92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

At modern facades are known to have originality, as well as a volumetry with orthogonal features. After realizing the shape of the residence, a very important item is the choice of materials of the facade: in the market, are found several types of coverings for façade, among them: porcelain, wood, glass, stones, plaster, textured paint and others. All these materials can be composed harmoniously in a single facade through the openings and the cutouts that it has.

Generally, modern facades lack walls and only have a garden or lawn at the entrance, planned by a landscape project that values ​​the construction. They may or may not have a garage with gate to ensure the safety of cars. Another highlight of modern homes is the front porch, which, regardless of size, large or with small openings, adds functionality and sophistication.

Having a modern home is a great choice for those who live in gated communities, which allows a wide view, mainly for its front. In addition, there is no need to build walls in these cases, since security is high, keeping the visual free for construction and architecture as a whole.

92 modern houses with incredible facades

For easy viewing, we've selected 92 modern home designs with elegant facades that you can take inspiration from when designing and designing your home.

Picture 1 - Facade with coating on concrete planks

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Concrete is a noble material, often present in modern architecture and industrial style. On this façade, there is a set of volumes, with the outstanding presence of the upper deck that is suspended, also counts on a balcony with glass bodyguard. This modern house still has a metallic structure in its composition, receiving a black paint.

Picture 2 - Facade for house with steep terrain.

image (2)

A modern facade can be detached on a sloping ground. In this project, the suspended volume is in evidence, advancing on the entrance of the garage. The choice of coatings was mainly for wood and stones.

Picture 3 - Facade with finishes in white paint, wood and cloths of glass.

image (3)

In this proposal, white paint is the highlight of the modern house, present on all floors and the building wall. The second floor has a small part lined with lighter wood, a small area protected by bamboo on the balcony with glass guard.

Picture 4 - Facade of modern house with concrete and wood flooring.

image (4)

To create a contrast with the apparent concrete used in the cladding of the walls, the wood was used on parts of the facade, aligned with the wooden deck.

Picture 5 - Facade with wooden slat gate


A major trend in modern home flooring materials is corten steel, which has a broad corrosion resistance and gives a striking look. It has been used extensively in the most varied constructions. This project still has a gate and wall with wooden slats.

Picture 6 - Facade with cover for gourmet area.

image (6)

Image 7 - Facade with large glass windows.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

The glass was used extensively in this facade, guaranteeing the complete visualization of the external area, as well as the natural illumination. The floors with glass coating still have round frames, which allow the opening for ventilation, according to the image.

Image 8 - Facade with stone flooring.

image 8)

As we saw earlier, the combination of two materials for the facade cladding may be an interesting choice in visual composition. There is a wide variety of stones for façade, among them the Canjiquinha, Caxambú, São-Tomé, among others.

Picture 9 - Facade with glass bodyguard.

image (9)

In this project, the upper deck stands out in the construction with wooden panels.

Image 10 - Facade with prominence in volumetry

image (10)

Image 11 - Facade with wooden friezes.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

In this construction that is allied to a metallic structure that container , the wood is present in the wooden deck of the passage, as well as with the slats that make up part of the facade.

Image 12 - Facade with entrance valued by landscaping.

image (12)

One of the characteristics of modern houses is simplicity in architecture, which usually has straight lines, so a landscape design is necessary to change the visual composition and cause admiration. Another important item is the lighting project , which has the ability to highlight specific points of the project.

Image 13 - Facade with main entrance by stairs.

image (13)

A simple modern home design with large sliding windows, which open out completely to the full view of the outside area. The house has no walls, ideal for projects in gated communities. The ladder has a lightweight design in the composition. In addition to white paint, the facade receives the wooden flooring.

Image 14 - Facade with minimalist style

image (14)

The minimalist style marks the architecture of this modern home, focusing mainly on concrete flooring with glass windows.

Picture 15 - Facade with detail in brick the view.

image (15)

This design focuses only on the neutral colors in its composition, with the brick as part of the coating.

Image 16 - Facade lined with glass panels.

image (16)

This modern house has two rectangular volumes based on the apparent concrete, one on the ground floor and the other on the upper floor. The glass allows the ample visualization of the backgrounds. Wood is the detail in the panels of the facade.

Image 17 - Facade with wooden roof and wood flooring in the ceiling.

image (17)

Image 18 - Facade with metallic structure covered by frosted glass.

image (18)

Image 19 - Facade with detail in gabion stone.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

This modern house project with a vertical volume with glass windows, bricks on the ground floor and the external area gate with corten steel.

Image 20 - Modern façade with balcony.

image (20)

A modern home design with swimming pool: the volume of the upper deck stands out in the composition, with rectangular shape, white paint, glass bodyguard and upper balcony. It also protects the area of ​​coexistence that forms below it.

Picture 21 - Facade with brise.

image (21)

This modern home features a full nighttime lighting project with pool lighting and washers in the outdoor area. The design focuses on the white color in the painting of the walls and walls, in addition, the presence of the brise on the upper deck.

Image 22 - Facade for narrow house.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Small and narrow modern home design with white metal gate and wall with pellets. On the upper floor, an open area with glass cover and wooden brises that guarantee the privacy of the residents in this residential area.

Image 23 - Facade in neutral tones.

image (23)

Small modern house with coatings in neutral colors, like the white paint on the walls of the facade and the apparent concrete. The metals are black, as in the gate and upper window.

Image 24 - Facade with asymmetrical openings.

image (24)

Image 25 - Facade with painting in texture in gray and window in glass with double right foot.

image (25)

Image 26 - Facade coated in wood and concrete brick.

image (26)

In this modern house design, the facade is lined with wood in much of the area of ​​the walls, the wall balances the composition with the concrete bricks.

Image 27 - Facade marked by a porch with gray finish.

image (27)

Image 28 - White house facade with wooden door detail.

image (28)

Image 29 - Facade in concrete.

image (29)

Image 30 - Facade with cutouts and large openings of the facade.

image (30)

Image 31 - Facade with stone finish.

image (31)

Image 32 - Symmetrical and well-lit façade.

image (32)

Image 33 - Facade finished with black plates and wooden slats in the window.

image (33)

In this modern home, the panel with wooden slats guarantees the privacy of the upper deck and adds color to the architectural visual composition.

Image 34 - White facade with black details.

image (34)

Image 35 - Facade with structural blocks in concrete, wood and masonry.

image (35)

Image 36 - Facade with entrance cover in percolated .

image (36)

Image 37 - Facade with concrete porch facing pool.

image (37)

Image 38 - Facade with pilotis.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Image 39 - Facade with openings in glass by spider glass system.

image (39)

Image 40 - Façade with hanging roof suspended.

image (40)

Image 41 - Facade for house with three floors.

image (41)

Image 42 - Facade with oriental style.

image (42)

Image 43 - Front façade with balcony openings.

image (43)

Image 44 - Facade for narrow ground.

image (44)

Image 45 - Facade with black details.

image (45)

Image 46 - Facade with wall.

image (46)

Picture 47 - Large modern wooden house facade covering door and windows.

image (47)

Image 48 - Facade with low wall in wood and brick.

image (48)

Image 49 - Facade with garage.

image (49)

A modern single storey house project with white paint and wood finishes. The landscaping and the details of the sidewalk are the differential of the project.

Image 50 - Facade overlooking pool.

image (50)

Image 51 - Set of volumes on the facade.


Image 52 - Facade with stone flooring.


Picture 53 - Glass planes give lightness and integrate the external and internal side.


Image 54 - For narrow grounds a glass facade!

Picture 55 - A rustic proposal!


Picture 56 - House in apparent concrete.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Image 57 - The use of wood appears intensely.


Image 58 - Balconies help create a nice design for the façade.


Image 59 - With visibility for the street.


Image 60 - With wooden details.


Picture 61 - House with pool deserves a facade that values ​​this area.


Image 62 - Small brises for the facade.


Image 63 - Residential facade with landscaping.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Image 64 - Residential facade with glass.


Image 65 - The porch highlighted the façade design!


Picture 66 - Simple and original modern house!


Picture 67 - The advance of the balcony gave volume and stood out with the use of the wood.


Image 68 - The roof was the main highlight for the facade.


Picture 69 - For a house in the country!

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Picture 70 - House Cube!


Picture 71 - The tear of the cover leaves the look of the facade lighter.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Picture 72 - The retractable cover harmonized perfectly with the rest of the facade.


Picture 73 - Ideal for giving privacy and controlling lighting!


Image 74 - The large glass door created a greater integration with the pool area.


Picture 75 - For a sophisticated residence!


Image 76 - Metallic structure and concrete highlight this project.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Image 77 - The openings of the facades were an incredible composition between the full and the empty.


Image 78 - A great idea to increase the facade is to use brises.

Image 79 - Jovial residence.

Image 80 - Reversed volumes give movement to the facade.


Picture 81 - Cobogós give charm to the facade!

Image 82 - Residential facade in dark tone.


Image 83 - Highlight the door of your residence!

Picture 84 - Windows with brises in wood.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You 2

Image 85 - The pool area integrating perfectly with the inner side.


Image 86 - Balcony on the front facade.

92 Modern House Facades to Inspire You

Image 87 - For a residential proposal with three floors.


Image 88 - Facade with shades of gray.


Image 89 - Facade with slope.


This modern home design features a volume that stands diagonally on the upper deck. The side of the residence, as well as the front of the ground floor is covered with stones.

Image 90 - Set of indented volumes give identity to the facade.

Picture 91 - Residence with minimalist air

Picture 92 - Balcony, metal roof and pool are part of a beautiful facade!

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