Barbie Party: 65 wonderful decorating ideas

Barbie is one of the most famous and influential dolls in pop culture of recent times! It was created in early 1959 and, until today, with its many collections, accessories and even a complete line of friends to complete the game, remains the most popular and iconic doll among children. And so the Barbie party is one of the most popular themes for children's parties.

The cool thing is that, over the years and the continued popularity of Barbie, it's not just the younger generation that packs themselves into the ever-fashionable and pink doll style, but moms also end up having a great time in time to plan and assemble the decorations for parties, cake, snacks and souvenirs for all the guests!

In today's post, we've shared 65 inspiring ideas and images for a perfect Barbie party with the most famous doll in the world! But first of all, beware of some tips to start thinking and planning every detail:

  • All shades of pink : Barbie became famous for her looks and for wearing or decorating her home and accessories with pink. So think of color matching where this tone is the center of attention! Below we give examples with light and neutral colors, colorful and vibrant and even with black.
  • Enjoy the theme in article stores for parties and with other items that can combine : Although the Barbie theme is very famous and recurring in party supply stores, try to diversify so as not to end up with the cart full of items with the character's face stamped. Try to balance with items of a single color, without marks and characters.
  • Decoration with dolls : For a party inspired by dolls, they can not be lacking in decoration and can even be given as souvenirs for small guests. You are super into high put them on tops of decorations, cakes and even turn your skirt into cake!

65 decorating ideas for the Barbie party

To make it easier to see, we separate the best decorating ideas for the Barbie party. Then see this article about children's parties

Cake and candy table for Barbie party

Picture 1 - Main table prepared in the favorite color of the Barbie.

Main table prepared in the favorite color of the character

Think of different shades of pink to form a complete and harmonious composition.

Picture 2 - For those who prefer a smaller table, the most iconic accessory marks the theme: the heart shaped sunglasses.

Sunglasses in heart shape

If the pink and the doll logo inserts do not have much to do with you, think of a decor that focuses on a single accessory.

Picture 3 - Barbie party in pink, black and white.

Decoration with pink, black and white

Black and white are colors that blend with all the others and pink is no exception. Be lighter or more vibrant, the contrast of black and white with pink gives a different effect to the decor.

Picture 4 - Another Barbie party decoration with pink, black and white.

Barbie decoration with pink, black and white

Picture 5 - Main table style dressing table.

Main table with style dressing table

Barbie is very careful about her appearance and a dressing table full of makeup and jewelry seems the perfect environment for the theme.

Image 6 - Highlight for the wall of pink balloons and the silhouette of the barbie.

Wall of pink balloons and barbie silhouette

The silhouette of Barbie is part of your logo and is unmistakable. If you want a simpler design but still refer to the theme, it can work very well in your favor.

Picture 7 - Think of other vibrant colors for a fun and colorful Barbie party.

Vibrant colors for a fun party

The combination with black and white works great for party decoration, but the vibrancy of other colors gives a more fun and relaxed tone to a children's party with jokes and much celebration.

Picture 8 - For fashionistas, an elegant party with the right exhibition of the best looks.

Festa fashionista with the best looks

That Barbie has always had the most careful and inspirational models of clothes and accessories everyone knows, but an exhibit with these models will sure leave all of her guests jaw dropped.

Picture 9 - Provençal Barbie party: mix of classic and modern elements for this doll that is not out of fashion.

Holiday decoration of the Provencal Barbie

Try mixing decorating elements from different eras and relate to this timeless doll!

Picture 10 - Decoration of the main table with light colors and lightness.

Main table with light colors and lightness

The combination of pink and white already brings a lighter tone to the party, but the use of lightweight fabrics and flowers bring a more cheerful mood.

Personalized baby food and drinks for Barbie party

Image 11 - Light snacks and lots of water to stay hydrated.

Light snacks and plenty of water

After all, children's parties always have lots of fun and it's important to get kids' attention to stay hydrated and fed.

Picture 12 - Party of simple Barbie: personalized Italian juices and soda.

Personalized Italian soda for party

Stickers are the simplest and cheapest ways to customize elements of your party: from cup to party favors.

Image 13 - Cookies made by Barbie, chef of cookies.

Personalized biscuits for the party

A buttery biscuit with a delicate shape and confection that way could only be her work, right?

Image 14 - Brigadiers in special packaging and cards of the theme.

Special packaging for brigadeiros with inserts

In addition to the adhesives, another way of decorating in a simple way is using small plates and thematic packages sold in great quantity in stores of articles for decoration.

Barbie packing for brigadeiros

Image 15 - Macarons and cookies with rice paper decoration.

Macarons with rice paper decoration

It does not even make you want to bite a delicate candy like that!

Image 16 - Pink cotton candy.

Pink sweet cotton.

A sweet and super colorful option, everything to do with Barbie.

Picture 17 - A bucket of marshmallow to enjoy the party with lightness and sweetness.

Barbecue party marshmallow bucket

Picture 18 - Special lollipops.

Special lollipops for the party

Custom packaging of lollipops

Picture 19 - A classic touch with frame on honey bread.

A classic touch with frames

Classic sweets can always be reinvented, even more with classic decor elements!

Image 20 - Special toasts for the birthday girl: with soda, of course!

Special toasts for the birthday girl

Bringing a bit of elegance and time to enjoy with Barbie's friends.

Image 21 - Edible and super elaborate tops in cupcakes.

Edible tops on cupcake

Edible Plaque in Cupcake

Image 22 - Tubes filled with colorful jellybeans and Barbie confectionery.

Tubes filled with jellybeans

These tubes are super versatile, supporting different types of food inside and can even be used as a party souvenir.

Image 23 - Barbie's special cup.

Barbie's special cup

Find in party supplies stores and enjoy.

Picture 24 - Snacks and sandwiches in super cute packages.

Snacks and sandwiches in soft packages

Another aspect to draw children's attention to foods, especially healthy ones, is the packaging.

Image 25 - Visual appeal for healthy items.

Visual appeal for healthy items

Think of packaging, personalized labels, TAGs, stickers ...

Decoration and games

Image 26 - A room specially prepared for the fun and relaxation in the Provencal climate.

Room prepared with Barbie decoration from Provencal

Barbie Spa: details for the special corner

What about creating a day of beauty and relaxation just for the best friends?

Image 27 - Chains and other wall decorations with different and fun colors and materials.

Chain for Barbie decoration

The cool thing about party decorating is to improvise and have fun with the different and unusual materials that can be used in the decoration. Let the imagination flow!

Image 28 - Centerpiece with a lot of glitter.

Centerpiece of Barbie with glitter

Barbie is always accompanied by a lot of glitter and glitter can not miss a party with her theme!

Picture 29 - Each with its place prepared.

Table decoration for Barbie party

For a smaller party, even thinking about the place that each one will sit can be a way to demonstrate their concern for the guests!

Picture 30 - Barbie Party Pop Star and her friends ready for a show to entertain their guests.

Barbie and her friends ready for the show

Barbie has many professions and specialties, from chef to pop star!

Image 31 - Fixtures as centerpiece in a closed environment.

Fixtures as centerpiece

Points of light on the desk helps to leave the intimate setting and a secondary lighting if the overall is too strong for location.

Picture 32 - Barbie frame with many flowers at the entrance of the party.

Barbie room with flowers at the entrance

Picture 33 - Bexigas full of style.

Stylish bladders

After all, Barbie brings her style to every place she goes.

Picture 34 - Tip to decorate the party of Barbie: ready to appear in many photos!

Plaquinhas ready to have fun when taking that photo.

The corner of the selfies is becoming more and more important at the current parties and can not miss varied accessories.

Picture 35 - Table decoration inspired by the elegance of Barbie.

Table decoration inspired by the elegance of the doll

Image 36 - In doubt between Barbie and a superhero? Transform Barbie into her super heroine!

Barbie the super powerful princess

As we've talked about in some posts around here, the cool thing about party decorating is letting the imagination go free to create and even combine styles, themes, and patterns. Barbie heroine saved the day one more time!

Image 37 - Barbie beauty station.

Beauty station for the party

Details of beauty season to cheer the girls

Image 38 - Explore party shops to find and match various types of table decor.

Various types of decoration for the party table

Barbie Cake

Picture 39 - Skirt-cake with a very delicate work of American paste.

Skirt-shaped cake with delicate and impressive work

In themes related to princesses and feminine images with long dresses, cakes that mimic the skirt of dolls are becoming increasingly popular with toppings of American pasta, whipped cream and buttercream.

Image 40 - Three layered cake with varied work covering the whipped cream.

Three layer cake with whipped topping

Each layer with a style, but with an internal harmony between them in the cake.

Image 41 - American pearly paste on the cake topping.

American pearly paste on the cake topping

Try the new types of dyes available in confectionery shops.

Image 42 - Barbie's surprise cake.

Barbie surprise party cake

In the same idea of ​​cake-skirt, the inclusion of the doll in the middle of the cake is unusual and brings a different surprise to the guests.

Picture 43 - Cake of a layer with very style.

One layer cake with style

Picture 44 - Princess Barbie Party: plaques and toppers in all corners of the cake table.

Princess Power Barbie Cake!

Image 45 - Cake pedestal for Princess Barbie.

Pedestal Cake for Princess Barbie

Although in traditional birthday parties the cake plays an important role for congratulations, why do not we highlight other elements and items?

Picture 46 - Cake of three floors with work of flowers and lace in American paste.

Three-tier cake

The American portfolio is super versatile and, with jigs and stencils, allows all kinds of texture and design.

Picture 47 - Barbie crepe cake.

Cake crepe gradient model

The crepe cakes are becoming more fashionable and are super fast and simple to make. Almost a touch of magic.

Image 48 - Cake with separate individual portions.

Cake with separate individual portions

How about getting out of the conventional cake format and moving on to smaller, individual versions?

Image 49 - Fake cake with super colored boxes and Barbie on top.

Fake cake with super colorful Barbie

Picture 50 - For a more intimate party, a layer with decoration super cute.

Cake for a more intimate party

Image 51 - Skirt-cake with decoration in icing spout.

Decoration with icing spout

Details of the cake skirt

Other examples of cakes imitating the doll's skirt.

Picture 52 - Cake to celebrate with the best friends.

Cake to celebrate with the best friends

Just as Barbie always celebrates the best moments with her!

About Me

Image 53 - Two layers with edible pearls and a lace of American paste on top.

Two layers with edible pearls

The souvenir candies are simple and inexpensive and, in a very special package, they have a charm!

Image 54 - Edible souvenir in a special package.

Edible Souvenir for Barbie Party

The souvenir candies are simple and inexpensive and, in a very special package, they have a charm!

Image 55 - Barbie surprise box-bag.

Barbie surprise bag

With the popularity of the theme in the decoration of parties, there are more and more diversity of shapes and prints in stores of articles for parties. Choose yours!

Picture 56 - Coloring and be a superhero kit with Barbie.

Barbie coloring page party kit

More entertaining and entertaining activities for the guests to complete after the party are also on the rise.

Image 57 - Single sachets with personalized TAGs.

Single sachet with custom TAGs

Image 58 - Barbie Slippers to get back home comfortable after a lot of pranks.

Barbie Slippers

Especially after a super fun afternoon with friends!

Image 59 - Barbie's heart sunglasses and a box of surprises.

Barbie's surprise box

Details of the surprise box for the party

Image 60 - Special packaging for each guest.

Special packaging for each guest

A thank-you note or a TAG can help with this task.

Screenshot 61 - A Barbie to continue playing at home.

A Barbie to keep playing at home.

An idea of ​​remembrance that can not be missed, is it?

Picture 62 - Barbie surprise bag.

Barbie surprise bracelet

The souvenirs are very important at the party and the packaging is increasingly creative.

Image 63 - Tube with hot chocolate mixture to keep warm on cold days.

Tube with chocolate mixture

In the wave of edible souvenirs, it's a great way to give your guests a creative treat and still come up with the idea of ​​creating your own special hot chocolate mix.

Image 64 - Kits for fun and relaxation.

Kits for fun and relaxation

Barbie Party: 65 wonderful decorating ideas

Picture 65 - Find special Barbie boxes in party supply stores.

Barbie special cases

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