50 Gardens with Tires - Beautiful and Inspiring Photos

Reusing some materials is a good alternative to decorate your home in times of crisis. It is a very important method for not wasting what we do not use and transform into another piece or ally in the decoration. An incredible suggestion is the reuse of tires to decorate your garden. Learn how to make a garden with tire :

One of the ways to give another look and take that heavy air on the tire, for example, is to paint it either with your favorite color or playing with shades. Another way to make it more distinctive is to layer with ropes, fabrics and chains.

Let your creativity come into play. It is possible to mount the tires in different ways in your garden. The most common is to make a composition of the tires one over the other - if you choose this way do not forget to make a nice combination with the colors. Another interesting way is to increase your wall, so you can have a beautiful garden with an original idea!

For those who own a garden with more space, opt for support or centerpiece. If this place has large trees, how about investing in classic tire balances?

50 garden ideas with tires to inspire

Innovate and make your garden even more colorful! Dive into our image gallery with some great ideas and get the inspiration you need here:

Picture 1 - To leave your garden more comfortable

image (1)

The tire puff is a practical and functional alternative to have in the garden of your house.

Picture 2 - Painted tires leave the garden more joyful.

image (2)

In addition to creating beautiful pots with tires, bet on a finish for the material to make the garden colorful.

Picture 3 - A great way to support potted plants

image (3)

In addition to filling the tire with earth to make a garden, you can seize and place other pots on this fill.

Picture 4 - Make supports to make him more charming.

image (4)

The wooden support is a great solution to keep the tire high and out of contact with the floor. For this, you need to cover the material to protect the contents.

Picture 5 - Bicycle wheels can also be reused.

image (5)

Picture 6 - Cantinho well flowery!

image (6)

Make a well-flowery and colorful corner to lay out in your garden with tires.

Picture 7 - In the garden it can serve as rest space.

image (7)

Picture 8 - A vase of great personality.

image 8)

Picture 9 - Ideal for a space for children.

image (9)

The large tractor tire can be reused to make a litter box for kids.

Picture 10 - Base of a beautiful vase!

image (10)

Picture 11 - Colored wheels makes the perfect match

image (11)

Picture 12 - Line the tire with rope and have an incredible result.

image (12)

Another option for coating the material is by using strings in the composition.

Image 13 - Ideal for planting

image (13)

Paint the tires to make the plantation more colorful and fun.

Picture 14 - Can serve as centerpiece also

image (14)

The coated tire can also be applied as a centerpiece in a garden.

Picture 15 - The classic swing to increase your garden.

image (15)

Picture 16 - Give a more cheerful air to the garden.

image (16)

Leave your garden more vibrant with different colors in the application of the tires.

Picture 17 - Tire and rope making an incredible swing in the garden.

image (17)

Picture 18 - The more colorful the better.

image (18)

Picture 19 - Make a combination with two tires

image (19)

Instead of just one, use more tires to make the garden decor.

Image 20 - Wonderful idea!

image (20)

Picture 21 - Divided the environment and served with a small vegetable

image (21)

Suspended tires can split environments and are still part of the decor.

Picture 22 - Vegetable garden

image (22)

Work with the color gradient to have a similar composition with the tires.

Picture 23 - Tires cut and a hanging garden

image (23)

Picture 24 - Be creative!

image (24)

Picture 25 - Modern garden!

image (25)

Image 26 - Switch colors and have fun in combination

image (26)

Picture 27 - Creative and beautiful!

image (27)

Picture 28 - With flower shape!

image (28)

Picture 29 - Semi-fitted wheels help support your garden

image (29)

Picture 30 - Different idea to delimit spaces in your garden

image (30)

Picture 31 - Super colorful!

image (31)

Picture 32 - One over the other

image (32)

Image 33 - Let creativity take over!

image (33)

Image 34 - How about investing in bigger wheels?

image (34)

Picture 35 - With a navy style garden

50 Gardens with Tires - Beautiful and Inspiring Photos

Picture 36 - Garden for children with table and benches made of tires

image (36)

Image 37 - Beautiful and creative!

image (37)

Picture 38 - To a higher vase

image (38)

Picture 39 - Modern and colorful garden

image (39)

Picture 40 - Perfect idea to assemble a vase

image (40)

Picture 41 - To highlight in your garden

image (41)

Picture 42 - Tires in a row

image (42)

Picture 43 - On the wall helps to decorate

image (43)

Picture 44 - Perfect garden!

50 Gardens with Tires - Beautiful and Inspiring Photos

Picture 45 - Put your favorite plant!

image (45)

Picture 46 - Wall with neutral colors

image (46)

Picture 47 - Paint with the color that most pleases

image (47)

Picture 48 - It gave another visual aspect it inserted in the wall

image (48)

Picture 49 - Beautiful table stand!

image (49)

Picture 50 - A well-flowery garden

image (50)

How to make the garden with tires step by step

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