75 Corridor Ideas Decorated with Awesome Photos

The hallway is usually one of the last spaces we decorate at the time of retirement. By being seen as a limited place, we often fail to invest in it. Besides being a place of passage to other rooms it is used very often, however there is no reason to leave it white, apathetic and bland.

It can be decorated with supporting furniture such as shelves and backers, with pictures and artwork, with special and differentiated lighting or even wallpapers that change the face of the walkway. A popular choice is the mounting of murals with family photographs, travel and meetings, a way to tell the story and the residents' experiences to their guests.

Essential tips for anyone who wants to decorate and change the face of the hallway.

Before you begin, it is ideal to consider that it is not recommended to overload the hallway with decor items. Decorative objects should not disturb the circulation under any circumstances, including because they may be damaged by passage. With this major item in mind, check out the next few tips we have for you to choose from:

1. Measures

For interiors of residences and apartments, it is recommended that the corridor has a minimum width of 0.90m. To accommodate cabinets, large sideboards and shelves, it is imperative to calculate the available space.

2. Painting and colors

Light-colored walls give the impression of a wider and more open space, so prefer neutral tones or pastels. A good idea to highlight the end of the aisle is to paint it with a darker shade than the one used on the side. Dark colors are not recommended in small hallways as they can cause discomfort. In a wide hallway, they can be used to bring more personality into the environment.

3. Frames

For small hallways, the ideal is to invest in a composition of frames and frames on the wall. Choose items that contrast with the sober color of the wall, most often opting for colored frames. To have a lighter effect, you can fix frames and frameless photos, ideal for narrow aisles.

4. Floors

Using a long treadmill can help attract the look down the hallway, making it look longer. Long carpets leave the space cozier and the mirror is a good trick to the limitations of the environment. Try placing it on the background wall as it will have a nice effect with the reflection of the image.

5. Lighting

Lighting is the touch that can make all the difference in your hallway. Place the spaced luminaires equally along the corridor, because having only one spot of light in the center may give the impression that the corridor is narrower than reality. If you want to make it attractive and modern, invest in a plasterboard lined with ribbons inlaid with LED lighting.

6. Furniture

The shelves and narrow sideboards are ideal objects to decorate. They serve as support for decorative frames and accessories, which makes the space much more pleasant. The niches are also a great option to support objects without interfering with circulation.

Decorating models and photos of corridors

Before decorating your environment, we recommend that you get inspired by the ideas of other architecture and decoration projects. To facilitate this task, we put together the best ideas and references in one place. Continue browsing to see each tip in the 75 photos that have been selected. We hope they help you change the face of your runner:

Picture 1 - Side beams with LED illumination.

75 Corridor Ideas Decorated with Awesome Photos

To have a dramatic effect on the environment, the professional chose to install beams with LED lighting on the side panels of the hallway with stronger colors.

Picture 2 - Corridor decorated with shelves and gold frames.

75 Ideas for Runners Decorated with Awesome Photos 1

In a wide hallway, one opted for the white shelf fixed to the wall to receive the books and other decorative objects. The frames were fixed in an uneven way, all with a similar frame in gold color.

Picture 3 - Corridor decorated with shelves and gold frames.

75 Ideas for Runners Decorated with Awesome Photos 2

To bring color to a minimalist corridor project, the decorator chose frames and photographs with colorful frames, with different shapes such as oval, rectangular and square.

Picture 4 - Corridor with scandinavian style.

75 Ideas of Corridors Decorated with Awesome Photos 3

In a Scandinavian-style hallway, we have a chest of drawers to house the clothes and the pictures that give the colors to an environment that is essentially minimalist.

Picture 5 - With colorful striped rug and pictures.

75 Ideas for Runners Decorated with Awesome Photos 4

To give color to this corridor with white walls and laminate flooring, the professional chose an extensive striped and colorful rug. On the wall, although the pictures have white frames, the colors are in the illustrations.

Picture 6 - Corridor with plaster lining in shop environment.

image (1)

To make the way brighter, the plaster molding to illuminate the sides of the aisle. The colored door is another highlight that in this case, has feminine characteristics for being pink with golden door handles.

Image 7 - Corridor with exposed brick wall.

image (2)

We can choose the exposed brick to use on one of the corridor walls to have a construction or demolition effect, as if the work was not yet ready. It's an interesting way to highlight a wall in any type of environment, be it residential or commercial.

Picture 8 - White corridor with clean decoration.

image (3)

In this case, it was decided to keep the corridor with the same "clean" characteristic of the other environments. The shelves and cabinets are white and only the decorative objects have some kind of color that stand out.

Image 9 - White corridor with mobile built-in wall.

image (4)

Embedding closets and shelves is an interesting solution to take advantage of a space that would be meant to have only one corridor wider than normal. In this example the dark furniture contrasts with the white walls of the hallway.

Image 10 - Corridor decorated with vases and closet doors that resemble pictures.

image (5)

An interesting combination in which cabinet doors resemble colorful and vibrant frames. This was the way chosen to leave this corridor more alive, since it is a more minimalist environment.

Image 11 - Corridor with black tone wall and Persian rugs.

image (6)

To leave the ceiling and floor highlighted, the black color was chosen to paint the side walls

Picture 12 - Corridor for main entrance with bag support

image (7)

Taking advantage of a small space on the side of the aisle is possible, in this example hooks were used to hang objects, a shelf to support pictures and at the bottom you can store shoes and boots.

Image 13 - Corridor with wood finish.

image 8)

To have a wall looking like the floor, a wooden panel was chosen to cover one of the walls of the hallway. It brings a more natural and elegant look to the office or office environment.

Picture 14 - Corridor for loft or sobrado.

image (9)

In lofts and townhouses projects, it is more common to have a hallway right next to the staircase, which is usually empty or does not have a specific decoration. Here we opted for the shelves that are connected to each other by wooden wine cubes, an option to leave the collection of books, CDs and DVDs exposed.

Picture 15 - Corridor with wall hooks and organizer boxes

image (10)

In this corridor we have an extensive bench that serves as support to change shoes, hooks on the wall to hang coats and hats and shelves at the top with boxes organizing objects.

Image 16 - Corridor for corporate office.

image (11)

To leave the office with a darker shade and a sober climate, wooden panels were used on the side walls.

Image 17 - Corridor with romantic style.

image (12)

In this white corridor, the bet was on the colorful carpet and decorative objects that include an acrylic dresser and a vase of roses that gives the romantic tone in the environment. An example of how to add colors in the hallway without changing the walls or ceiling.

Image 18 - Modern corridor with light beams.

image (13)

A corridor with a touch of modernity and sophistication: instead of light fixtures or spots of light, we chose beams of light that pass from the wall to the ceiling to give a unique effect on the apparent concrete.

Picture 19 - Retro style corridor

image (14)

Image 20 - Corridor to beach house.

image (15)

In this corridor stand out the horizontal lines of pictures with pictures that are repeated in a linear way in the two walls. The photos depict different perspectives of the beach elements like the sea, the waves and the sand.

Image 21 - Corridor with narrow support for door photos.

image (16)

In this example, a narrow corridor has gained a small white wood support so that family pictures and photographs are delicately supported, without obstructing the circulation space.

Image 22 - Corridor to a female residence.

image (17)

A decoration for the hall that refers to the style fashionista , with carpet on the bench and pictures with posters about the world of fashion fashion .

Image 23 - Corridor with wooden slats.

image (18)

To maintain the sense of amplitude, instead of using walls, wood slats were chosen so that the environments were smoothly separated, without losing sight of the other space.

Image 24 - Corridor with shelf hanging on the ceiling.

image (19)

To make the shelves look lighter and drier, it was decided to fix them with cables attached from floor to ceiling, so the shelves do not touch and are not traditionally attached to the wall. Resulting in a touch of lightness and unique sophistication.

Image 25 - Corridor with bench or sideboard.

image (20)

In this corridor the sideboard stands out with several decorative objects that are present in the environment. A picture with the mundi map was positioned on the other wall. The ceiling has a layer of straw to differentiate itself from the white walls and to some extent, match the laminate flooring.

Image 26 - Corridor with black and white decoration.

image (21)

For those who prefer a more classic style of decoration, the contrast between black and white has a unique effect in the hallway.

Image 27 - Corridor with green wall and lamp embedded in the plaster.

image (22)

For those who are fans, green is the ideal color to renew energies and is a source of inspiration, creativity and that makes dreams flourish.

Image 28 - Corridor with orange decoration

image (23)

To give life to the environment, we chose the large carpet with orange tint, as well as the fixtures and some photo frames that are on the shelf. Orange can be considered the color of prosperity, stimulating courage and daring.

Picture 29 - Corridor with wall in hollowed element.

image (24)

The leaked elements allow a greater sense of amplitude, that is, it is possible to see between the corridor and the environment that is immediately next to it.

Image 30 - Corridor in apparent concrete.

image (25)

In this industrial-style corridor, the apparent concrete is present in the ceiling and wall. On the other side we have a light wooden shelf with books.

Image 31 - White corridor with leaked elements on the wall.

image (26)

In this corridor with white focus, some bundles on the left wall allow natural lighting to enter the environment, creating a unique effect during the day.

Image 32 - Corridor with glass windows.

image (27)

An elegant, spacious hallway with direct access to the outdoor areas. In this case it is ideal to use the glasses so that the natural lighting enters directly into the environment besides allowing that who is inside, can see the external area of ​​the residence.

Image 33 - Corridor with wall covered in stone.

image (28)

In a corridor with marble floors and cream-colored priests, the stone wall was chosen on the left wall to add a natural and rustic touch in an environment with classic decor.

Image 34 - Modern corridor with wall covered in wood and lacquered white bench.

image (29)

Image 35 - Corridor with burnt cement floor and white furniture.

image (30)

Image 36 - Curved corridor with shelves and frames.

image (31)

In this curved corridor next to the stairs, shelves were placed to house books, magazines and pictures.

Image 37 - Corridor with intimate air with decorated wall.

image (32)

The corridor wall has been decorated with small fixed points representing cities of the world.

Image 38 - Corridor with ceiling in plaster and mobile finish with shelf and cabinets.

image (33)

Another example of light furniture with shelves and cabinets that hold objects like books, vases and picture frames.

Image 39 - Simple corridor with wooden floor with glass sideboard.

image (34)

To add a detail in a simple and clean corridor, a thin metallic dresser and white boards for the walls were chosen.

Image 40 - Corridor with atrium and lighting vents at the bottom of the wall.

image (35)

In this extensive corridor in a commercial environment, the sides of the corridor have rectangular openings in the lower part of the left wall, allowing the entrance of natural light during the day.

Image 41 - Wide corridor with windows and ceiling with atrium.

image (36)

For a wide hallway, two chairs were chosen barcelona Black leather. Natural lighting is plentiful thanks to the atrium available in the ceiling. The spots of light are on the upper left wall to illuminate the environment at night.

Image 42 - Corridor with wooden ceiling and gray wall.

image (37)

In order to have a ceiling with differentiated material, wood lining with spots of white light was chosen. The corridor also has an extensive shelf with narrow sofa and a wall mural of pictures plentiful on the wall.

Picture 43 - Corridor with mobile built-in as shelf.

image (38)

An interesting solution for runners who do not have much lateral space available - use the funds. If there is not a room or a window, the ideal is to fill the place with a picture or a shelf. In this case we have a built-in shelf that stores books, vases and picture frames.

Image 44 - Corridor with brick wall and frames supported.

image (39)

In this corridor, it was possible to take advantage of the natural characteristics of the bricks to fix posters and pictures with vintage styles.

Image 45 - Corridor with cabinets in natural and white wood.

image (40)

To have more storage space, cabinets with white tones and natural wood were built. For the visual not to be so heavy, there were interspersed empty spaces with bench and pictures.

Image 46 - Ample corridor in corporate office with light colors.

image (41)

To bring more color to the corporate office, the decorator opted for large colorful abstract pictures that definitely mark the spot.

Image 47 - Corridor with side table between cabinets.

image (42)

In a hallway with classic style separated by cabinets, a span was installed to house a bench with two stools.

Image 48 - Contemporary corridor with wooden bench.

image (43)

In an extensive corridor of a commercial building, the architect chose to install a curved bench that catches almost the full extent of the environment.

Image 49 - This corridor has the wall with slate paint to draw with chalk.

image (44)

Slate paint is a different way of stimulating creativity, especially for those who have children at home. In this example, the wall was painted with blackboard paint for the little ones to draw.

Image 50 - Corridor with lighting embedded in the wall by tapes of LED and decoration with pictures.

image (45)

To create a unique lighting effect, led strips were used on the lower and top left side wall, in addition to light spots. In the decoration we have a sideboard that supports a large painting leaning against the wall.

Image 51 - Corridor with exposed wooden beams.

image (46)

In this corridor, we have niches facing inside the wall. Wooden beams serve as a shelf for decorative objects.

Image 52 - Corridor with step and shelves in L.

image (47)

In this example, the concrete shelves pass through the hallway and wrap around the room in a united way, creating a distinctive effect.

Image 53 - Corridor with decoration with red touches.

image (48)

To contrast with the wall with slate paint, the red color was chosen to leave the environment more alive. Also, the carpet that matches the walls.

Image 54 - Corridor with windows and support in concrete with wooden top.

image (49)

To create a different effect, the professional chose to put a supporter on concrete with wood top. In this case, it is possible to put some small embellishments under the holder.

Image 55 - Corridor with extensive library.

image (50)

The hallway is a great place to secure a shelf and store all the books that have been accumulated, freeing up the space in cabinets and other environments. In this example, we still have a colorful picture and decorative objects such as the lamp and pots under the shelf.

Image 56 - Corridor with mirror and home office.

image (51)

In this spacious hallway of the apartment, it was decided to put a dark wooden bench with a narrow white bench that serves as home office. On the other wall, we have the mirror.

Image 57 - External corridor with sliding doors.

image (52)

In this project, the corridor of passage is in the external area of ​​the residence and has plants and creepers in the wall.

Image 58 - Corridor with paint in earthy tones.

image (53)

In this corridor, both the colors of the walls and the cabinets have an earthy hue that makes it more cozy. In addition to the cabinets, some shelves serve as a support for objects and books.

Image 59 - Corridor in light tones.

image (54)

In this corridor the light colors are abundant, both on the walls, on the floor and on the ceiling. In addition to the frames with white frame, the right side wall has a differentiated effect through the 3D plaster panels.

Image 60 - Corridor with glass closure.

image (55)

Image 61 - Gray corridor with stone detail.

image (56)

In this corridor with light colors, the left wall differs by having the coating in apparent concrete. At the bottom of the floor, there is a small strip with black stones.

Image 62 - Corridor with wooden taco floor and wall in white tone with frame.

image (57)

In this corridor, we opted for the use of a small bench for reading and rest. There is also a yellow abstract picture on the left wall that brings color to this predominantly white environment.

Image 63 - Incredible glass corridor.

image (58)

To unite two parts of a residence, a corridor completely made of glass was chosen, from the walls to the ceiling. An option for those who prefer to like the transparency and the wide view in the architecture. The sliding doors allow the two side areas to come together when you open them.

Image 64 - Open corridor with body guard of ladder.

image (59)

In this corridor next to the stairs were fixed shelves and wooden cabinets as support and storage of books and objects.

Image 65 - Long corridor with white sliding doors and ivory wood flooring.

image (60)

This is a classic example of corridor with minimalist style, on the wall we have some picture frames in black color and a small dresser with vase.

Image 66 - Corridor with glass and stone wall.

image (61)

The stone wall brings the rustic and natural effect to the hallway.

Image 67 - Corridor with columns and metal beams with wooden furniture.

image (62)

Image 68 - Corridor with wall covered in canjiquinha stone.

image (63)

A corridor next to the stone-lined staircase. The lighting is prominent on the wall, located predominantly on the bottom.

Picture 69 - Corridor with furniture in natural wood.

image (64)

In this corridor there is a solid wood cabinet with ladder to store books, door frames, vases, baskets and other objects. On the wooden floor we have an extensive carpet of fabric with colorful prints.

Image 70 - Corridor with white brick and frames.

image (65)

In this corridor, the bricks were painted white, in line with other environments. Frames are positioned tilted to create a different effect.

Image 71 - Corridor with predominant rustic style.

image (66)

To highlight the rustic corridor with wood, we have a red bench, a colorful rug and objects fixed to the wall.

Image 72 - Corridor with blue wall, white furniture and monochrome carpet.

image (67)

Image 73 - Colorful corridor with blue wall and red and green decoration.

image (68)

In this corridor, it was chosen by vibrant colors in all the walls and decorative objects. From the cabinet doors in green color, the mirror frame in red color and the walls with the blue color.

Image 74 - Corridor with floor and lining in wood and lateral wall with details in plaster.

image (69)

In this corridor, the right side wall is highlighted, with details on the plaster texture.

Image 75 - Long corridor with recessed luminaires.

image (70)

The distribution of lighting directly affects the appearance of the corridor. Ideally, luminaires should be evenly distributed throughout their length. Having only one central point of illumination in the hallway can give the impression that it is shorter than it really is. Take this into consideration when planning your corridor.

After seeing all of these recommendations, we hope it will be easier to choose the decorating style and the ideal objects for your hallway. Keep searching and start decorating your home!

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