60 Beautiful and inspiring decorated yellow kitchens

Yellow is a hot color and very strong, so it is required to bring more life to the environment. In the kitchen, this can be worked in several ways. The main point in this case is to highlight it by mixing it with other more neutral tones. A gray kitchen, for example, can perfectly compose with some yellow items and the result is incredible! The ideal is to use the yellow color in some strategic points of the environment.

For small kitchens, a nice suggestion is to use it in accessories such as stools, chairs, lamps or niches on the wall. Already in the large kitchens, bet on a neutral base and a yellow wall or even a carpentry with that tonality.

Because it is a vibrant and lighted color, the yellow looks amazing in the composition with a black furniture. If you want to dare, combine it with other warm colors, like red, and get a cozy and happy atmosphere! The important thing about using this color is the tuning of the elements. The yellow color breaks the seriousness of the decoration and escapes from the traditional of the kitchens.

As the hue is one of the big bets for next year, check out the most varied styles of yellow kitchens and get inspired:

Picture 1 - The mix of the tile on the wall with the yellow carpentry left the kitchen with a retro air.

image (1)

Picture 2 - You can insert the color in the central kitchen counter.

image (2)

Picture 3 - Pastilhas is a great coating to finish the kitchen.

image (3)

Picture 4 - Hydraulic tiles that refer to the yellow can be a good choice to insert the color in the environment.

image (4)

Picture 5 - Simple carpentry for a small kitchen.

image (5)

Picture 6 - Detail for the yellow tile in only one part of the wall.

image (6)

Picture 7 - The kitchen won the yellow in only a part of the furniture.

image (7)

Picture 8 - The hood gave the touch of color to the clean of the kitchen.

image 8)

Image 9 - Refrigerators are also part of the decoration in the kitchen.

image (9)

Image 10 - Gray and yellow make a perfect match!

image (10)

Image 11 - If you want something simpler, you can choose a yellow painting on the wall.

image (11)

Image 12 - Modern kitchen with black and yellow carpentry.

image (12)

Picture 13 - The yellow tiles gave a fun touch to a classic kitchen.

image (13)

Picture 14 - The retro touch appears with this beautiful refrigerator!

image (14)

Picture 15 - Yellow shelves can give more charm to your kitchen.

image (15)

Picture 16 - The combination of the tiles formed a perfect pair!

image (16)

Image 17 - Choose a part of the closet to coat with the color.

image (17)

Picture 18 - White and yellow make the combination for a light and clean kitchen.

image (18)

Picture 19 - The traditional kitchen has won yellow cabinets and the result was incredible!

image (19)

Image 20 - Tile on a part of the wall already changes the whole look.

image (20)

Picture 21 - Yellow closet with a black marble countertop leaves the kitchen with jovial style.

image (21)

Image 22 - Ideal design for a young kitchen!

image (22)

Picture 23 - The narrow bench is ideal for the kitchen, as well as functional it takes beauty to the environment.

image (23)

Picture 24 - The wall with slate paint is great for jotting down some recipe and decorating your kitchen.

image (24)

Image 25 - Horizontal lines are part of this project.

image (25)

Image 26 - The yellow porcelain floor with the blue stools gave color to this kitchen.

image (26)

Picture 27 - Beautiful, cheerful and jovial!

image (27)

Picture 28 - Small kitchen with a color detail!

image (28)

Picture 29 - The wall in burned cement together with the yellow cabinet made the perfect pair!

image (29)

Image 30 - The niche built into the closet gave personality to this joinery.

image (30)

Picture 31 - Yellow tiles cover a part of the wall leading one up in the kitchen.

image (31)

Picture 32 - The yellow painting on the wall gave prominence to the gray woodworking.

image (32)

Picture 33 - Beautiful yellow panel composition with blackboard frame!

image (33)

Image 34 - To differentiate the traditional cabinet chose to make a niche lacquered in the yellow color.

image (34)

Image 35 - 3D Coating is the new trend in interior design.

image (35)

Image 36 - Incredible workbench with wooden base and metal frame with yellow paint.

image (36)

Image 37 - Spots embedded in the joinery make the bench more lighted.

image (37)

Picture 38 - The combination of black and yellow never fail to disappoint.

image (38)

Picture 39 - How about a monolithic yellow floor?

image (39)

Picture 40 - Although simple, the kitchen can have an incredible result with the combination of colors and furniture.

image (40)

Picture 41 - Frames and the clock make up more charm for this yellow wall.

image (41)

Picture 42 - In this project only the cabinet door has a yellow finish.

image (42)

Picture 43 - Incredible woodwork with built-in niches and retro fridge!

image (43)

Image 44 - The table built as an environment divider was the key point of this project.

image (44)

Picture 45 - Yellow shelves already give all the special touch to this kitchen.

image (45)

Image 46 - Incredible composition with black and white finish and cabinet in yellow.

image (46)

Picture 47 - How about innovating in the kitchen cabinet knobs?

image (47)

Picture 48 - Even with a little color the design of the kitchen has not ceased to be modern and sophisticated.

image (48)

Image 49 - Bench in yellow to bring color to the environment.

image (49)

Picture 50 - For a proposal of American style kitchen.

image (50)

Image 51- Because a white kitchen deserves a colorful finish!

image (51)

Picture 52 - The classic kitchen can carry a touch of color without leaving the proposal of style.

image (52)

Picture 53 - The ceiling can be with a different and daring painting.

image (53)

Picture 54 - The lower cabinets take another finish that fit perfectly in the environment.

image (54)

Picture 55 - The cabinets carry a delicate design following the kitchen line.

image (55)

Image 56 - The background with yellow coating highlighted the white furniture and accessories that make up the kitchen.

image (56)

Image 57 - Simple with a little boldness!

image (57)

Image 58 - Ideal for large kitchens.

image (58)

Image 59 - The yellow background supported the bottom of the niches embedded in the same wall.

image (59)

Image 60 - Accessories already change the monotonous look in the kitchen.

image (60)

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