Apartment gardens

Having a green corner in the apartment can make your home much more cheerful and with a great feature of easily having your favorite vegetables and spices at hand. And even for those who live in small spaces they may have this possibility in several ways.

The vertical garden is one of the best solutions for apartments and not to mention that the decoration is much more beautiful. For those who have balconies, they can enjoy a free wall to embed pots on wooden shelves or for the daring can invest in wooden panel and go toying with the arrangement of the pots on it.

Setting up a vertical garden requires some care. To do this, make sure that the structure is adequate, if the environment has sufficient sunshine and ventilation, if the height of the position is easy to reach and a good material to be built into the plants.

Another practical way to have a home garden is to put small pots on your kitchen. Use an empty corner on the bench or chest of the window and support your vegetable, it will become very charming and the inspiration for cooking will be much greater.

50 kitchen garden ideas to inspire

And as we know that the decoration of any space depends on the personality of each inhabitant we separate 50 different ways to have a beautiful decoration with your own vegetable garden. Check it out and choose your favorite one to assemble in your home.

Picture 1 - Horta organized in colored buckets

image (1)

Picture 2 - Horta in pots supported on shelves

image (2)

Picture 3 - Horta in pots fixed to the wall

image (3)

Picture 4 - Horta fixed in wall of the dining room

image (4)

Picture 5 - Horta in colored vases on wooden shelves

image (5)

Picture 6 - Horta on kitchen counter wall

image (6)

Picture 7 - Orchard organized in pots made of rope

image (7)

Picture 8 - Vegetable Garden

image 8)

Picture 9 - Vegetable garden on the wall in pot holders

image (9)

Picture 10 - Horta organized by white niches

image (10)

Image 11 - Vegetable garden decorating the kitchen

image (11)

Picture 12 - Horta from floor to ceiling on kitchen wall

image (12)

Picture 13 - Orchard organized in white rectangular vases

image (13)

Image 14 - Vegetable garden on the balcony shelf

image (14)

Picture 15 - Vegetable garden in wooden vase on kitchen window

image (15)

Picture 16 - Vegetable garden in earthenware pots on wooden panel painted with blackboard paint

image (16)

Picture 17 - Orchard organized in vases on pectoral of the window

image (17)

Image 18 - Vegetable garden suspended by ropes attached to the wall

image (18)

Picture 19 - Vegetable garden on the veranda

image (19)

Image 20 - Vertical vegetable garden on wooden panel

image (20)

Picture 21 - Vegetable garden on wood structure attached to the wall

image (21)

Image 22 - Vegetable garden in red buckets with nameplates

image (22)

Picture 23 - Horta for apartments with stairs

image (23)

Picture 24 - Orchard arranged in mugs attached on metal panel

image (24)

Image 25 - Vegetable garden on decorated balcony

image (25)

Image 26 - Vegetable garden in white pots on white wooden slat panel, serving as room divider.

image (26)

Image 27 - Vegetable garden in the kitchen to support vases

image (27)

Image 28 - Vegetable garden in portable pots

image (28)

Picture 29 - Garden for balcony with barbecue

image (29)

Picture 30 - Garden in green buckets stuck in metallic iron

image (30)

Picture 31 - Vegetable garden on the kitchen counter

image (31)

Picture 32 - Vegetable garden in large pots in the kitchen

image (32)

Picture 33 - Vegetable garden in black pots

image (33)

Picture 34 - Complete vegetable garden on versatile shelves

image (34)

Picture 35 - Vegetable garden in supports

image (35)

Picture 36 - Garden for green balconies

image (36)

Image 37 - Vegetable garden with vases

image (37)

Picture 38 - Vegetable garden made of demolition

image (38)

Image 39 - Vegetable garden hanging on white wall

image (39)

Picture 40 - Garden to decorate balcony

image (40)

Image 41 - Vegetable Garden Trolley

image (41)

Image 42 - Vegetable garden in glass pots on wooden board stuck in the wall

image (42)

Picture 43 - Vegetable garden in colored glass cups stuck on hook in kitchen cabinet

image (43)

Picture 44 - Horta on narrow shelf

image (44)

Image 45 - Horta for narrow balconies

image (45)

Picture 46 - Vegetable garden in the kitchen

image (46)

Image 47 - Colorful vegetable garden on the balcony

image (47)

Image 48 - Orchard organized in vases on the pectoral of the balcony

image (48)

Image 49 - Vegetable garden with colored buckets stuck on white wall

image (49)

Image 50 - Vegetable garden set on the dining table

image (50)

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