10 decorating channels on Youtube to get you started

When it comes to inspiration for the decoration of the house, the bedroom, a clothing or a simple object is worth using the internet and do a good research.

You can rather use and misuse your creativity, but a little inspiration - and some guidance - from those who have been doing this for some time helps a lot.

Bloggers and websites bring the tips in writing, but the best is when you can find a video that shows not only the end result, but also shows the detailed step-by-step how you can make that decoration.

If you love to personalize your things or the spaces of your home, know now YouTube decoration channels that you need to visit!

1. Doma Architecture

10 decorating channels on Youtube to get you started

Whether you're remodeling your home or working on redecorating it completely, it's best to search for a channel that focuses on architecture, like Doma Architecture. This YouTube channel is commanded by an architect, who gives tips from planning a play to choosing decorating items or being part of the house.

You can follow the projects through the videos of the channel and learn a lot about reform and decoration. Even if you are not thinking about renovating the house, it is worth keeping an eye on Patricia Pomerantzeff, the owner of Doma Arquitetura.

Maybe you'll find out with her help that the backing of books and magazines would look better in the room than in the living room. Or that the ideal table for your kitchen is round and not square!

2. DiyCore


Do you like "do it yourself" tutorials? Then the DiyCore channel (which already contains the well-known DIY acronym, meaning do it yourself) will be interesting. In this space, Karla Amadori will teach how to give a new face to certain objects in the house and make small special decorative items.

It's really the idea that you can do it on your own, without having to buy ready and have the freedom to decorate your home - or an environment of it - any way you want. In addition to DIY, the channel also values ​​the goal of saving. That is, to leave the home beautiful, but without having to spend much.

3. Organize without Frescuras

Organize without frills

Have trouble keeping things organized and more than decorating tips for the house as well as learning how to leave everything with an organized touch? Organize without Frescuras is the channel you are looking for. In it, Rafaela Oliveira is going to give tips to avoid the mess and to keep the environments of the house always in order.

Other than that, you'll also get decorating tips for the environments attached to the very elements of the home, such as the sofa and bed cushions, the sheets and the rugs. Just like the previous suggestion, the main goal of the channel is to help you keep the home free of clutter and incredible decoration saving a lot.

4. You organize

You organize

Another channel focused on keeping the house free of clutter is Tu Organizas, by Nina Braz. It brings tips on how to get everything in order in the house, presenting solutions and not just talking about the traditional, what everyone knows. Boxes, bags, baskets and other commonly overlooked objects are the tips of the youtuber.

It is an interesting channel mainly for those who have little space and many things. The channel offers solutions on how to make the best use of the surroundings and still travel freely. Besides these organizing tips, Nina also talks about decoration. All focusing on the famous "do it yourself" or DIY!

5. Maddu Magalhães

Maddu Magellan

Anyone who does not want to see just decorating tips will like to follow the Maddu Magellan channel, which bears the same name. In addition to talking about DIY and giving high tips on things you can do alone, the youtuber also talk about fashion and food.

Suitable for you that likes to be inside of everything a little and at the same time wants decoration tips and tutorials without having to spend that much. The Maddu channel is similar to DiyCore and you can have both as an option to give your creativity a light when it comes to innovating in your room or the whole house.

6. Paula Stephânia

Paula Stephania

Are you the person who lives connected to the latest in decorating, but also in favor of reusing materials? Then the Paula channel is what you are looking for. It follows the Maddu and DiyCore lineup with step by step tips and do it yourself.

The differential of Paula's channel is that in addition to teaching you how to make beautiful decorative objects, it also indicates that some materials that would go into the trash, such as cardboard, are reused.

7. Jessika Taynara

Jessika Thaynara

The Jessica channel is quite varied. You will find DIY tips, but also about maternity and everyday things. It is ideal for those who like variety and want to accompany a vlogger who talks about decoration and brings other themes.

She gives tips on small decorative items to make at home using materials you probably already have, such as E.V.A and recyclable materials. Other interesting videos bring the idea of ​​reusing objects from the house in other rooms.

Like other Youtubers, Jessica seeks to give tips to anyone who wants to leave the house beautiful, modern and does not have much budget to spend on the decorating part. As the channel talks about maternity, there are also tips for decorating the baby's room.

8. Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth

The Mary Elizabeth Canal is international. But do not worry, you do not have to be a star in English to keep up with the tips. In her videos she shows how to decorate various environments of the house, as well as bring some stories of her day to day.

In addition to decorating, it features DIY tips and organization. The cool thing is that the videos are separated by the rooms of the house. If the idea is to talk about the kitchen, you will find in the picture the Kitchen text and if it is talking about your work room, home office. And so it goes.

It is worth watching even if it is to follow what Mary will change in a particular environment of the house.

9. Ricotta does not melt

Ricotta does not melt

The focus of Dani Vasconcelos, the owner of the Ricota does not melt are the do-it-yourself tutorials and where to look for objects more into account. She also talks about style and shows items she bought in popular stores, supermarkets and even in bazaars.

You find videos of furniture remodeling - in one of them youtuber shows how it turned an armchair found in the trash - like making a wall of little spending pallets, decoration with grocery and store items of 1.99, tips for turning decorative objects using only paint and how to make your own furniture.

Very varied, is not it?

10. Oh Joy!

Oh Joy

If you like to keep up with trends outside of Brazil, another interesting Youtuber to follow is Joy, with her channel Oh Joy! In addition to decorating tips she also teaches how to make toys (a memory game), food, organize birthday parties (or celebration of something special) and flower arrangements.

It is in English, but it is worth following because it has very cool and fun tips!

Did you already know all these decorating channels on YouTube? Add to your list to watch and follow the updates! You are sure to find great tutorials to give that up in the decoration of your home!

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