Baby Shower List: Check Out A Ready List With Essential Tips

After discovering the pregnancy and living the magic of the first few months, it is time to think about the baby shower list . The event can be simple, getting only family and close friends, or more complete, this is your choice.

Before sending the invitations you need to organize the baby shower and choose what you want to ask for your guests. Some people prefer to ask diapers and products that the baby will use direct such as talc and wipes. Others already include clothing and other durable items.

For the event it can be an afternoon coffee, with sweets and lots of conversation while the future mom tries to guess what she has won or a moment full of jokes. It is up to the family.

Find out how to organize a baby shower and ride the list for baby shower:

How To Organize The List For Baby Shower

List of Baby Shower

Before setting the list of gifts for baby shower you need to organize the entire event. Some steps are essential for everything to work out and be an unforgettable and fun time. So you should:

1. Choose the date and time of baby shower

What day is better to make your baby shower? Do you want something that lasts long enough, such as a barbecue or a shorter event, just for jokes and guessing gifts? Define what you think is best. Including the date.

Leaving more towards the end of gestation indicates that you may be more tired and less willing. So if you want you can make the baby shower there by 6 or 7 months of gestation.

The time and the time of the event depend on the location chosen. Those who have a house can let the party last longer, respecting only the beginning of the quiet time (10 pm). Who lives in an apartment or is going to rent a space must respect the rules of the place.

2. Set the number of guests and make the list

How many people do you plan to invite? Is it going to be an intimate event, just for the family? Or friends can join in as well? Write down on a computer or on a paper all the people you would like to invite.

From the number of guests you can determine which location is best for the baby shower and the amount of food and drinks you will serve. Plus you can include more stuff in your list of complete baby shower.

3. Choice of location

The place where the baby shower will happen is very important and can not be ignored in the process of organizing the event. Unless you have already determined from the beginning that you will do everything in your house yourself.

You need to check if the party room of the building or barbecue will be available on the day you want. Therefore it is advisable to prepare the baby shower in advance. And if the idea is to party in another space, designed especially for events, you also need to check availability.

Bet on a place that is comfortable for you and the guests and also allows you to do all the party decorations.

4. Theme and decoration

Choose which theme will be the baby shower. Are you going to do something connected to the child's name? Delicate colors that resemble babies? Are you going to follow any commemorative date that happens near the date of the event?

Write down everything you would like if it were part of the baby shower. The great majority of mothers bet on bandeirinhas and in the writing: "Felipe's Baby Shower" or "Larissa Baby Shower".

Once you decide the theme you start with the decoration, which needs embellishing with the whole idea. For example, if you want to bet on the pacifier theme, the decoration may have several dummies of paper glued to the walls and those lollipops in the shape of a pacifier as a sweet option.

5. Menu

Decide in advance what you will serve on the day. Some moms have preferred to make a barbecue by combining with the guests that they bring whatever they are drinking. Others already like to offer sweets and snacks, as if it were a children's party.

The gourmet brigadeiros have made success, besides the personalized cookies, with design of the theme of the party. For drinks, refreshments and juice for the kids - and for you -, water and alcohol, as there will be adults at your party.

You can close the menu with a buffet - especially if you rent a space to make the event - or buy each separate product. Order the food and drinks of one place and the drinks of another.

6. Invitation

The baby shower invitation can be physical or virtual. It's Mom's choice and what she finds most practical. Who will invite more people and do not have time to send in advance has bet on the virtual template, which can be sent in Facebook chat or in WhatsApp.

Follow the theme of the event in the invitation and describe what will happen. And where the guests can find the list of gifts for baby shower.

How to assemble the baby shower list

Once you have finished arranging the baby shower it is time to assemble the list with the gifts you would like to win. The ideal is to be careful, since there are more expensive items and others more in account. Mix well, so that all the guests can give you and the baby.

Most of the future moms prefer to ask for diapers and wipes because they will be used a lot by the baby. But you can include other items. The main thing is to take care not to just ask for the most expensive things.

If you prefer you can indicate shops where people can find the gifts ordered in the list. Especially when it comes to clothes, changing rooms, pacifiers, bottles and other items of specific brand. Put some suggestions on the side. For example: Body summer size P - Store A, B, C.

Colors, numbering, season of the year, diaper size and quantities must be defined in your simple baby shower list or complete. The RN diapers are worn for a short time, so do not ask many, especially if there is prediction of the baby being born larger.

It is also worth remembering that diaper sizes vary according to the brand. Some M are already indicated for infants of three to four months, while others P last longer.

Items you can order on the baby shower list

Diapers for baby tea

Do you still have questions or could not start putting your list for baby shower ? Check out our suggestion below and take the opportunity to include the items on your list:


  • Fabric Bib
  • Small bottle
  • Large bottle
  • Toothbrush cleaning brush
  • Pots for baby food
  • Baby cutlery
  • Baby Dishes

Quantities of each: Order more bottles, jars, and small plates. The rest, only one is enough.

Baby room

  • Naninha
  • Pillow
  • Blanket set
  • Diapering basket
  • Toys for babies
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby blanket
  • Swing chair

Quantities of each: The set of blanket, blanket, blanket and toys allow you to order more than one. It is your choice of quantity. As blankets and blankets are more expensive, you can borrow more sheets and toys.

For mom

  • Breast shield for breastfeeding (silicone)
  • Breast pump
  • Breast-feeding pillow

Quantities of each: What you will need to change after some time is the breastfeed protector. Even if you bet on silicone, it can only be reused for a certain period. Ask for more than one.


  • Bathtub
  • Hooded baby towels
  • Baby Soap (Neutral)
  • Baby shampoo (neutral)
  • Swab
  • Cotton (in ball)
  • Scissors for cutting nails
  • Nécessaire for baby items
  • Comb Kit and Brush
  • Cloth diapers
  • Wipes to clean baby's mouth
  • Wet wipes (neutral, for babies)
  • Ointment for rashes
  • Baby powder
  • Disposable diapers sizes RN, P, M, G

Quantities of each: Diapers, moist wipes, cotton swabs, bath towels and the baby's mouth will be used frequently. Write down more than one and in the case of the diapers ask for more of the size P and M, which you will probably use for longer. RN the ideal is not to ask for many.

Baby clothes

  • Bodies short sleeve (RN and P only if baby was born in summer or near warmer climates, otherwise ask for more M and G)
  • Bodies long sleeve (RN and P only if the baby was born in winter or in colder times. Ask for more M and G if it is born in the summer).
  • Kit Pull Over Sweatshirt
  • Home
  • Shorts mijão
  • Socks
  • Booties

Quantities of each: Bet on the bodies (winter and summer) that will be used frequently by the baby. You can order several, but note the sizes. The socks too, after all the baby's foot needs to be kept always warm.

With these tips you are ready to prepare your baby shower and the list complete of what you want to ask your guests. Remember to include the quantities of each item, so it makes it easier for everyone.

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