Picture 23 - Add a touch of color to your bathroom with the patterned tile.

Add a touch of color to your bathroom with the patterned tile

Picture 24 - Mermaid style with neutral colors.

Mermaid style with neutral colors

Image 25 - Do you want a neutral print? Bet on the triangular!

Bet on the triangular floor

Image 26 - The colors reinforce even more the presence of the tile.

The colors further reinforce the style of the tile

Picture 27 - Combination bold: box of wood and the remainder in tile.

Bathroom with tile floor

Image 28 - Choose a color of your choice to decorate the bathroom.

Choose a color preference for decorating the bathroom

Picture 29 - You can also play with a mix of colors of the same tile.

Play with a mix of colors of the same tile

Picture 30 - To emphasize, invest in the models with vibrant colors and bigger prints.

Bathroom model with vibrant tile flooring

Picture 31 - The white tile can have its value with some detail in the pagination.

Bathroom with white tile

Picture 32 - To mix different materials you need to have harmony in the choice.

Harmony in the mix of materials

Picture 33 - A neutral tile, but that leaves the bathroom with personality.

Bathroom with personality

Picture 34 - Take the seriousness of the bathroom with the tiles on the floor.

Tiles on the floor to take the seriousness of the environment

Bathroom tile: pellets

Classic and neutral in wet areas, the tablets are the best option for those who want to save money, since its m² is cheap compared to other options. The ideal is to buy plates that make the job easier and still guarantee a faster work. The only disadvantage is the dirt that the material accumulates, choose the sizes with larger sizes to avoid a daily cleaning.

Picture 35 - Make a different combination of tablets.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to cover

Picture 36 - There are the tablets with textures that also simulate the marble.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 6

Image 37 - If you want to innovate, choose different formats.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 7

Picture 38 - Make a different arrangement of the inserts to leave the traditional one.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 8

Image 39 - Charts with some highlighting points.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 9

Image 40 - Create stripes and banners that give the visual dynamic.

Bathroom flooring: know the main materials to coat 10

Picture 41 - Leave the contemporary bathroom with the inserts.

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to coat 11

Bathroom tile: hexagonal

Trend in 2017, hexagons are still continuing this year. They work similar to the pellets, with the difference of their more daring format in the environment. It is also possible to work with the color mix: just study the pagination so that the result is beautiful and harmonious with the rest of the bathroom.

Picture 42 - Create a floral design on your floor.

Floral design floor

Image 43 - Choose an unusual color to highlight in the environment.

Choose an unusual color

Picture 44 - The hexagonal floor is modern for any style of decoration.

Bathroom with hexagonal floor

Image 45 - Your small version also has its charm.

The small version also has its charm

Picture 46 - The rest of the bathroom can also be covered by the hexagonal tablet.

Magazine the rest of the bathroom with material similar to the floor

Image 47 - Grouting is an important detail for placement.

Bathroom with hexagonal floor

Bathroom tile: geometric

Working the pagination is one of the most interesting artifacts in the decor. A simple coating can look amazing if it is positioned at 45 degrees or fish scale style. Mixing two different colors can also be the way to highlight the geometric effect in the bathroom.

Image 48 - Cut the piece into geometric shapes to form a creative drawing.

Cut the piece in geometric shapes

Image 49 - The Chevron print has everything, even more when it is applied to the floor.

Bathroom with Chevron Stamping

Image 50 - B & W colors further enhance the geometric effect.

Black and white to emphasize the geometric effect

Image 51 - The three-dimensional coating is striking in any location!

Three-dimensional coating

Flooring for bathroom: wood

The wood is cozy in any space. Ideally, it should be applied in a deck format, from the box area to the lavatory location. The finer the rulers, the more elegant they are in the environment!

Picture 52 - The deck is cozy for any bathroom.

Bathroom with wooden deck

Picture 53 - The presence of wood leaves the bathroom much more modern.

Modernity with wood on the floor

Picture 54 - Apply the deck in the box area.

Apply the deck in the box area

Picture 55 - For those who have a bath, the combination is perfect!

Combination with tub

Flooring for bathroom: pebbles

The pebbles is a different option for anyone who wants to innovate on the bathroom floor. It can be applied manually (one by one) or on screens to streamline the process. It is not necessary to make a waterproofing, provided a resin cover is made over the floor.

Picture 56 - For a more contemporary bathroom ...

Flooring for a contemporary bathroom

Image 57 - Even the boldest, with an urban footprint!

Bathroom floor: know the main materials to cover

Bathroom tile: marble

Stone is the most expensive material of all those cited above. Its great differential is in the final look that lavishes elegance and sophistication. The tendency of the marble happens in the decoration and even in the design of objects, like vases, crockery, candlesticks and etc. Its appearance with contrasting spots and veins is what marks this type of material! If you want to invest a little more, look for the entire bathroom.

Image 58 - Bathroom with gray marble.

Bathroom tile with gray marble

Image 59 - Marble stains and shine are what most attract attention in a bathroom.

Bathroom with marble floor

Image 60 - The emerald green, which is often overlooked, can be a great choice in the decoration of this environment.

Bathroom with emerald green floor

We hope you enjoy this article on the essential tips and top materials trends for bathroom floors. Do you know which one to choose?

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