Baby Shower Remembrances: Inspirations and How to Make Yours

Baby shower is a super important event in the passage from pregnancy to child birth. It is a time to celebrate with family and friends the proximity of birth, or birth itself, depending on the time when you decide to perform yours.

And for every baby shower, the options for souvenirs seem endless! This is because you can choose between ordering, buying ready or making baby shower favors yourself! For party favors, party gift shops have a variety of decorations, decorations and packaging, while in the craft industry there are many ideas circulating on the internet that are easy and cheap to inspire.

In this post, we separate some great ideas from souvenirs for your baby shower! Let's talk a little about the differences of the memories for you to choose, ways to personalize them, besides our classic gallery of images with diverse ideas and, finally, some step-by-step for you to test if you decide to make the memories at home . Come on!

Functional memory x Decorative memory

Perhaps this is the question that has been rising in recent times. Decorative souvenirs have always been the most popular with themed plastic, acrylic, ceramic or glass bottles in the form of baby bottles, pacifiers, cribs and baby strollers. But as they are very specific, they end up losing their space in the decoration of the guests.

In recent times, these decorative keepsakes are making room for another way to give the guests, such as candies, cakes, handmade foods, small plants, pendants and other types of souvenirs that are not intended to last or have the same use for a very long time long. They end up gaining a more functional sense.

Although they have lost a little space, the decorative memories have not disappeared and continue with the same grace and delicacy of always. Because of this new openness in the variety, it is up to the parents to choose the type of memory that most pleases them and that will delight their guests.

In our gallery you will see various types of baby shower favors and ideas to get inspired and choose the perfect type for you. See too how to organize a baby shower and decorating ideas

Customize your party

On packaging, it is always cool to attach a tag or a custom stamp or sticker to make your guests always remember your party!

There are several printers that work with the printing of special articles and in different cutouts. Depending on the quantity you ask for, the price may vary and be more attractive. That's why it's worth thinking about customizing your souvenir!

60 ideas of baby shower favors to get inspired and how to do step-by-step

Now, take a look at our gallery and do not forget to check the post on the baby shower decoration .

Picture 1 - To make the party even more personalized, make an exclusive sticker on a graphic and apply on the surfaces and packaging.

Exclusive sticker for baby shower favors

Picture 2 - A natural souvenir: cactus or juicy for your guests to care and grow a lot.

Cactus or juicy as a baby shower souvenir

Picture 3 - Souvenir of baby shower: gift of the mother bee! Honey to sweeten the lives of the guests!

Honey to sweeten the lives of the guests

Picture 4 - Sachet surprise: a idea of ​​packaging super delicate in raw cotton and themed stamps.

Surprise sachet as a baby shower souvenir

Picture 5 - To really have tea! Personalized cups for your invited guests.

Personalized cups for your guests

Picture 6 - Already within the theme baby: choose the most popular characters and toys to appear in your baby shower favors.

Choose the most popular characters and toys for baby shower

Picture 7 - A birth to be celebrated: Prosecco bottles for everyone toasting together on the big day.

Prosecco to celebrate in the souvenir

Picture 8 - Souvenir of functional baby shower: personalized book and full of colors to leave the obvious.

Functional Baby Shower Remembrance

Picture 9 - Different boxes for your souvenir: box in Chinese restaurant style in various colors.

Baby shower souvenir: different boxes

Picture 10 - Gold Bottle Award: because all the mothers of your party deserve a prize.

Golden baby bottle as baby shower souvenir

Image 11 - Simple cake slices for the guests to eat at home.

Simple cake slices for baby shower souvenir

Picture 12 - A souvenir for those who have a bigger budget: queen bee pendant.

Pendant of the queen bee as baby shower souvenir

Picture 13 - An enchanting and sustainable packaging of baby shower favors: replace the plastic with a cloth bundle.

replace the plastic with a tissue bundle

Picture 14 - Always leave an inspiring message: use tags attached to the packaging tapes with the name and date of the event, as well as a message for the invited guests.

Personalized Baby Shower Keepsake

Picture 15 - If you are looking for something more classic, look for the theme packs that are sold in stores specializing in packaging or for party items.

baby shower theme packs for party favors

Image 16 - To plant and see grow: seeds of small plants and flowers to be distributed and cared for.

Seeds of small plants and flowers to distribute as souvenirs

Picture 17 - Souvenir of baby shower: liquid soap and shampoo and full of color.

Baby shower reminder: liquid soap filled with color

Image 18 - Tea Infuser: another souvenir that plays with the meaning of the event.

Tea Infuser as Baby Shower Souvenir

Image 19 - Biscuits confectioned with the theme of the party.

Butterscotch biscuits for baby shower (souvenirs)

Picture 20 - Baby carriage of gold as a souvenir of baby shower: in stores of articles for party, you find carts and cribs to give as a souvenir of the party.

Mini gold baby stroller as souvenir

Picture 21 - Remembrance of baby shower after birth: a celebratory mural with baby photos.

Remembrance of baby shower after birth

Picture 22 - English is a great language to make puns: BabyQ sauce for the guests.

BabyQ sauce for the guests

Picture 23 - Arrangement and bouquets of flowers: roses and colorful tulips to distribute.

Flowers to distribute as souvenirs

Picture 24 - Acrylic Maidens: have fun with the diversity of pots available in party supply stores.

Maid with candy to distribute

Image 25 - Amazing baldinho: another great type of packaging that can be reused later.

Amazing little balloon as baby shower souvenir

Image 26 - Glove for cans of beer or coolant themed: It's a boy!

Glove for soda or beer can

Picture 27 - Personalized box with bottle closure.

Personalized bottle top with bottle closure

Image 28 - Handmade soap with a personalized smell.

Handmade soap as a souvenir

Picture 29 - Little games are also great souvenirs for the guests!

Fun little games like baby shower favors

Picture 30 - Sugar balls in personalized cans.

sugar jars in personalized cans

Picture 31 - Baby sleeper: baby sculptures in ceramic or biscuit.

Ceramic or biscuit baby sculptures

Picture 32 - Another tea option: choose your favorite herb.

Choose your favorite herb

Image 33 - In addition to the wrapped package type of fabric, an extra charm for souvenirs: the name of the guests in plastic.

Name of the invited guests in plastic in the baby shower souvenir

Picture 34 - A pendant idea: baby pacifier in silver for bracelets or necklaces.

Baby pacifier pendant as a souvenir

Image 35 - What already makes a success and brings a handmade tone: cake in the glass pot.

Cake in glass jar with baby shower souvenir

Picture 36 - The painted MDF boxes are super charming and are a viable option for your pocket.

Mdf boxes for baby shower favors

Image 37 - Another option in the sustainable wave: ecobag of revelation.

Developmental ecobag as souvenir packaging

Picture 38 - The baby shower as a meeting also to beautify: enamels as super simple options and full of color.

Enamels as a souvenir for baby shower

Picture 39 - Choose your favorite sweet snack: lots of sweet pipoquinhas in packs super charming.

Sweet popcorn in creative packaging

Picture 40 - Think of both the message and the packaging design when you customize it.

Personalized message in baby shower souvenir

Picture 41 - Perfumes with baby smell!

Perfumes with baby scents as souvenirs

Picture 42 - Mixing for cookies: delights to do at home!

Mix for cookies as a souvenir

Picture 43 - Another note book with a special message attached.

Note book with special message

Image 44 - Choose items that you know your guests will love in very cute and charming packages.

Baby Shower Gift Packing

Picture 45 - The simpler packages can be much more cool and interesting with stickers or funny stamps.

custom packaging for baby shower

Picture 46 - A little candy to eat later.

A little candy to eat later!

Image 47 - Another item that is quite common is the fragrant candle in a glass container.

Scented candle in glass container as baby shower souvenir

Image 48 - Paper mache wrap typical of the well married and well born!

Souvenir with papier maché wrapping

Image 49 - A simple sachet that may contain something that will delight the guests.

Simple sachet as baby shower souvenir

Picture 50 - A candy to brighten the life while the baby does not arrive.

Sweetheart to brighten life!

Picture 51 - Colored aluminum cans are also fascinating for many people and are available at low prices in party supply stores.

Colored aluminum cans

Picture 52 - Another personalized sticker that gives an extra charm to a simple package.

Personalized sticker: an extra charm for the souvenir

Picture 53 - A kit to celebrate according to their traditions and beliefs.

Baby shower gift set

Picture 54 - Another souvenir of natural baby shower: changes of peace lilies and ferns to attract many good energies.

Natural Remembrance: Peace Lily Branches

Picture 55 - Kit for baby tea with cup and enamel to relax and enjoy the day

Baby tea set with cup

Step-by-step: baby shower gift-tutorials to do at home

1. Candy cane as a baby shower souvenir

A very cheap kind of souvenir that can be creative too: here, you'll learn how to make a very cute and colorful little bag with patterned fabric to store truffles and chocolates that you can offer the guests to take home. With few items: a little ribbon or rope, square-cut tricoline fabric and an identification tag for your tea. Great for anyone who wants something simpler and faster to do!

2. Baby Carriage in EVA with Mold to assemble quickly

This cute little keepsake is ideal for baby showers. The cart shape can be made either in pink or blue EVA for anyone who wants to keep the traditional colors, or any other color you choose! Print the mold (in the video description) to produce multiple trolleys in a very short time.

3. Little Sheep Souvenirs for Baby Shower

For those who love handicrafts, this is another nice option that will surely delight your guests! Made with colorful felt, carapine fabric and feathery filling, this sheep is super detailed and allows several variations to customize.

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