Bathroom Cabinet: 65 Tips to Organize and Decorate

Have you thought about the ideal type of bathroom cabinet to your house? After all, the closet is the most important furniture item in a bathroom. This is because, besides the dishes and the shower, the closet is an item that can not be missing when thinking about furnishing this room.

No matter if it is a toilet or a full bathroom, the closets are where we keep our toiletries, from the toothpaste, to the shampoo, bath towel and the stock of toilet paper. Apart from these essential items, some things like make-up and side products are usually stored in this place.

Although the cabinets under the sink are the most used, today there are several ideas in the market that fit into the most varied types of bathroom (be they small or very spacious), such as wall cabinets or other auxiliary cabinets, such as drawer casters .

In today's post we'll talk a little bit more about this bathroom furniture, with all the importance it deserves: full of tips on how to think yours from the items you have and the organization that should do, the ideal height to install and a complete gallery with various models and ideas. Come on!

Types of Bathroom Cabinet: Cabinet x Ordinary Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets can be varied with regard to styles, sizes, materials and even functionalities, extending through a wide range of possibilities sold in both standard furniture stores, construction and renovation items, to cabinets and planned furniture stores .

Therefore, depending on the space you have and the type of decoration you want to make, it is worth thinking right about the possibilities that the different types of cabinets can offer for the decoration and organization of the bathroom.

Let's talk a little bit about them:

The cabinet is that cabinet that, in addition to the doors and drawers, still accommodates the sink on its surface, which is supported, inlaid or overlapping. In this type of cabinet, it is necessary a cut in the joinery for the fitting of this hydraulic part. They can be found to be installed with floor or suspended support, the latter being the most indicated regarding the ease of cleaning

In contrast, the common cabinet can be a furniture of different styles, even dressers and other types that were not necessarily made to be in the bathroom, but can be placed there as well. They are the planned cabinets, the niches and others.

On both models, it is always important to note: they almost always have the same function: to store and organize their items, but the choice will depend on the size of the bathroom in question.

The ideal height for your bathroom cabinet's counters

Some household items need certain standards to suit most people and ensure comfortable use. This is the case for the bathroom counters and the sink, which has a standard measure to maintain the principles of ergonomics, suggested by designers and architects.

The installation is very simple: the idea is that, regardless of the type of sink, tub or cabinet, the surface of the washbasin must be at a height of 90 cm from the floor.

Bathroom Cabinet Height

This height was obtained from the study of body patterns of adults of medium height. So for those who have children at home, it's worth investing in a stool or ladder to raise the little ones at that level while they have not yet grown up.

Organization time: doors, niches and drawers

When it comes to thinking about what kind of cabinet to choose, it is always interesting to think about the materials that will be stored in this place and what style of decoration you want to propose to the environment.

This will help you determine if the best type of closet for you is the one with more drawers, shelves or niches, whether or not it has doors.

For those who have many objects of decoration or want to follow a style that uses utilitarian objects also as decoration, the niches are the most indicated: the rolled towels, soap in different formats and pots with a more interesting design the show leave the bathroom with that face of Spa or Hotel.

But for those who want a more minimalist and modern style, without showing many ornaments, maybe putting doors in cabinets is what will please most, since they hide the accumulation of items and possible little things.

Regardless of doors or niches, it is always recommended to have at least one drawer in your closet to store more personal items such as toothbrush and hairbrush, for example, and other items that should not be so exposed.

But for those who prefer the compartmentalisation system by item type of the drawers, there are cabinets in a more contemporary style elaborated only with this system.

Gallery: 65 models of bathroom cabinet in pictures

Now that you have an initial idea of ​​how to choose your bathroom cabinet, take a look at our gallery!

Picture 1 - Bathroom cabinet with cuba of support in the surface and cabinets and drawers in wood in a straight and modern style with feet.

Bathroom Cabinet: 65 Tips to Organize and Decorate

Picture 2 - Floating bathroom cabinet: fixed structure on the wall with built-in tub and two drawers.

Bathroom Cabinet: 65 Tips to Organize and Decorate 1

Picture 3 - Modern bathroom cabinet B & B: fixed structure in the wall in matte black MDF with two support vats and side niches.

Bathroom Cabinet: 65 Tips to Organize and Decorate 2

Picture 4 - Bathroom cabinet fixed to the wall with doors and colored enamelled drawers.

Fixed bathroom cabinet on the wall

Picture 5 - Bathroom cabinet with sink in a clean style with special lighting.

Cupboard with sink in clean style

Picture 6 - Set of bathroom cabinets: a cabinet with built-in sink and a wall cabinet for medicines in light wood.

Cabinet with built-in basin

Picture 7 - Cabinet type toilet filing cabinet in light green matte and support for toilet paper.

Chest of drawers

Picture 8 - Bathroom cabinet with two large drawers and side niche and a double support tub.

Cabinet with two large drawers

Picture 9 - For double bathrooms: modular bathroom cabinet fixed to the wall with drawers and built-in sinks.

Fixed modular cabinet

Picture 10 - Cabin in a modern style with black structure and orange doors.

Cupboard in modern style

Picture 11 - Cabinet type niche for entire wall with wooden doors and attached toilet.

Niche for entire wall

Picture 12 - Basic cabinet of the size of the built-in sink for who has little space.

Basic cabinet

Picture 13 - Bathroom cabinet with bottom and top: countertop with sink and wall cabinet with integrated mirror.

Bathroom cabinet with bottom and top in the same pattern

Picture 14 - Long bathroom cabinet with three drawers with horizontal handles.

Long drawer cabinet with 3 drawers

Picture 15 - Bathroom cabinet with support bucket in a rustic style of demolition wood, drawers and a bottom shelf for your towels.

Cupboard with support cup

Picture 16 - Bathroom cabinet with wooden support bowl without knobs and fixed to the wall.

Bathroom cabinet with supporting tub

Picture 17 - Cabinet without handles and with support cell.

Bathroom cabinet without handles

Picture 18 - Small and compact bathroom cabinet with door and drawers for a small environment.

Small and compact bathroom cabinet

Image 19 - Suspended cabinet with doors and drawers in a gradient of blue.

Suspended cabinet with doors and drawers in blue gradient

Picture 20 - Cabinet supported on the floor with narrow doors and round trough type handle in the joinery.

Cabinet resting on the floor with narrow doors

Picture 21 - Cabinet with two white doors in contrast with the black iron handles and feet.

Cabinet with two white doors

Picture 22 - Bathroom cabinet in black MDF with four deep drawers and small discreet small handles.

Cabinet in MDF

Picture 23 - Cabinet in a modern design in black, white and blue drawers matching with the pink support tub.

Bathroom cabinet with modern design

Picture 24 - Set of bathroom cabinet with built-in sink and two drawers and cupboard type niches with mirror on the wall.

Bathroom cabinet with built-in sink

Picture 25 - Bathroom cabinet with long sink and two taps for couple.

Long sink and two taps for the couple

Picture 26 - Cabinet in the wall and cabinet with drawers designed for the environment.

Cabinet with planned drawers

Image 27 - Mirrored cabinet to give an optical illusion in the pattern of the wall, ceiling and floor.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Image 28 - Cabinet set with mirror in the doors and cabinet in MDF with two types of finish.

Cabinet with mirror and doors

Picture 29 - Basic hanging cabinet with a door and drawers in a light green finish enamelled.

Basic Suspended Cupboard

Picture 30 - White cabinet with many semi-built drawers drawers and a vat that comes out of the cabinet level.

White cabinet with many drawers

Picture 31 - Cabinet with enamelled pink finish to draw attention in the white environment.

Cabinet with pink enamelled finish

Picture 32 - Planned bathroom cabinet: special drawers for each type of item.

Planned bathroom cabinet

Picture 33 - Mini cabinet for an environment that wants to be practical and works.

Mini Bathroom Cabinet

Image 34 - Vertical cupboard with niches for decorations and storage of towels, soaps and other items.

Vertical cupboard for decorative objects and towels

Picture 35 - Basic and colored cabinet for a minimum washbasin.

Basic and colored washbasin cabinet

Picture 36 - Cabinet that accompanies the minimal style P & B of the space.

Cupboard with black and white style

Image 37 - Suspended cabinet with drawers for drawers.

Suspended cabinet with drawers in drawers

Picture 38 - Cabinet in the stone: drawers and doors of joinery to fit in the structure made of stone.

Cabinet embedded in stone structure

Image 39 - Black hanging cabinet with two sinks and the illusion of reflection.

Black overhead bathroom cabinet

Image 40 - Suspended cabinet with almost invisible doors and oval support vats.

Suspended cabinet with doors without handles

Picture 41 - Drawer cabinet embedded in the stone sink in a different and super contemporary design.

Cabinet with drawers embedded in stone sink

Image 42 - Floor-standing cabinet with doors and drawers in vibrant colors.

Vibrant colors for bathroom cabinet

Picture 43 - White hanging cabinet to bring more light to the environment with floor and half wall in black coating.

White Suspended Bathroom Cabinet

Picture 44 - Antique style wooden closet for a small wash basin.

Wooden Antique Style for Bathroom Cabinet

Picture 45 - Cabinet with pattern that imitates wood to break the dark shades of the bathroom decor.

Wooden Imitation Cabinet

Picture 46 - Cabinet with blue counter and drawers in ivory to add more colors in the decoration of the environment keeping the climate clean

Bathroom cabinet with blue counter

Image 47 - Niche wall cabinet to hold larger items and towels near the shower stall.

Niche Wall Bathroom Cabinet

Image 48 - MDF floor-standing cabinet that imitates wood and sliding doors in a striped colored pattern on the diagonal to give a more relaxed and cheerful touch to the environment.

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet with mdf

Picture 49 - White bathroom cabinet: without highlighting in the predominance of white bathroom, a hanging cabinet with drawers of diggers.

White Bathroom Cabinet

Picture 50 - Double of cabinets of bathroom for couples: each one with its sink and an inverted standard for the design of the furniture in MDF.

Double Bathroom Cabinet for Couple

Image 51 - Bathroom cabinet with a span between the sink and the wooden surface.

Bathroom cabinet with span between sink

Image 52 - Bathroom cabinet embedded in marble one-piece sink.

Bathroom cabinet embedded in the one-piece sink

Picture 53 - Bathroom cabinet with maxi handles as handles.

Bathroom cabinet with maxi handles

Picture 54 - Bathroom cabinet to the floor super discreet and without handles on the doors.

Floor-standing bathroom cabinet

Image 55 - Bathroom cabinet with lining mimicking the shafts of solid wood.

Bathroom cabinet imitating solid wood

Image 56 - Irregular bathroom cabinet for a large, relaxed bathroom that deserves a touch of more colors.

Irregular Bathroom Cabinet

Image 57 - Basic white bathroom cabinet as opposed to the green wall painting flag.

Bathroom Cabinet: 65 Tips to Organize and Decorate

Image 58 - Planned bathroom cabinet with drawers that fits perfectly into the space dictated by the sink built into the wall.

Bathroom Cabinet: 65 Tips to Organize and Decorate 3

Image 59 - Bathroom cabinet with drawers and niches for different types of organization.

Bathroom cabinet with drawers and niches

Image 60 - Black hanging bathroom cabinet with a drawer for a more serious and dark bathroom.

Black Suspended Bathroom Cabinet

Image 61 - Bathroom cabinet built into the entire wall with mirrored doors: creative and functional space.

Bathroom cabinet built-in wall

Picture 62 - Bathroom cabinet with space for niches.

Model with niche space

Picture 63 - Bathroom cabinet with single drawer in enamelled finish.

Bathroom Cabinet with Drawer

Picture 64 - Bathroom cabinet in another contemporary style and different: rounded bench with simple cabinet in shades of antique rose.

Bathroom cabinet with contemporary style

Image 65 - Simple bathroom cabinet with overlapping tub and cava-style handles.

Simple bathroom cabinet with tub

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