Bamboo Parchment: 60+ Models, Photos and How To!

The pergola is a structure formed by a system of modular beams. Among the most common materials are wood, steel, iron, concrete and bamboo. The latter, by the way, is the ideal to decorate the environment in a more rustic, airy beach.

Because it is a widely used item in architecture - especially for shading the open spaces - the bamboo pergola purposely creates an unfinished effect. This particularity is due to its positioning side by side since it can not completely seal the cover, thus forming an entrance space for natural lighting.

Such a pergola model has a lower cost when compared to wood. A good supplier makes all the difference in the project because the quality of the coverage is similar to the traditional pergolas. Therefore, search for resistant materials and good condition to have no problem in the execution of the project. Remembering that the price of the square of the bamboo can vary between $ 100.00 to $ 200.00.

Bamboo is a lightweight material, so it needs to be installed in a firm place where the flooring is already concrete or woody. The number of columns follows the size of the structure. The most usual models require four pillars. If the area is wide, a greater number of pillars is required to maintain its support.

Among the care to keep your pergola always in good condition are: paint regularly, pass a sealer to prevent cracking and varnish it to give a more beautiful appearance.

Check out in our gallery 60 amazing projects of bamboo pergolas and get inspired here:

Picture 1 - Insert a wooden deck to compose with the bamboo pergola


Picture 2 - The garden can be in the surroundings to take more the natural air that the bamboo provides


Picture 3 - It is beautiful to use a bamboo cover near the pool area


Picture 4 - How about reinforcing the rustic style on your facade?


Picture 5 - The advantage of the pergola in bamboo is that it provides a curvilinear cover


Picture 6 - The pergola of bamboo is a good option for a balcony or garden


Image 7 - Inspire yourself in Provençal decoration for the balcony


Image 8 - The main highlight of this environment is the pergola in bamboo

image 8

Picture 9 - To leave the cheerful environment insert colorful and vibrant accessories


Picture 10 - To give more style apply plants on the pergola of bamboo


Image 11 - When the pieces are well aligned the rays focus in a lighter way, leaving the scenery more cozy


Picture 12 - A charming building for your leisure area


Picture 13 - Complement the decoration of the balcony with a pergola of bamboo and a set of armchairs


Picture 14 - Make a balcony without walls, but with a pergola that promotes a light and pleasant shade


Picture 15 - Barbecue with bamboo pergola


Picture 16 - Structure in wood and roof with bamboo rulers


Figure 17 - The greater the spacing between the pieces, the greater the intensity of light in the place


Picture 18 - Gourmet area with clean decoration


Picture 19 - Furniture of different shades can be placed below the pergola, while the decoration of the space can be made with lanterns and washers


Picture 20 - For a fenced bamboo pergola, the furniture with earthy aspect are a great request


Picture 21 - Make a beautiful integration of the spaces with a pergola of bamboo


Picture 22 - An inspiring little corner!


Picture 23 - The pillars need not be bamboo, in this case the material is only used in the part of the cover


Picture 24 - A bamboo cover combines with outdoor areas of balconies and gardens


Image 25 - A very common proposal is to use the bamboo pergola to make corridors or entrance, in which you can make a connection with your own residence


Picture 26 - The bamboo pergola is great for highlighting passages and paths


Picture 27 - Take some comfort to the balcony


Image 28 - How about painting your bamboo cover?


Picture 29 - In the climate of the sea, this space received a rustic and cozy decoration


Picture 30 - For residential balconies it creates a beautiful and differentiated effect


Picture 31 - The pergola in bamboo is perfect to compose in the garden


Picture 32 - A rustic touch in a modern and elegant residence


Image 33 - Replace traditional bamboo materials in the decoration


Image 34 - The surrounding landscape further enhances the style of the residence


Image 35 - A creative and contemporary way is to use the pergola to highlight the circulation


Image 36 - With the more spaced spans the incidence of illumination is more intense


Image 37 - For extra safety, wrap the pergola with a glass cover


Picture 38 - A rustic and charming corner for this external space


Image 39 - The pergola in bamboo draws attention to its effects


Picture 40 - Take a nice temperature that at the same time provides shade


Picture 41 - It creates an environment that brings comfort and integration


Picture 42 - Invest in the bamboo pergola in gourmet space


Picture 43 - Kitchen with bamboo pergola


Picture 44 - Following the modern style, the bamboo cover balanced the decoration of the environment


Picture 45 - Tread with treadmill drawn in bamboo


Picture 46 - Cover and wall covering with bamboo rulers


Picture 47 - The bamboo roofs form a beautiful architecture for the place


Picture 48 - Give an extra charm to your garden


Image 49 - Bamboo leaves the visual aspect lighter compared to other materials


Picture 50 - Even secured by risers, the bamboo cover can complement the beautiful residential facade


Picture 51 - About rustic airs they are always welcome


Picture 52 - The bamboo can adapt to any green corner, as well as a modern environment


Picture 53 - Create a refreshing environment with a decoration related to nature


Picture 54 - Bet on a modern bathroom with tropical touch


Picture 55 - To give more style to the cover put curtains and lamps


Image 56 - Take more comfort to your gourmet balcony


Image 57 - It can be used for suspended or fixed coverage, so that it caters to all areas and styles


Image 58 - The drawings that the pergolate form on the ground forms an incredible result of light and shadow


Image 59 - The bamboo pergola reinforces the summer air of the environment


Image 60 - In addition the material is great to provide a room in the residence


How to make a bamboo pergola?

To make a bamboo pergola, you should plan and layout the project well before putting it into practice. This is not a simple task, but in this way, one can save on the cost of labor.

Local : take into account the location that will receive the pergola. They may have supporting pillars or be supported on one or two nearby walls. If you need the abutments, your base must be rigid, as it is a light material.

Layout : Draw your pergola setting exactly where your pillars should stand. The minimum quantity for a small, square shaped pergola is 4 pillars. If the size is larger and rectangular, you should consider using a greater number of pillars to ensure lift.

Fixing the abutments : To install the pillars, one must make a hole with at least 20 centimeters and 12 inches of diameter below the ground. The gravel can be used before placing the pillar to give more sustainability. After that you should drill the hole and wait for it to dry, which can take more than 1 day depending on the weather conditions.

It is possible to use another structure of pillars for the pergolado, without being of bamboo. It can be made with metal, iron, concrete or other material that guarantees the support.

Upper structure : Before placing the transverse bamboo, the structure must have a support beam connecting the pilasters. To fix, you must use screws and nails, which prevents any kind of scrolling. The bamboos at the top may be thinner and the spacing between them depends on your taste. You can use string lanyards for a special touch.

Videos with examples

See in the video assembly showing how a bamboo pergola was built suspended:

Treatment is also an essential part of keeping bamboos preserved. Here are some tips in the video below:

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