Barbecue Decoration: 50 Ideas to Organize and Decorate

One of the most popular family gatherings or friends in Brazil is a special barbecue at home. It can be done in celebrations of important dates, birthdays and even as a simple way to gather family or friends for a pleasant and fun afternoon in the garden, backyard or even in the pool. The important thing is that the barbecue, organized around the barbecue or grill, has this more relaxed look, made to enjoy the day, the food and the company.

And to help make your barbecue even more lively and festive, we've brought you a special post with only ideas of organization and decoration, tables and snacks and, of course, several images for you to use as reference when setting up yours!

How to organize your barbecue at home

Barbecue at home

Even being a small relaxed party, does not mean that you should not cherish by the organization and even by a special decoration for the occasion. Therefore, the table decoration, the accompaniments and the meats can contain some care to make everything even more pleasant. Let's go to the organization tips:

Divide the environment into sections

The sectorization of the environment facilitates movement and organization among the guests (especially if the meeting becomes a real party with many people circling the environment!). Therefore, it is a good idea to divide the categories by theme, for example: salads and sauces, meat area, accompaniment area, desserts area. This can even be placed on a single table, but it is important to group and maintain some sort of separation between the different dishes.

All barbecue grill items and fixtures

In addition to the tables for the food to be served, the meat-making area, the center of the whole barbecue, should be thought of in all its details! It is always good to separate all the utensils that will be used and even utensils reserves if you have, as well as a good disposition of already seasoned meats and vegetables that can also go to the grill. The idea is to leave everything at hand and facilitate the work of those who are in charge of the barbecue, in addition to the production, the person can also enjoy the party.

Always frozen drinks

Drinks on the barbecue

Regardless of the drinks chosen to be part of your barbecue, it is imperative that they are always cold! That way, to save the refrigerator or freezer from a constant open and close, a good option is to invest in coolers or improvise one easily. For this, a bucket serves, but if it is made of metal it is even more indicated as it helps at the time of cooling. Choose, of course, a bucket that has a size that allows at least half of it to be filled with ice and can still accommodate all your drinks. That way, you can position this cooler closer to your guests and let them serve with the assurance that the drinks will not heat up. Perfect for hot days! Just do not forget to leave it away from the heat of the barbecue.

Gallery: 50 decorating ideas for barbecue at home with family and friends

Now that you already know some tips to organize your barbecue, take a look at our gallery for inspirations and even more tips!

Picture 1 - A space in the climate of living room in the external area: chairs and central wooden table with cushions and drinks to refresh the afternoon.

A space in the living room climate in the outdoor area

Picture 2 - Table put with artisanal bread for each guest to delight in the meal.

Table set with homemade bread

Picture 3 - Barbecue also as a good birthday party setting, even for children.

Barbecue also as a good birthday party setting

Picture 4 - Expand the range of options of grilled: from meat to tomatoes and corn can pass through the grill.

Expand the grid of grilling options

Image 5 - Salad Stand: Bet on a separate and smaller table that can be moved to serve salad and sauces for all the guests.

Salad stand on barbecue decoration

Picture 6 - A guide to the perfect barbecue: Plaquinha of reference not to err in the point of the meat.

A Perfect Barbecue Guide

Image 7 - The barbecue table also needs a glitzy decoration: flowers in colored glass vases to brighten up the ambience.

Flamboyant decoration for the barbecue table

Image 8 - Keep drinks always chilled! Buckets with plenty of ice are best suited not to have to run to the refrigerator.

Always frozen drinks

Picture 9 - Barbecue of make of account: Fun decoration for your table.

Make Barbecue!

Image 10 - Inspired in the snack bars, sauces, seasonings and napkins by hand in a simple and practical way.

Snack-inspired barbecue decor

Image 11 - Buttery biscuits decorated with the barbecue theme!

Buttery biscuits decorated with the theme barbecue

Picture 12 - Table put inside the house for who does not have an outside space for an outdoor meal.

Table set inside the house for those who do not have an outside space for an outdoor meal

Barbecue Decoration: 50 Ideas to Organize and Decorate

Picture 13 - Do not have a natural lawn? Use a synthetic!

Synthetic lawn to decorate the barbecue

Image 14 - To further improve the layout of ingredients and foods, it is worth creating a menu and labels or labels for each item.

Menu with plaquinha

Picture 15 - Barbecue with a spring mood: super colorful floral decoration as centerpiece.

Barbecue with spring climate

Picture 16 - Special apron for the barbecue (or for the barbecue apprentice)!

Special apron for the barbecue

Picture 17 - Barbecue to celebrate engagement! On special occasions not so formal, you can opt for an outdoor gathering and with freshly grilled food to celebrate the great moments.

Barbecue to celebrate engagement

Picture 18 - Do not forget the dessert: Special chocolate cupcakes for barbecues!

Cupcakes like bbq dessert

Picture 19 - Rest room after lunch: mat, mattresses, sofas and hammocks are very welcome to help renew the energies.

Space to rest after lunch

Picture 20 - Rustic and creative barbecue decoration: metal drainer as support for the basket of cutlery.

Rustic and creative BBQ decoration

Image 21 - Plate for those in love for a good barbecue afternoon with friends.

Plate for the lovers

Picture 22 - Decoration for barbecue area: for those who have many guests, a long table guarantees a place for everyone in the biggest picnic style!

Decoration for barbecue area

Picture 23 - Toasted bacon with barbecue sauce in individual portions: let your guests' serving portions that can be eaten quickly.

Individual portions of bacon

Picture 24 - BBQ souvenirs: barbecue sauce, and themed jelly beans for everyone to remember this afternoon.

Barbecue sauce as a souvenir for the barbecue

Image 25 - For the parties with the highest budget: themed logo printed on napkins.

Party logo

Picture 26 - Keep all the items you will need near the barbecue in trolleys, benches or tables to make your job easier.

Items near the barbecue

Image 27 - Barbecue requests a fresh and light drink: cut berries to make caipirinhas and other drinks to enjoy the time.

Fresh and light drink for the barbecue

Picture 28 - Simple and rustic barbecue decoration: inspiration in nature for super delicate table settings.

Simple and rustic BBQ decoration

Picture 29 - Cake inspired pops on the elements of the barbecue to amuse the children.

Cake pops for bbq

Picture 30 - Ideas for a barbecue barbecue invitation: inspiration in the blackboards of menus and picnic tablecloths.

Ideas for a Backyard BBQ Invitation

Picture 31 - Atmosphere for barbecue in the outside area of ​​deck prepared to receive the family and friends.

BBQ environment for outside deck area

Image 32 - Aromatic plants and herbs to decorate the table and season the food.

Aromatic plants and herbs in barbecue decoration

Picture 33 - Birthday barbecue decoration: for the little ones who love this type of meeting, a cake based on the grill, the hot dogs and the aprons.

Birthday BBQ Decoration

Picture 34 - Barbecue with few guests in the biggest style: a table for four people with arrangement, glasses for beer and lots of conversation.

Barbecue with few guests in the largest boteco style

Picture 35 - In addition to the grilled meat, it is worth inserting different vegetables on the grill as a vegetarian option for this type of party.

Vegetables on the grill

Image 36 - Rustic BBQ decoration: inspiration from the country side with lots of plaid and table cloth in raw colors.

Rustic BBQ Decoration

Picture 37 - Black comic with the menu of the day: let your guests know what will leave the grill in advance to create even more expectation.

Black comic with the menu of the day

Picture 38 - Another corner of the rest for the barbecue: living area to relax and have a chat.

Another corner of the barbecue rest

Picture 39 - Flower arrangement in pot of pineapple peel: reuse and use of surfaces for a creative barbecue decoration.

Arrangement of flowers in a vase of pineapple

Picture 40 - For the empty bottles, it is worth to separate boxes from the fair and keep in a strategic corner for the guests to go putting when the drink is over.

Empty Bottle Boxes

Image 41 - Roasted corn on the cob and various ways to eat: ensure a good pack of sauces and accompaniments for each type of food.

Roasted corn on the cob and various forms of eating

Picture 42 - Creative and functional barbecue decoration: meat boards always at hand for those who need them.

Creative and functional BBQ decoration

Picture 43 - BBQ decoration on site: If you have a larger space and a larger list of guests, bet on traditional picnic tables to accommodate everyone.

BBQ decoration on site

Image 44 - More vases of plants in the center decoration of the buffet table.

More plant vases in the center decoration of the buffet table

Picture 45 - For a zero waste party: cutlery made of reinforced and reusable plastic, glass jars like cups and tissue napkins in place of paper.

For a zero waste waste party

Image 46 - Special paper napkins with barbecue theme.

Special paper napkins with barbecue theme

Picture 47 - Cupcakes as dessert inside the theme: colored paper toppers in the form of a grill and steak.

Cupcakes as dessert inside the theme

Image 48 - The buckets with ice keeps the drinks always cold and gives autonomy for each guest to choose yours and if they serve.

Ice buckets keep drinks cool

Picture 49 - BBQ decoration in gourmet balcony : option of grill or wood oven and single table with side dishes and cutlery.

BBQ decoration on gourmet balcony

Picture 50 - Vintage little plaques with the barbecue theme to decorate your party!

Vintage Plaque with Barbecue Theme

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