60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

For those who want to have a modern bathroom, it is necessary to keep in mind that functionality and the use of good materials are essential for this style. Try to check the size of your bathroom to choose the right equipment and not miss the dimension. In the market, we can find several models that stand out in the environment and become the key piece for the environment.

The modern bathroom concept refers to a trend of the moment, which can often be linked to technology or an automation project. But moreover, the main thing is to preserve a design in straight lines, orthogonal and clean. Always remembering to give attention to details at the focal points of the bathroom.

One of the most common cases is when residents want to renovate their old bathroom to give a more current face. This task can be done with minor adjustments without the need for a major overhaul that takes too long. You can change only the sanitary parts for a more current model, apply a paint on the walls, insert some decorative objects on the workbench, change the box only from the box or the bench stone. Anyway, there are many options, just below we'll give you more ideas on how to transform an old bathroom and a more modern and modern one.

If you are starting a new project, the bathroom can receive some simple and affordable applications that we scored in 4 items:

1. Use modern objects

Objects can come in to give the modern mood in space! As for example, some potted plants, exposed towels, rug, a decorative tray, baskets organizers and so on.

2. Coatings

The coverings say a lot about the bathroom, both for its design and for its functionality. The floor must be made of an efficient material to carry the necessary safety in this wet area. The box windows should be clear, with no texture or a different finish. In relation to mirrors, the larger they are, the greater the visual effect of a larger space. Ideally, cover a large part of the wall of the tub and the toilet, forming a plane from tip to tip.

3. Sanitary fittings

Bet on vats in straight lines that help make the environment more modern. Currently the market offers endless models of sanitary parts with a different design, either by color or finish. The faucets are becoming more minimalist, and the toilets are more technological every day.

4. Materials

The choice of materials depends on the taste of the resident. But have a good project in hand so that the composition of colors and the availability of the sanitary ware is in agreement with your bathroom. Wood, for example, is ideal for those looking for a relaxing and zen-like environment. Already for a colorful environment, the tiles leave the environment ludic and vibrant. Already the acrylic can give the clean air for its transparency.

For those who want a neutral bathroom, the ideal is to opt for light porcelain tiles, glass doors and stone countertops. Already who wants to dare in the colors: make the lining of the space of the box with some tile or with colored tablets. A good way to get out of clean is to highlight some detail with some noble material, glass inserts , burnt cement, wood flooring (deck style) or any other material of your choice.

The most important of all these 4 items mentioned above is the harmony between them! They should complement each other, taking balance and following the style proposal to the end. The modern style is that will determine all the choices for the bathroom design. The cool thing is to make a mural of references to see if the composition will be nice before starting the purchases and the work!

Concept of materials for modern bathrooms

Check out below two images that combine metals, tiles, tablets and coatings with a modern and contemporary look:

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 1

Modern bathroom ideas to inspire

For easy viewing, check out our gallery to help you design your bathroom with modern style and if you want, see more bathroom tips decorated .

Picture 1 - Modern and minimalist modern bathroom!

image (1)

This bathroom is marked by the use of glass partitions, which lead to integration in a light way without too close the space for the bath. The straight lines are marked by the design of the box, which has a seat and a space to store the cosmetics. Another important detail that makes the bathroom look clean is the shower built-in straight into the lining, it does not even appear in the visual because it is hidden in the ceiling.

Picture 2 - The use of wood gave coziness to the bathroom.

image (2)

The wood in a lighter tone manages to bring the feeling of comfort and coziness to the bathroom to make this moment more relaxing. The most beautiful form of application is through slats or strips that form a pattern on the walls and floor.

Picture 3 - Bench with colored doors.

image (3)

The game of full and empty gives more prominence with the use of different finishes in each space. This idea is ideal for a jovial bathroom!

Picture 4 - Light color to the bathroom box.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

The color inside a bathroom leaves the look darker, without taking the touch of modernity. The wall mounted tiles are almost a trend in most residential projects. They have become the key piece to give identity and highlight even more beauty with the game of joinery and accessories.

Picture 5 - A clean bathroom with the use of light materials and light shades.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 2

If your wall allows, create niches to support objects and bath accessories. It can be coated later or finished with a simple finish, as shown in the photo.

Picture 6 - Ideal for who wants to insert a bathroom in the environment.

image (6)

For this proposal, the ideal is that the bathroom has enough space to really relax and store the bathroom accessories. To decorate the workbench, try putting the glass pots in trays to be on display and become part of the decor.

Picture 7 - The slats in wood highlight the design of this bathroom.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Picture 8 - Box e bathtub in the same space.

image 8)

You can insert both elements in the same box! Note that in the design above, the edge of the bathtub enhanced the decor, which took a more natural air with the use of wood and the landscape of the leaves that refers to a frame.

Picture 9 - The black tile took modernity to the bathroom.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

The larger parts stand out much more compared to small ones. Otherwise, the application should be done in a larger space, instead of only applying in the box, extend to other surfaces of the bathroom. The grout is also the detail that makes the difference! Always apply a tone that contrasts with the pieces to bring out their shape on the wall.

Image 10 - Mix of materials in a single environment.

image (10)

Picture 11 - Discreet drawer for the bathroom countertop.

image (11)

Picture 12 - The bench supported in the bathtub highlights the design of the bathroom.

image (12)

The larger the bench, the greater its magnitude in the environment. They take all the modern touch to the bathroom, so it's important to worry about your design until the choice of finish. The ideal is that it is made of stone, but there are other materials that can make it beautiful, such as porcelain and wood.

Picture 13 - For those who do not give up a color in the bathroom.

image (13)

Picture 14 - The showers are in a privileged location and are decorated by pebbles on the floor.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Picture 15 - Modern bathroom with burnt cement and wood.

image (15)

Picture 16 - This bathroom has the space for a TV set in the panel.

image (16)

Figure 17 - Hexagonal inserts are the trend of the moment.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Highly sought after by decorators, the hexagonal inserts have come in different size and color versions. In the case of this bathroom, the application was made throughout the box and the main wall. It is recommended to use a specialized workmanship so that the result is beautiful and with a great finish.

Picture 18 - Black and white bathroom.

image (18)

The storage of objects depends on the needs of the residents. If it is to store few objects, wager on a nice shelf under the sink or a drawer.

Picture 19 - The art on the wall takes personality to the bathroom.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Image 20 - Glass always promotes lightness to projects.

image (20)

Picture 21 - Orthogonal lines and neutral colors.

image (21)

The highlight of this project is for the lighting built into the ceiling. A cut has been created for the installation of the light rail and its effect is highlighted due to the black paint that contrasts with the color of the plaster lining.

Image 22 - Built-in niche composing with mirror.

image (22)

Picture 23 - The pastry mix creates an incredible effect on a dull wall.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

They carry movement on the wall without leaving the visual heavy. For this application it is necessary to make a study before so that each piece is placed in its proper place, forming a harmonic composition.

Picture 24 - Modern bathroom with bathtub.

image (24)

Picture 25 - Create a Zen setting even in an apartment bathroom.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Image 26 - The niche from end to end lengthens the look of the bathroom.

image (26)

This idea is cool for small bathrooms, since they increase the feeling of space. You can do both on the wall where the tub and the toilet go, as on the opposite wall, which occurs in the above project.

Picture 27 - A classic combination, without leaving the modern aside!

image (27)

Image 28 - For those who do not give up a bathtub.

image (28)

Picture 29 - The stone bench is always the best option.

image (29)

Picture 30 - Small bathroom with modern decoration.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

For small bathrooms, the secret is in the finishes! Everything must be well thought out so that the visual as a whole has a harmonic communication.

Picture 31 - Marble is one of the most sophisticated materials in the decorative market.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 3

The marble in wet areas is a fever in the decoration. It shows elegance without needing to complement, it alone already has the necessary highlight.

Picture 32 - The glass partition with a different cut took identity to the bathroom.

image (32)

Image 33 - Three-dimensional flooring takes movement to the bathroom wall.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Image 34 - Highlight some sites with a distinctive coating.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 4

Choose a few points from the bathroom to coat with some material different from the rest. This technique changes the whole look and still takes a bit of liveliness to the bathroom.

Picture 35 - Modern bathroom with pink decoration.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 5

The most dreamed up project by all women! The concept of pink bathroom has changed a lot in recent times. After all, it is no longer necessary to work with the very strong hue and paint all the walls of pink to have the result of your dreams. The color can be applied in a smoother tone, mixed with other more neutral and applied in a balanced way in the environment. This is the big balcony to work with very vibrant colors!

Picture 36 - Bathroom of dreams!

image (36)

Image 37 - Work with the textures of materials.

image (37)

To work with the textures it is necessary to divide the applications of the materials in each part. Taking as an example the design of this bathroom, where an axis was created that divides the upper and lower part of the environment. The cool thing about creating these rooms is the readiness to compose with different materials, as was the case with the inserts that extend to the floor and the mirror that is essential in a bathroom. The wood niche supported the fixtures and the rest of the white decor was used to highlight the important details of the environment.

Picture 38 - Marble bathroom.

image (38)

Picture 39 - Bathroom in burnt cement.

image (39)

Picture 40 - Modern bathroom for couple.

image (40)

Image 41 - The porch has created an incredible effect for the bathroom.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

The feeling of depth with the help of the mirror gave the effect of a larger environment, in addition to further highlight the pink details. The interesting thing is that in each spacing was inserted a strip plant to give more color to this bathroom.

Picture 42 - The black tablets take more elegance to the environment.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 6

The use of black in the decoration leaves any environment more elegant. Color conveys power and sophistication without needing other features. If your proposal is this, insert some dark elements in the decoration, it may be in coatings or in sanitary equipment.

Picture 43 - The white box gave light to this bathroom.

image (43)

Playing with the contrast of colors is also a way to modernize the look of the bathroom. The most suitable combination is the B & B, as it ensures an elegant and clean bathroom at the same time.

Image 44 - White tablets with wooden floor.

image (44)

Picture 45 - The carved bench is synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

image (45)

This is the darling of many people! Despite its high investment, the result is always surprising. The finish is impeccable, its presence in the bathroom is remarkable and its durability is very high. Despite giving up a tub, her composition on the bench itself has a unique look and does not compare to a vat embedded in the stone itself.

Picture 46 - Modern bathroom with connection with nature.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Integrating with the internal and external is a complicated task in relation to privacy. It is possible to block these views through a well-closed composition with plants and panels of wood with crises that simulate shutters, and can be regulated according to the needs of the residents.

Picture 47 - Personality and style are not lacking in this bathroom!

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 7

Because it is a young couple, the identity of this bathroom is something remarkable. Burnt cement materials, dark metal parts, a light touch of wood, the integration that allows the presence of the brick, leave the youngest footprint still more modern.

Picture 48 - The same box can have the shower and the bathtub

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 8

Image 49 - Mirror from floor to ceiling.

image (49)

The mirror effect gave the contemporary air to this bathroom. A mirror panel was applied and overhead cabinets were built to support the residents' fixtures.

Picture 50 - Closets are always welcome.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Especially in small bathrooms, where they ask for some point of interest. In this project, we can observe a common apartment bathroom, with a neutral base and a reasonable size. The different touch was given to the closet with a vibrant color that brings personality and transformed the simple decor into something modern and up-to-date!

Image 51 - Bench on different levels.

image (51)

Image 52 - Bathroom with predominance of wood.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Picture 53 - With two ceiling showers.

image (53)

Picture 54 - Modern bathroom with blue decoration.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Image 55 - Porcelain tile that simulates wood is an option for lovers of earthy tones.

image (55)

Picture 56 - The stone can be the highlight of your bathroom.

image (56)

Image 57 - Duo perfect in decoration: gray and white.

image (57)

Image 58 - Be creative and ride an art with pads.

image (58)

Image 59 - The colored joinery is also another strong point in the decoration.

image (59)

Image 60 - The neutral can also have a modern result.

image (60)

The bathroom with neutral tones reflects the personality of the locals. Therefore, to make it modern it is interesting to create some points of interest that can be lighting, metal structures such as taps and door towels, glass partition and etc.

Image 61 - Straight lines give cleaner air to the look.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos

Image 62 - Mirrors are always welcome in the decoration.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 9

The mirrors installed on the two walls reinforced the spaciousness of this bathroom. This technique can be applied in any room of each, because the result is cool and surprising.

Image 63 - Dark sanitary appliances are another trend in decoration.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 10

For those who want to renovate the bathroom, one can opt for the black accessories that are increasingly seen in decorating projects. Its design changes the whole look of a bathroom, from an entire white bathroom, to a colorful bathroom. After all, black stands out in any environment!

Image 64 - Highlight each bathroom function creating local niches.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 11

Picture 65 - The band with pads is a different way of paging the bathroom.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 12

The inserts can draw the surfaces in a creative and original way. The strip gave color to the environment and also took personality to this formerly white bathroom.

Image 66 - Minimalism also fits into the concept of a modern bathroom.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 13

Image 67 - Modern bathroom with dark decor.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 14

Picture 68 - The handle can receive a finish made with the own cabinet.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 15

Finishes are super important in a project. In that case it was the crucial point to make the bathroom more modern, coming out of the ordinary.

Picture 69 - Modern bathroom with a jovial touch.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 16

Image 70 - Glass doors bring modernity to the bathroom.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 17

Image 71 - Apply some drawings on the walls with the coatings.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 18

Making drawings through paintings and coatings is a trend in decoration. The playful effect leaves any environment more creative and modern.

Picture 72 - The tub design is the highlight of the bathroom.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 19

The carved vat received a modern composition with the wooden panel in the background. It was made in niche format to emphasize its design and its presence in the bathroom.

Picture 73 - A neutral base is the correct technique for those who want to apply colors in the decoration.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 20

Picture 74 - Bathroom with geometric coating.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 21

Picture 75 - Create contrasting planes.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 22

Picture 76 - Tiles in the box highlight the place even more.

60 Bathrooms beautiful and elegant - Photos 23

An interesting tip is to just coat the bathroom stall with some personality stuff. Whether it's a tile, a porcelain tile or a stone, the effect is incredible and creative!

Picture 77 - Modern bathroom with feminine touch.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 24

Picture 78 - Bathroom with pink tablets.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 25

The rosé tablets with the wood formed a clean combination for this bathroom. A feminine touch without needing vibrant colors or very expensive materials.

Picture 79 - Modern bathroom for a boy.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 26

Picture 80 - Colored carpentry and black sanitary parts.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 27

Image 81 - Integration between bathroom and bedroom.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 28

Picture 82 - The contemporary bathroom gains more strength with the use of minimalism.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 29

Image 83 - The pendant mirror can divide the room.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 30

In addition to promoting more elegance to the bathroom, the mirror can be used on both sides of this environment. An interesting idea for who owns a suite connected to the closet and even in the room itself.

Image 84 - Modern bathroom with the use of concrete.

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 31

Picture 85 - Full of charm to leave the bathroom colorful!

60 Beautiful and elegant modern bathrooms - Photos 32

The idea of ​​this bathroom was to apply a colorful detail without discoloration in the decoration. By having a clear base, predominantly white, the effect adds more charm to the bathroom.
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