90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you

The adolescent room is no longer considered as a child and also can not be thought of as an adult. Usually young people at this stage usually use the room as a refuge, so the decor should have their personality, also considering their activities. Check out some tips to make this decoration:

Tips for Decorating a Teenage Room

  • To start project implementation you need to keep in mind the basic items: bed, closet and a place to study. What helps to increase space are the elements that emphasize the teenager's taste, such as a corner to receive friends with puffs.
  • Including practical and functional furniture is a good idea for the young man who has a hectic routine. The multipurpose pieces work very well in this situation, for example: low beds with futons, bed support that hides a desk, furniture with wheels, chests to store objects and others.
  • Color is an important item that should be thought to decorate the room. The preference of the young must be present, however, the choice of very strong tones can take the tranquility of the space. Therefore, for a colored room, the ideal is to choose a neutral base (gray, beige, white and black) with some decorative items in the preferred colors.
  • A nightstand can be replaced by a side table that skirts the bed, this saves space and leaves a different detail in the room. Objects like armchairs, pictures, vases and niches are easy to change, so they can be very colorful, in case you get sick, just change!
  • The room can still receive pictures in frames or large panels with themed images of the adolescent world. If you want something more cheerful, use graffiti, stickers, panels and pictures in just one wall of the room.

90 decoration inspirations for teen rooms

Want to know more? To help with your viewing, we've selected 90 room inspirations from young people and teens that you can get inspired to add ideas to your own decorating project:

Picture 1 - Room with details in turquoise blue color.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you

A room with a beautiful balance of neutral colors with the vibrant yellow found at the head of the bed and frame. The turquoise blue also appears on the chair, lampshades and curtain. There is still the mirrored effect on the edge of the headboard and the delicate wallpaper reflects the lighting with silver color and floral prints. As a final touch, the central lighting with the globe-shaped chandelier.

Picture 2 - Teenage dorm with wallpaper for music fans.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 1

It is common for teenagers to be fans of a certain musical style and some to devote themselves to the practice and learning of an instrument such as guitar, guitar, drums, bass and others. In this proposal, the wallpaper with the guitar illustration reinforces this idea in a neutral room with masculine ambiance. The gray color is predominant in bed linen, the laminate flooring also has a dark tint, as well as the wall with appearance of apparent concrete.

Picture 3 - Room decoration of teenager with pastel tones.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 2

The decor with pastel colors with pictures and decorative objects can leave the room with a more playful appearance. Here, there is the focus of the geometric forms on the wallpaper and the cushion. The high bed is an interesting option to take advantage of the space, below it there is the option to add compartments as drawers and niches to store towels, bedding and other objects. The desk also has an elegant chair of the model Charles Eames .

Picture 4 - Young room with wallpaper, headboard and bed with turquoise color.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 3

Decorating proposal of the adolescent room with feminine atmosphere in delicate colors - here the white is in evidence in the walls and in the ceiling. Natural lighting helps reinforce this clear environment. There is also a small vintage rose-colored recamier, a bed with turquoise bedside and the wallpaper that follows in similar tonality.

Picture 5 - Decoration with dark wall and skateboards.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 4

In this proposed adolescent male bedroom, the wall was painted with oil blue paint and the decorative objects create a colorful contrast with orange fixtures, colored skateboards and frame. The bed has a gray headboard and next to it, dark-colored nightstands.

Picture 6 - Decoration with 3d wallpaper.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 5

This room has a distinctive decoration with 3d wallpaper with several silver discs. The tones of the environment are neutral and here, the bedding can add a little color according to the occasion and the personal taste of the teenager.

Picture 7 - Decoration for girl room with light tones and red chandelier.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 6

This room decorated for teenager has light walls, carpeted floor and bed with small recamier in pink. There is also a small study table with purple chair.

Image 8 - Differential design with mattress above the furniture.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 7

Another beautiful example that uses the high bed with creativity. In addition to access by stairs, there is ample space with drawers for storing sheets, bedspreads, towels and personal belongings. In particular, the small drawer that when opened, serves as a desk for the teenager. The cabinet also includes electrical wiring sockets to connect the gadgets it's the notebook .

Picture 9 - Room with neutral and themed colors for fans of arithmetic.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 8

Neutral room proposal with wall dedicated to boys who love math, arithmetic, physics and other exact subjects.

Picture 10 - Room with stripped style for young people who play instruments.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 9

Proposal of a room with wall paint slate so that the teenager expresses all his creativity. This environment also accommodates the keyboard and the guitar to play and rehearse.

Picture 11 - Room with large shelf for books and decorative objects.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 10

The shelves are great allies in the decor. In this tailor made proposal, it contains several books and decorative objects of the adolescent. At its center is a space to accommodate a small study table. Being a design with neutral colors, red and orange stand out and leave the environment more alive.

Image 12 - Decoration with dark gray wall and light furniture.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 11

In this teenage room design with feminine ambiance, the main colors are neutral, starting with the dark gray wall. The study table and chair are white, which brings some color and prints to the environment is the bedding, cushions and upholstery.

Image 13 - Design with decorative objects in evidence.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 12

This teenage room proposal has neutral wallpaper with delicate designs. In particular, the frames with different frames and colors are fixed to the wall or supported on the shelves.

Image 14 - Decoration with themed fashionista and glamorous.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 13

A proposal for girls who love the fashion theme, frames with magazine covers and actresses refer and reinforce this preference. Here, the lampshades, mirrored nightstands and the chandelier are elegant.

Picture 15 - Environment with neutral decoration and feminine touch in pink pink color.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 14

Room proposal decorated teenager for girls who love the rose. In a neutral environment with a gray wall and another with black and white wallpaper, the rose appears on the bed and at the head and some decorative objects.

Image 16 - Proposal of decoration for adolescent with masculine ambiance.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 15

A neutral room for any adolescent male. Here we have a seat around the window that houses some of the boy's personal toys, the bed is gray with headboard and navy blue bed linen. The environment has ample natural daylight.

Image 17 - Decoration with wallpaper and Tiffany blue in evidence.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 16

Female teenager bedroom decor with lovely high single bed and white headboard. The highlight of this room is the Tiffany blue color used on the wall and the edge of the shade. To match this color, pink was used on some objects and wallpaper.

Picture 18 - Room of boy with neutral decoration.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 17

Design of adolescent male bedroom with double bed, dumb silver bedside table, study table, shelves and blue curtain. Ambient colors are neutral and only a few objects such as pictures and cushions leave it with a bit more color.

Picture 19 - Teen room for sisters with bunk.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 18

Bunk room proposal for two sisters: the bunk here saves space and leaves a free area for other activities.

Image 20 - Design with predominance of neutral colors.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 19

Picture 21 - Decoration with feminine atmosphere and colorful details.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 20

Beautiful design with large bed, recamier with purple upholstery and carpet on the floor. Here, in addition to the white base for the furniture, the green was employed in the blinds and in the wallpaper with drawings of spheres. Decorative objects such as books, vases and cushions bring color to the room.

Image 22 - Proposal of minimalist teen bedroom with small details of color.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 21

Picture 23 - Clean room decoration with pink details and colorful cushions.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 22

Teen room design with clean decoration: here white is predominant on the walls and in the closet, only the cushions and some decorative objects have more vibrant colors.

Picture 24 - Room with minimalist decor with pop art paintings.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 23

Young decoration for those who are a fan of pop art: in this proposal, the pictures with illustrations of the theme are the highlight in a predominantly white environment. This proposal can also be adapted to another type of art or illustration that the teenager likes the most.

Image 25 - Room of flowers.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 24

This decorated bedroom proposal has dark walls and the main element is the flower: the plaster ceiling follows the shape, as well as the carpet and wall pictures that are super colorful and leave the environment more alive.

Picture 26 - Room of adolescent pink and green.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 25

In a teenage room with gray walls, vibrant green and pink are the colors chosen to make the environment much more alive. The green bed is the item that most calls attention, in the upper band of the wall there is still a room with colored wallpaper.

Image 27 - Adolescent room male navy blue.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 26

Room decor with shades of navy blue on the animal-themed furnishings. The orange found on the chair and the wallpaper contrasts well with the color.

Picture 28 - Modern and functional teen room with study table.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 27

Picture 29 - Room of adolescent for boy with dark colors.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 28

For those who fan of the dark colors on the walls, try contrasting with vibrant objects like these dumbbells in green. Remember that a dark environment needs strong lighting, both natural and artificial.

Picture 30 - Room of teenager in the style princess.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 29

A feminine room with pink and retro elements like the curtain and the carpet. Here is a nice acrylic Bubble Chair style armchair.

Picture 31 - Room of teenager for those who like sports.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 30

Picture 32 - Room decorated with delicacy and attention.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 31

Picture 33 - Male atmosphere with furniture in graphite color.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 32

Image 34 - Teenage room with colored graphite on the wall.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 33

Image 35 - The touch of wine color on decorative objects of the white room.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 34

Little male teenage room design with focus on black and white. Here we have a striped paint ceiling and a rug that follows the same proposal. The red color is the highlight on the cushions, on the chandelier and on the creative shelves made with skateboards.

Image 36 - Room of girl with fashion theme.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 35

Picture 37 - Project with feminine ambiance and bed with canopy.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 36

Picture 38 - Delicate female dormitory.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 37

Image 39 - Room design with the theme of the Star Wars series.

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 38

This design unites the beauty of geometric shapes with the characters from the Star Wars movie series, a variety of objects from the series complete the decoration on the table and the niche.

Picture 40 - Room proposal for girls fans of rock and music!

90 Teen rooms decorated to inspire you 39

A glamorous project for rock and music fans - a beautiful chandelier with high mirrored nightstands and lamps.

Picture 41 - Teenage room with cabinet door in chalk paint

image (1)

Picture 42 - Room with plaster lining with built-in led.

image (2)

Picture 43 - Room of adolescent in cement burned.

image (3)

Picture 44 - Room of adolescent with two beds in modern model.

image (4)

Picture 45 - Room with stairs.

image (5)

Picture 46 - Teenage room with suspended bed.

image (6)

Picture 47 - Teenage room with wooden floor and mattress.

image (7)

Image 48 - Room with white furniture.

image 8)

Picture 49 - Teenage room with door under the bed.

image (9)

Picture 50 - Teenage room with modern niches.

image (10)

Image 51 - Room with black decoration.

image (11)

Picture 52 - Teen room with clean style.

image (12)

Picture 53 - Teenage room with drawers under the bed.

image (13)

Picture 54 - Room with colorful decoration.

image (14)

Picture 55 - Teen room with simple style.

image (15)

Image 56 - Teenage room with mirrored door.

image (16)

Image 57 - Teenage room with window.

image (17)

Image 58 - Room with an armoire.

image (18)

Image 59 - Teenage room with brick and graphite wall.

image (19)

Image 60 - Teenage room with colorful niches on the desk.

image (20)

Image 61 - Room with small desk.

image (21)

Picture 62 - Teenage room with wooden wall and white niches to decorate.

image (22)

Picture 63 - Teenage room with bunk bed.

image (23)

Image 64 - Room with bookcase next to the bed.

image (24)

Picture 65 - Teenage room with desk stand.

image (25)

Image 66 - Teenage room with black furniture.

image (26)

Image 67 - Room with glass countertop.

image (27)

Picture 68 - Teenage room with black board.

image (28)

Picture 69 - Teenage room with television.

image (29)

Picture 70 - Room with acrylic pouf suspended in the ceiling

image (30)

Picture 71 - Room of adolescent with room for studies.

image (31)

Picture 72 - Teenage room with message board.

image (32)

Image 73 - Female room.

image (33)

Picture 74 - Teenage room with mirror in the head of the bed.

image (34)

Picture 75 - Teenage room with stairs to bed.

image (35)

Picture 76 - Room with colored lamps.

image (36)

Picture 77 - Teenage room with armchair suspended by rope.

image (37)

Picture 78 - Teenage room with wooden furniture.

image (38)

Image 79 - Room with bicycle door.

image (39)

Picture 80 - Teenage room with hooks on the wall.

image (40)

Picture 81 - Teenage room with neon light on the wall.

image (41)

Picture 82 - Bedroom with decorative wooden chest

image (42)

Picture 83 - Teenage room with wooden deck

image (43)

Picture 84 - Teenage room with two beds

image (44)

Picture 85 - Teenage room with suspended bed and lateral ladder

image (45)

Picture 86 - Room with rustic style

image (46)

Picture 87 - Teenage room with yellow decoration

image (47)

Picture 88 - Teenage room with wide bookcase

image (48)

Picture 89 - Room of adolescent male

image (49)

Picture 90 - Teenager's room for travel lovers

image (50)

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