78 Gourmet balconies decorated in apartments and houses

At gourmet balconies have become an indispensable space in almost all new real estate developments, being widely used as a space for fraternization between friends and relatives, the famous barbecue. The balconies can also be used as dining rooms and rest area.

It is important to think of all your needs before setting a design for the gourmet balcony. With limited dimensions, the ideal is to consider any use of space, even in the projects of large balconies, it is possible to have a more minimalist design, with ample spaces dedicated to the circulation among the furniture.

One should also make sure of the rules of the condo in relation to changing the façade and the structure of the balcony, since many already have predefined patterns for coatings, paintings, windows and other items. In some cases the resident is free to customize and completely customize the decor.

78 projects of gourmet balconies decorated in apartments

To facilitate your visualization, we separate beautiful inspirations from designs of modern gourmet balconies, small, rustic and with other styles:

Image 01 - Gourmet balcony with wood flooring.

Gourmet wood-paneled balcony

Image 02 - Elegant gourmet balcony.

Elegant gourmet balcony

Image 03 - Gourmet balcony with rustic wood.

Gourmet balcony with rustic wood

To counter modern elements such as the porcelain tile and the apparent concrete, we chose the table with rustic and natural wood with bench. Cabinets with yellow doors are responsible for adding color.

Image 04 - Gourmet balcony with glass curtain.

Gourmet balcony with glass curtain

The glass curtain is used extensively in the designs of modern balconies, ensuring the complete closure of the environment when necessary, protecting the place from rain, wind and cold.

Image 05 - Modern gourmet balcony.

Modern gourmet balcony

In this porch design, the dining table sits propped up on a black granite countertop with cooktop, this also has the support function for the barbecue. On the side, a mini bar with a retro fridge.

Image 06 - Beach-style gourmet balcony.

Beach-style gourmet balcony

For a balcony project in apartment in coastal regions, this style may be perfect for decoration.

Image 07 - Design of balcony with dining table.

Balcony design with dining table

A modern design that focuses on the light and neutral colors, it also has an 8-seat dining table, sofa, grill and planned cabinets.

Image 08 - Gourmet balcony with brick.

Gourmet balcony with brick

Leave the balcony even more charming with the brick flooring. This proposal still counts on a small table, extensive bench with garden and a beautiful garden seat.

Image 09 - Gourmet balcony with wood finish on the wall.

Gourmet balcony with wood finish on the wall

Modern design with wooden niches, wooden panel TV, retro bar fridge, coffee table with rustic wood and a upholstered bench to accommodate the guests.

Picture 10 - Elegant gourmet balcony with wooden furniture.

Elegant gourmet balcony with wooden furniture

In a modern enterprise with gray pattern paint, wood was the right material for the composition of the planned cabinets and the table, which still counts on a pair of chairs Charles Eames type .

Image 11 - Decoration with the wood in evidence.

Gourmet balcony decoration with wood in evidence

A design that focuses on the colors of the wood, from the wall covering to the round table that accommodates the guests. The plants help bring some color to the composition. The balcony also has a bench, cooktop, ceiling fan and barbecue.

Image 12 - Dark and colorful gourmet balcony.

A different proposal of balcony decoration with colored elements, this project receives the red paint on the bench with barbecue, coating with dark tones on the wall, and other decorative items such as cushions and stools.

Image 13 - Dark gourmet balcony.


The combination of black and brick colors: the whole joinery area is colored black, as is the wall of the barbecue. The stools bring and the benches bring the color in the composition.

Picture 14 - Gourmet balcony with copper details in the lamps.

Gourmet balcony with copper details in fixtures

The decor of this gourmet balcony focuses on the dark tones of the wood, from the dining table, the bench and the planned cabinets on the bench. The luminaires are finished with copper, giving a noble appearance to the decoration.

Image 15 - Modern proposal of decoration with design chairs.

Modern proposal of decoration with design chairs

In this proposal, design chairs are one of the highlights of this composition. In addition, the balcony has salmon ottoman, black coffee table, bench with planned cabinets, heated cellar and a potted plant.

Image 16 - Gourmet balcony with decorative tiles and red chandeliers.

Using different tiles, we can change the face of a balcony. This proposal uses those with black and white geometric designs. With this application, it is dispensed with the use of other outstanding visual attributes, here a small shelf on the same wall is enough.

Image 17 - Colorful gourmet balcony with many vases.

Picture 18 - Gourmet balcony with large green area.

Gourmet balcony with large green area

For those who idealize a gourmet balcony with plants: this proposal has ferns on the wall with double ceilings, in a loft-style apartment project.

Image 19 - Gourmet balcony with wood and green area.

Gourmet balcony with wood and green area

This balcony has dedicated green area, wooden furniture, panel with TV and barbecue. The planned countertop cabinets and shelves have the red trim. The walls were covered with brick.

Image 20 - Classic gourmet balcony.

Classic gourmet balcony

This project harmoniously combines the elements of the wood and the colors of the walls already defined by the condominium, as well as the ceramic floor with neutral colors.

Picture 21 - Proposal of large gourmet balcony.

A project with ample space for living, including a large dining table, bench and barbecue.

Image 22 - Gourmet balcony clean.

Image 23 - Gourmet beach-style balcony.

Gourmet beach-style balcony

Picture 24 - Gourmet balcony with stainless steel and wood.

Image 25 - Colorful gourmet balcony.

Colorful gourmet balcony

A gourmet area that uses colorful elements to make the environment more lively and vibrant. The upholstery features colorful stripes of green, yellow and red. The countertop is made with bright red lacquer.

Image 26 - Gourmet balcony with pots.

Gourmet balcony with vases

Image 27 - Proposal with coating on Portuguese tile .

Proposal with Portuguese tile coating

This modern balcony has tiled flooring, and the noble countertop with blue silestone. Yellow is the highlight color, both in the heated wine cellar, and in the wooden chairs of the dining table.

Image 28 - Classic gourmet balcony.

Classic gourmet balcony

This extensive porch features a dining table, wooden chairs, elegant fixtures, a barbeque with sink counter and wall mounted TV.

Image 29 - Gourmet balcony with shades of blue.

Gourmet balcony with shades of blue

Picture 30 - Gourmet balcony with concrete concrete tone.

Gourmet balcony with apparent concrete tone

Picture 31 - A small gourmet balcony with simple decor.

Small gourmet balcony with simple decor

This is a great example of simplicity with elegance in the decoration following the original finishes in the construction. Here the decorative objects are the focal point, with mirrored niches, wooden table, white benches and small potted plants.

Image 32 - Gourmet mirrored balcony.

Gourmet mirrored balcony

Picture 33 - Rustic gourmet beach-style balcony.

The composition of the wood in the coverings of the planned furniture, the table and other decorative items characterize the rustic style of the decoration. In this proposal, potted plants are welcome to maintain contact with nature.

Image 34 - Gray gourmet balcony with wood.

Gourmet gray balcony with wood

To compose with the gray porcelain floor, as well as the wall covering and the stainless steel bench, the wood was chosen for the table and the sliding panels.

Image 35 - Relaxed gourmet balcony.

Relaxing gourmet balcony

Perfect for an atmosphere of coexistence with friends and family, this balcony has a bench to hold a more intimate dinner in the night. The wall with blackboard allows free drawings and messages according to the occasion.

Image 36 - Gourmet balcony with blackboard for illustration.

Gourmet balcony with blackboard for illustration

Image 37 - Classic gourmet balcony with hydraulic tiles.


This balcony has a classic brick-lined barbecue grill, a black stone bench with 4 stools, a wooden cabinet, a red fridge, wall tiles with hydromassage tiles and a wall-mounted TV. A space that can be used both for day-to-day and for special occasions and gatherings.

Image 38 - Gourmet balcony with brick.

Gourmet balcony with brick

Image 39 - A modern proposal with white acrylic table.

A modern proposal with white acrylic table

A modern balcony with porcelain tile floors, wooden chairs and white acrylic dining table. The composition also has a small red minibar.

Image 40 - Gourmet balcony with large central bench.

Gourmet balcony with large center bench

In this project, the central island is the highlight of the composition that counts on still with barbecue, bench with sink, mini bar, cooktop and ceiling hood. Around, 8 stools were arranged to accommodate the guests.

Image 41 - Colorful gourmet balcony.

Colorful gourmet balcony

Image 42 - Gourmet balcony with TV and wood.

Gourmet balcony with TV and wood

How about having all the comfort of watching your favorite shows while enjoying this living space? This project has the TV set in the panel, in addition, every area has ample wood flooring.

Picture 43 - Gourmet balcony clean.

Gourmet balcony clean

In a large area design, there is great space for circulation on the balcony, with dining table, benches and American style barbecue.

Image 44 - Mirrored background widened the environment.

Gourmet balcony with mirrored background

Picture 45 - Make a mix of colorful chairs for this space.

Mix of colored chairs

In this proposal of gourmet veranda with vertical garden, the composition of the decoration counts on different models of chairs, each with a different style and color, which leaves the look more relaxed and fun.

Picture 46 - Gourmet balcony with modern style.

Gourmet balcony with modern style

Picture 47 - The wooden bench besides multifunctional helps to decorate the balcony.

Wooden bench in the balcony decoration

Image 48 - Partition for very wide balconies.

Partition for large balconies

Picture 49 - Balcony with retro style.

Picture 50 - Balcony with barbecue.

Gourmet balcony with barbecue

A proposal of small balcony with barbecue, plants and pots.

Image 51 - Balcony with vertical garden panel.

Veranda with vertical garden panel

A gorgeous solution for a gourmet balcony for those who are vertical garden fans. Here, a room was made in the room with this panel attached to a sofa.

Picture 52 - The woodwork in reddish tone took joy to the space.

Carpeting in a reddish hue

Picture 53 - Wooden deck combines with the proposal of this environment.

Wood Deck

Picture 54 - Balcony with vintage style.

Gourmet balcony with vintage style

In this vintage gourmet balcony, some decorative objects such as paintings, chairs and illustrations refer to the style of decoration.

Picture 55 - Wooden benches are always welcome!

Wooden benches

Image 56 - Balcony with decoration in gray tones and a touch of color.

Balcony with decoration in gray tones

Picture 57 - With modern and clean proposal.


Image 58 - Vertical garden on all walls.

Vertical garden house design

Image 59 - For those who have a large balcony can cover with a more cozy floor.

Large gourmet balcony

Image 60 - The green wall highlighted the environment.

Green wall

Image 61 - Meal space with built-in tv.

Dining area with built-in tv

This balcony features a small table to seat wooden seats, as well as the panel that receives potted plants and a built-in TV. An environment to be used on a daily basis as well.

Image 62 - Tiles are great for decorating.

Tiles for decoration

Picture 63 - Quiet corner with central table in demolition wood.

Quiet corner on the gourmet balcony

Picture 64 - Perfect color combination!

Perfect color combination on the balcony

Image 65 - What about coating the gourmet countertop?

Gourmet countertop

Image 66 - A touch of nature for your home.

Touch of nature

The vertical garden is able to completely change the look of a balcony, ideal for those who prefer to add a touch of nature to the visual composition.

Picture 67 - Sliding doors help to integrate environments.

Sliding doors on the balcony

Image 68 - Hydraulic tile to cover the walls.

Hydraulic Tile

Picture 69 - Multifunctional corner!


Picture 70 - For those who have a wide area can insert rest armchairs.

Armchairs for rest

Picture 71 - Ideal space to gather friends and family!

Space to gather friends

Picture 72 - With woodwork and white furniture.

White furniture and joinery on the balcony

Image 73 - Earthy tones are part of the proposal of this environment.

Earthy shades on the balcony

Picture 74 - A vibrant, colorful and fun space!

Balcony with vibrant decor

Image 75 - A little color applied in the joinery.

Color applied to the joinery

Picture 76 - Veranda transformed into living and dining room with a beautiful view!


Picture 77 - Sophisticated and cozy!

Sophisticated and cozy balcony

Picture 78 - Integrated rooms.

Integrated rooms

Image 79 - Modern and very green!

Modern balcony with green

Picture 80 - This balcony won even a support mini-bar!

Balcony with support mini-bar

A simple balcony with sofa and wooden chair, coffee table, carpet and mini fridge in the color red.

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