60+ Minimalist House Facades: Models & Photos!

Contemporary architecture - with its straight lines and minimal ornaments - had its origin in the twentieth century. This style is characterized by the visual cleaning, "less is more" and fits in every detail, from the distribution of the spaces as well as in the facade main.

The colors further enhance the minimalist style. In finishing, for example, the main choices are the classic tones like black , off white and gray. The most used materials and coatings are glass, metal, marble and granite.

In relation to the design of the façade, the encounter of the full and the emptiness talk to each other forming a single construction through the harmonization of the geometric forms. The inner garden should be opened as large glass spans should be present for lightness to be noticed. Therefore, the large size of windows and doors are a striking feature in this style!

Betting on a minimalist residence is also defining your lifestyle as it seeks only the essentials with sophistication. Check below in our special gallery, 60 sensational suggestions of minimalist façades and incorporate this style into your future project:

Picture 1 - The unevenness of the lines replace the apparent roof by a platibanda, extending even more the visual when painted in white

Picture 1

Picture 2 - The facade expresses minimalism with large glass panels!

Image 2

Picture 3 - The harmony of materials highlights the minimalist style!

Picture 3

Picture 4 - The windows are square or rectangular and generally they form a homogenous composition in the facade

Image 4

Picture 5 - The windows are hidden by concrete shutters, generating uniformity with the use of the same material

Picture 5

Picture 6 - Prioritize the use of straight lines and blocks of pure shapes!

Picture 6

Image 7 - The famous pivoting doors lining the entire side of the residence

Picture 7

Image 8 - The few constructive elements form a block of concrete

Image 8

Picture 9 - Windows can come in unequal sizes

Picture 9

Image 10 - The balance of the black facade is due to the use of glass in the windows

Picture 10

Image 11 - Finishes invisible to the eyes!

Image 11

Figure 12 - Connect the internal and the external in the same way!

Image 12

Picture 13 - Orthogonal lines meet if simple form to form a minimalist facade!

Picture 13

Image 14 - In addition to the concrete, the wood allows the control of light in the interior with small openings, besides creating the hard aspect to facade

Picture 14

Image 15 - Work the proportion of the facade, such as height, right foot, windows and the other elements that are part

Picture 15

Picture 16 - Create an illumination that highlights some important element in the facade

Picture 16

Picture 17 - Balance the colors according to the shape of the facade!

Picture 17

Image 18 - Transparency is essential in this style, so large glass planes appear throughout the building

Picture 18

Picture 19 - Perpendicular plans result in a minimalist façade!

Picture 19

Image 20 - The residence can come with a simple volumetric form

Image 20

Image 21 - Highlight the building lines with white!

Picture 21

Image 22 - Light is a very important item, so put lots of glass on your front!

Picture 22

Image 23 - The facade comes down to a set of perpendicular lines

Picture 23

Image 24 - Highlight only what is needed!

Picture 24

Image 25 - The white building is a strong feature in minimalism

Image 25

Image 26 - The use of a material on the entire facade is very common in this style

House in Vale da Abelha

Image 27 - To accompany the minimalist garden one should opt for a more decorative architectural landscaping

Image 27

Image 28 - Prioritize simplicity in architectural details

Image 28

Image 29 - A minimalist facade is seen with large perforations in the wall and cover, giving the appearance of full and empty in the construction

Picture 29

Picture 30 - Make a construction without excesses of colors and materials

Picture 30

Image 31 - High on a mirrored block

Picture 31

Picture 32 - The block on the block forms a beautiful and contemporary residence

Picture 32

Picture 33 - Game of light and shadow is given by the effect of glass panels

Picture 33

Image 34 - Highlight the main element on your facade and eliminate unnecessary elements

Image 34

Image 35 - The hard concrete block only looks at what is needed: window and car space

Picture 35

Image 36 - Build with the use of few materials on the facade!

Picture 36

Image 37 - The volumes stand out on the facade!

Image 37

Image 38 - The large empty space at the top gives light to the facade

Picture 38

Image 39 - The open area forms a rigid garden in the minimalist style

Image 39

Image 40 - It's a building model that stands out among the others!

Picture 40

Image 41 - The glass window brings a lot of light to the house leaving the facade with a light look!

Picture 41

Image 42 - The environment and internal must have the same minimalist language as the external language

Picture 42

Picture 43 - Play with the volumes!

Picture 43

Image 44 - The lines meet in some way, forming a neutral and minimalist set!

Picture 44

Image 45 - Composing windows in a black block

Image 45

Image 46 - The use of white in the choice of coatings

Picture 46

Picture 47 - The whole glass house creates the broad and clean look!

Picture 47

Picture 48 - Dare in the forms for a modern and futuristic house!

Image 48

Picture 49 - Sophistication sums up the style!

Picture 49

Image 50 - The covered glass window gives visibility to the great landscape of the surroundings

Picture 50

Picture 51 - Wooden panels take a different air and combine with a straight line design

Picture 51

Image 52 - The empty spaces break the rigidity of the shape of the residence

Picture 52

Image 53 - The white facade extends in every detail!

Picture 53

Image 54 - The minimalist architecture presents itself in pure form without presenting details and props

Picture 54

Image 55 - The colors created a contrast with points of interest to this construction

Picture 55

Image 56 - The use of simple lines with windows without sills and skirting boards and rodatetos making a same plane

Picture 56

Image 57 - The great cover gives personality to this facade!

Image 57

Image 58 - The shapes are designed according to the functionality and its facade design

Image 58

Image 59 - Highlight only the fundamental!

Image 59

Image 60 - Concrete on display is a strong feature of the style, which demonstrates a more urban air for those who live in large cities

Image 60

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