15-year party decoration: discover exciting ideas

Debut means to debut or start something new. And that's exactly what the debutantes do at age 15, start a new journey in life. They say goodbye to the girl to find the woman. A transition phase between childhood and adulthood. In this article, we'll walk you through how to create party decoration for 15 years perfect:

The fact is that completing 15 years is a special and remarkable event. A long-awaited date, surrounded by symbolism and meanings, and that can not go blank.

And what better way to celebrate something? Party! Yes, the 15-year-old party is the girls' game. Every detail thought and planned with much affection.

You have to keep in mind that the party has to have the face of the debutante. Full of style and personality. For this, she can opt for something more classic and traditional or original and bold decorations. Everything will depend on the birthday girl. And do not be fooled into believing you are going to waste horrors. A fifteenth birthday party can be simple and cheap, just use creativity.

In general, the hall where the party will take place needs an area to accommodate guests, reception, dance floor, candy and cake table, stage for the DJ or the band. But all this can vary depending on the theme of the party.

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We've selected some ideas to help you make the dream party. Check below:

60 exciting ideas of party decoration of 15 years with themes, invitations and step-by-step

The themes of a party of fifteen years vary greatly. And they're all on the rise. There are those who prefer to refer to a character, such as Alice in Wonderland or The Beauty and the Beast. Others prefer to appropriate a particular era, for example, the '70s or something more epic. It is also possible to have a fifteen-year-old party with theme of places, like Paris.

In doubt, you can bet on the classic tulle and ruffle decoration that also do not go out of style.

The important thing is that the party reflects the spirit of the birthday girl, her tastes and preferences. See the selection of some debutantes parties with varied themes:

Picture 1 - Between childhood and adolescence.

Between childhood and adolescence

Plastic slippers and paper plates are very characteristic of children's parties. The ties and flowers, however, bring the delicacy of youth. When united, these elements bring a climate of joy, lightness and relaxation.

Picture 2 - Decoration of party of 15 years pink and lilac.

Pink and lilac debutante decoration

The color of the young debutantes. The rose in the company of lilacs made the table graceful. Paper embellishments with gold accents bring simplicity and sophistication at the same time.

Picture 3 - Long table to accommodate the guests.

Long table to accommodate neighbors

The choice for the longest table leaves the guests closer, sharing the same conversations and having fun together. Highlight for the path of roses table and for the flower pendant on the table. The coppery tone of the chairs accentuates the romanticism of the decoration.

Picture 4 - Decoration of 15 years with candelabras and balloons.

Debutante decoration with chandeliers

The balloons make any party more fun, while the chandeliers on the table bring a more intimate look to the decor. The tone of blue left the party unusual and matched harmoniously with gold and white. Highlight for the pink flowers that help brighten the environment.

Picture 5 - Decoration of 15 years romantic.

Romantic debutante decoration

The combination of white, pink and lilac is pure romanticism. Add to that, sophisticated chandeliers and china. A decoration to delight any beginner.

Picture 6 - Seat of flowers.

Flower seat for party of 15 anons

The most touching of that fifteen year decor are the giant flowers behind the chairs' seats. Note that the party tends to a more rustic style with wooden floors and country settings.

Picture 7 - Party decoration of 15 years with ruffles and tulle.

15 year old party decoration with ruffles and tulle

The chair backrests of this party were personalized with white tulle and pink ruffle skirt. Highlight for the glasses and chandeliers following the tone of rose.

Picture 8 - Pink candy table with copper details in party decoration for 15 years.

Pink candy table with copper details in party decoration for 15 years

The candy table was richly decorated with copper pieces. Pink is present in macarons and other sweets. The sighs gave the table more charm.

Picture 9 - Pink macaron tree on the sweet table.

Pink macaron tree on the sweet table

The highlight of this table is the pink macarons trees. With varied sweets, the table enchants by the flavor and the beauty.

Picture 10 - Party decoration of 15 years: black to bring glamor in the party of fifteen years.

15-year party decoration: black to bring glamor to the party of fifteen years

This party escapes from the traditional decoration of the debutante dances. The black details creating contrast with the shock pink gave a touch of glamor and joy to the party. A decoration that reflects the personality and style of the birthday girl.

Image 11 - Party decoration of 15 years with skating rink.

15-year party decoration with skating rink

Want to innovate? How about a skating rink in the middle of your fifteen-year-old party? If you liked the idea you can be inspired by this image.

Image 12 - Party decoration of 15 years: dance floor florida and rustic.

15-year party decoration: florid and rustic dance floor

This dance floor is a charm. The flowers, the brick in sight on the walls and the bucolic climate outside bring the guests to the countryside climate.

Image 13 - Party decoration of 15 years black and white.

Black and white 15-year party decoration

This giant hall was all decorated in black and white tones. The dance floor in geometric form relaxes while the tables welcome the guests with much charm and elegance.

Image 14 - Debutant party in the rhythm of the 70s.

Party debutante in the rhythm of the 70's

With a footprint of 70's dance music, the decoration of this party, especially the dance floor, invites everyone to a night of joy and fun. Highlight for the silver balloons on top, a re-reading of the 70's dance floors.

Picture 15 - Party decoration of 15 years with clean reception.

15-year party decoration with clean reception

The reception of this party of fifteen years bet on the white to leave the environment clean and visually stripped. Highlight the graphite panels on the wall, giving the touch of joviality needed to the party.

Picture 16 - Decoration of party of 15 years simple.

Simple 15-year party decoration

If money is short, the option is a simpler party. What matters is not letting the date pass without celebration. Creative ideas, reuse of materials and the collaboration of friends and family can contribute a lot at the time of making the party. Check out some suggestions for parties of 15 years simple:

Picture 17 - 15-year party decoration in the do-it-yourself style.

Make your own 15-year party decoration

Japanese-style floor cushions are an option not to spend on chair rentals. A cheaper alternative and that leaves the party cozy and comfortable. Hanging on the ceiling, paper balls very simple to make, and, on the table, glass packaging coated with fabric. Highlight for the table that, one day, possibly was already a door. She only won a new painting.

Picture 18 - Party decoration of 15 years: some balloons and a full table.

15-year party decoration: some balloons and a full table

The heart-shaped balloons make all the party decoration. At the table, the simple cloth towel accommodates the sweet and savory, each in its holder, and the cake itself. Some flowers, which seem to have been picked at the time, give charm to the table. The touch of personality is in the name of the debutante hanging between the balloons.

Picture 19 - Party of fifteen simple years with neutral tones.

Fifteen years simple party with neutral tones

Opting for neutral tones like white, gray and black is sure to ensure style and taste for any party. At a debutante party, the colors still help make the atmosphere more modern. The highlight is the golden cake.

Image 20 - Party decoration of 15 years with small table.

15-year party decoration with small table

The combination of pink and green is pure delicacy. The small cactuses try to give a touch of roughness to the table and the cake, but it is impossible to resist their charm. A perfect combination of simplicity and good taste.

Picture 21 - Decoration of party of 15 years simple and delicate.

Simple and delicate 15-year party decoration

The combination of pink and green is pure delicacy. The small cactuses try to give a touch of roughness to the table and the cake, but it is impossible to resist their charm. A perfect combination of simplicity and good taste.

15-year party decoration inspired by festivals

Image 22 - Set of details to compose the cake table.

Set of details to compose the cake table

The decoration of this cake table is a mix of details that bring with it the personality of the birthday girl. Pictures on the wall with figures and phrases full of symbolism, a little grass that invites to be barefoot and a table of simple but tasty cake and candies. Ingredients that bring authenticity to the decor.

Image 23 - Rustic and romantic 15 year old party decoration.

Rustic and romantic 15-year party decoration

The style and the rustic and romantic influence are spread by this decoration, even in the costume of the guests. Starting with the outdoor party going through the hanging lamps up to the garden plants. A party for the debutante daydream.

Picture 24 - Souvenir table.

Shower / tub combination

The decor bet on a souvenir table that serves both for the guests to take home and for the debutante to keep memories and messages left in place. Highlight for retro style camera.

Image 25 - Party decoration of 15 years with indigenous influence.

15-year party decoration with indigenous influence

The decoration of this party brings elements of the indigenous culture. The theme jumps to the eyes with the feathers in the sweets and the filter of the dreams decorating the cake.

Image 26 - Fifteen year old hippie party decoration.

15 year old hippie party decoration

How to deny the influence of the hippie movement in this decoration? Wherever you look you are there. In the van Kombi, in the crates, in the little flags and all the rest. The choice to make the outdoor party completes the proposal even more.

Image 27 - Party decoration of 15 years in the tribe.

Party decoration for 15 years in the tribe

In this other decoration the indigenous theme comes even stronger. Tents and dream filters enchant.

Image 28 - Party decoration of 15 years: gnomes and other details.

15-year party decoration with gnomes and other details

Pure charm and relaxation the decoration of this party. The pink gnome seems to welcome the guests. Metallic pineapple serves as a vase and homemade cookies give party air in the yard. Highlight the little man climbing the glass, fun and cheerful.

15-year party invitations

The invitation of a party demonstrates to the guest what is to come. It is in him that you give the first signs of the final decoration of the party. A classic party, for example, will hardly have a bold invitation.

So pay close attention to this detail.

Picture 29 - Disco style.

15-year disco-style invitation

The invitation already makes it clear that this is a dance party. The globe, an icon of the disco, is the main element of the invitation. To close, sequin.

Picture 30 - Glamor.

15 year glamor invitation

In this invitation the black symbolizes that the party will be glamorous. The individual invitations are tied to the main by a strip of gold sequins.

Picture 31 - Very bright.

Very bright in 15 year invitation

An invitation with the word 'diamond' written already says that the party will be bright and enlightened.

Picture 32 - Cloth envelope.

Cloth Envelope

The envelope that holds this invitation is made of cloth that at first sight does not enchant much. But the charm is inside. Lined with shock pink fabric and a full-color invitation, this invitation demonstrates the whole style of the birthday girl.

Picture 33 - A classic invitation.

Classic 15 year invitation

With the colors most used in quinceanera parties, this pink and lilac invitation has a traditional touch amidst the modernity of the geometric shapes.

Image 34 - Cheerful and flowery.

Gay and florida decoration

Picture 35 - Delicate invitation.

Delicate invitation for party of 15 years

The invitation expresses delicacy in colors and shapes. The watermark on paper is a very interesting visual resource for this proposal.

15 Year Cake Decorating

Image 36 - Classic cake.

Classic cake in party decoration for 15 years

Made with white paste, this three-tier cake is super traditional. The highlight is the delicately made roses and the golden tone.

Image 37 - Blue cake in gradient in contrast to red flowers.

Blue cake in gradient

Image 38 - Cake suspended.

Suspended cake

A different idea to present the cake to the guests: leave it suspended in the air. The flowers and leaves left the cake even more charming.

Image 39 - Geometric flower cake.

Geometric flower cake

Image 40 - Individual cakes.

Individual cakes

Image 41 - Baked cake with natural flowers.

Baked cake with natural flowers

Party food and drinks for 15 years

Picture 42 - Cupcake with Alice's Theme in Wonderland.

Cupcake with Alice's Theme in Wonderland

Picture 43 - Party decoration of 15 years: strawberries decorated.

Strawberries decorated

Image 44 - Punches and drinks in personalized bottles.

Punches and drinks with personalized bottles

Image 45 - Party decoration of 15 years: stylized glass.

Stylized cup

Picture 46 - Party decoration of 15 years: apples of the love to the discotheque theme.

Apples of love to the disco theme

Balloon for parties of 15 years

Picture 47 - Party decoration of 15 years: balloon with the letter of the name.

15-year party decoration: balloon with the letter of the name

Picture 48 - Party decoration of 15 years: metallic balloons in different formats.

Party decoration of 15 years: metallic balloons in different formats

Image 49 - Decoration of 15 years: balloons pinned to the floor with colored ribbons.

Balloons pinned to the floor with colorful ribbons

Trends 2018 for parties of 15 years

Image 50 - Party decoration of 15 years: enamel.

Party decoration for 15 years: enamel

What teenager does not like to paint the nails? A tendency for the current parties is to leave colored enamels on the tables for the guests.

Image 51 - Party decoration of 15 years: confetti to distribute to the guests.

15-year party decoration: confetti to distribute to guests

In the hour of congratulations the party becomes more colorful and lively with the confetti of each guest.

Image 52 - Party decoration of 15 years: space for selfies.

15-year party decoration: space for selfies

Image 53 - Build your own costume jewelry.

Build your own costume jewelry

Each guest can assemble their own bracelet with the beads distributed at the party.

Image 54 - Chocolate bars in bag format.

Chocolate bars in bag format

Image 55 - Pot of heart confetti.

Decorative Confetti Pot

Image 56 - Bladder Runner.

Bladder Runner

Image 57 - Party decoration for 15 years outdoors.

Party decoration for 15 years outdoors

Image 58 - Going back to childhood times.

Going back to childhood times in party decoration for 15 years

Image 59 - Metallic shoes.

Metallic Silverware

Image 60 - Decoration of the party table of 15 years.

15-year party table decoration

Step-by-step to make a party for 15 years

The do-it-yourself style, known on YouTube as Do It Yourself or simply DIY, can be applied even in preparation for a fifteen-year-old party. Watch the videos we've selected to help you put together an unforgettable party:

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Tips to make your own invitation

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15 year theme parties

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