99+ Models of Pergolado in External Areas - Photos

The pergolas are a structure formed by a system of modular beams that are used in exterior areas of the residence such as gardens, balconies, entrance hall, facades, corridors and environments near the pool and barbecue. This structure is most often made of wood, but can be designed in steel, iron, bamboo and concrete.

It is a very used item in architecture, as it shades open spaces, offering comfortable environments that create interesting transition areas. By having spaced beams, the effects that shade creates allow a rich and translucent environment. They can serve as a support for plants, such as climbing plants, which help protect natural lighting and create a more cozy and inviting rest space.

Other options to leave the pergola is interesting is to place fabrics in the form of curtains fixed on the beams, as if it were a lining, as it gives a nice effect for the decoration. For those who like to get in touch with nature the bamboo netting is a great addition to a more shady environment. Also used are glass or translucent polycarbonate covers for rain protection, which leaves the environment very modern due to its transparency.

There is no ideal size for the pergola, it just needs to be proportional to the space where it will be built. Here are some ideas on how to use this feature in your environment:

Types of pergolas

Pergolado of wood

Wooden pergolas are the most popular and inexpensive option to apply in an environment. Besides the natural finish, you can paint the wood to put colors and also use plants as vines.

Picture 1 - Pergolado in wood

image (4)

Picture 2 - Pergolado in white wood

image (6)

Picture 3 - Pergolado in wood

image (22)

Picture 4 - Pergolado with fabric curtain

image (17)

Picture 5 - Pergolado for contemporary environment

image (24)

Picture 6 - Pergolado for residence high standard

image (32)

Picture 7 - Pergolado in light wood

image (44)

Picture 8 - Pergolado with spot lighting

image (10)

Picture 9 - Pergolado of wood of cumaru allows the integration of the external environment to the internal


Picture 10 - Pergolado with little spacing between the slats


Image 11 - Led luminaires were built into the pergola, bringing more charm and comfort to this corner!


Picture 12 - Pergolado with white paint


Picture 13 - Pergolado with logs of wood


Picture 14 - Pergolado in demolition wood

image (30)

Picture 15 - Pergolado in demolition wood


Picture 16 - Pergolado with metal frame and slats in wood

image (37)

Picture 17 - Roof terrace with pergola


Pergolado of glass or polycarbonate

Glass or polycarbonate pergolas allow light to enter. If you like natural lighting, this is a great option and still protects the environment from rain and debris.

Picture 18 - Metallic pergola with glass cover


Picture 19 - Perforated with polycarbonate cover

image (42)

Picture 20 - Metallic Pergolado with Glass

image (33)

Picture 21 - Charming and cozy corner!


Picture 22 - Wood particleboard with glass cover


Pergolado of iron or metallic

The metallic materials give an air of modernity and sophistication. Many pergolas use metal structures with wooden bars. Others are totally metallic

Image 23 - Metallic Pergolado with Diversified Spacing


Image 24 - The design on the metal plate took modernity and personality


Picture 25 - Black metallic scroll

image (14)

Picture 26 - Metallic Pergolado

image (27)

Pergolado of bamboo

Using bamboo at the top of the pergola is an approach that works for some types of environments. Its application becomes interesting in country houses, farm or beach.

Picture 27 - Pergolado in bamboo

image (35)

Image 28 - Bambo on the balcony of the residence.


Picture 29 - Balcony with pergola of bamboo.


Picture 30 - Bamboo in farm house.


Picture 31 - Thin and elegant parchment with bamboo.


Picture 32 - Metal structure with bamboo slats


Picture 33 - Environment with white decoration


Eucalyptus perch

Picture 34 - Pergolado in eucalyptus

image (16)

Image 35 - Pergolado with eucalyptus logs.


Image 36 - Large Pergolado with Eucalyptus


Rustic Pergolado

Picture 37 - Pergolado with rustic style

image (41)

Picture 38 - The fabric on the pergola has created a cozy and rustic atmosphere


Pergolado of concrete

Picture 39 - Pergolado in concrete

image (38)

Image 40 - Large parchment in concrete.


Image 41 - Pergolado of concrete.


Plants and vines for pergolas

Picture 42 - Pergolado in the form of arch with creeper


Picture 43 - Pergolado with creeper


Picture 44 - White pergolado with climbing plants

image (46)

Picture 45 - Perch for gardens

image (25)

Picture 46 - Area with pergolado full of plants


Picture 47 - Pergolado with vines and plants.


Picture 48 - Pergolado with vines on the top.


Picture 49 - Pergolado with flowers.


Where to install a pergola

Gourmet barbecue area

Image 50 - Metallic perch surrounded by plants.

image (9)

Picture 51 - Pergolado para churrasqueira

image (34)

Picture 52 - Modern Pergolado

image 8)

Picture 53 - The gourmet area was covered by pergolado taking light necessary


Picture 54 - Balcony with cover in metallic pergola


Image 55 - The pergola is welcome in any external space


Picture 56 - Pergolado for environment with table of meal

image (28)

Picture 57 - Pergolado for gourmet space

image (12)

Picture 58 - Pergolado for environment with round table for 04 places

image (36)

Image 59 - Pergolado for outdoor area with deck and pebble flooring

image (7)

Picture 60 - Pergolado for external environment with fireplace

image (48)

Picture 61 - Pergolado in residential balconies

image (49)

Picture 62 - On the porch the pergola protects and at the same time illuminates the space


Picture 63 - Pergolado in the bottom of the residence

image (29)

Image 64 - Protecting your balcony in a modern way!


Picture 65 - For a leisure area



Picture 66 - Metallic Pergolado and Wood

image (2)

Picture 67 - Pergolado for large pool area.


Picture 68 - Pergolado covers the sun loungers.


Picture 69 - Pergolado for pool and leisure area


Picture 70 - Pergolado in the swimming pool


Picture 71 - Pergolado for pool area

image (11)

Hot tub and hydromassage

Picture 72 - To protect the jacuzzi area



Picture 73 - Pergolado for exterior corridors

image (39)

Picture 74 - For narrow corridors the pergola is a great option


Picture 75 - Pergolado in the horizontal direction


Picture 76 - Pergolado for corridor

image (5)

Other types and applications of pergolas

See other models and applications of pergolas in various types of environments.

Picture 77 - Pergolado with plants

image (1)

Picture 78 - Pergolado for entrance hall

image (13)

Picture 79 - Pergolado with roof shape

image (15)

Picture 80 - Pergolado in apartment

image (18)

Picture 81 - Pergolado with armchair to decorate

image (19)

Picture 82 - Pergolado in facades

image (20)

Picture 83 - Pergolado for roofs in balance

image (21)

Picture 84 - Classic Pergolado

image (23)

Picture 85 - Pergolado isolated

image (26)

Picture 86 - Pergolado with sofa to decorate

image (31)

Picture 87 - Pergolado with lights to decorate

image (40)

Picture 88 - Pergolado for houses in wood

image (43)

Picture 89 - Pergolado with rounded format

image (45)

Picture 90 - Pergolado in wooden deck

image (47)

Picture 91 - Pergolado with awning

image (50)

Picture 92 - Pergola with retractable system


Image 93 - To highlight the main entrance of the residence


Picture 94 - A quiet and cozy corner!


Picture 95 - Reticulated Pergolado


Image 96 - Delimiting the spaces


Picture 97 - In interior designs it can be very well taken advantage of!


Image 98 - Deck and pergolado together in the same project


Picture 99 - Pergolado with enough spacing


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